Meiho Enterprise holds its third individual business meeting in Taiwan By

Meiho Enterprise holds its third individual business meeting in Taiwan By

-Further strengthening overseas sales with global human resources-

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Meiho Enterprise Co., Ltd. (TOKYO:8927) (Meguro-ku, Tokyo: Representative Director Mitsuru Yabuki, hereinafter referred to as Meiho Enterprise), which has supplied over 150 newly-built whole-building investment rental housings mainly in Tokyo’s 23 wards, held individual business meetings in Taiwan from May 19 to 22, 2024 to strengthen sales to overseas investors, with the cooperation of a local broker.

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Local staff of a Japanese intermediary and employees of Meiho Enterprise (Photo: Business Wire)

Business meetings in Taiwan

Meiho Enterprise has been expanding and strengthening sales channels in Asia through measures such as holding seminars for overseas investors in Taiwan in March and November 2023 and individual business meetings in Singapore in March this year. The number of properties purchased by overseas investors in Asia has performed well; 12 buildings in the fiscal year ended July 2023 (from August 2022 to July 2023) and 8 buildings from August 2023 to May 2024.

We have received feedback from investors who participated in the business meetings and seminars previously held in Taiwan such as It was very informative, and I gained valuable knowledge and insight and Properties of Meiho Enterprises are in a good location and condition, and I would definitely consider buying. Some of them even came to Japan to see our whole-building investment rental condominium brand EL FARO, whose sales price ranges from around 500-700 million yen, and we are aiming to conclude contracts through seminars and business meetings.

In response to this, Meiho Enterprise held individual business meetings of our main product EL FARO for institutional and individual investors in Taiwan, which were primarily organized by our local broker, to further expand and strengthen sales channels in Asia.

We also hired multilingual global human resources in April this year, enabling us to provide high-quality and flexible services through cross-cultural communication across language barriers with new and existing customers in Taiwan. Additionally, we have further expanded our sales channels in Taiwan by leveraging the extensive network that global human resources have.

We received feedback from our customers who participated in the business meetings such as I think EL FARO is a great property with good location and yield and We are thinking of going to Japan sometime to see the property.

Future initiatives

Vanilla Liao, the Section Manager of the Sales Promotion Office of Meiho Enterprise who participated in the business meetings, said, The business negotiations with overseas customers mainly from Asia went smoothly, and mutual understanding was deepened. Especially in Taiwan, we were able to achieve significant results in exploring and building relationships with new customers, and relationships with our existing customers also became stronger. In the future, we will hold business meetings not only in Asia but in more countries to further expand our sales channel.

Backed by the record weak yen, Meiho Enterprise will work strategically to expand our sales channels not only in Asia but around the world by leveraging the strengths the global human resources have.

We are also planning to hold business meetings in Singapore in July this year.

About Meiho Enterprise

In business for 56 years, Meiho Enterprise has supplied over 150 newly-built whole-building investment rental housings mainly in Tokyo’s 23 wards as a trusted and proven Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed developer focusing on manufacturing. We value a lifelong relationship and desire to pass on to the next generation.

Our newly-built whole-building investment rental condominium series EL FARO and our newly-built whole-building investment rental apartment series MIJAS are developed mainly in the Jonan and Josai areas, where the ground is solid and property values are unlikely to decline. Sales prices are around 300 million yen for MIJAS and around 500-700 million yen for EL FARO. Both series have an average occupancy rate of around 96.8% (as of April 2024), are in great locations and have attractive designs, and come with high-quality facilities and specifications, realizing high occupancy and long-term operation. They also receive support from our customers as stable investment products effective for asset protection and inheritance tax planning. For details, visit

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