Ryan Reynolds: I have been with Blake for ‘145 Hollywood years’ | Leisure


Ryan Reynolds quipped that he and Blake Lively had been together for “145 years of Hollywood.”

The ‘Free Guy’ star recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of his first date with the ‘Gossip Girl’ actress, whom he married in 2012, and contemplated reaching the major relationship milestone.

Ryan told Entertainment Tonight, “It’s great! We are lucky. That is amazing. In Hollywood years that’s about 145 years! “

Ryan and Blake tied the knot in 2012, sharing three daughters – James, six, Inez, four, and Betty, 22 months – and he believes the success of their relationship is simply because they like each other.

When asked what keeps their marriage going, the 44-year-old star said, “Well, we like each other. It’s a good foundation for any relationship.”

Blake recently stated that she owed her romance with Ryan to a Japanese restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts.

The 33-year-old actress took a trip back in time, sharing with her social media followers how her and Ryan’s relationship began with a trip to a restaurant called O Ya.

Blake wrote next to a snapshot of her husband standing in front of the restaurant: “If it weren’t for this place. We wouldn’t be together. No joke. No restaurant means more to us.”

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In a second post, she noted that it has been about a decade since they first visited the restaurant.

Alongside a picture of herself and Ryan, she added, “10 years later. We still go out on our ‘first date’. But in much more comfortable shoes. “

Ryan and Blake first met on the set of the 2011 film “Green Lantern,” and he recently poked fun at the film – which was panned by critics – which led to the romance.

The ‘Deadpool’ actor said: “I met Blake at the darkest crease on the anus in the universe called ‘Green Lantern’.

“We were friends and friends and about a year and a half later we went on a double date, but we were with different people.

“We hung out and kept in touch casually, and next she was going to Boston. I went to Boston and said I’ll go with you.

“We got on the train and rode together. I just begged her to sleep with me.”