Massachusetts actual property transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties March 21, 2021



David P. Clark to Amanda MacRae, 52 Simpson Circle, $10,000.

Mark J. Danalis to Chubchek Khasiyayevn Muradova and Ruslan S. Muradova, 93-95 Sheri Lane, $400,000.

Matthew T. Moskey and Jessica L. Moskey to Joseph Chambers, 76 Fordham Ave., $306,000.

Paul J. Traska and Jill M. Traska to Daniel Mastroianni, 22 Sunrise Terrace, $249,900.

Pine Crossing Construction Inc., to Daniel Caroleo and Judith Caroleo, 18 Villa Drive, Unit 1, $359,900.

Susan Robinson and Susan Lee Milillo Robinson to 105 Walnut Realty LLC, 105 Walnut St., $125,000.

VIP Homes & Associates LLC, to Maura Archuleta, 321 Leonard St., $215,000.


William J. Crotty and Mary H. Crotty to Oliver MacFadden and Meghan MacFadden, 155 Northampton Road, $545,000.

John J. Stosz and Susan M. Stosz to Michael J. Stosz and Lori A. Stosz, 234 Market Hill Road, $575,000.

Andrew J. Cox and Jennifer B. Cox to Rutherford T. Wilson and Daphne Lamothe, 205 Shays St., $550,000.


Michael Z. Edelstein and Nancy M. Edelstein to Catherine S. Cantler and Aiden J. Reis, 139 Williamsburg Road, $400,000.


Jay A. Elfenbein and Andree M. Pages to Robert Zucker and Teresa Weybrew Zucker, 191 East St., $311,000.

Kathleen E. Hodgen to Robert J. Stedtler Jr., and Cheryl A. Stedtler, 225 Mill Valley Road, $268,000.


Regina L. Ryan and David M. Ryan to LLC, Rocha REI & Home Improvement, 12 Third St., $150,000.

U S Bank Trust, trustee, and t LSF9 Master Participation Trust, trustee of , to Woodstock Golf LLC, 131 E Brimfield Holland Road, $259,875.


Meeting House Construction LLC, to John Dunphy, 165 Main St., $180,000.


Matthew White to Lee Chester Properties LLC, 20 Main St., $95,000.


Alp of Chicopee Inc., to RT Commercials LLC, 185 Grove St., $200,000.

Antonio Fonseca to Volodymyr Boyko, Clarendon Avenue, $135,000.

Diane Lyons-Frasco to James A. Underwood, Marie E. Underwood and Naomi E. Longo, 200 Lambert Terrace, Unit 2, $185,000.

Grandview Development Associates LLC, to Timothy Joseph Fournier and Kimberly A. Fournier, 45 Sycamore Lane, $410,000.

Jared S. Debettencourt and Amy G. Debettencourt to Terrence F. Szcygiel Jr., and Denise A. Szcygiel, 43 Archie St., $210,000.

Jean Paul Gauthier to Denia M. Perez Salas, 15 Muzzy, $325,000.

JoeJoe Properties LLC, to Waldo Portillo, 59 Brightwood St., $280,000.

Karen Matulis and Craig Stefanik to Prime Partners LLC, 553 Chicopee St., $112,000.

Laurence L. Wojcik, Judith M. Wojcik, Alfred A. Wojcik Jr., and Deborah A. Wojcik to RT Commercials LLC, Grove Street, $130,000.

Lorraine Claire Hundley to Sefunmi L. Ogunmola, 139 Chapel St., $260,000.

Maria Uzun and Maria Koziol to Edwin Eduardo Diaz, 162 Clarendon Ave., $156,000.

Martha S. Ribadeneyra and R. Patricia Grenier to Samantha L. Angers and Jon R. Angers, 16 Horseshoe Drive, Unit 6146B, $164,000.

Martine Iampietro and Martine Iampetrio to Jon J. Edwards and Deborah L. Edwards, 26 Sesame Drive, $445,000.

Onyx Investments LLC, to Christopher Quinones and Shairy Rivera Quinones, 19-21 Grove Ave., $320,000.

Ozkan Yagan and Hikmet Yagan to Richard Alvarado, 199 Jacob St., $229,000.

Paul Sowa to Tihwdi LLC, 36-38 Bell St., $486,000.

Sergey Sevostyanov to Helen Turner, 70 Narragansett Boulevard, $250,000.

U S Bank, trustee, and RMAC Trust Series 2016-CTT, trustee of, to Leo E. Fugler Jr., and Paula J. Sawtelle, 44 White St., $130,000.

Westside Housing Inc., to DGL Properties LLC, Sheridan Street, $140,000.

William R. Bury and Kathy A. Bury to Daniel N. Aguilar, 197 Hampden St., $206,000.


Ryan C. Castine and Sandi C. Castine to Casey L. Chadwick and Christopher D. Chadwick, 206 E. Colrain Road, $365,000.


Benjamin Winsor to Adam T. Fuller and Kara T. McGillicuddy, 150 South Ashfield Road, $340,000.


Bank of America NA, trustee, Lattanzio Trust, George H. Hepburn Jr., trustee, and George H. Hepburn Jr. Living Trust to Karen Russell and Derrick Russell, Cole Street, $45,000.


Sylvia J. Jackson Estate, Debra Allen, personal representative, to Jonah B. Kaul and Erin E. O’Brien, 10 Hoosac Road, $215,000.

Yankee Candle Way LLC, to LML Yankee Candle Way LLC, 16 Yankee Candle Way and 27 Yankee Candle Way, $22,300,000.

Ralph F. Jelley III, and Vicky L. Jelley to Benjamin D. Lambert, 25 Jones Road, $262,850.

East Longmeadow

Doyle Porter Road LLC, to Amanda A. Torcia, 112 Porter Road, $350,000.

Jeffrey S. Morneau and Kathleen B. Morneau to Jeffrey Pike and Jennifer Pike, 162 Pease Road, $369,000.

John J. Kelly and Linda M. Kelly to John J. Kelly IV, and Jessica A. Kelly, 15 Ridgewood Road, $565,000.

Michael A. Perkins and Martha L. Perkins to John F. Shevlin and Brenna R. Perkins, 28 Taylor St., $216,850.

Michael F. Farrell and Alison L. Farrell to Sarah J. Wells and Jeffrey R. Asher, 37 Greenacre Lane, $215,000.

Stephen A. Crane and Emily H. Crane to Gregory Webster and Jennifer Webster, 114 Canterbury Circle, $570,000.

Walter J. Esposito and Lynn M. Esposito to Sarah Parker, 40 Fairview St., $215,000.


Erik G. Damtoft and Jillian E. Damtoft to Erik G. Damtoft, 46 Loudville Road and Glendale Street, $100.

Kathay W. Parker to Kathay W. Parker, trustee, and Parker Family Trust, 21 Vadnais St., $100.


Deidre L. Baker to Amy Baker and Justin Fellows, North Street, $2,000.


Robert Auguste Mattson and Elizabeth Anne McGrath to Sara M. McMahon and Daniel Murphy, 23 Oak St., $285,000.


Josephine A. Zgrodnik, trustee, and Zgrodnik Family Trust to Ann H. Zgrodnik, trustee, and Josephine A. Zgrodnik Irrevocable Trust, 94-96 Batchelor St., $100.

William E. Johnson and Tracey L. Johnson to T. Noble Property Group LLC, 129 West St., $100.

Michael McLain and Joann McLain to T. Noble Property Group LLC, 100-102 New Ludlow Road, $420,000.

Gregory J. Pion to Marisa A. Morin and Brendan S. Fitzgerald, 286 Batchelor St., $255,000.

Lora Premont Os to Cara McIntire and Joshua McIntire, 107 Carver St., $545,000.


Eliza B. Abbey, representative, and Willis Foster Abbey, estate, to Rachelle L. Best and Michael G. Best, Hartland Hollow Road, $100,000.


FMI US Property Holdings LLC, to 242 Mohawk LLC, 242 Mohawk Trail, $2,062,500.

33 Devens Realty Trust, Jason Brooks, trustee, to John V. Crowe, 33 Devens St., $225,000.

Green River Homes LLC, to Mary Jean Kownacki, 98 Deerfield St., Unit 98, Green River Commons Condominium, $132,500.

Greenblatt 2014 Irrevocable Trust, Alexis D. Greenblatt, “aka” Alexis D. Batra, trustee, to Jason Haskins, 28 Forest Ave., $280,000.

John Karakla to Laurel Street Greenfield LLC, Laurel Street/Rear Laurel, $150,000.


Brett S. Purchas to Corey O’Keefe, 33 South Monson Road, $350,000.


Curtis P. Laprise, Robin Love and Danny Ray Love to Kelly Lynn Gaus and Andrea F. Gaus, 24 Plain Road, $310,000.

Autumn Marie McGuffey to Lorelei Schmidt, Main Street, $84,500.

Josephine A. Zgrodnik to Ann H. Zgrodnik, trustee, and Josephine A. Zgrodnik Irrevocable Trust, 36 Elm St., $100.

Josephine A. Zgrodnik, trustee, and Zgrodnik Family Trust to Ann H. Zgrodnik, trustee, and Josephine A. Zgrodnik Irrevocable Trust, 43 Elm St., $100.

Josephine A. Zgrodnik, trustee, and Zgrodnik Family Trust to Ann H. Zgrodnik, trustee, and Josephine A. Zgrodnik Irrevocable Trust, 153 Elm St., $100.

Josephine A. Zgrodnik, trustee, and Zgrodnik Family Trust to Ann H. Zgrodnik, trustee, and Josephine A. Zgrodnik Irrevocable Trust, 155 Elm St., $100.

Josephine A. Zgrodnik, trustee, and Zgrodnik Family Trust to Ann H. Zgrodnik, trustee, and Josephine A. Zgrodnik Irrevocable Trust, 11 Maple St., $100.


Tanya Zoe Bryant and Margaret E. Fitzpatrick to Kristie L. Faufaw and Michael S. Sisum, East Hawley Road, $45,000.


Marie Baker, Marie Marin and H. Russell Baker Jr., to Linda M. Bouchard and Debra L. Dahlgren, 10 Cascade Drive, $10,000.


1900 Capital Trust II, trustee of, and U S Bank Trust, trustee, to Mark Santore, 8 Forest Court, $116,000.


Alfaville LLC, to Linda Medeiros, Maple Crest Circle, Unit 10C, $119,900.

Andrew J. Farr and Marie L. Muir to Diana T. Olsheski, 3 Wall Road, $230,000.

Brahman Holdings LLC, to RC Builders LLC, 425 Pleasant St., $137,300.

E&l Corp., to WTM-SM LLC, 120 Middle Water St., $800,000.

Kevin M. Murray to Gildaly Negron Correa, 44-46 Vernon St., $247,500.

Lasca Hoey to Evilin Lopez, 7 Clark St., $209,200.

Robert Zucker and Teresa Weybrew Zucker to Michaela R Schwartz, 22 Bemis Rd, $337,000.


Donald J. Exware and Donald Exware to Madison Louise Derouin and Mark Henry Derouin Jr., 2R Main St., and 3R Main St., $92,000.

Josephine A. Zgrodnik, trustee, and Zgrodnik Family Trust to Ann H. Zgrodnik, trustee, and Norwich Lake Irrevocable Trust, Birchwood Shores, $100.


Adam Weinberg and Sandra Weinberg to Seth Alex Stutman and Amanda Crawford Stutman, 203 Captain Road, $413,500.

Mary E. David to Yong Ju No and Carole C. Chatagner, 30 Lorenz St., $229,000.


Carlos Chaves and Nelson G. Tereso to Bruce Tetrault, Massachusetts Ave., $87,000.

Frank J. Gallo and Kimberly A. Gallo to Stephen D. Audette and Carla A. Audette, 261 Woodland Circle, $441,000.

Higher Brook LLC, to Tymothy C. Mills and Sara N. Mills, 95 Higher Brook Drive, $440,000.

Joan M. Simao to Nathan J. Pereira, 30 Oakridge St., $225,000.

Tymothy C. Mills, Sara N. Mills and Sara N. Scudder to Jason R. Riether and Cathy J. Riether, 32 Reynolds St., $220,000.

Whitetail Wreks LLC, to Brian T. Donovan and Deborah L. Donovan, Harvest Drive, $139,900.


Cara A. McIntire, Cara A. Lattell and Joshua McIntire to Rose Was and Anthony Was, 21 State St., $240,000.

Christopher N. Russell, Kimberly L. Russell and Kimberly Bailey to David B. Paradis and Caryn L. Paradis, 180 Hovey Road, $492,500.

James A. DiRico to Justin A. Melbourne, 27 Thayer Road, $375,000.


Amy L. Facto, Deborah S. facto, Robert e. Facto and Rose A. Facto to Carolina I. Bublik and Eduard N. Bublik, 69-71, 7th Street, $305,000.


Elizabeth E. Vizentin to Sara Luria and Isaac Goldstein Luria, 35 Park St., $495,000.

McCutcheon Development LLC, to Deno J. Dudunake, Teresa J. Dudunake and Ryan Gorman, 26-28 Hatfield St., $745,000.

Chriszel Delue, Dorothy Fraser and Janice Denno to Christopher Freeman and Kathleen E. Page, 10 Laurel St., $300,500.

Sheila K. Leary, personal representative, and Maura J. Leary, estate, to Leon A. Pedruczny III, 88 Pines Edge Drive, $195,000.

Karen M. Lebiecki, Thomas A. Lebiecki, Lisa M. Lebiecki and Lynn M. Reuvers to Joanna Smith and Jill Yeomans, 22 Old Wilson Road, $662,300.

Siobhan Silver, trustee, and Siobhan Silver Trust to Gianna Viola and Ryan Richardson, 23 Myrtle St., $451,000.

Matthias Kaindl and Andrew J. Fox, attorney-in-fact, to Jeremy D. Ober, 994 Florence Road, $150,000.

Josephine A. Zgrodnik, trustee, and Zgrodnik Family Trust to Ann H. Zgrodnik, trustee, and Josephine A. Zgrodnik Irrevocable Trust, 80 Laurel Park, $100.

Lisa M. Lococo, Lisa Kheloco and Farid Kheloco to Ronald E. Sheffer Jr., 305 Westhampton Road, $362,500.


Linwood Wallace Estate & Mary Lou Wallace Estate, Gary Wallace, personal representative and individually, to Natalie Jeanne Larsen, 50 Glenwood Ave., $325,000.

Lawrence E. Giard to Diane M. Pizzo, 133 School St., $45,000.


O East Road Realty Trust, John S. Hanna, trustee, to Noble Manna Farms LLC, 52 East Road, $350,000.

Joan M. Davis to David Johnson, Putnam Street, $20,000.

Christopher Chadwick and Casey Chadwick to Pamela A. Knapp, 16 Hillside Terrace, $256,000.

Jennifer Rothstein and Tracy Rothstein to Amarkis Aquino and Justin Michael Frost, 7 Eddy St., $178,000.

Joan M. Gates and Norman H. Gates to Dora P. Tasso Costello, 415 Tully Road/415 Warwick Road, $215,000.


Glenn R. Hanson to Jose Miranda and Lisa Bessette, 4001-4003 Hill St., $300,000.

Natalie Smalley to Heidi Deborah Gotthoffer, 22 Griffin St., $165,000.

Nicholas Garceau, Valerie Garceau, Valerie Garceau Granger and Caitlyn Garceau to Anthony Quenneville-Burke, 70 Water St., $195,000.

Paul E. Holloway to Jacob Korzec and Nicole Valentine, 275 Breckenridge St., $217,000.

Paul J. Corrow and Christine R. Corrow to 4030 Pine Street LLC, 4013 Pine St., $406,000.


William D. Umstatter to Timothy McCrory, 62 Mechanic St., $219,000.

Massachusetts Comm. Transportation to Apex Orchards Inc., Route 2, $7,300.

Ann Dore, Mark Dore and Ann Shea to Virginia H. Vogt, 253 Colrain Shelburne Road/Colrain Road, $364,000.

South Hadley

Stanley J. Czerwiec to John W. Bauman and Shayna M. Bauman, 4 Plainville Circle, $388,000.

Richard P. Rollend and Sheila A. Rollend to Sheila A. Rollend, 14 Linda St., $100.

Daviau & Robert Properties LLC, to Timothy Thomas O’Donnell, 80 Pine Grove Drive, $355,000.

Diane M. Kuc, Eileen L. Roach and David A. Macko to Jeremiah D. Shrum, 514 Newton St., $235,000.

Faisal Ibrahim Algosair to Faisal Ibrahim Algosair and Sarah Aldawood, 20 Sunset Ave., $100.

William T. Lyle Jr., and Lisa Bihler Lyle to Richard W. Swahlan and Denise Swahlan, 110 River Road, $141,500.


Kathleen Morin-Paul and Roger C. Paul to Laura A. Paul, 22 Camp Jahn Road, $175,000.

Marian Matosky to Scott Lessing and Lisa Lessing, 2 Sophie Circle, $336,000.


Patricia Davis Mocarsky and Robert Peter Mocarsky to Austin Carmel, 17 Fred Jackson Road, $285,000.

Theresa A. Lecrenski to Angelo S. Melloni and Deborah A. Melloni, 822 College Highway, $300,000.


212 Pearl LLC, to Springfield Portfolio Holdings LLC, 196 Pearl St., $100.

Alan R. Barrett to Nancy Cunningham, 1457 Parker St., $115,000.

Andrew W. Bamford and Timothy H. Wilson to Andrew W. Bamford, 96 Bulat Drive, $100.

Antonio Calabrese and Jennifer Calabrese to Sylvia Inserni-Vazquez, 10 Bunker Circle, $369,000.

Carrasquillo Fix Up LLC, to Juan Mosquea, 86 Emerson St., $215,000.

Caserta Co. LLC, to Tree House Properties LLC, 181 State St., $930,000.

Chad Lynch and James Rocca to Anderson Guzman, 29-31 Colonial Ave., $255,000.

Charles A. Platten Jr., to Humboldt Realty LLC, 191 Windemere St., $155,000.

Daniel V. Walsh and Coleen A. Walsh to Ronnie Williams, 18 Dell Place, $247,400.

Gale S. Fitzgerald, representative, and Walter Slepchuk, estate, to Novlette Wilson, 58 S Tallyho Drive, $275,000.

Gilberto E. Ramirez to Mimi F. Pezzuto, trustee, Trust Mimi F. Pezzuto 2020 Revocable Trust, trustee of, John M. Pezzuto, trustee, and Trust John M Pezzuto 2020 Revocable Trust, trustee of, 124 Longhill St., $315,000.

Gregory J. Leishman to Siobhan Silver, 134 Longhill St., $455,000.

Gregory Webster and Jennifer Webster to Nakisha A. Williams, 127 Sawmill Road, $262,000.

Haj Group LLC, to Jose Lopez and Michelle Lopez, 261 Oakland St, $289,000.

Joanuel Claudio and Jailyne Claudio to Samuel Waruingi and Esther Ndungi, 185 Ambrose St., $260,000.

Jonathan Lurie to Margarita Santiago, 8-10 Wolcott St., $199,900.

Joshua R. Sprague, Cassandra L. Sprague and Cassandra L. Greco to Sonya L. Bosworth, 77 Bretton Road, $224,250.

Kelley Diederich to Jennifer T. McDiarmid, 104 Ashbrook St., $227,000.

Laura M. Deluca to William R. Godin Jr., 817 Dickinson St., $175,000.

Long Dinh Duong to Nhu Nguyen and Bao Vu, 413 White St., $159,000.

Maria Sansalone, Ruth E. Sansalone, Ruth Sansalone and James A. Sansalone to Marco Scibelli, 260 Pheland Ave., $145,377.

Martha A. Collins, Arlenda Collins, Melvin Collins, Jimmy Collins, Matrisa Crapps, Sharon Faulkner and Carl Collins to Abdulrahman Fadhil Naser, 92 Alden St., $242,000.

Melissa C. Brown to Sean P. Garcia and Shayna Bronstein Garcia, 38 Grattan St., $180,000.

Michael J. Cross and Paula Jean Serafino Cross to Adam McNulty, 51 Ferncliff Ave., $217,500.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, and RBSGC Mortgage Loan Trust Mortgage Series 2007-B, trustee of, to RE Legacy Investments LLC, 253-255 Oak St., $147,262.

Paul Bernardes and David McGough to Jennifer Marie Donoso, 112 Lake Drive, $280,000.

Peter Stefanyszyn and Olga Demoracski to Irina Buynovskaya, 211 Osborne Terrace, $195,000.

Phoenix Development Inc., to Ramon Garrick, 32 Randall Place, $167,000.

Robert Anderson, representative, and Margaret Mary Anderson, estate, to Joel Duran, 19-21 Nye St., $197,000.

Sergio Hernandez Jr., and Anna Hernandez to Aguinaldo C. Lomba, 125 Pilgrim Road, $190,000.

Sono Investment Group LLC, to Dakota T. Mullen, 873 Worthington St., $24,999.

Sunshine Homes LLC, receiver, Springfield City Code Enforcement and Edwin I. Stephenson, estate, to Sunshine Homes LLC, 28 Kenwood Park, $200,217.

William G. Smith to Daniela F. Esteban, 24 Beechwood Ave., $250,000.


Michael C. Spontak and Mark T. Fabianowicz to Riddley S. Gemperlein and Alexander D. Will, 300 N. Silver Lane, $420,000.

Jeffrey B. Hubbard to Daniel P. Rattelle and Elizabeth H. Wassmann, 14 North Plain Road, $230,000.


Kristine Barnes to Stewart Terrien and Deborah A. Terrien, 152 Upper Church St., and Church Street, $174,000.

William B. Reed to Hector Hernandez, 15 Richfield Ave., $10,000.

Joseph T. Martowski to Peter J. Martowski, Shady Path, $100.

Jane H. Letendre to Alex M. Adamsky, 25 Fisherdick Road, $179,900.

Helen G. Bowen and Helen E. Bowen to Richard T. Stupski and Rebecca E. Stupski, Palmer Road, $90,000.

Robert A. Gerulaitis and Lisa R. Gerulaitis to Michael LaValley, 65 Old Poor Farm Road, $277,000.

Philip P. Dion and Heidi A. Dion to Meiling Shi, 42 Dunham Ave., $285,000.

Robert L. Gould Jr., to Robert A. Gerulaitis and Lisa R. Gerulaitis, 4 Gwen Circle, $335,000.

Richard C. Aldrich Jr., personal representative, and Richard C. Aldrich Sr., estate, to David Hamelin and Eric Hamelin, 6 Park Ave., $100.

West Springfield

Anatoliy Petrenko and Vera Petrenko to Mikhail Saykin, 45 Belle Ave., $320,000.

Deborah A. Hinks, Doreen Pedro, Ward Remington and Paula Remington to Vitaly Dzhenzherukha, 28 Prospect St., $75,300.

Gerald L. Krywicki and Betty Ann Krywicki to Matthew T. Moskey and Jessica L. Moskey, 1510 Morgan Road, $512,000.

Jeanne S. Goodsell to Robert Contant and Jun Sun, 134 Dorwin Drive, $370,000.

Jose A. Kulik, representative, Edward J. Kulik, estate, Miguel A. Kulik and Juan C. Kulik to Anderson Cleaning Realty LLC, 121 Wayside Ave., $110,000.

Michael Tourville and Chiara Maione to Christopher Cole, 31-33 Ames Ave., $290,000.

Norman J. Blair to David J. Holloway and Rosario P. Holloway, Bennett Street, $5,000.

Raymond J. Sweeney Family LLC, to Sillerzinc LLC, 293 Elm St., $95,000.

Ryan Spencer to Artem Slivka, 32 Angeline St., $189,000.

Stanley M. Lusnia Jr., to Kayla Rose Lusnia, 426 Rogers Ave., $276,000.

Yury Altyev, Yury Psenichnaya and Yury Psenichnyy to Gozel K. Psenichnaya, 451 Dewey St., $100,000.


Anne M. Theocles, representative, Charles A. Theocles, estate, and Charles Athanasios Theocles, estate, to Oscar Naula, 109-111 Kensington Ave., $145,000.

Anthony Brill and Karen A. Brill to Anthony Brill and Philip Joubert, 186 City View Road, $100.

Catherine A. Bannish to Robert Wensley, 3 Lathrop Ave., $298,000.

Joseph G. Flahive and Marie A. Flahive to Mechanic Man LLC, 62 Granville Road, $318,000.

Logan A. Morton to Richard James White, 15 Riverside Drive, $255,000.

Lynn M. Kaczman, Joan A. Kaczman, Kenneth R. Kaczman and Mary-Lourde Cloud to Noemi Ramos, Frank Ramos and Candido Colon Carrasquillo, 19 State St., $190,000.

Michael G. Carfi, Rene Marie Carfi and Kara S. Rescia, trustee, to Berkshire Land Co. LLC, 36 Casimir St., $25,000.

Nathan M. Collier, representative, and Paul F. Collier, estate, to Vitaliy Kazimirov, 106 Park River Drive, $281,000.

Oleg Shevchenko and Nadezhda Shevchenko to Ivan Volchanov, 30 White St., $285,000.

Paul G Fortini to Tiara Johnson, 12 Otis St, $171,500.


Marcus C. Holt to Christopher M. Kelly, 124 Chesterfield Road, $275,000.


Gerard Langlais and Josephine Iannelli to Amandeep Guliani and Nidhi A. Thaker, 5 Kensington Drive, $625,000.

Justin A. Melbourne to Aja N. Miller and James Christopher Mish, 15 Old Boston Road, $275,000.

Sonja K. Wall and Kenneth A. Wall to Andrew A. Wall, 7 Parkwood Drive, $385,000.

Tovan Nguyen and Kevin Nguyen to Kelley A. Diederich, 7 Shady Lane, $360,000.

Valerie A. Duvall-Bernardo and Valerie Ann Duvall to Karl Brown and Susan M. Brown, 2 Kensington Dr, $320,000.


Carol L. Majercik, trustee, David A. Majercik, trustee, and 41 Lyman Road Nominee Trust to Heather Majercik, 12 Main St., $360,000.


Theodora A. Lemaire-Baker, personal representative, and Theodora Agnes Lemaire, estate, to Jackson Mansfield, 252 West St., $140,000.