Travelogix Signs Frosch Ireland | Business Travel News

Travelogix Signs Frosch Ireland | Business Travel News

Travel management company Frosch Ireland has signed a three-year agreement with travel data solution provider Travelogix to tap the company’s “full complement of data management tools,” Travelogix announced.

The agreement includes use of Travelogix’s Analytix tool, which automates data consolidation across multiple back office and booking systems, as well as its TMC-focused duty-of-care tool Geo, according to the company. In a statement, Frosch Ireland sales director Jackie Sheehan said the partnership “will provide deeper analytical insights and innovative ways for our customers to save money” as well as for the TMC to “optimize our operations.”

Travelogix’s expansion into Ireland is its 10th global market as it builds from its integration with back-office technology Trams, according to Travelogix.

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