New Arkansas Business editor: We won’t dawdle

New Arkansas Business editor: We won’t dawdle

Hunter Field

Hunter Fieldthe new editor in chief of Arkansas Business, writes about his plans for the publication.

Field writes, “The team at Arkansas Business is the journalistic equivalent of a sports car. I know because I’ve been a reader, but it’s also all I’ve heard from other journalists since I took the job.

George Waldon has forgotten more about the banking industry than any journalist in the state (except Gwen). Mark Friedman consistently uncovers news that makes reporters across the state jealous (I know because I’ve been that reporter). I could go all the way down the roster, but I digress.

“So no, we aren’t going to dawdle down the road; we’re going to put the Porsche through its paces. That means looking for ways to be innovative, to continue presenting useful information in new ways.”

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