Massachusetts actual property transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Might 9, 2021

Massachusetts actual property transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Might 9, 2021
Massachusetts actual property transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Might 9, 2021


Anusha S. Sekhar to Patricia D. Jorczak, 173 Brookfield Lane, Unit 173, $285,000.

David A. Robinson and Marina K. Robinson to Lauren E. White, 315 Poplar St., $241,000.

Gregory A. Riberdy and Mary Beth Riberdy to Kenneth A. Keppler and Aja Keppler, 119 Wagon Wheel Drive, $525,000.

Jacqueline M. Riley to John C. McDonald, 140 Autumn St., Unit H, $154,000.

James M. Rodolakis to Christopher Putnam and Tanya Przybylowski, 5B Castle Hills Road Unit 5B, $229,000.

Jeffrey R. Peterson, Jeffrey Peterson, Angela M. Peterson and Angela Peterson to Isaiah D. Pagan and Jasmine J. Pagan, 47 Burlington Drive, $595,000.

Marlene Roberts to Andrew Turner, 93 Senator Ave., $221,000.

Pine Crossing Construction Inc., to Lisa Whitehead, trustee, and Bartnik Family Irrevocable Trust, trustee of, 26 Villa Drive, Unit 6, $359,900.

Robert A. Muldrew, Kevin L. Muldrew and Denise M. Muldrew to Abdalrahman Shamill Alsaab and Ala Algertani, 15 Autumn St., $260,000.


Grand Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa to Phi Sigma Kappa Alpha Chapter House Corp., 510 North Pleasant St., $100.

Gail C. Whitlock, trustee, and Gail C. Whitlock Revocable Trust to Elizabeth Kaminsky and Gabija Revis, 68 Country Corners and 38 Country Corners Road, $569,900.

Joseph R. Polino and Maria T. Polino to Adam G. Hinds and Alicia J. Christoff, 762 North East St., $690,000.

Donald Weber and Barbara Weber to Michael R. Ising and Marianna Lopes, 227 Heatherstone Road, $455,000.

Dongliang Guo to Dan Wang and Ying Wang, 51 Jeffrey Lane, $340,000.

Edilberto A. Manalang and Ma Rhodeca Jill O. Manalang to Allison B. Henry and Jonathan Henry, 6 Winston Court, $250,000.

Geoffrey M. Zucker and Donna M. Zucker to Andrew K. Leinung and Erica S. Drennan, 260 Amity St., $708,895.


Richard Intres and Nancy Intres to Emma Rothenberg-Ware, 926 Watson Spruce Corner Road, $525,000.


James N. Hayward to Robert Wojtczak, 67 Pondview Circle, $55,000.

Michael R. Tarleton to Brian A. Bensch and Janet A. Bensch, Cottage Street, $8,000.

James A. McKimmie to Joseph Vicinanza, Marie Vicinanza and Jennifer D. Heim, 120 Sabin St., $414,999.

Quabbin Village LLC, to BTOWN Property Holdings LLC, 29-39 Federal St., $1,100,000.

John R. Norden III, and Saundra L. Norden to Barbara J. Gilbert and Michael J. Gilbert, 93 Clark St., $350,000.


Andrew J. Rasys and Alicia M. Rasys to Lindsay Fleming, 15 Mill Lane Road, $255,000.

Johan T. Leth-Steensen to Edward M. Morley, 20 Prospect Hill Road, $355,000.

John C. Langlitz and Kathleen M. Langlitz to Gwendolyn J. Levine, trustee, and GJL RNL Nominee Trust, trustee of, 6 6th St., $30,000.

Shaun McLaughlin and Brittany McLaughlin to Joseph Lace, 108 Cubles Drive, $217,900.


Chester S. Brett III, and Elizabeth C. Brett to Epifanio Arias Jr., and Zhana Levitsky, 21 William St., $210,000.


Bank of America to Son T. Vo, 57 Harwich St., $57,855.

Bernard Joseph Chartier Jr., Sandra Krassler and Sandra Chartier to Kevin Randall, 41 Pennsylvania Ave., $133,000.

David Hebert, Kathleen Hebert and Daniel Hebert to Betty M. Lichtenstein, 155 Chapel St., $310,000.

John C .Scribner and Sandra L. Scribner to Jonathan Giedrowicz, 191 East St., $185,000.

Juan Santana and Juan A. Santana to Ileana Marie Cruz, 25 Dayton St., $246,000.

Lucas Real Estate LLC, to Dmitriy Salagornik and Nikita Salagornik, 370 Chicopee St., $247,500.

Michael R. Reniewicz to Brandon S. Ewing, 23 Pembroke Place, $243,000.

MidFirst Bank to R. M. Blerman LLC, 36 Taylor St., $117,340.

Patrick M. Valiquette and Tawanna S. Valiquette to Kubra Gul, 104 Johnson Road, Unit 1106, $190,000.

Revampit LLC, to JSPSM LLC, 791 Britton St., $235,000.

Robin Brochu to Steven Willette, 104 Woodbridge Road, Unit 6253B, $164,000.

Shari M. Duffus to Jamellah S. Smith, 13 Park St., $189,900.

Volodymyr Boyko and Ganna Boyko to Patrick M. Valiquette and Tawanna S. Valiquette, 21 Macek Drive, $435,000.

WestMass Area Development Corp., to PBHI Properties LLC, East Main Street, $167,000.


Paul D. Mervine to Joseph Llamas and Kathy Llamas, 78 River St., $215,600.

James H. Wakefield Jr., to Alice Goldfarb, 212 Thompson Road, $258,000.


Jonathan M. Chamutka to Samuel C. Price and Merril Marie Miceli, 1 Cross St., $269,000.

Barbara J. Stahelski and Mark D. Stahelski to Erika Blauth and Gregory Dewet, 19 Eastern Ave., $379,900.

East Longmeadow

Christine E. DiSibio and Christine E. DiSbio to Michael J. Cook and Lorraine M. Cook, 245 Maple St., $260,000.

Meng Lai Wang and Hui Zhen Lan to Regina Sibilia, 291 North Main St., $225,000.


Kimberly A. Foster to Kimberly A. Foster, trustee, and Kimberly A. Foster Living Trust, 211 East St., $100.

Bruce D. Campbell and Donna Mae Campbell to Matthew R. Scranton and Megan Nicole Scranton, 27 Pomeroy St., $362,000.

John C. Barnes Jr., and Toni M. Barnes to Dylan Wetherald and Alanna Salzman, 34 Torrey St., $262,500.


Michelle Lynn Valle and Thomas Leslie Valle to Kelsey A. Jurek and Nicholas P. Jurek, 11 Mountain Road, $341,000.

Michael Henry Niedzwiedz and William Robert Niedzwiedz to Kimberly M. Skyrm, 1 Moore St., $82,400.


Nita M. Edson to Alan Melchior and Mary Beth Melchior, 11 Mount Hermon Station Road, $172,900.


Linda K. Pula and Thaddeus J. Pula to Parinita Abbott, 11 Deerbrook Drive and 11 Deer Brook Drive, $440,000.


Douglas Simon to Sharon A. Gensler and Prudence F. Smith, 19 Prospect St., $55,000.

Ilie Taraburca to Michael P. O’Brien, 38 French King Highway, $65,000.

Sarah W. Kulp, Joel T. Velez and Sarah W. Velez to Maia L. Valcarce, 21 Woodleigh Ave., $236,000.


Theodore R. Mieczkowski to Tuckman LLC, 34-36 Lawrence Plain Road, $800,000.

Henry Whitlock and Gary Toth to Jeremy D. Ober, 67 Stockbridge Road, $425,000.


Monica Barry, representative, and William J. Barry Jr., estate, to Timothy Barry, 381 Chapin Road, $210,000.


Michael D. Waltrip and Denise Waltrip to Elizabeth Stevens Perry and Joshua C. Goldman, 73 Main St., $565,000.


Brian J. Martin and Daryll A. Martin to Jason Seplowitz and Rebecca Osleger-Seplowitz, 197 Mashapaug Road, $372,500.


Barbara J. Desmarais to Real Estate Inc., Martinelli Martini & Gallagher, 77 Brookline Ave., $120,000.

BRE Development LLC, to Holyoke Landing LLC, Holyoke Road, $2,750,000.

Candice J. Michaelsen and Candice J. Donnelly to Kristin M. Fontaine, 1 Meadow St., $136,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Alycar Properties LLC, 57 Linden St., $49,995.

HSBC Bank USA, trustee, and Renaissance Home Equity Loan Series 2005-2, trustee of, to Salim Abdoo, 284 Maple St., $90,000.

Nicholas P. Boccio, trustee, and 14C Maple Crest Circle Realty Trust, trustee of, to Esther H. Glovacki, 14C Maple Crest Circle, Unit 14C, $149,900.

Prew LLC, to Pru Holyoke MA LLC, 274-276 High St., $475,000.

Yahaira Bermudez to Dugagjin Shala and Blerina Shala, 20 Magnolia Ave., $148,000.


Kathleen F. Arcaro and Christopher J. Bergweiler to Eric Labb and Whitney Retallic, 7 Dudleyville Road, $54,000.


Joan A. Crowley to Mark R. Trent and Erin K. Trent, 71 South Park Ave., $410,000.

Stanley F. Jorczak and Patricia D. Jorczak to Mark D. Soycher and Beth A. Soycher, 361 Frank Smith Road, $395,000.


Baystate Developers Inc., to Bruce Tetrault, Miller Street, $90,000.

Bruce R. Belmer to Lawrence J. Pagliaro, 168 Hubbard St., $260,000.

Croteau Realty LLC, to HP Rum LLC, 190 Moody St., $1,175,000.

Cynthia L. Denucci and Victoria A. Santos to Brett Emmett Provost, 182-184 Cady St., $284,900.

Meghan K. Dickinson to Sharon Rose Kokosa, 3 Waters Edge Drive, $195,000.

Paulo G. Marta and Lori C. Marta to Samuel D. Kopec and Rosiel Kopec, 30 Bridle Road, $335,000.


Burmer Family Trust, Michele Burmer, trustee, and Ronny Burmer, trustee, to Nichole Strange and Charles Strange, 140 Arthur Pease Road, $380,000.


Laura Janovsky Estate, “aka” Laura M. Janovsky Estate, “aka” Laura Mabel Janovky Estate, Lawrence M. Janovsky Sr., personal representative and individually, and Donna D. Rioux, personal representative and individually, to Gregory R. Vitarelli and Kirsty L. Vitarelli, 3 Depot St., $94,000.


Ruth I. Deroy to Sammi Liang, 221 Moulton Hill Road, $338,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Horizon Properties LLC, 129 Stafford Road, $176,000.


Gary M. Bohonowicz and Doreen M. Tilley to Montague Airport Commission, 24 Industrial Road, $76,100.

BJB Realty LLC, to Montague Airport Commission, Montague Town, 36 Industrial Road, $1,092,900.

Pioneer Aviation Corp., to Montague Airport Commission, 40-44 Industrial Boulevard, $261,000.

Norcom Mortgage and Norwich Commercial Group Inc., to Joshua Warnock and Kimberly Bell-Warnock, 70 Turnpike Road, $175,000.

Brenda J. Tozloski to Kyle E. Mimitz, 230 Federal St., Unit 6A, Stoneyside Condominium, $180,000.


Columns at Rockwell Place LLC, to Stan Pressner and Margaret Gerrity, 30 Village Hill Road, $274,000.

Andrew S. Pelis Sr., Andrew S. Pelis, Andrew S. Pelis Jr., Justin M. Pelis, Ryan Matthew Pelis and Ryan M. Pelis to Ryan Matthew Pelis and Bridget Eileen Pelis, 14 Ferry Ave., $230,000.

Pre-Cast Properties LLC, to Haydenville Road LLC, 574 Haydenville Road, $500,000.

Patrick J. Mackey to Five Rivers Inc., 80 Damon Road, $169,500.

Ian D. Premo and Melissa D. Premo to Thomas Cummings and Patricia F. Cummings, 1093 Westhampton Road, $163,000.


Nita M. Edson to Alan Melchior and Mary Beth Melchior, 11 Mount Hermon Station Road, $172,900.


Nancy Fiske, “aka” Nancy Mastrototaro, to Mary Winzer Canning, Tully Pond, $65,000.

190 Main Street Realty Trust, Kris Morandi, trustee, to Thomas J. Valletta III, 74 Bacon St., $156,000.


Real Estate Investments Northeast LLC, to Remond Speight Jr., 10-12 Maple Terrace, $213,000.

Glen A. Wuerthele and Denice Wuerthele to Jeffrey Gonyea and Rachel Gonyea, 21 West Ware St., $318,000.

Isaiah D. Pagan and Jasmine J. Pagan to Shale Miller and Mahari Miller Sr., 4045 High St., $359,900.

Joseph C. Witkowski, representative, Griselda Witkowski, Lydia W. McKee, estate, and Lydia McKee, estate, to Allen Krasnecky III, 82 Belchertown St., $196,000.

Thanh Huynh and Phalatsamy Huynh to Teresa M. Huynh and Jennifer Y. Huynh, 89-91 Bourne St., $60,000.


Russell Retail LLC, to Charles Russell Owner LLC, 45 Blandford Stage Road, $1,960,000.

South Hadley

Erica Napolitano, personal representative, and Lynn A. Landry, estate, to Thaddeus J. Pula and Linda K. Pula, 134 Stonybrook Way, $400,000.

Aleksandr Verbetsky and Lesya Verbetsky to Mary D. Lambert and Paige Hermansen, 8 Ralph Ave., $300,000.

Glenn A. Smith, personal representative, Roger J. Swenson, estate, Robert A. Swenson, Roy A. Swenson, Rhonda C. Smith and Rhonda Smith to Patriot Living LLC, 22 Midway St., $125,000.

Paul R. Gallagher and Suzanne P. Gallagher to Laura Jeanne Morrissette, 36 Charon Terrace, $250,000.

Brital 1987 LLC, to Antonio Turner, 14 West Summit St., $290,000.


James W. Berniche and Beverly F.A. Berniche to Kevin Kraus and Jacqueline Kraus, 78 Fomer Road, $135,000.

Lawrence B. Roberts and Katharine M. Roberts to Robert J. Tilbe and Sharon Tilbe, 101 Gunn Road, $420,000.


Christian Prosper and Megan Carol Prosper to Nancy Couturier-Stefaniw, 162 Feeding Hills Road, $255,000.

Paul Watts and Natasha Watts to Aleh Semenovich and Nadzeya A. Semenovich, 5 Patriots Way, $355,000.

Steven Zayac to Andrey Kolesnichenko, trustee, and L & A Trust, trustee of, 29 Hillside Road, $129,900.

William A. Rodgers and Lynn M. Rodgers to Michael Thomas Sheil, Michael T. Sheil, Deborah Marie Sheil and Deborah M. Sheil, 33 Ranch Club Road, $737,500.


9 York Street Family LP, Silvie S. Ng and Silvie Ng to York Street II LLC, 9 York St., $715,000.

Avneet LLC, to State 305 LLC, 305 State St., $174,500.

Bettie S. Linsky and Bettie S. Hallen to Gary S. Linsky, 216 Mount Holly Drive, $100.

Christopher Skora and Fryderyk Kopec to Joanna Skora and Corey Vincent, 131 Sunbrier Road, $230,000.

Congamond Management LLC, to Yenmy Eneida Dominguez, 80-82 Clantoy St., $375,000.

Crystal A. Frederick and Dotun O. Ladunni to Alexis Saez Rodriquez, 133 Regal St., $202,000.

Deborah J. Souliere, representative, and Gerald B. Sanderson, estate, to Ashley Alvarado, 54 Wildwood Ave., $248,000.

Elijah Naylor to Naylor Nation Real Estate LLC, 14-16 Massasoit Place, $100.

Erica Cadiz to Jorge Cadiz and Esther Cameron, 81 Bairdcrest Road, $260,000.

Gail M. Corliss and Gilbert R. Corliss to Kenneth Collins, 124 Joan St., $260,000.

Grahams Construction Inc to Bharatkumar S. Patel, 43 Elaine Circle, $408,000.

HDC Four LLC, to St James Place Properties LLC, 36 Martone Place, $250,000.

Heather M. Thomas to Juan L. Santiago and Abigail Rivera, 81 Corcoran St., $181,000.

John A. Canavan Jr., and Theresa M. Buckley to Ericka Gonzalez Carrillo, 60-62 Edgemont St., $185,000.

Jose Reyes and Judith Estrella to Little Eagle LLC, 66-68 Acushnet Ave., $61,000.

Joseph Amedeo and Karen E. Amedeo to Gary Shepard, 88 Briarwood Ave., $285,000.

Justin Henry to Christian J. Brouthers, 203 Jewett St., $275,000.

Lakeside Properties LLC, Giuseppe Deguglielmo and Argiro Deguglielmo to Emily S. Banerjee, 68 Eloise St., $230,000.

Lourdes M. Alves, Armenia Dasilva Alves and Armenia Dasilva Alves to Mark Mardiros Varteresian, 55 Sylvan St., $160,000.

Marcia A. Lefort to Joseph A. Saracino and Laura L. Saracino, 88-90 Dorset St., $220,150.

Melinda S. Arnold and Melinda Sue Arnold to John A. Canavan, 276 Nassau Drive, $163,000.

Oussama Awkal to Yrania De Los Santos, 54 Crystal Ave., $220,000.

Pauline A. Reynolds, representative, and Shelley I. Green, estate, to Homestead Connections LLC, 22 Hadley St., $150,000.

Richard A. Janak to Joseph M. Thompson and Kristin B. Thompson, 235 State St., Unit 414, $224,000.

Richard G. Johnson and Grandiosa O. Johnson to Julian D. Watts, 326-328 Parkerview St., $330,000.

Ruby Realty LLC, to Fyxer Up Properties LLC, 86 Magnolia Terrace, $244,900.

Thomas F. Barrett to Janitza Cruz, 106 Mayflower Road, $229,000.

Restoration Worship Center/Centro De Restauracion Y Adoracion Inc., to Grahams Construction Inc., 274 Boston Road, $500,000.

William D. Neigher to Steven B. Kivitz, 20b Halifax Court, $220,000.

William K. Butler Jr., to Joel Nieves, 172-174 Middlesex St., $345,000.

Yanira Rentas Maldonado, Emmanuel Maldanado Rodriguez and Emmanuel Maldonado Rodriguez to Juan Rodriguez, 42-44 Longhill St., $210,000.


Lindsay Berry and John Ebbets to Rehno Lindeque, 6B Karen Drive, Unit 6B, Buttonball Meadow Condominium, $334,9000.


Wilbraham Medical Investors LLC, and Life Care Center Of Wilbraham to Rachel Smith, 8 Woodland Heights, $13,000.


Chad Drigo to Felix Rosa, 4 East St., and Grove Street, $249,900.

Roy A. Currie, Megan R. Neffinger, Megan R. Currie and Megan Currie to Roy A. Currie and Megan R. Currie, 17 Mountainview Drive, $100.

Trinity Episcopal Church Ware and Trinity Episcopal Church to Troy A. Thomas, 20 Park St., $226,000.

Ellsworth H. Baker to Blake Lamothe, 28 Bacon Road and Bacon Street, $102,000.

Derek A. Ouimette to GM Properties LLC, 199 Monson Turnpike Road, $142,100.

Roxan J. Allen to Joseph Leaming, 104 West Main St., $72,500.

West Springfield

Alex Vilkhovoy to Stephen Alexander Houpert and Jennifer Holly Walts, 9 Albert St., $275,000.

Bk Realty LLP, Jeffrey E. Bolow and James Kaveney to J & A Aerospace Inc., 202 Day St., $900,000.

Frederick T. Molyneux to Glendy M. Baez, 92 Greenleaf Ave., $237,000.

Mary Jean Duffy to George Freeman III, and Ellen L. Freeman, St. Andrews Way, Unit 4, $349,900.

Patricia A. Wright, Christine M. Ciollaro and Forest Wright to Tara M. Rana and Karuna Rana, 226 Circle Drive, $268,000.

William A. Denucci to Eric J. Karpoff, 1051 Elm St., Unit #24, $190,000.


110 Lockhouse LLC, to Christine M. Bauer, 110 Lockhouse Road, Unit 6L, $304,900.

Daniel J. Bednarz and Vicki M. Bednarz to Jenna K. Biscoe, 76 Governor Drive, $355,000.

Frank Cavallo to Matthew A. Cavallo, 117 Berkshire Drive, $270,000.

Greg A. Bevilacqua, Ellamarie L. Bevilacqua and Ellamarie L. Atkins to Gary J. Sperlonga Jr., and Angela M. Padur, 15 Tow Path Lane, $382,000.

H L Holdings LLC, to Brandon P. Ducheney, 14 Crescent Circle, $326,000.

Jenna K. Biscoe to Mebarek Abdelkebir and Noura Graine, 1 Allen Ave., $295,000.

Kelly A. Gourde to Cindy A. Nikiforakis, 64 Northridge Road, $265,000.

Kevin D. O’Brien to Jaslin Orelus and Johanne Juste, 5 Willow Brook Lane, $405,000.

Robert C. Badone and Katherine A. Badone to Daniele A. Demay and Travis E. Smith, 12 Northridge Road, $270,000.

Robin R. Delaney, representative, and Ruth G. Fife, estate, to Charles L. Darling and Ann Turnavicus, 59 King St., $139,291.

Vadim Plotnikov and Timofey Banar to Nicole Knapp, 64 Noble St., $285,500.


Jakub Muller and Martina Kacurova to Aleksandr Pavel Verbetsky, 780 Tinkham Road, $355,000.

JR&D Properties LLC, to Brett Basili Wright and Jane Phaneuf, Manchonis Road Extension, $375,000.

Nasser Chehimi to Matthew Murphy, 381 Main St., $180,000.

Stephen Kukulka and Leslie Ann Polimeno to Jacqueline A. Boldys, 2205 Boston Road, Unit P154, $188,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, trustee, and Option One Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-4, trustee of, to Joseph O’Malley, 20 Railroad Ave., $96,200.