Selling Smart: Why a Real Estate Agent Makes All the Difference

Selling Smart: Why a Real Estate Agent Makes All the Difference

If you’re considering selling your home on your own as a For Sale by Owner (FSBO), consider whether the extra stress is really worth it. If you go this route, you’ll have to take on a lot of responsibility – and if you’re not an expert, mistakes can happen that can quickly become overwhelming.

A report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reveals two key areas that people who sold their own homes struggled with the most: pricing and paperwork.

Here are just a few of the ways an agent makes these tasks much easier.

Get the right price

It’s important to price your home right. And when you sell your home on your own, two common problems can arise. You may be charging too much money (overcharging). Or you may not be charging enough (underpricing). Both of these can make it difficult to sell your home. According to NerdWallet:

“When selling a house, first impressions matter. Putting your home on the market is your first chance to attract a buyer, and getting the price right is important. If your home is overpriced, there is a risk that buyers won’t see the offer.

. . . However, if you price your home too low, you could end up leaving a lot of money on the table. A bargain price could also deter some buyers as they wonder if there are any underlying issues with the home.”

To avoid these problems, work with a real estate agent. Agents know how to find the perfect price because they have a deep understanding of the local real estate market. And they use that expertise to set a price that’s in line with what buyers are willing to pay, so your home has the best chance of impressing from the start.

Understand and complete paperwork

Selling a home requires a lot of paperwork and legal documentation that must be accurate. There are many rules and regulations that need to be followed and this makes it a bit difficult for homeowners to manage everything themselves. Without a professional at your side, there is a risk of liability and legal complications.

Real estate agents are experts in all contracts and paperwork required to sell a home. They know the rules and can guide you through everything, reducing the risk of mistakes that could lead to legal issues or delays. As a First American article explains:

“To buy or sell a home, you must accurately fill out many forms, disclosures and legal documents. A real estate agent will make sure you check every “T” and cross every “I” to prevent a transaction from falling through and/or avoiding a costly mistake.”

So instead of dealing with the growing pile of documents on your own, consider reaching out to an agent who can act as your advisor and help you avoid any legal hurdles along the way.

Bottom line

Selling a home on your own can cost you a lot of time and stress. Contact a local real estate agent for help with all the intricacies, including setting the right price, completing all the paperwork, and more. This way you can take the stress off your plate.