The Greatest Eating places in Boston, 2022

The Best Restaurants in Boston, 2022

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It’s highly curated, entirely subjective and 100 percent ranked in our opinion: our annual guide to the places you need to try now.

Brassica Kitchen + Café’s crispy fried chicken is a must-try no matter what version of it is on the menu. / Photo by Joe St Pierre

IIf we had to put a label on this year’s Top 50 Restaurant feature, we could call it the Year of the Italian Restaurant, judging by the eight boat-inspired spots on the list (plus a handful under a broader Mediterranean umbrella). Or maybe it would be the year of the high-end seafood tasting menu, considering fancy sushi and other seafood dishes are rife on special occasions. Or maybe, in short, this was just the year we looked forward to getting out and dining in person again. Whether we’re sitting inches from a wine-loving stranger at a communal table in the heart of Cambridge’s hottest new wine bar/pescatarian restaurant, or enjoying a leisurely evening while twirling a forkful of carbonara within sight of the Zakim, the past year has been a time for everything to enjoy what Boston’s dining scene has to offer.

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