Some bars and eating places in Boston, Cambridge asking clients to indicate proof of vaccination


Some bars and restaurants in Boston and Cambridge are now asking their customers to provide proof of vaccination.

The Middle East restaurant and nightclub in Cambridge announced its new rule in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

“Since the Delta variant is currently moving through the country, the Middle East has made the difficult decision to initially require proof of Covid-19 vaccination as part of the entry requirements for our shows and for eating in our restaurants,” it says in the post . “We’ll be following the numbers and information out there and hope this isn’t a long-term policy, but right now it feels like the right thing.”

The Middle East said a COVID-19 vaccination card or photo of a vaccination card was “sufficient evidence” to gain admission to its facility.

“We are doing this out of the greatest caution and to protect you, your family, friends, patrons and musicians who come here to perform,” the post said. “For the shows in July / August, you can request a refund when you purchase. We have all suffered enough and hope that if you have not already done so, you will decide to get a vaccination. Thank you for your understanding and please stay healthy. “

Jacques Cabaret, a popular drag club in Boston’s Bay Village neighborhood, recently made a similar announcement on Facebook, stating that its maskless customers will be required to provide proof of vaccination from August 6th.

“Due to the recent increase in the Delta variant, we have decided that we will require a mask-free vaccination certificate at all shows from August 6th to protect our performers, employees and the audience,” said the Facebook post. “If you would like to be maskless at exhibitions, we ask you to show your vaccination card at the door in order to receive a stamp (a clear photo on your phone is also sufficient). If you do not want to show your vaccination card or if you are not vaccinated, you must remain masked during the night. We will also have masks ready for everyone who needs or wants one. “

The Plow and Stars in Cambridge has asked people attending live performances to also provide proof of vaccination.

“Since The Plow & Stars reopened its doors to live music, we have asked all live music attendees to present a vaccination certificate or a copy of their vaccination card in order to be admitted,” the venue wrote in a Facebook post on April 26th . July. “The safety and health of our music participants – and our Cambridge community as a whole – is an important concern.”

At the Pagu, a restaurant on Massachusetts Ave. 310 at Cambridge, proof of vaccination is required to dine indoors and masks must be worn indoors.

“Guests must show proof of vaccination along with government-issued photo identification in order to be seated at an indoor table. Paper copy, email confirmation or photo of the document are accepted, ”says the restaurant’s website. “Unfortunately, there will be no exemptions from this policy for indoor seating. Guests without a vaccination certificate and children under 16 years of age who have not yet been vaccinated are welcome to our outdoor seats at this time, depending on the weather. Masks must be worn inside the building if not everyone is actively eating or drinking, even if you are fully vaccinated. “

In Grendel’s Den in Harvard Square, customers are not allowed to sit inside at peak times without a vaccination certificate.

“When restaurant capacity reaches 50 or more diners, diners will be asked for proof of vaccination before being served or seated indoors,” states the COVID-19 policy posted on Grendel’s Den’s website. “We accept vaccination cards or photos of vaccination cards as proof of vaccination. Please bring a vaccination card and a valid ID with you if you would like to dine indoors at Grendel’s Den during peak hours. Our hosts and the bartender will regularly count staff to determine when a vaccination record is needed. “

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