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“Hands down the best empanadas ever,” wrote one reader of the Del Sur empanadas.

Empanadas in Buenas. Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe

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When we asked readers about the best empanadas in Boston, we received nearly 40 recommendations. From empanada stalls at farmers’ markets to Colombian restaurants in East Boston, respondents praised dozens of restaurants for their creative empanada fillings, variety of dipping sauces, and the ability to take away and deliver us alive during the pandemic. “That is nothing to despise.

Of course, some readers felt that the dish is best cooked at home. Stefan Ferrari-Peinl in Charlestown wrote that the best empanadas in the region were “in our kitchen, where my Argentinian wife prepared the best meat empanadas with olives, eggs and onions according to her grandmother’s recipe”. Matty from Malden agreed and wrote, “My kitchen because my girlfriend and I can make it great!” Okay, when can we come over?

If you can’t enjoy empanadas at home, you’re in luck: there are many excellent restaurants, food trucks, and catering companies in and around Boston that offer top-notch empanadas. Here are the five reader recommended places, followed by a map that lists a number of other empanada destinations to add to your list.

Located in Bow Market in Somerville, Buenas has built a dedicated fan base that flocks to the kiosk to buy ready-made empanadas. Owners Melissa Stefanini and Sebastian Galvez have created innovative flavors such as La Hawaiana (ham, cheese and pineapple) and Buenas Beef with a Frosted Flakes Crust, which are available in the market or at a variety of retailers including Bone Up Brewing, American Provisions , Formaggio Kitchen and Allium Market. The company empanada has also adapted to the times and offers weekly home deliveries and take-away during the pandemic. “They make the best pandemic lunches at home,” wrote Serena Brown of Melrose. “I love supporting them and enjoying a simple and delicious lunch or dinner! Favorite flavors in my house include ‘Big Mac’ and ham and cheese. ‘”

Sebastian Corbat has made a name for himself with the sale of empanadas at farmers’ markets through his company Del Sur, which interprets Argentine and Chilean recipes in a modern way to make empanadas such as fabiola (beef, onions, hard-boiled eggs, raisins) and Bolivian peas (sofrito with poblano- Bell peppers, chickpeas, corn). Customers can also find his wares at La Catrina in Boston and The Fuller Cup and Wright-Locke Farm in Winchester. “Hands down the best empanadas ever,” said Sarah from Lexington. “Tasteful, authentic, and beautifully made [the] Ingredients are healthy and often organic. ”Another reader pointed out that they“ sell out all the time at farmers markets ”- you have been warned!

Both Pikalo’s Jamaica Plain and East Boston locations received a number of votes from our readers, extolling the impressive size and imaginative fillings of the empanadas. “I think it’s great that they’re big and pretty full, and that there’s a lot of variety, too,” wrote Rosa from Chelsea. “I want to try them all.” We’re not blaming you, Rosa – with options like buffalo chicken, Bolognese, lobster, and eggplant parm, we want to try them all, too. The shop has also helped create lasting memories with some customers. “As trite as it sounds, I tried them for the first time when I was with Angell [Animal Medical Center] for my dog ​​and I feel super stressed, “remembers Ashley from Boston. “We chose this place to have a bite to eat while we wait for news. These empanadas are now a feeling of comfort food for me. “

Named after the father of the chef / owner Dan Armbruster, the Papá Grande food truck is a powerhouse on wheels. You can find the truck in locations across the city, including Turtle Swamp Brewing in Jamaica Plain and Monument Square in Charlestown, where customers for variations like the Cheeseburger in Paradise (beef, cheddar, caramelized onion, pickles), cholo vato. queue up (Mexican street corn, chilli-lime crema, cotija cheese) and The Sophia (spinach, artichokes, mixture of three cheeses and herbs). “The empanadas paired with their coleslaw are fantastic, and they cram loads of fillings into the empanada,” wrote Bob C. in Charlestown, referring to Papa Grande’s Baja coleslaw. “Boss Dan is IMHO the master.”

If you’re looking for Colombian empanadas, El Paisa in East Boston is another reader favorite. In addition to arepas, burritos, and corn dishes, the restaurant serves empanadas with beef and chicken. “They’re crispy on the outside and filled with meat and potatoes,” says Michael G. in East Boston simply. Order a few and follow up with your meal with a few home-made pastries, including panderos, churros, and pan de bono.

Check out the remaining reader recommendations on our map below.

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