Stunning New Jersey Eating places


Of all the beautiful restaurants in New Jersey, two have been named America’s most beautiful.

The first disappointment comes when you find that the two restaurants don’t represent the Jersey Shore, but we’re giving you the opportunity to show love to your favorite Jersey Shore.

First up, here are the two New Jersey restaurants that Love Food says are our state’s nicest relatives. Time to get in the car and try these out …

Hunan’s key in Denville … It’s number 2 in New Jersey and number 15 on the list. It’s about 70 miles from here and has been in the family since 1986.

House of Cards in Weehawken. According to this article, it’s the nicest restaurant in Garden State, but it’s a bit of a Jersey scam since the real draw here is the breathtaking view of the New York skyline.

Ok what about us We have some of the nicest restaurants with breathtaking views of the water. How was the Jersey Shore not represented here? We don’t know, but we can do something about it.

We can give you the opportunity to love your favorite Jersey Shore restaurants. We did a little informal survey and here are some of the names we heard from residents of the area …

Lobster Shanty

Shrimp box

Scarborough Fair




These are just a few suggestions. You need to list your choices for the nicest Jersey Shore restaurant because we want to show the love for all of our great local businesses!

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