What Are Coming Soon Real Estate Listings in Massachusetts?

What Are Coming Soon Real Estate Listings in Massachusetts?

What will be available soon?  Real estate offers

What are real estate listings coming soon?

Upcoming real estate listings in Massachusetts are easy to find. You can get a first look at these listings by subscribing to real estate websites, setting up email alerts from local real estate agents, or following real estate agencies on social media.

It’s like throwing a crystal ball into the future of the real estate market without having to wait for open house signs or newspaper ads.

You can see a curated list of upcoming real estate listings in Massachusetts, including new developments, pre-market properties, and exclusive developments. For the latest updates on these sought-after listings, work with a real estate agent.

As a home seller and real estate agent, it is important to understand that there are rules regarding soon-to-be-available properties. There is a right way and a wrong way to market as “coming soon.” Getting it wrong is unethical and will make you look bad in the industry. I would never recommend that my seller clients put up a “coming soon for sale” sign without also being listed on the MLS.

Let’s look at everything you should know, whether you’re a buyer, seller or agent.

What is a soon to be sold home in Massachusetts?

What will be available soon?  Real estate offersWhat will be available soon?  Real estate offers

What are real estate listings coming soon?

Have you ever happened to be driving around looking for a house and noticed a real estate sign that said “Coming Soon”?

This suggests that the property will officially hit the market soon. Real estate agents advertise it as coming soon to alert potential buyers that another home is coming on the market.

Homes with a “Coming Soon” sign should also be listed on the Massachusetts MLS, indicating this. Homes should not be advertised as coming soon by a real estate agent without being on the Multiple Listing Service.

This could be a disservice to sellers trying to get the most exposure for their properties. It is a pocket offer with all the advantages of a broker.

This potentially increases the likelihood of a double sale for the agent.

There is also a higher likelihood of dual representation, which benefits an agent rather than a seller. In other words, a “Coming Soon Home” is a property that may NOT be shown until an agreed date in the future.

In Massachusetts, a home can be listed as “coming soon” for a maximum of twenty-one days.

What are the pros and cons for sellers in Massachusetts?


  • Increased preparation time: Sellers have more time to prepare their homes for sale, which includes preparing, making repairs, or making home improvements that could increase the property’s value.​
  • Privacy and Restricted Pedestrian Traffic: This type of listing can provide more privacy because it limits the number of people viewing the home. This is an advantage if the house is not yet in move-in ready condition or if the seller wants fewer disruptions.
  • Early interest: This can generate early interest and buzz around the property, which can lead to strong offers from buyers eagerly awaiting the listing.
  • Possible commission discounts: Some agents may offer a commission discount if the home sells during the “coming soon” period as they save on marketing costs.


  • Reduced exposure: A listing marked “Coming Soon” will not immediately be listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), limiting its visibility to potential buyers compared to a standard listing. This could result in fewer offers and lower sales prices, making it not the best way to sell a home in Massachusetts.
  • Risk of dual agency: These listings can increase the likelihood of dual agency situations in which the real estate agent represents both the buyer and the seller. This scenario can complicate negotiations and may not be in the best interest of the seller.​
  • Market value uncertainty: Because the property is not directly exposed to the entire market, it may be difficult to determine its true market value. This could have a negative impact on the pricing strategy.

My advice

Coming soon listings can provide benefits such as more preparation time and privacy. However, they also pose risks such as reduced exposure, lower sales prices and potential conflicts of interest due to dual representation.

Sellers should carefully consider these factors and discuss them with a trusted agent to determine whether a “coming soon” offer aligns with their selling goals and circumstances.

Imagine you want to sell your house for the highest price. You work with an agent who convinces you to put up a “coming soon” sign, and your house isn’t for sale. A buyer comes directly to your agent and makes an offer. They think it’s a good offer and accept it.

What you gave up is the possibility of having multiple people who could have made offers. They probably would have gotten much better conditions. Don’t fall for a crappy agent’s bullshit!

Here’s how to find out what Massachusetts real estate listings are coming soon

The real estate market in Massachusetts is fast-paced and competitive. Whether you’re looking for a new home or planning to invest, early access to upcoming property listings can be a significant advantage.

By being among the first to know about available properties, you can arrange viewings, make offers and ultimately acquire a desirable property before it is widely advertised.

How do you gain this competitive advantage? Here are some effective strategies:

Subscribe to real estate websites

Many real estate websites offer the option to subscribe to real estate alerts based on your specific criteria. This means you will receive notifications when a new listing that matches your preferences becomes available.

Consider popular platforms like Zillow, Realtor.com, or Redfin. You can customize your search preferences based on location, property type, price range and other important characteristics.

Sign up for email alerts from local real estate agents

Local real estate agents often have early access to upcoming listings before they officially publish them on public platforms. You can stay up to date on exclusive opportunities in the Massachusetts real estate market by subscribing to their email alerts or newsletters.

Additionally, these agents can provide valuable insight and guidance tailored to your needs.

Follow real estate agencies’ social media pages

Social media has become a powerful tool for real estate marketing. Many reputable real estate agencies regularly post updates about upcoming property listings, open houses, and market trends on their social media pages.

By following these pages you can get a first look at potential offers. You can also find out about the latest developments in the local housing market.

These proactive approaches greatly improve your ability to discover promising properties before they officially hit the market.

You position yourself as a well-informed and motivated buyer. This is crucial in a market characterized by numerous offers and bidding wars.

Stay one step ahead: This is how you get information

Find soon available homes for saleFind soon available homes for sale

How to Find Homes for Sale in Massachusetts Soon.

Information is crucial when buying or selling a property. Staying current with real estate news and Massachusetts-focused publications will give you valuable insight into market trends, new developments and regulatory changes that can directly impact your real estate decisions.

Reading these publications regularly will help you stay up to date on what’s happening and learn to think like a real estate professional.

You will gain a deep understanding of the nuances and factors that influence property value. This allows you to make more informed decisions.

Networking with real estate professionals

To find opportunities, working with local real estate professionals is crucial. By interacting with local experts, you can gain important insider information about upcoming listings and new opportunities.

Gathering insights in this way can give you a competitive advantage in understanding the nuances of the Massachusetts real estate market. It’s not just about finding listings. It’s about understanding the landscape from a broader perspective.

In a hot real estate market like Massachusetts, moving forward as a buyer takes more than just having cash on hand. It’s about being proactive and well-informed so you can snap when the right property comes along.

In high demand areas where properties can disappear in a matter of days, speed is of the essence. This requires quick action and negotiating skills in a fast-moving environment. Local expertise is invaluable when navigating this competitive landscape, providing insight into neighborhoods, pricing trends and successful bidding strategies.

For example, properties in the Metrowest area often receive multiple offers within hours of going on the market. Having an agent who is very knowledgeable about the area gives you a significant advantage.

Be it from understanding the nuances of different neighborhoods to early access to off-market offerings.

Find a great local real estate agent

A knowledgeable local broker can also guide bidding strategies to stay competitive without overpaying. They can help write an attractive offer that stands out from other buyers, especially in a bidding war.

This level of support and insight can make all the difference when competing for a desirable property in Massachusetts.

Additionally, it is important to stay informed about new offers to get a head start. Setting up real estate website alerts or working closely with your agent to receive instant notifications of new properties coming onto the market can give you the edge.

Remember: In a hot real estate market, information is power. Being the first to know about newly listed properties gives you valuable time to research and schedule viewings before others even notice.

Using technology and building strong communication channels with your agent will ensure you don’t miss out on potential opportunities in the fast-moving market.

Buyers can tip the scales in their favor by acting quickly. When searching for properties in the highly competitive Massachusetts real estate market, it is crucial to leverage local expertise.

Insider knowledge and decisive action are crucial to securing your dream property. I wish you much success in your apartment search.