Provide Chains Are a High Driver of Consumer Demand for Skilled Companies in 2021, however Some Shoppers Nonetheless Battle to Notice the Full Worth


July 13, 2021 9:00 AM ET


ALM Intelligence Pacesetter Research notes that while professional service providers typically address supply chain challenges with advanced technology-based solutions, market leaders and Pacesetter recognize that success is due in part to proper alignment between technology, operations, employees and network partner relationships

New York, NY – July 13, 2021– A new analysis from ALM Intelligence Pacesetter Research shows that the supply chain management and organization problems accumulated over the years due to COVID-19 have suddenly reached a critical mass, making supply chains an emergency priority for customers. This contingency prioritization means that supply chains, along with M&A and restructuring, will be a major driver of customer demand in 2021. However, many vendors and customers have been distracted by advanced new technology looking for remedial action.

“Apart from the unexpected, abrupt disruptions caused by COVID-19, most supply chain problems have existed for a long time,” emphasized ALM Intelligence Pacesetter Research Analyst Lead Tomek Jankowski. “Advanced technologies such as predictive analytics, data visualization, automation (RPA) and the Internet of Things (IoT) play a key role in helping customers achieve agile, flexible, transparent and ultimately resilient supply chains. However, market leaders and pacemakers have recognized that SCM strategies fail and will fail without adequate internal coordination of these technology capabilities between operations, personnel and strategy as well as external partners. “

Market leaders and pacemakers differ in that they position an element of change management as the core of their offering and ensure the collaborative networking of people, machines and processes in supply chains. This collaborative interconnectivity has led to an increased focus in the offerings of some providers on the design of optimized work models between humans and digital, including a strong emphasis on training and further education.

in the ALM Intelligence Pacesetter Research: Supply Chains 2021-2022, the Pacesetter Advisory Council evaluates the strategies and service offerings of nineteen vendors identified as market leaders for their ability to create customer impact in today’s ever-changing supply chain environment. In addition, the research and analyzes provide insights into competitive dynamics and service delivery trends and promote convergence between legal, management consulting, multi-service and technology providers.

Research highlights:

  • Supply chains have been consuming professional service providers’ time since the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake in Japan, and efforts have briefly disrupted global supply chains, with more recent events – Brexit, US-China trade tensions, COVID-19 , the Evergreen Closure of the Suez Canal, etc. – the urgency is growing
  • Given the ongoing global political and economic volatility, the focus on supply chain projects has shifted from horizon scanning to developing flexible, agile, regionalized networks that are able to react quickly to sudden delivery delays
  • As with mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations, supply chains have a higher priority in the customer organization at board level, which is reflected in very different types of engagement for suppliers
  • An important recent development has been that COVID-19 in particular has accelerated the adoption of demand-driven supply chain frameworks, which aim to create interconnected supply chains that are better able to respond more flexibly to changing market demand

ALM Intelligence evaluated the supply chain capabilities of the following vendors: Accenture, Argon & Co., Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, CAMELOT Management Consultants, Deloitte, Efficio, EY, GEP, Hogan Lovells, Kearney, KPMG, Mayer Brown, McKinsey & Company , North Highland, Porsche Consulting, PwC, Thompson Hine and Trianz.

ALM Intelligence Pacesetter Research offers providers and buyers of professional services independent, objective research, combined with practical insights that influence the decision-making process for strategic planning and procurement experts. Further information or the full versions of the ALM Intelligence Pacesetter Research series can be found at: or contact our Strategic Account Manager James Doyle at [email protected].

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