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BOSTON (WHDH) — The city of Boston has ordered bars and restaurants to secure patio furniture on outdoor patios before the end of tonight’s Celtics game in preparation for potentially rowdy post-game crowds.

Should there be a game that day by 2pm Thursday and Sunday, restaurants will have to remove or secure patio furniture and other “movable objects” on patios, a letter to city businesses said. Items must be secured with chains and padlocks.

“This is a necessary measure to promote safety and order on the public roads during each championship celebration,” the letter said.

The order affects facilities in close proximity to the garden, including the area between Causeway Street, North Washington Street, Merrimac Street and New Chardon Street. It applies to both permanent outdoor patios and those licensed through the city’s temporary outdoor dining program.

From the third quarter of the match Thursday and Sunday, the companies are also no longer allowed to admit guests if a game is taking place on that day.

The city said the policy has been standard practice since 2004 and the outdoor areas could remain open until the start of the third quarter. Although patio furniture will have to be removed, guests can still stay outside.

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