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When it comes to a quick bite to eat, diners now have more options than ever before. Fast-casual concepts like Chipotle and Dig Inn offer quick but sustainably sourced options, while classic fast food powerhouses like McDonald’s and Starbucks redesign their menus to suit every meal of the day.

To find the state with the best fast eater dining scenes, Stacker ranked all 50 states by the number of restricted-service restaurants per capita based on January 2020 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. where you can usually order from a counter and expect to receive your meal quickly. With traditional fast food, fast-casual concepts, and some cafe and pizza facilities, restricted-service restaurants can encompass a variety of dining experiences, but all share the theme of convenience and affordability

We have selected famous restaurants from each state to accompany you on your culinary tour of America’s speed dining restaurants. Read on to find out where your state stands for fast food friendliness.

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