TERRAZZA Wellesley Breaks Floor – Boston Actual Property Occasions


Wellesley, MA – TRAX Development and EMBARC held a groundbreaking celebration on Wednesday June 23rd to mark the launch of TERRAZZA Wellesley, the new bespoke one
Housing project at 100 Linden Street due to open in spring 2023. The citizens of Wellesley were present to welcome this landmark milestone for the city.

“We are grateful to the City of Wellesley for their great efforts to work with us and EMBARC to find a creative solution to an underutilized website,” said Nick Ogonowsky.
Head of Development at TRAX. “We were given the unique opportunity to create a very special urban oasis that will allow current residents to stay in Wellesley.”

The 3-story, 82,000-square-foot residential project brings a whole new level of luxury living to those seeking unparalleled sophistication in a comfortable suburban setting.
TERRAZZA Wellesley consists of 35 carefully designed condominiums of varying sizes
from 770 – 2,400 square feet, with bespoke details, luxurious accents and suitable for everyday use

The one-, two-, and three-bedroom homes have carefully considered amenities, including full-service concierge, valet parking, sports simulator, bike storage and repair shop, pet
Wash station, fully equipped fitness center, and private function rooms to name a few. Everyone
Residence has a private outdoor area – a terrace, balcony or roof terrace.

The property is also a 4-minute walk from the heart of Wellesley and 17 miles from bustling Boston.

The primary goal of EMBARC was to design the building in such a way that it not only harmonizes
with its surroundings but was also respectful of the place in which it is positioned. The name TERRAZZA (Italian for terraces) comes from the design approach of terracing the architectural narrative in view of the unique topographical qualities of the place. The team has created a series of terraces, stairs, and piazzas that lead you from the outside in, moving through a series of curated spaces to a secluded, open-air landscape oasis.

The building’s exterior uses an unexpected play of materials, including elongated “Corsa” bricks that adorn the first level of the building. From there it goes gently into the living levels with cladding that varies in various tones and formats and creates a timeless rhythm across all facades. The interiors, which are bespoke in nature, have been designed to ensure a simple yet elegant design that is functional and beautiful at the same time.

“This was really a great process that worked hand in hand with the city, its electoral board and various bodies and the community to create what was once called a
to the detriment of the city, ”said Dartagnan Brown, founder and CEO of EMBARC. “And now,
18 months later, with the unanimous support of the community, we are happy to see TERRAZZA built. It is proof of our joint commitment as architects and builders and the willingness and acceptance of the city to work with us. “

“TERRAZZA Wellesley really is a reflection of the collaboration between so many individuals
and constituencies in our ward, ”said Tom Ulfelder, chairman of the Wellesley City Select Board. “City officials and employees, local developers and neighbors worked together to find a way to build new homes. As a community, we have worked with a common goal to build apartments that offer new home ownership opportunities.
Opportunities that include affordable options in close proximity to our shopping, dining, and central locations for mass transit while maintaining their character

A sales gallery will soon be available for potential buyers to view the property – more
Information is available on the TERRAZZA Wellesley website. Advisors Living is the mediation
Company for this project. “Wellesley is one of the most sought-after and strongest single family home markets in the region and with the addition of TERRAZZA we will bring a new standard of luxury condominium living to the market for the first time in a decade,” said Janice Dumont, CEO of Advisors Living.

RISE Construction Management is the general contractor for the project; EMBARC is that
Architect and designer; VERDANT is the landscape architect; McKenzie Engineering Group is
the civil engineer and surveyor; Vanasse & Associates is the transportation engineer; H + O
Civil engineer is the civil engineer; Wozny | Barbar & Associates is a mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineer; SLS Consulting is the code consultant.

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