The 38 Greatest Eating places in Boston


Ceviche and a beer at Celeste’s. | Rachel Leah Blumenthal/Esser

Introducing Boston’s updated Eater 38, the answer to every question that starts with “Can you recommend a restaurant?”

Whether a newcomer to Boston or a longtime resident, a eater will find plenty to explore here: While the city is fortunate to have an incredible seafood dining scene, there’s so much more of spicy, hand-pulled Xi’an style -Noodles in a casual window display to heaping bowls of ramen in a restaurant that aims to make customers’ dreams come true, from flavorful Mediterranean food on a romantic patio to quirky wines in intimate bars.

As such, this elite group of 38 must-try restaurants aims to cover the city of Boston and a little bit beyond, spanning multiple cuisines, costs, and neighborhoods, together satisfying every restaurant need.

Each quarter, Eater Boston adds a few relevant restaurants that have been omitted, are eligible (restaurants must be open for at least six months), or have stepped up their game. Therefore, every quarter – not necessarily forever – some restaurants are taken off the map to make room.

This quarter, we’re welcoming a few newcomers and a few classic locations to the map: Blue Nile in Jamaica Plain, Frenchie in South Boston, and Santarpio’s Pizza in East Boston.

(Check out the Eater Boston Heatmap for this second’s hottest new restaurants in town.)

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Note: The restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

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