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BOSTON (CBS) – Did you notice how much it costs to fill your fridge these days? Some grocery customers experience sticker shock. “The cost of making meat, deli and prepared things are now more expensive,” said Melanie Kinsley of Franklin.

“You did not ascend. They almost doubled in size, ”said Nick Rando, who owns the Ziti Trattoria in Natick. He compared what he paid back in January to today’s prices. “Red meat for steak tips and steak was $ 7.35 a pound. Last week it was $ 13.20 a pound. ”

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It’s not just meat. According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, cereal and baked goods are up 5%. Fruits and vegetables rose by 1%, dairy products by 0.6%.

For companies that buy in bulk, this can add up to harm. “Yes, you can see it at the checkout, but if you buy £ 300 a week and everything, it starts to hurt,” Rando said. He has to raise the prices on his menu so as not to work at a loss.

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“We’ve seen prices we’ve never seen before,” said Jim Tselikis, who runs a national chain of lobster carts with his sister cousins ​​Maine Lobster. “We’re seeing this sustained surge in demand in the lobster system right now,” said Annie Tselikis.

Industry experts blame not only demand, but also a labor shortage and higher transport costs that drive the price of almost all food up. “Just a sign of the times, you know prices go up, gasoline goes up, grocery prices go up,” said Cathy Ross, a customer at the Framingham grocery store.

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Experts say they don’t know how long food inflation will last, but as long as it does, we can expect restaurants to pass it on to customers.