What $375,000 might purchase in Boston actual property over the a long time

What $375,000 could buy in Boston real estate over the decades

This South End parking lot has been listed for sale for $375,000.Campion and company

2021 could be bought. . .

Object: A parking lot in Boston’s South End.

Pro: location, location, location! In addition, the garage is heated.

Cons: As reporter Emily Sweeney pointed out in her story, there’s “not much of a view.”

In 1986 you could buy it. . .

Property: A modern four bedroom house and in-laws apartment in a “prestigious area” of Beverly.

Pros: It’s in a “private wooded setting.”

Cons: You lose that privacy if you share it with your in-laws.

In 1976 you could buy it. . .

Property: A restaurant “one of the best around” somewhere south of Boston.

Pro: You have room for 250 people!

Cons: You have to feed them to pay your mortgage.

In 1969 you could buy it. . .

Object: An “easy to manage” apartment building with six residential units near the “Cambridge Street Shopping Center” on Beacon Hill.

Pro: It’s a bargain, trading at “well below market value.”

Disadvantage: embarrassing moments on the stairs when your nearest neighbors owe you rent money.