Massachusetts actual property transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Might 16, 2021



Amanda M. Parizo and Amanda M. Agosto to JLX 2 Properties LLC, 108-110 Moore St., $230,000.

Carl M. Perella to Kathleen Hill and Alan Hill, 107 Oak Hill Ave., $246,500.

Carol S. McGurn and Theresa G. Lamothe to Julia Park and Pir Shehzad, 25 Danny Lane, $410,000.

James Caradonio to Andrew H. Dabek, 143 Brookfield Lane, Unit 143, $275,000.

Justin S. Waterman and Cara G. Waterman to Mark Christian and Susan Christian, 16 Fernwood Drive, $290,000.

Mark J. Danalis to Oleksandr Melnychuk and Khrystyna Melnychuk, 85-87 Sheri Lane, $400,000.

Paul Basdekis to Sergey Zhupikov, Barry St., $65,000.

Robert J. Cecchi Jr., to Ludmila Victoria Mietolkin and Donald Otey, 29 Ash Lane, $242,000.


Estelle A. Dugas to Colette M. Dugas and Donald J. Dugas, 98 Fearing St., $100.

Jeffrey Stevenson Dykes to Joseph Aimua, East Leverett Road, $38,000.

Ian J. Walsh to Narayan Sampath, 21-23 Kendrick Place, $475,000.

Ralph A. Hewes, trustee, Joseph D. Hewes, trustee, and Ralph A. Hewes Living Trust to Edward J. Schreiber and Alan B. MacLaren, 24 Greenleaves Drive, $203,000.

Richard N. Palmer and Elaine S. Palmer to Stephen B. Marcus and Susan P. Marcus, 11 Dayton Lane, $777,000.

Chrystal A. George Mwangi and Alex N. Mwangi to Shivaji Kumar and Sheetal P. Ghadse, 8 Pondview Drive and Farmington Road, $329,500.


Scott R. Hodges to Yongqiang Lin and Jacky K. D. Shi, 620 West Road/West Road, $80,000.

Elizabeth D. Castro to Jennifer Depiero and Roy Nilson, 229 Norton Hill Road, $450,000.


Robert L. Laurin and Linda S. Laurin to Jonathan Morales and Olivia Loraine Morales, 52 Howard St., $250,000.

Lisa Burke and Lisa Ouimet to Matthew R. Cameron, 171 Metacomet St., $270,000.

Shirley R. Pion and Edward J. Burke to Pierre E. Bertrand and Theresa A. Bertrand, 161 Federal St., $262,000.

Barbara Foley to Rachel J. Foley-Diaz and Selvin Leonardo Diaz, 46 North St., $137,500.

Anthony Whalen and Carrie Whalen to Mario Nascimento and Cassandra Figueiredo, 265 Rockrimmon St., $433,000.

Samuel Winston and Rawda Winston to Jeffrey A. Francis and Erin B. Francis, 560 State St., $469,000.


Agnes H. Lenois Estate, Lorene A. Johnson, personal representative, to Joan A. Boivin and Robert R. Boivin, 23 Turners Falls Road, $112,000.


Elizabeth Cebula to Brianna S. White and Dean N. Tooley, 58 Washington Road, $251,000.

Sharon L. Morin and Thomas G. Lynds to Timothy M. Bishop Jr., 177 Brookfield Road, $485,000.


Charles M. Hines and Janice M. Hines to Daniel J. Cavanaugh and Jutta M. Cavanaugh, Ingell Road, $63,900.


Anne M. Kelly and Anne M. Delia to Paul S. Wojcik, 26 Fredette St., Unit J8, $162,290.

Brian Fournier and Lorin Fournier to Leigha Schmidt, 777 Grattan St., $275,000.

Carl C. Nunziato and Joan Nunziato to Benjamin Perez Jr., 31-33 Franklin St., $243,000.

Carol A. Laflamme and Claire E. Laflamme to Samuel Velez Lozada Jr., 376 Britton St., $154,500.

Cheryl A. Budington and Hilary M. Budington to Carolyn Martinez, 15 Lachine St., $240,000.

Chicopee City to J&N Salema Family LP, Front Street, $4,500.

Denise M. Danjou to Dnepro Properties LLC, 283 Fuller Road, Unit F, $140,000.

JK Real Estate LLC, to Milton Real Properties of Massachusetts LLC, Fuller Road, $1,900,000.

John C. Accorsi to Patrick McNamara, 10-12 Lucretia Ave., $290,000.

Kathy J. Trillo to Stephanie M. Ewing, Jarrett A. Howland, Scott A. Ewing and Pamela G. Ewing, 261 Irene St., $234,000.

Mary E. Goulette to John R. Houle and Lisa V. Houle, 56 Sesame Drive, $279,250.

Raymond A. Nadeau to Yolymar Montanez Gonzalez, 38 Northwood St., $208,000.

Richard J. Anischik, Edward J. Anischik, Margaret M. Anischik, Alan J. Anischik, Mary S. Anischik and Jill E. Anischik to Kody M. Anischik, 59 Higgins Circle, $176,000.

Robert A. Tardiff and Lori Tardiff to Krystal Adaris Rivera, 40 Randall St., $260,000.

Robert G. Shaw, Melissa M. Shaw and Melissa M. Cramer to Wesley Jackson, 1559 Westover Road, $275,000.

Robert P. Kardisco, Angela M. Kardisco, Angela M. Beeler-Kardisco and Angela M. Beeler to JBD Empire LLC, Empire St., $170,000.

Robert Scribner and Robert L. Scribner to John Ritchie, 26 Harvard St., $22,000.

Ronald Viens, Paul Viens, Gary Viens and Cynthia Yargeau to Corey L. Scribner, 45 Reed St., $246,000.

Sandra Deyanira Hernandez to Jorge A. Hernandez, 358 Broadway St., $259,000.

Shawn A. Barrett and Pamela Barrett to Agnieszka E. Wieczorek, 52 Falmouth Road, $242,400.


Julia Millay and Scot Millay to Christopher Ross Waldo, Roaring Brook Road, $155,000.


SJS LLC, to BENNT LLC, 6 Beechwood Road, $72,000.

Frances W. Henry and Walter A. Korzec Jr., to Raphael Wolfe and Mikaela Mennen, 28 Old Route 9, $559,000.


Joseph J. Butz and Kimberly P. Butz to Donna Jean Campbell, 6C Adams Court, Unit 30, Commons of Deerfield, $239,000.

Ragus LLC, to Barbara J. Stahelski and Mark D. Stahelski, 4B Gray Lock Lane, Unit 31B, Sugarloaf Condominium, $389,900.

Ragus LLC, to James K. Edzwald and Joan C. Edzwald, 4A Gray Lock Lane, Unit 31A Sugarloaf Condominium, $324,900.

East Longmeadow

Colleen A. Caban, Louis Caban, Adele Caban and Adele Cross-Caban to Muhammad Khurram Khan and Ayesha Khan, 54 Tufts St., $365,000.

Debbie W. Lee to Emily S. Willer, 16 Vadnais St., $220,000.

Francis K. Minahan to William Nichols, 27 Michel St., $325,000.

Mental Health Association Inc., to Dessire Vitorino and Stephen Michael St. Peter, 15 Westernview Drive, $300,000.

Patriot Living LLC, to James Pikoulas, 94 Porter Road, $310,000.

Phyllis M. Smith to Annette Quinones, 70 Gates Ave., $215,000.


James M. Gosselin to William Moynihan, 19 Howard Ave., $169,000.

Michael W. Buehrle Sr., and Michael W. Buehrle to Christina M. Elman, 24 Kania St., and Picard Circle, $280,000.

Mountain View Investors LP, Martin Fedor, general partner, Mary Ann Fedor, general partner, and David E. Fedor, general partner, to Manhan Properties LLC, 8 Searle Ave., $530,000.

Steven J. O’Leary and Nina M. O’Leary to Brendon O’Leary and Alissa O’Leary, 134 Line St., $218,000.

William H. Mitchell and Ilene Mitchell to John G. Hayden and Rosannah Hayden, 19 Fort Hill Road, $407,000.

Thai C. Kim and Leann Nguyen to Emily A. Moreau and Matthew A. Festa, 322 East St., $282,000.


Joseph J. Romito-Carey and Hannah E. Placzek to Charles Louisraj and Rajeshwari Khatrigujarathi, 235 Batchelor St., $311,000.

Wenda M. Luff, personal representative, Jeffrey W. Skelskie, estate, and Jeffrey Wayne Skelskie, estate, to L Lands LLC, 52 West State St., $300,000.

Jeff DeGray and Ryan Hedges to Agnesa Bratnichenko and Denis Bratnichenko, Pleasant Street and Morgan Street, $60,000.

Suzanne Brunelle and Victor Brunelle to David P. Bergeron and Amy L. Bergeron, 10 Griswold Circle, $185,000.

XIOS LLC, to DJD Real Estate LLC, 131-137 South St., $500,000.


Danielle M. Burton and Mark J. Burton to Jesse W. F. Hastings and Christiane S. Leger, 98 Petty Plain Road, $216,000.

Parody Builders & Sons LLC, to Huiping Chen, 31 Champney Road, $398,000.

John Chickanosky and Valerie Chickanosky to Tigran Ayrapetyan and Vera Ayrapetyan, 128 Verde Drive, $389,000.

Paul D. Viens to Chander Parkesh Kanojia and Meena Kumari, 107 James St./107A James St., Unit 7A, 107 James Street Condominium, $136,000.

Allison B. Henry and Jonathan Henry to Janice M. Soper, Robert A. Soper and Ryan A. Soper, 637 Bernardston Road, $330,000.

EL Gold LLC, to Stephen Paul Fernandez and Yves Paule Salomon, 130 High St., $249,000.


Kirsten Helmer to Zachary M. Testo, 14 Frost Lane, $424,000.

Joyce C. Fill to Richard J. Rhodes and Katayoun S. Rhodes, 213 Russell St., $310,000.


Michelle R. MacPhail, Michelle Wallace and John C. Wallace Jr., to Stephanie Taylor, 33 Wehr Road, $212,000.

Raymond J. Crane Jr., and Jody C. Crane to Alan A. Lareau and Donna E. Lareau, 113 Bennett Road, $564,900.

Vincent C. Perreault and Abigail R. Perreault to Brendan Q. Kessler, 53 Meadow Brook Lane, $325,000.


Martha M. Zigmont to Smiarowski Brothers LLC, Upper Farms Path Road, $75,000.


Janet Sessions Mello and Norman R. Sessions to John J. Kucich and Monica A. Kucich, 127 Route 8A, $170,500.

Chester M. Gosciminski to Christopher Atwell and Vanessa Atwell, 6 Navaho Lane, $9,800.


Michael A. Forand and Marie J. Forand to Kevin Tighe, 83 Wales Road, $35,000.


AAD LLC, to Jessica Bahadur and Angel M. Antonetty Jr., 235 Oak St., $262,000.

Alex B. Morse to Irene Ushomirskyty and William Driscoll, 115 Lincoln St., $216,500.

Alex B. Morse to Jorangel Marrero Dejesus, 11 Linden St., $225,000.

Becky A. Yacubeck and Steven Yacubeck to Wayne J. Caillouette, Kara A. Caillouette, Hannah R. Caillouette and Samuel W. Caillouette, 30-32 Ridgewood Ave., $298,000.

Block Capital LLC, receiver, Holyoke City and Robert Ezold, estate, to Christopher M. Lynch, 57 Norwood Terrace, $255,000.

Brian M. Griffin to Marlene Rye and Erik Lee Stone, 1889 Northampton St., $240,000.

Pioneer Valley Redevelopers LLC, receiver, Holyoke City and Marlene M. Rame to Round Two LLC, 7 Russell Terrace, $79,500.

Carlos J. Miranda to David Class, 23 N East St., $230,000.

Daniel Bones to Erin Kathleen Bartuska, 167 Pearl St., $184,000.

David C. Bergeron to Joshua Menard, 74 Sycamore St., $150,000.

Ester T. Pineault to Rebecca Elizabeth Yadegar and Elizabeth Rebecca Yadegar, 1298 Northampton St., $325,000.

Fens Co., LLC, to Jeanna Byrd and Marcus McMorris, 33-35 Brookline Ave., $265,000.

George M. Soltys to William M. Rohan, 9 Mason Road, $100,000.

Gerald G. Moreau and Nora Moreau to Lee Skiffington, 30 Hampton Knolls Road, $360,000.

Jason K. Frey and Samantha L. Frey to Posiadlosc LLC, 47 Queen St., $150,000.

John J. O’Connor and Julia M. O’Connor to Frank P. Brunelle, 2129 Northampton St., $203,500.

Kevin M. McMahon, executor and representative, and Daniel J. McMahon, estate, to 16 Commercial Street LLC, 16-24 Commercial St., $220,000.

Michael Kane and Brittany Kane to Matthew Millard Bagg, 37 Laura Lane, $276,000.

Modesto Melendez to Ronald G. Bell, 28-30 Beacon Ave., $297,000.

Nancy J. St. George and Nancy J. Saint George to Malia Homebuyers LLC, 78 Belvidere Ave., $90,000.

Richard Halpern and Carol Halpern Wernick to Alvin Thang, 462-468 High St., $87,500.

Robert-Thomas Construction LLC, to Holy Family Road LLC, 15 Holy Family Road, $1,100,000.

Victoria P. Staples and Victoria Patricia Kleszczynski to Guy C. Meade, 272-274 Pleasant St., $310,000.

Wayne B. Versace and Nataliya Versace to Griffin A. Bazzeghin and Diana A. Galeano, 145 Pearl St., $290,000.

Yu Jie Lin to Marianne Ortiz, 303 West Franklin St., $188,000.


Chester J. Bara, personal representative, Joane A. Estey, estate, and Debra M. Moulton to Crystal R. Jones and Courtney Jones, 5 Russell Road, $154,000.

Laurence Riquier to Jordan R. Lewman and Brandon C. Kendall, 2 Grandview Ave., $60,000.


Barbara S. Behan, estate, and Judi B. Sweet, representative, to Patrick J. Hurst and Kaitlyn M. Hurst, 10 Quinnehtuk Road, $387,000.

Charles W. Gamache Jr., and Kaitlin Gamache to James A. Bouchard and Karla A. Bouchard, 178 Redfern Drive, $357,000.

Craig A. Barry to Cassandra Williamson and Thomas Williamson, 170 Morningside Drive, $475,500.

Francesco Ferrentino, Marissa Ferrentino and Marissa Dos Santos to David S. Taylor and Victoria Powell, 339 Frank Smith Road, $480,000.

Jason M. Lawrence and Cheryl Lawrence to Meredith B. Folsom, 26 Elmwood Ave., $310,000.

JEF Properties Inc., to Samuel R. Hanmer, 321 Ardsley Road, $647,750.

John B. Corcoran and Barbara Corcoran to Aziz Ashirov, 410 Pinewood Drive, $530,000.

Peyton Leveillee, representative, and Brad A. Leveillee, estate, to Pierre Beauchamp, 173 Academy Drive, $505,000.

Robert J. Wiles and Teresa J. Wiles to Amy E. Devoe and Rashad Jerome Devoe, 101 Morningside Drive, $446,000.

Rosinski Realty Inc., to Ana Pereira, 37 Lincoln Road, $345,000.

Stuart B. Gordon Jr., and Lisa A. Gordon to Colee Curtis, 86 Lincoln Road, $332,000.


Cristina D. Ribeiro to Cecilia Goncalves, 153 West Ave., $235,000.

Delos Real Estate LLC, to Jesse Michael Warga, 66-68 Highland Ave., $305,000.

Ernest Watt Jr., and Joylette M. Watt to Shawn Barrett and Pamela Barrett, 501 Moore St., $330,000.

James A. La Fortune and Anne M. La Fortune to Jeffrey Sheltra, 32 Noel St., $257,000.

Michael A. Houle, Marha L. Houle and Maryann Houle to Derek Davidson and Amanda Davidson, 763 Alden St., $350,000.

Michael W. Wojtowicz III, and Michelle A. Wojtowicz to Matthew V. Blanchard, 58 Mountainview St., $396,000.

Patricia Beauregard to Steven J. Beauregard and Heather M. Francisco, 19 Acorn Lane, $190,000.

Paul Pereira and Michelle H. Pereira to Christopher Sarrasin and Kelly Sarrasin, 56 Lillian St., $295,500.

Pierre E. Bertrand and Theresa A. Bertrand to Dean A. Miner, 5 Marion Circle, $238,500.

Richard A. Jodoin and Madeline M. Jodoin to Richard Albert Thibeault and Maria Amelia Gomes, 103 Williams St., $247,000.

Steven W. Balicki and Amanda Balicki to Ana Maleesa Santos, 155 Lakeview Ave., $260,000.


Tyler Main and Shaleighne Hamel to Liam D. Betit, 69 Town Hill Road, $143,400.

Thomas E. Duby and Cynthia J. Duby to Joycelyn Pires, 164 Chipman Road, $20,000.


Brandon E. Watroba and Melissa Miller-Watroba to Victor Manuel Rivera-Perez, Justine E. Vazquez and Justine E. Rivera, 79 Ely Road, $308,000.

Charles A. Lindsay and Rosalinda M. Lindsay to Lindsey M. Garman, 38 Ely Road, $450,000.

Daniel J. Enderle and Teri A. Enderle to Zachary Tyler Enderle, Zachary T. Enderle, Lauren Ashley Enderle and Lauren A. Enderle, 4 Hilltop Drive, $190,000.

Luke Paull to Alec Truman Barkett, 13 Green St., $259,900.

Robert Berns to Patricia A. Finch, 32 Paradise Lake Road, $282,500.

New Salem

Donna M. Eaton and Lawrence P. Eaton to Eric Whitman and Karen Whitman, Cooleyville Road, $60,000.


Erik L. Stone and Marlene F. Rye to Jason N. Mark and Christine H. Mark, 116 Straw Ave., $20,867.

Nina Slovik to Scott W. Smith, 62 West Parsons Lane, $430,000.

Paul Gorman to 32 Masonic Street LLC, 332 Masonic St., $290,000.

Blaine R. Applebee and Vicky M. Applebee to Cailin Qualliotine, 7 Florence Road and South Street, $244,000.

Sunwood Development Corp., to Joyce Swing Goodlatte, 117 Olander Drive, $472,465.

Jonathan D. Bennett to Jonathan H. Marsh and Elizabeth A. Marsh, 23 Randolph Place, $190,000.

Christine J. Dippolt to Sonia M. Molina, 63 Hatfield St., $290,000.

Amanda LaMontagne, Amanda LaMontagne Schmidt, Michael E. LaMontagne and Kathleen A. LaMontagne to John Leblanc, 80 Damon Road, $158,000.

Northampton Cooperative Bank and Greenfield Cooperative Bank to Streetlight Financial Real Estate LLC, 8 Main St., and Pine Street, $465,000.

William Yenner to Brett J. Reiter and Carolyn W. Reiter, 119 Turkey Hill Road, $611,500.

Kathleen C. Larsen to Jason Allen and Megan Allen, 102 Bridge Road, $329,900.

Timmon Wallis and Victoria Elson to Peter Timothy Mack and Rhea Kaufman Mack, 137 Barrett St., $423,000.

Emerson Way LLC, to Gail M. Bienvenue, 133 Emerson Way, $250,000.

Raymond F. Conway and R.F. Conway to Quaverly H. Rothenberg, 22 Graves Ave., $349,000.

James R. Osofsky, trustee, and James R. Osofsky Living Trust to Philip Hunter McCurry and Grace Ellen Janove, 151 Maple Ridge Road, $727,000.

Sunwood Development Corp., to Barbara J. Baatz, 117 Olander Drive, $331,192.


Karen M. Bass and Michael L. Bass to Nicholas M. Bass, 56 Putnam St., $155,000.

Serendipities LLC, to Slippys Wings & Things LLC, 483 East Main St., $57,000.

Mission Covenant Church of Orange Massachusetts and Swedish Evangelical Mission Church to Daniel M. Kimball and Deidre K. Kimball, 163 Pleasant St., $260,000.

Catherine R. Johnson to Happy Homes REI LLC, 39 Winter St., $120,000.


Nancy Guimond, Lawrence Guimond and Richard Guimond to Richard Joseph Guimond, 1 Sibley St., $215,000.

Robert B. Campbell and Elaine M. Campbell to Brendan N. Campbell, 138 Mason St., $167,000.

Ruby Realty LLC, to Luke Paull, 3162-3164 Main St., $205,000.

Steven S. Kusek Sr., and Karren A. Kusek to Stanley Gyamfi and Sylvia F. Adomako, 51 S High St., $395,000.


Lorraine R. Lynch to Brian N. Fuller and Justina B. Smith, 77 Enfield Road, $230,000.


Edward J. McDonald and Ruth C. McDonald to James Page, South Street and Old South Street, $62,500.

South Hadley

Roger Beer, trustee, Susan E. Beer, trustee, and SEB Realty Trust to Diane C. Rossini and Leonard N. Smith, 27 San Souci Drive, $495,500.

Debra A. Marquis and Debra A. Dupre to Jeffrey A. Marquis and Liane M. Feldman, 6 Hickory Place, $100.

Jennifer Allyson Labrie, personal representative, Jennifer Allyson Saul, personal representative, Kim Marie Saul, personal representative, and Eugene M. Saul, estate, to Robin M. Westcott, 101 Alvord Place, $275,000.

Sara B. Trowbridge to JSPSM LLC, 124 College St., $270,000.

Karen Rojas and Carlos Rojas to Alexander N. Rojas and Melissa Rojas, 590 Amherst Road, $250,000.

Anthony M. Pellegrino and Stephanie L. Pellegrino to Katelyn Corcodilos, 181 Pine Grove Drive, $259,900.

Paul D. Pellerin and Diane T. Pellerin to John W. Bauman, Shayna M. Bauman and Meagan M. Graham, 13 Pittroff Ave., and Pitroff Avenue $335,000.

Carolanne Bright to Marissa Montemagni, 41-43 High St., $200,000.

Oak Ridge Custom Home Builders Inc., to Jason J. Lynch and Silverina Reyes-Nieves, 353 East St., and Miller Street, $447,000.


Paul D. Matteson, Nancy J. Matteson, trustee, and Nancy J. Matteson Revocable Trust to Nina Slovik, 162 Pomeroy Meadow Road, $360,000.

Frederick J. Trela, Pamela J. Trela and Pamela Jean Trela to Carl Raymond Bean and Margaret Mary Moriarty, 11 Hillside Meadows Drive, $421,000.

William P. Gibson, William P. Gibson, trustee, Marianne Martin Irrevocable Trust and David W. Gibson to Barbara A. Rudzik, trustee, Thomas R. Rudzik, trustee, Diane M. Morisi, trustee, Thomas R. Rudzik Jr., trustee, Terri L. Hewes, trustee, and Rudzik Nominee Trust, 22 Pomeroy Meadow Road, $329,900.

Susan Humphrey, Susan Richardson and Steven Humphrey to Kevin P. Bacon and Ellen M. Bacon, 196 County Road, $340,000.

Jane Howard, trustee, and Neal & Jane Howard Family Trust to Ryan L. Geeleher, 75 Russellville Road, $500,000.

James F. Boyle and Patricia A. Boyle to Jane Howard, 55B Pomeroy Meadow Road, $495,000.


Fiore Realty Holdings LLC, to Dennis Aube, Silvergrass Lane, $120,000.

Fiore Realty Holdings LLC, to Dennis Aube, Silvergrass Lane, $120,000.

Michael T. Sheil and Deborah M. Sheil to Stephanie Jimenez and Esteban Jimenez, 5 Tree Top Lane, $455,000.

Samuel R. Elander Jr., to William Rivera, 130 Feeding Hills Road, $175,000.

Timofey Tserkovnyy and Marina Tserkovnyy to Brandan Towers and April Towers, 18 Reservoir Road, $565,000.


1670 Main Street LLC, to D&A LLC, 1592-1596 Main St., $800,000.

AJN Rentals LLC, to Ariangna Gonzalez and Alba R. Barrera, 27-29 Standish St., $270,000.

Alaina M. MacAulay, Charles MacAulay and Alaina M. Digiorgio to Derrick J. Hatwood Jr., 386 Roosevelt Ave., $250,300.

Alan Whitmeyer to Elvyn A. Almarante, 655-657 Sumner Ave., $180,000.

Albert L. Williams Jr., to Denissa Z. Juarez Escalera and Fidel Ausecio Juarez Escalera, 76 Florida St., $340,000.

Anita Clements to Tracy Ascolillo, 75 Puritan Road, $193,000.

Ann S. McPherson and Paul McPherson to Alberto Curbelo, 1211 Bradley Road, $260,000.

Athan Catjakis and Helen K. Catjakis to Eilleen Y. Cruz, 127 Melha St., $240,000.

Baystate Homeguard Inc., receiver, Springfield City Code Enforcement Housing and Dimry Mack, estate, to Macanthony Mack, 25 Brown St., $210,500.

Borgy LLC, to Nicholas Malafronte and Carmela Malafronte, 53 Barrison St., $189,900.

Brendan Linnehan to Alyssa Marie Babin and Nicholas Newell, 315 Hartwick St., $244,000.

Clyde D. Talley to Magdiel Colon Jr., 16 Beech St., $16,700.

Daniel R. Muggleton to Duenna St. Cecelia Santiago, 11 Benham St., $201,000.

David Givans to Yanira Rentas Maldonado and Emmanuel Maldonado, 33 Farnsworth St., $229,900.

David Vooris and Kathryn Vooris to Nexius LLC, 74-76 Sylvan St., $259,000.

Denise C. Higgins to Roxanne Stanford Simpson, 44-46 Wayne St., $240,000.

Dessire A. Vitorino to Sean M. Mahoney, 46 Nassau Drive, Unit 46, $163,000.

Devin F. Eddington to MPower Capital LLC, 15 Leete St., $169,000.

Dorothy C. Desnoyers and Dorothy C. Henderson to Colleen Caban, 55 Slumber Lane, $255,000.

Eduard Tsikhotskiy and Maryna Tsikhotskiy to Benjamin Nicolas, 52-54 Reed St., $225,000.

Frankstone Group LLC, receiver, Springfield City Code Enforcement Housing and Quiyonna J. Johnson to Community Loan Servicing LLC, 116-118 Westford Ave., $175,000.

Henry R. Fiedorczyk to Christian Wiernasz, 73 Lorimer St., $90,000.

Hieu Vuong to An Dinh, 257 Dickinson St., $120,000.

James Ngugi, James Ndungu and Manfred Karori to Mboboko Elikana and Happiness Raphael, 42 Emily St., $270,000.

James W. Brown and Pamela M. Brown to Shannon K. Sutton, 151 Gilbert Ave., $106,000.

Jennifer Winkler and Jennifer Leydon to Leontino Piecuch, 37 Normandy Road, $416,000.

Joan G. Kavanagh to Jose Garcia-Mercado, 405 Roosevelt Ave., $275,000.

Joleen Investment LLC, to Mamba Capital LLC, Wilbraham Road, $20,000.

Kathleen R. King to Omayra Guzman, 117 Leitch St., $232,000.

Kevin J. Shea to NRES LLC, 39-41 Wait St., $107,500.

Kevin J. Shea to NRES LLC, 53 Clantoy St., $107,500.

Kurt Nielson, Kurt Neilson and Kurt Nielsen to John D. Hill III, 54-56 Pasco Road, $185,000.

Laurie Anderson and Sandra F. Anderson to Equity Trust Co., custodian, Robert Lareau Ira and Robert Lareau, 230-232 White St., $90,000.

Leonard Santamaria and Randi Santamaria to Paul Musselwhite, 37 Nassau Drive, $125,000.

Lindsey L. Taylor, Lindsey M. Taylor and Lindsey M. Dufresne to Michelle Rubiera, 1178 Sumner Ave., $210,000.

Marcus A. Wilson and Patricia Wilson to Angel L. Ruiz Vega, 74-76 Duryea St., $240,000.

Maribel Reynoso to Erik Santiago, 204 Massachusetts Ave., $190,000.

Martin Diaz and Stephanie Andrews-Diaz to Angelica Rosario, 191 Thompson St., $230,000.

Maureen A. Burns to Tabitha Ann Batterman, 23 Superior Ave., $220,000.

Michael A. Rodriguez, Cristina L. Rodriguez and Cristina L. Olivo to Yong Kim and Michelle Lee, 75 Deepfield Road, $272,000.

Michael Simmonds and Djuan Barklow to Ryan Lau and Caroline A. Pratt, 71 Gilbert Ave., $220,500.

Michel C. Hopkins and Meghan Hopkins to Arielle A. Santana, 100 Gillette Circle, $250,000.

Mirian P. Chavez to Jose L. Hernandez Pagan, 38 Penrose St., $229,000.

Moltenbrey Builders LLC, to David Hathaway Johnson, 160 Canterbury Road, $400,000.

Moltenbrey Builders LLC, to Michael Rodriguez and Cristina Rodriguez, 165 Canterbury Road, $400,000.

Murad Drifish to Jose Vazquez-Roman and Karelys Mateo Spohn, 18 Leroy Place, $175,850.

My Van Le and Nhanh Phung to Tovan Nguyen, 95 Washington St., $150,000.

Nolava LLC, to Carmen M. Huertas-Deleon and Carlos Alberto Nicol as Estrada Rueda, 128 Ellsworth Ave., $230,000.

Norma H. Fraser to Michael Fontanella, 65 Rochelle St., $199,500.

Peter Coolidge, Sharon Coolidge, Sharon L. Costa and Sharon L. Leidhold to Annette Holmes, 25-27 Watling St., $245,000.

PHH Mortgage Corp., to Emtay Inc., 11 Chase Ave., $165,555.

Richard A. Riga to Sixta M. Solivan and Alexander Solivan Cartagena, 177 Nassau Drive, $162,000.

Richard G. Patrick Jr., to Darren Teale and Yvette Teale, 59 Burghardt St., $120,000.

Roger Howland, Roger G. Howland and Carmen G. Howland to Humboldt Realty LLC, 146 Temby St., $145,000.

Round Two LLC, to Onstar Properties AA LLC, 809 Carew St., $155,000.

Santana Real Estate Inc., to Angelica Ortiz, 24 Crest St., $210,000.

Scott R. Hanson and Jere W. Dittrich to Elisa Marie Alvaro, 38 Texel Drive, $294,000.

Thomas E. Robbins and Thomas Robbins to Brian P. St. Amand, 103 Dana St., $55,000.

Todd R. Beeman, Gregory J. Beeman, Scott Jeffrey Beeman and Tracy Ann Beeman to Nasser Zebian, 945 Allen St., $120,000.

Vanessa Raster and Kevin Raster to Akadeth Paenmuan and Tiarra Burgess, 57 Signal Hill Circle, $370,000.

William J. Reilly to Thomas Champagne, 94 Parker St., $290,000.


David Michael Van Wagoner to Adam Jon Jackson and Robin Lynn Ingman, 4 Monson Road, $209,000.

Jennifer Dupuis and Christopher Aubin to Eric Maucione, 54 Main St., $125,000.

Steven Weiss, trustee, David Chapin and Hillary Chapin to James Korman and Patricia Korman, 24r Woodland Heights, $15,000.


Carol A. Root, Sandra L. Perron, Sandy L. Perron, and Richard R. Root to Timothy E. Wells and Cathleen S. Wells, 150 Old Gilbertville Road, $380,000.

Donald Moffat, Carolyn Schoenecker Moffat and Carolyn M. Schoenecker to Carolyn Leonard and Franklin Leonard, 23 Horseshoe Circle, $602,000.

Juan Larronde to Rachel Heyn, 30 Greenwich Plains Road, $140,000.

Raymond L. Donnelly Jr., and Linda M. Donnelly to Mark Trevathan, 11 Smith Ave., $215,000.


Karen A. Michalson and William R. Michalson to Ginger B. Kelly and Kenneth M. Kelly, Northfield Road, $54,000.

West Springfield

Barbara S. Edwards to Charles T. Monnier and Geraldine P. Monnier, 23 Gibson Way, Unit 62, $355,000.

Carlos D. Feliciano and Iris J. Feliciano to Damian J. Feliciano and Diana Stepchuk, 78 George St., $185,000.

Country Club Partners LLC, to Matthew M. Paige and Deborah J. Paige, St. Andrews Way, Unit 16, $349,900.

Delno E. Clark to Thomas Patrick Myers Jr., 90 Rochelle St., $133,500.

Edward F. Kelley and Louise D. Kelley to DHJC Realty LLC, 844 Union St., $125,000.

KSV Realty LLC, to Haskell Holdings LLC, 79 Bridge St., $185,000.

MAA Property LLC, to Henry Romero and Jenna Scott-Romero, 2063 Westfield St., $373,500.

Mark D. Krewski and Mark D. Kewski to Sada Properties LLC, 453 Cold Spring Ave., Unit 4, $76,500.

Matthew J. Rolandini and Rebecca D. Rolandini to Kyle Gemme, 80 Brush Hill Ave., Unit 16, $99,900.

Maureen E. Pinter, representative, Lisa M. Beauvais, representative, and Elizabeth A. Kennedy, estate, to Sarah E. Della Giustina, 164 Ely Ave., $227,000.

Nataliya Novikova to Revampit Holdings LLC, 41-43 Day St., $210,000.

Naviah LLC, to Riverdale Investment LLC, 2024 Riverdale St., $2,700,000.

Nghia Hieu Vo to Frantz LaPorte, 1540-1A Memorial Ave., $45,000.

Petr A. Taganov and Zinaida Taganova to Ah Bley and Mo Than Da, 65 Merrick St., $250,000.

Remoon Hawel and Sargoon Hawil to Cindy M. Rivera, 25 Railroad St., $255,000.

Tiefu Shao and Chan Lin to Mohammad Abdraba, 60-62 Elmdale St., $150,000.

Valeriy Katainikov and Valeriy Katalnikov to Tarik Zaitoun, 150 Chestnut St., $260,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Michael R. Werman, 2027 Westfield St., $106,500.


CEJ Property LLC, to Evan W. Beswick, 8 Bush St., $255,000.

Christopher D. Roy to Alicia Beebe and Kevin Lincoln, 78 Otis St., $235,000.

Craig A. Daniels and Michelle R. Hall to Jessica Talbot and Christopher LeClair, 65 Hubbard St., $240,000.

David J. Deveau and Aracely M. Deveau to Nicholas Fitzgerald and Melissa Ogulewicz, 130 Elizabeth Ave., $155,000.

David S. Usher and Michelle Usher to Becky A. Yacubeck and Steven Yacubeck, 1685 East Mountain Road, $352,500.

Dinesh Mainali and Dikshya Mainali to Orville Libanan and Fatima Libanan, 27 Gloria Drive, $555,000.

Donald F. Voudren Jr., and Michelle J. Hebert-Voudren to Robert Hamann and Jennifer Hamann, 29 Brentwood Drive, $241,800.

Douglas J. Fuller to Stephanie N. Liptak and Kyle F. Roy, 122 Farnham Lane, $350,000.

Kathryn E. Cowles to Angel Naula, 240 Russellville Road, $122,000.

Michael P. Daly to Hanming Chen, 113 Lindbergh Boulevard, $245,000.

Paul J. Grennon, representative, and Barbara A. Zygarowski, estate, to Michael J. Fitzsimmons and Lynne Dandridge Fitzsimmons, 84 Beveridge Boulevard, $188,000.

Stanley J, Osowski, Louis S, Scarfo Sr., and Jacquelyn L. Scarfo to Daniel Marcoux, 91 Franklin St., $279,900.

Stephen A. Barrup, Beth Anne Barrup and Bethanne Barrup to Wayne H. Young and Jane Grimaldi-Young, 39 Brentwood Drive, $232,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, trustee, and Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust A, trustee of, to Angel H. Naula, 13 Green Ave., $75,000.


37 Christian Lane Realty Trust, Jason S. Brooks, trustee, to Eileen McGann and Frank Robert Popkiewicz, 37 Christian Lane, $415,000.


2301 Boston Road LLC, to Jessica Holden, trustee, and Trela Family Irrevocable Trust 2021, trustee of, 43 Lodge Lane, $414,750.

Anthony G. Camerota and Irene F. Camerota to Audrey Camerota, 24 Ripley St., $250,000.

Jeanne E. Molinari to Ronald Venne Jr., 910 Glendale Road, $329,000.

Louise Pelletier to Rebecca Damato, 2205 Boston Road, Unit K-104, $279,000.

Matthew V. Blanchard and Sarah M. Blanchard to Krishna Nandan Kumar and Khushboo Kumari, 77 Manchonis Road, $288,000.

Michael A. Pandolfi and Michelle R. Pandolfi to Mark Dore and Ann Marie Shea, 11 Old Coach Road, $500,000.


Jae J. Casella, Jassy Casella Timberlake and Jassy C. Timberlake to Erin A. Slott and Deron J. Zambruno, 5 Goshen Road, $422,000.