Massachusetts actual property transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties June 6, 2021



Jeffrey J. Fay and Dawn F. Fay to Katara T. Baber and Mickey A. Baber Jr., 13 Barn Road, $341,000.

Kimberley B. O’Keefe to Alli Stokowski and Joseph Knight, 32 Mill St., $320,000.

Oleg Adzhigirey to Sharon A. Conte, 1178 Main St., $283,000.

Pamela M. Murphy to Naylor Nation Real Estate LLC, 70 Giffin Place, $136,000.

Pine Crossing Construction Inc., to Peter T. Lepper and Marguerite A. Lepper, 30 Villa Drive, Unit 8, $339,900.

Richard Debonis and Celestine Holt to Bout & Mart LLC, 194 Brookfield Lane, $205,000.

Richard M. Tencati and Kathleen Tencati to Craig A. Charest, 1196 North St. Extension, $269,000.

Tara M. Tkacz and Tara M. Tkacz-Finck to Melissa Kulak and Stephen Cyranowski, 17 Althea Circle, $245,000.


Bruce C. Lattmann and Carol A. Lattmann to Theodore J. Christ and Jennifer A. Christ, 1350 South East St., $1,430,000.

Stephen C. Fellers and Stephen Fellers to 52 Fearing Street LLC, 52 Fearing St., $695,000.


Susan Marie Vegiard and Nancy L. Johnson, attorney-in-fact, to Susan L. Johnson and Teresa A. Vegiard, 161 Federal St., $100.

Deborah O’Neil to Lili Bourgeois and Zachary Schneider, 35 Summit St., $320,050.

John W. Luippold Jr., and John W. Luippold to Jenilins Barbly, 800 Franklin St., $257,800.


JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, to Earl N. Young Jr., 308 Northfield Road, $75,000.

Jonathan W. Carow to Alexander LaMarche and Nicole Zabawa, 12 School Road, $218,500.


Margaret Bresnahan to Aaron J. Graves and Marissa Rose Savary, 71 Tower Hill Road, $325,000.

Matthew S. Dee to Edward Augustine F. Stumpf, 15 Little Alum Road, $210,000.


Gary Kochapski to Lloyd Brooks, 2A Old State St., and 2B Old State St., $110,00.

Peck Realty Trust, A. William Peck and Mary P. Peck, trustees, to Nicholas Laorenza and Ryan Margulis, Bray Road, $21,900.


Lindsey K. Burke to Sara Jane Hoffschmidt, 77 Parsons Way, $355,000.


Brian Kennedy and Catherine L. Kennedy to Gary J. Stamborski, trustee, Bernice Bassilakis-Wegrzynek, trustee, and 35 Gladdu Ave. Nominee Trust, trustee of, 35 Gladdu Ave., $50,000.

Douglas R. Albert Jr., to Peter B. Setian, 110 Colonial Circle, Unit C, $135,000.

Emery Street LLC, to Blue Chip Buildings LLC, 22 Franklin St., $260,000.

Eric M. Rooney to Yekaterina Alekseyeva, 19 Reed Ave., $215,000.

Kathryn E. Carr, Kathryn E. Wood and Eben P. Wood to Jason W. Kolodziej and Deborah L. Kolodziej, 269-271 Sheridan St., $255,000.

Kyle J. Chagnon, Shannon A. Sullivan and Shannon A. Chagnon to Erica L. Gomes, 102 Anson St., $285,000.

Kyle Rosa to Luis Gonzalez, 335-337 Hampden St., $240,000.

LE & Associates LLC, to Epifanio Diaz, 24 Jefferson Ave., $240,000.

Leah G. Cook and Joseph C. Noyes to Alex Fenderson and Madeline Fenderson, 61 Abbey Memorial Drive, Unit 104, $178,000.

Ross Elmer and Pamela Elmer to Dylan Edward Robinovitz, 439 East Main St., $249,000.

Thomas A. Conroy and Linda M. Conroy to Patrick M. Conroy and Casey S. Conroy, 7 Loveland Terrace, $125,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, trustee, and Upland Mortgage Loan Trust A, trustee of, to Aguasvivas Realty LLC, and Inspired Living Solutions LLC, 23 Dixie Terrace, $175,100.


Megan N. Weller to John J. Shivock Jr., 1 Church St. and 37 Church St.,


Belle Isle Properties LLC, to Nancy Jamison, 482 Stage Road, $145,000.

East Longmeadow

AC Homebuilding LLC, to Benjamin S. Sullivan, Benjamin Sullivan, Jennifer L. G. Sullivan and Jennifer Sullivan, 1 Bella Vista Drive, $590,000.

Joseph A. Mastrangelo, Margaret A. Mastrangelo and April C. Mastrangelo to Patrick C. Lee and Megan E. Lee, 69 Bayne St., $294,900.

Kathleen A. Pappas to Brent F. Miklavic and Karen L. Miklavic, 222 Pinehurst Drive, Unit 222, $435,000.

Matthew B. Reed to 21st Mortgage Corp., 169 Allen St., $127,748.


Michael L. Bittman, Holly C. Bittman and Holly Crooker to Michael L. Bittman, trustee, Holly C. Bittman, trustee, and Michael L. Bittman & Holly C. Bittman Living Trust, 14 Gross Lane, $100.

New England House LLC, to Lauren E. Bullis, 363 Main St., $366,500.


Michael E. Doyle to Lisa Holst and Robert Holst, 26 Ridge Road, $342,500.


Danielle J. Tweed and Patrick J. Tweed to Kim Beaudry and Mark E. Beaudry, 51 Ben Hale Road, $52,500.


Philip T. Braese to Shane A. De Leon and Kirsten C. De Leon, 193 Taylor St., $460,000.

Stephen J. Polchlopek and Stephen Polchlopek to James W. Morrione, personal representative, and Margaret J. Beauchemin, estate, 541 East State St., $100.

James W. Morrione, personal representative, and Margaret J. Beauchemin, estate, to Christian Paul Beauchemin and Kristina E. Beauchemin, 75 Forge Pond Road, $125,000.


Wendy Gaunt and Scott Szela to Anthony M. Danek and Janet J. Danek, 310 Main Road, $349,900.


Anna E. Ripley Living Trust, Patricia Ann Gonet, trustee, to Fiodor Tahij and Tatiana Tahij, 61 Smith St., $160,000.

Bruce G. Thomas and Margaret A. Thomas to David M. Steiner and Helena Jooyun Kim Steiner, 68 Cheapside St., $300,000.

Douglas Francis Pratt Estate, “aka” Douglas F. Pratt Estate, Christopher Pratt, personal representative, to Dianne Novotny and Abigail M. Stankowski, 99 School St., $102,000.

Lenore H. Gaudet to Found on the Fringe LLC, Mohawk Trail, $10,500.

Jessica Culver and Lewis Zoey Culver to Jeffrey Thomas Diteman and Virginia Grace Nowakoski, 40 Summer St., $251,000.

Susan A. Bagnell Trust, Ann F. Bagnell, trustee, to Francis L. Lemay Jr., 11A Huntington Circle, Unit 4A, Huntington Green Condominium, $185,000.


Christine Kokoski to Andrew J. Black, 358 River Drive, $350,000.

Luis O. Hernandez-Munez and Sean W. Conkin to Heidi K. Kuester, 104 Rocky Hill Road, $389,000.

Kenneth P. Vincunas, trustee, Lynn Travers, trustee, Raymond M. Vincunas 1995 Trust, Robert L. Shumway, trustee, and Shumway Nominee Trust I to OCH Realty LLC, 455 Russell St., $525,000.

Norwottuck Inn Holding Co. LLC, to Roger A. Fuller, trustee, George F. Hinton, trustee, and F & H Properties Funding Trust, 206 Russell St., $485,000.


David J. Turcotte and Heather E. Turcotte to Kyle M. Jourdain and Kimberly M. Jourdain, 358 Somers Road, $430,000.

Marcia E. Buckley to Community LD LLC, Fernwood Drive, $30,000.

Tania Airoldi to Jennifer J. Maloni, 179 Allen St., $215,000.


David R. Desmarais to Chinloo Lama and Salvatore F. Lama, 214 West Hawley Road, $40,000.


F. Walter Gleason to Olivia Dubrule and Brendan J. Gerry, 405 Route 8A and Jacksonville Stage Road, $25,000.

F. Walter Gleason to Todd M. Gerry Jr., and Katelyn M. Choiniere, Sumner Stetson Road and Jacksonville Stage Road, $32,000.

Edward Forlie, Maria Huffman, “aka” Marie Huffman, to Cory Mason, 14 Knott Road, $67,000.


David R. Markey to Community LD LLC, and Jonathan Yunatanov, 18 Apple Tree Lane, $1,500.

Denton R. Hutchens and Stefanie A. Hutchens to Kelvin J. Zayas, 73 Stafford Road, $310,000.


Alfaville LLC, to Melissa Michelle McCarthy-Bates, Maple Crest Drive, Unit 224C, $154,900.

Amanda L. Tourigny to Luz M. Valdes Ortiz and Doel Alvarado Diaz, 356 MacKenzie Ave., $215,000.

Amelia Mosley to Edmund J. Gorman, 324 West Franklin St., $285,000.

Ashley Galvez to Luis A. Perez and Tania Caraballo, 87 North East St., $167,500.

Derek M. Sicotte and Jennifer Lee Sicotte to Kayleigh Fischietto, 159 St Jerome Ave., $240,900.

Edward M. Antil to Amy B. Taylor, 155 Cross Road, $240,000.

Gene A. Choquette to Miguel A. Rivera, 133 Sky View Terrace, $215,000.

Jairo Aguilar and Rita Aguilar to Jose F. Rebollar, 2 Meggison Lane, $260,000.

Kimberly M. Jourdain and Kyle M. Jourdain to Rhonda Dow, 19 Knollwood Circle, $230,000.

Michelle M. Hernandez, Michelle M. Miller and Alberto Hernandez to Craig L. King Jr., and Kia N. Burton-King, 70 Pearl St., $230,000.

Ronald Poirier to JVR LLC, 150 Suffolk St., $285,000.

Zbigniew Fabin and Mary E. Fabin to Waseem Mudasar, 3 Humeston Slope, $293,000.


Anthony S. Guardione to Leslie Picard LLC, and Linda Butler, 115 Quinnehtuk Road, $525,000.

Kenneth E. Brill and Catherine Uroff Brill to Thomas Yager and Julia Yager, 30 Pleasantview Ave., $417,000.

Marcia G. Albert to Hilary Ann Considine and Matthew Ryan Bouthilette, 30 Plymouth Road, $389,900.

Timothy L. Plankey and Tassie J. Plankey to Nathan Jahliyl Hogan and Angelica Hogan, 27 S Park Ave., $375,000.


Elaine R. Bernardo to Cornerstone Homebuying LLC, 860 East St., $130,000.

Emtay Inc., to Harrison J. Piper and Margaret R. Drennan, 48 Letendre Ave., $295,000.

Judith Anne Evaristo to Muharrem Gunaydin, 35-37 Joy St., $350,000.


Peter D. Martins and Lori S. Martins to Kenneth F. Michelson and Michele C. Michelson, Lakeshore Drive, $84,000.

Sharon E. Johnson to Milad Afdasta, 9 King St., $555,000.


St. Kazimierz Society Group 1625 PNA, St. Kazimierz Society Inc., and SW Kazimierza Society to 108 Properties LLC, 197 Avenue A, $280,000.

Sandra B. Mayo to Mattie Hamer and Elizabeth Walber, 26 Grove St., $266,000.

Marcia D. Norwood and Gary N. Stone Sr., to Jessica M. Felix, Deborah A. Prentice, Robert J. Prentice and Terry L. Prentice, 478 Federal St., $36,000.

Ernest L. Brown and Carole A. Brown to Diane M. Grube and John W. Grube, 12 Marshall St., $285,000.


Georganne Sexton and Martin Sexton to Rosie Alig and Peter S. Lynch, 31 Murphy Terrace, $415,000.

Aquadro Family LLLP, and Daniel J. Gleason, general partner, to Daniel Gleason and Alison Gleason, Kennedy Road, $2,070.

Brett R. Barry to John Lee and Ga Yee Park, 212-214 South St., $450,000.

Aquadro Family LLLP, and Daniel J. Gleason, general partner, to Carly Everhart and Madeleine Hubbell, 640 Kennedy Road, $680,000.

Bais Pinchos to 737 Northampton LLC, 737 Bridge Road, $1,935,370.

Peter Frothingham to Richard J. Ranti and Andrea F. Bonsignore, 196 Round Hill Road, $655,000.

Joanne Bousquet and Jamie Bousquet to Catherine A. Eaton, 266 Grove St., $197,000.

Randall K. Bartlett and Catherine E. Bartlett to Douglas F. Leigh and Linda J. Krebs, Pilgrim Drive, $12,826.

John J. Stanisewski Jr., Jonathan J. Stanisewski and Sandra A. Stanisewski to Luke Browne and Graziella Direnzo, 114 Williams St., $335,000.

Xiaoxue Gao to Janeen Costa, 90 Musante Drive, $549,900.

Sik Kim Ang and Yin Ping Liew to Seth A. Cable and Summer S. Cable, 541 Riverside Drive, $510,000.

Susan Kohler Gray and Susan Kohler-Gray to Edward A. Klepacki Jr., 107 Baker Hill Road, $10,690.


Abby L. Brockelbank to Sandra L. Mayo and Nathan D. Tibbetts, 73 Main St., $398,998

Donald L. Tefft and Cheryl L. Tefft to Jared R. Gibson and Tammy J. Gibson, West Road, $500.


Robert H. Robinson to Brenda Brier and Neill Sleeper, Tully Road, $155,000.

Robert H. Robinson to Carolyn A. Redner, Joseph E. Redner and Joseph H. Redner, Tully Road, $60,000.

Beremco Inc., to Pamela Moynahan, Daniel Shays Highway, $45,000.

Tammi-Lynn Marie Bowles, “aka” Tammi-Lynn Marie LaBier, Roger Edmund LaBier Jr., Terri Jean LaBier, Troy Robert LaBier and Steven Dahl to Kristina Dorn, Hans Rickheit and Joan Cater Steele, 79 Fountain St., $150,000.

Donald F. McHugh and Claire B. McHugh to Theodis Colon Williams, 454 East River St., $231,000.


Blake E. Lamothe and Robin M. Lamothe to Stephen Anthony Chobot and Shendel Chobot, 4192 Main St., $265,000.

Carlos Fragoso Serrazina to Joshua Howe and Alexandria Jean Howe, 123 Boston Road, $427,000.


Diane Poland to Andrew E. Smith and Nancy A. Smith, 2 South Maple St., $215,000.


Stephen C. Westerling and Angela L. Westerling to Gus Sideris, 430 Montague Road, $235,000.

Nathalie A. Kissel to Robert I. Brown and Joan R. Green, 91 West Pelham Road, $354,000.

South Hadley

Jeffrey T. Borowski and Lori K. Borowski to Jeffrey T. Borowski, 48 Michael Drive, $40,000.

Jessica Poser to Compton Bissell Hazen and Tammy Kay England, 100 East St., $287,000.

Deborah A. Tetrault and Thomas B. Taylor to Nicholas J. Rojas and Emily A. Rojas, 22 Queen Circle, $215,000.

Lucille V. Dachos and Deborah S. Dachos, attorney-in-fact, to Timothy J. Dachos, 10 Normandy Road, $240,000.


Charles M. Fisher, trustee, and Charles M. Fisher Living Trust to Daviau & Robert Properties LLC, Fomer Road, $194,800.

Teresa M. Adams to Stephen Thor Johnson and Laura Stookey Johnson, 20 Wolcott Road, $369,543.


Fiore Realty Holdings LLC, to Hamelin Framing Inc., Silvergrass Lane, $120,000.

Fiore Realty Holdings LLC, to Hamelin Framing Inc., Silvergrass Lane, $120,000.

Frederick H. Bohn to Thomas R. McCabe, 78 Point Grove Road, $255,000.

Lisa B. Hart, Lisa J. Tower and Lisa B. Tower to Jean R. Parisi, 3 4th St., $295,000.

Saltmarsh Brothers Construction Inc., to Giberson Construction Inc., 22 Noble Steed Crossing, $95,000.


Alex T. Boyd and Morena Boyd to Victor M. Aguirre Jr., 39 Crestmont St., $200,300.

Allspring Equities LLC, to Miles Morgan LLC, 36 Dover St., $1,025,000.

Andres Dominguez to Margarita Nunez Ferrand and Ysrael De Jesus Reyn oso Casado, 22 Loring St., $231,500.

Arthur Walsh and Tricia Walsh to Prime Partners LLC, 178 Thompson St., $114,000.

Bertram Williamson, Marta Williamson, Ian B. Williamson and Romayne Williamson to Ogarth Peters, 23-25 Daniel St., $225,000.

Bruce F. Hambro to DDM Property Group LLC, 1635 Page Boulevard, $597,000.

Bruce L. Tetrault to Angel Rodriguez Jr., 115 North Branch Parkway, $245,000.

Mariners Atlantic Portfolio LLC, to Emtay Inc., 196 Oak Grove Ave., $131,000.

Cam-Huyen Truong to Khai D Do and Oanh Thi Tu Nguyen, 631-633 Dickinson St., $205,000.

Union Street Springfield Massachusetts LLC, to Miles Morgan LLC, Union Street, $5,450,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Nancy Almodovar Gartman and Anthony A. Gartman, 82 Birchland Ave., $205,000.

Donna M. Panuccio to Cleiton Da Silva Tavares, 85 Acushnet Ave., $255,000.

Ellen Sambrook to DiRico Property & Management LLC, 206 El Paso St., $85,000.

Equity Trust Co., custodian, Robert Lareau IRA, and Robert Lareau to Juan Guzman and Zoraida Guzman, 186 Davis St., $290,000.

Evelio Velez Garcia and Ramona Santiago to Kidany J. Valentin Gonzalez, 28 Wilmont St., $238,000.

Frank J. Delvalle and Jody L. Delvalle to Alex S. Krake and Meredith L. Krake, 138 Wilber St., $223,000.

Iesha M. Ramos to Adam Lataille and Jackie Lataille, 102 Pembroke St., $210,000.

James C. Lee to Ale Moultrie III, 62 Pear St., $215,000.

Jorge Santana to Genaro Vargas, 540-542 White St., $297,000.

Jose P. Ferreira and Jose F. Ferreira to Siomara Vega, 1031 Worcester St., $245,000.

Juan J. Guzman and Zoraida Guzman to Isaias Garcia Medina, 35 Brookline Ave., $245,000.

Keith E. Tatlock, Christina D. Tatlock and Cristina D. Tatlock to 9 York Street Family LP, 78-80 Beverly Lane, $266,500.

Keith R. Sheppard and Karolynn U. Sheppard to Tatiana L. Myrick, 169 Westminster St., $230,000.

Keith W. Fowler and Marie C. Fowler to Szu-Ming Li, 94-96 Byers St., $212,000.

Leonardo Toro and Luz B. Toro to Brandon Gonzalez, 92-94 Melha Ave., $345,000.

Leticia Guzman and Leticia Guzman-llera to Karl W. Rehbein and Jason Michael Rehbein, 34 Sumner Ave., Unit G PB 9, $125,000.

Lloyd A. Cameron and Flora Cameron to Lourdes M. Gomez, 100 Northampton Ave., $240,000.

Lucille R. Lomascolo and Lucille Lomascolo to Jorge Luis Martin, 41 Fitzgerald Road, $230,000.

Luis A. Perez and Yashira Soto-Perez to Nikita Chauhan, 20 Revere St., $215,000.

Maria I. Aponte, Maria I. Ortiz and Hector L. Aponte to Aykut G. Uner and Kim Nguyen, 148 Euclid Ave., $126,600.

Maria Manuela Silva to Nadalya Rivera, 109 Lyons St., $230,000.

Maria Velez to Raul Medina and Ana M. Medina, 20 Margerie St., $130,000.

Matthew R. Benito to Ellen M. Randle, trustee, and Ellen M. Randle 2015 Trust, trustee of, 561 Nassau Drive, $138,000.

Naples Property Group LLC, to Waclaw Hojnoski, 166 Oak St., $229,650.

Oussama Awkal to Crystal Everett, 81-83 Prospect St., $203,000.

R M Blerman LLC, to Jessica A. Ritchie, 85 Alden St., $230,000.

Raheem D. Ovalles, Carleen M. Olivo-Ovalles and Carleen M. Olivo to 9 York Street Family LP, 103 Barre St., $205,000.

Robert G. Ferron and Pearline A. Ferron to Shawn Summers, 104 Wilmont St., $270,000.

Round Two LLC, to Paige Landry and Timothy Glover, 65 Mapledell St., $230,000.

Ryan Charles Thomas to Meghan Boesch and Andrew Coble, 14 Benz St., $255,000.

Sergey Dikan to Victor M. Medina Bernal, 52-54 Calhoun St., $340,000.

Sultan Mourad to Pioneer Housing LLC, 95-97 Genesee St., $225,000.

Susan Ortiz and Jose A. Santiago to Jorge Lopez and Marilu Perez, 736 St James Ave., $190,000.

Susan R. Scott, Finn Scott, Mark D. Stambovsky, Phillip A. Stambovsky and Linda Stambovsky to Erik G. Scott, 16 Kenwood Terrace, $60,000.

Tina M. Goff and Tina M. Cimino to Jose Blanco, 85-87 Ardmore St., $260,000.

U S Bank, trustee, and Ajax Mortgage Loan Trust 2015-B , trustee of, to James W. Fiore, 139 Berkshire Ave., $125,000.

WVSpringfield LLC, to Miles Morgan LLC, Lincoln Street, $850,000.


Dianna E. Sokol, Diana E. Sokol and Dianna E. Teed to Anderson Builders & Son LLC, 135 Walker Road, $140,000.

Frederyque L. Koetsch and William P. Koetsch to Isis Anadon, 89 Church St., $205,000.

Michael Davis and Lauren F. Davis to Anthony L. Wallace and Leslie L. Wallace, 118 Glendale Circle, $241,000.

Steven J. Alonso and Beth Ellen Alonso to Joshua D. Orton and Martha A. Orton, 232 West St., $290,000.

Foley Capital LLC, to M & G Land Development LLC, Highland Street, $25,000.

John Michael Skutnik, William S. Skutnik, Ruth P. Skutnik and William S. Skutnik, attorney-in-fact, to William S. Skutnik and Ruth P. Skutnik, 8 Oak Ridge Circle, $100.


David A. Richard and Bette A. Richard to Robert L. Koonz and Jennifer M. Koonz, Jennison Road, $100.

West Springfield

Dennis P. Powers and Mary Paier Powers to Derek Lee Ferguson and Christine Marie Ferguson, 25 Appaloosa Lane, $500,000.

Douglas J. Martin and Melissa J. Martin to Adam L. Dasso, 56 Lennys Way, $560,000.

Ivelis Fernandez-Almodovar and Jorangel Marrero to Juan A. Nunez, 146 Overlook Drive, $350,000.

John E. Schutt and Patricia A. Schutt to Israfil Afrailov, 79 Lowell St., $65,000.

Rosa Leo, Amelia Leo, Felix Graziano, Fiore Graziano, Tony Graziano and Anthony Graziano to Hem Raj Rai and Suk Maya Rai, 111 East Gooseberry Road, $313,000.

Shirley J. Brathwaite to John J. Sawyer, 170 Meadowbrook Ave., $250,500.

Thomas M. Pirnie to Christina R. Duross and Brianna Pirnie, 20 Lowell Ave., $190,000.

Vladimir Shandrin to Mariia Leiderman, 41-43 Sprague St., $270,000.


Allyn J. Gieryk and Allyn J. Mulanouskus to Stanley W. Sawa and Janice C. Sawa, 238 Dox Road, $319,500.

Angel R. Santiago and Kimberly Santiago to Sarah I. Phipps and Daniel S. Letteriello, 28 Laro Road, $285,000.

Brian Sabonis and Roxanne Sabonis to Susan D. Soucy, Paul-John Soucy, Paul Soucy and Zachary Soucy, 50 Union St., $262,900.

Carmen T. Cross to Victor Marcu and Nadejda Marcu, 114 Northridge Road, $303,000.

Kristine M. Seney to Christopher Eck and Regan Lenane, 74 Ridgeway St., $245,000.

Marilyn A. McNeil to Thomas Valentine II, 6 William St., $165,000.

Robert Browning and Paula Browning to Adam P. Simmons, 29 Joseph Ave., $230,000.

Sherry L. Hoagland, representative, and Donald B. Hoagland, estate, to Maria Providencia Seddon, 5 Conner Ave., $226,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to K&R Real-Estate Solutions LLC, 2 Linden Ave., $128,000.


Andrew F. Gianino Jr., Janice R. Gianino and Roger W. Shattuck to Tight Line Properties LLC, 83 State Road, $160,000.


Janice F. Kozub to Bretta Construction LLC, 18 Forest Glade Drive, $159,900.