Massachusetts Eating places and Leisure Venues Requiring Proof of Vaccination


Nearly two months after Massachusetts lifted virtually all COVID-related requirements, Governor Charlie Baker reportedly has no plans to reissue statewide mask mandates or referrals, although rising case numbers due to the Delta variant are causing some cities and towns to make their own calls both in Massachusetts (see Provincetown and Nantucket) and elsewhere in the country (such as Philadelphia and Los Angeles). Some cities recommend or even require that everyone – vaccinated or not – wear masks indoors or where social distancing is not possible.

About 63 percent of Massachusetts residents are fully vaccinated, in stark contrast to the overall vaccination rate in the United States, which is now close to 50 percent. (Massachusetts has the second highest vaccination rate in the country; Vermont is first vaccinated at over two-thirds.) But the recent surge in cases in Provincetown and the surge in new cases across the country are causing some local governments and individual companies to collapse again a bit.

Hoping to help protect staff and customers, a small but growing number of local restaurants and music venues have announced that they will require a vaccination card for indoor dinners or show-goers.

“As a small business owner, we have a civil duty to ensure the health and safety of our guests and employees alike,” Tracy Chang told Eater. Chang is the cook and owner of Pagu in Central Square, Cambridge. “The past year has taught us how vulnerable the lives of key hospitality workers are, how broken the existing hospitality industry is in terms of wages, benefits and benefits,” continues Chang. “We now have the opportunity to transform the industry into a better and stronger one by opening one restaurant at a time. The least we can do is pay people more, check proof of full vaccination, take the temperature on the door, and ask for masks indoors when they are not eating / drinking. ”

Below is an ongoing list of local restaurants and entertainment venues that require proof of vaccination for indoor dining, attending shows, or for certain types of events. (Right now, Cambridge and Provincetown appear to be the hotspots for vaccine requirements.) Do you know of any other restaurants or venues in Massachusetts with similar requirements? Send an email to This list will be updated as more information becomes available.

Restaurants and venues that require proof of vaccination


  • Grendel’s Den (89 Winthrop St., Cambridge): Harvard Square Restaurant requires proof of vaccination (vaccination card or photos of vaccination cards, along with a valid ID) for indoor dining – but only during peak hours (when capacity reaches 50 guests) . ). Outdoor seating is available to everyone, as is indoor seating during off-peak hours.

  • Middle East (472-480 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge): The Central Square Restaurant and Club requires proof of vaccination (vaccination card or photos of vaccination cards) for those attending shows or dining. Those who have already purchased tickets to a show but are not fully vaccinated on time can request a refund.

  • Pagu (310 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge): A statement from cook and owner Tracy Chang states that the entire Pagu team has been vaccinated (Chang tells Eater that staff are also undergoing weekly COVID tests), but Chang ” continues to monitor several factors ”. in establishing guidelines for indoor eating, including vaccination rates at the local and national levels, variants available in the state and nearby, and the availability of vaccines to key workers. In the interiors (when people are not actively eating or drinking) it is now mandatory to wear a mask. Customers dining indoors will also be asked to provide a temperature control, contact information, and proof of vaccination (on paper, email confirmation, or photo of the document) with government-issued photo identification. Eating outdoors is available to everyone regardless of vaccination status, weather permitting.

  • The Plow and Stars (912 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge): The intimate music venue prompts all of its live music attendees to present a vaccination certificate or a copy of a vaccination card to enter. “The safety and health of our music participants – and our Cambridge community as a whole – is an important concern.”

Provincial town

  • The Art House (214 Commercial St., Provincetown): The performing arts venue requires proof of vaccination.
  • The Boatslip (161 Commercial St., Provincetown): Those attending the Tea Dance, a seasonal outdoor dance party, must present their vaccination card or photo to enter.
  • The Crown and Anchor (247 Commercial St., Provincetown), “You must assume everyone is asymptomatic at this point,” co-owner Rick Murray told the Herald, noting that a vaccination card is required to join the club.
  • Governor Bradford (312 Commercial St., Provincetown): If you want to go to karaoke at the bar, you must show your vaccination card.

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