United to Enhance Business Platform Capabilities

United to Enhance Business Platform Capabilities

United Airlines is making a handful of changes to its Jetstream and United for Business platforms in the second half of 2023, concerning sustainability, traveler administrators and partner Lufthansa Group, the carrier announced Thursday.

In its Jetstream platform, the carrier will introduce Lufthansa Group—Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines—airline amenities late in 2023. Initially, corporate and certain travel management company users will be able to redeem funds for two Lufthansa products: Lufthansa Group Business Lounge passes for departing Lufthansa Group or United flights on qualifying transatlantic itineraries, and in-flight Wi-Fi vouchers for any Wi-Fi equipped Lufthansa long-haul or short-haul flights or for Austrian short-haul flights. 

Additional products are planned for introduction over the next year for Lufthansa products into United Jetstream as well as for United products into the Lufthansa Group for Business portal, according to United. 

Additional Sustainability Reporting

United plans to offer Jetstream users with additional details into carbon emissions for corporate travel across the Atlantic Joint Venture, which includes Lufthansa as well as Air Canada. These initially will be offered to United largest corporate customers during quarterly business reviews before being rolled out on United Jetstream for all users “in the near future.”

New United for Business Functionality

United is adding new features for both travel administrators and travelers to its United for Business portal, which is primarily designed for customers who book direct—either entirely or a portion of their business—on the United website or mobile app, according to the carrier.

By the end of 2023, corporate administrators will be able to apply additional common travel policy guidelines, including maximum airfare and ancillary budgets, cabin permissions for long-haul flights and new advisories when out-of-policy flights are being selected. The latter currently is available. 

In addition, administrators will have access to new reporting options, including search functionality, travel add-on purchase reporting—such as flight-level detail on ancillary purchases—and downloadable transaction details.

Further, on the United website and mobile app, enrolled travelers will be able to view and apply their individual business credits, and they will receive a warning if they try to use a business credit when booking personal travel. They also will be able to book up to nine of their colleagues (including themselves) on one reservation via United channels. Administrative users will be able to enable or disable this setting.

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