Shakespeare & Firm to renew reside, in-person performances | Leisure


BOSTON (AP) – Massachusetts-based Shakespeare & Company is planning to resume personal live performances this summer with a production of “King Lear” starring Christopher Lloyd.

“King Lear,” which runs July 2 through August 29, will also be the first production at the New Spruce Theater, a new outdoor amphitheater beneath the towering spruce trees on the Shakespeare & Company campus in Lenox Statement this week.

Lloyd was originally supposed to appear in the moving 2020 tragedy, but last year’s entire season was wiped out by the coronavirus pandemic.

Lloyd is perhaps best known as Doc Brown in the Back to the Future franchise, but has also appeared in The Addams Family, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and the television series Taxi, for which he won two Emmys.

“King Lear” is directed by Nicole Ricciardi.

Audiences must wear masks, socially distance themselves, and comply with state public health guidelines at all performances, the company said.

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