Uber for Business Unwraps ‘Delegate Profiles’ Tool

Uber for Business Unwraps ‘Delegate Profiles’ Tool

Uber’s Uber for Business division has added for those who book business travel for others the ability to manage Uber for Business trips on those travelers’ behalf, the company announced Wednesday.

The ‘delegate profiles’ function allows executive assistants or other non-traveler bookers to request on-demand premium rides or reserve trips in advance, see the cost up front versus waiting for a quote, monitor executive rides while they are in progress, add stops, edit locations, communicate with the driver via a three-way intercom, find lost items, use automatic billing and the ability to integrate directly into an expensing platform and manage ground transportation for multiple individuals at once, according to Uber.

The availability of the feature may vary by market and location of the trip, but availability is visible in the Uber app.

Uber also shared that the business traveler is becoming more prominent in Uber’s overall operations: Uber for Business users take five times more premium trips than non-business users, and premium product bookings in the fourth quarter of 2023 more than doubled year over year.

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