Texarkana Texas Leisure District – It is a Go!


Looks like the Texarkarkana Texas City Council voted to make it official and approve the entertainment district on the Texas side

What does this mean for the Texan side?

The Rail Yard Entertainment District in Texarkana. Arkansas was approved in 2019 and will now be reflected on the Texas side. where open alcohol containers would be permitted in a specially marked outdoor area. As far as we know, the same rules and regulations as the Arkansas side will come into effect on Thursday the 24th.

It’s approved!

Talk about great news for downtown Texarkana! The Railyard Entertainment District and Downtown Events Facebook page brought the news last night. On the Arkansas side, they marked the entertainment district boundaries with signs and green lines on the streets.

Sister cities work together

It is wonderful to see how both cities come together and form a great entertainment district. Let’s all celebrate downtown Texarkana on both sides!

What are the signature drinks from each state?

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