Snapchef, a Massachusetts-based meals providers firm, creates on-line culinary college to assist workers struggling eating places


A Massachusetts-based grocery recruitment agency with offices in Springfield, Worcester and Boston has partnered with an online cooking school to help aspiring chefs find career opportunities emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Snapchef, a leading New England culinary staff development and recruiting agency, has partnered with Roxube to develop online courses designed to help those looking for employment in restaurants across the area.

The online course is designed to help budding chefs with real-life commercial kitchen experience and is open to everyone, including Snapchef recruits.

The course was developed and taught by leading educators in the culinary industry, Snapchef said. The lesson includes a detailed video tutorial on the basics of cooking in a commercial kitchen.

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“Snapchef is helping to bridge the gap between those who want to start in the culinary field and those who need skilled kitchen staff – which is needed now more than ever,” said Scott Samuel, Vice President of Culinary at Rouxbe, in one Explanation.

Following the course, graduates receive certification from Rouxbe and Snapchef.

Students learn a range of topics and all are welcome regardless of their level of experience. The courses cover basic aspects such as food and kitchen safety, handling and maintaining a knife, identifying basic kitchen utensils and ingredients, to more complex methods such as using dry and wet heat cooking.

Anyone interested in signing up can find more information on the Snapchef and Rouxbe website.

“The quality of the teaching and the platform are unrivaled,” said Snapchef CEO and founder Todd Snopkowski. “And our graduates will have the skills and confidence for the dynamic opportunities that are now emerging from our high-profile customers – the value for both employees and employers is immense.”

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