Jeffrey J. Fay and Dawn F. Fay to Katara T. Baber and Mickey A. Baber Jr., 13 Barn Road, $341,000.

Kimberley B. O’Keefe to Alli Stokowski and Joseph Knight, 32 Mill St., $320,000.

Oleg Adzhigirey to Sharon A. Conte, 1178 Main St., $283,000.

Pamela M. Murphy to Naylor Nation Real Estate LLC, 70 Giffin Place, $136,000.

Pine Crossing Construction Inc., to Peter T. Lepper and Marguerite A. Lepper, 30 Villa Drive, Unit 8, $339,900.

Richard Debonis and Celestine Holt to Bout & Mart LLC, 194 Brookfield Lane, $205,000.

Richard M. Tencati and Kathleen Tencati to Craig A. Charest, 1196 North St. Extension, $269,000.

Tara M. Tkacz and Tara M. Tkacz-Finck to Melissa Kulak and Stephen Cyranowski, 17 Althea Circle, $245,000.


Bruce C. Lattmann and Carol A. Lattmann to Theodore J. Christ and Jennifer A. Christ, 1350 South East St., $1,430,000.

Stephen C. Fellers and Stephen Fellers to 52 Fearing Street LLC, 52 Fearing St., $695,000.


Susan Marie Vegiard and Nancy L. Johnson, attorney-in-fact, to Susan L. Johnson and Teresa A. Vegiard, 161 Federal St., $100.

Deborah O’Neil to Lili Bourgeois and Zachary Schneider, 35 Summit St., $320,050.

John W. Luippold Jr., and John W. Luippold to Jenilins Barbly, 800 Franklin St., $257,800.


JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, to Earl N. Young Jr., 308 Northfield Road, $75,000.

Jonathan W. Carow to Alexander LaMarche and Nicole Zabawa, 12 School Road, $218,500.


Margaret Bresnahan to Aaron J. Graves and Marissa Rose Savary, 71 Tower Hill Road, $325,000.

Matthew S. Dee to Edward Augustine F. Stumpf, 15 Little Alum Road, $210,000.


Gary Kochapski to Lloyd Brooks, 2A Old State St., and 2B Old State St., $110,00.

Peck Realty Trust, A. William Peck and Mary P. Peck, trustees, to Nicholas Laorenza and Ryan Margulis, Bray Road, $21,900.


Lindsey K. Burke to Sara Jane Hoffschmidt, 77 Parsons Way, $355,000.


Brian Kennedy and Catherine L. Kennedy to Gary J. Stamborski, trustee, Bernice Bassilakis-Wegrzynek, trustee, and 35 Gladdu Ave. Nominee Trust, trustee of, 35 Gladdu Ave., $50,000.

Douglas R. Albert Jr., to Peter B. Setian, 110 Colonial Circle, Unit C, $135,000.

Emery Street LLC, to Blue Chip Buildings LLC, 22 Franklin St., $260,000.

Eric M. Rooney to Yekaterina Alekseyeva, 19 Reed Ave., $215,000.

Kathryn E. Carr, Kathryn E. Wood and Eben P. Wood to Jason W. Kolodziej and Deborah L. Kolodziej, 269-271 Sheridan St., $255,000.

Kyle J. Chagnon, Shannon A. Sullivan and Shannon A. Chagnon to Erica L. Gomes, 102 Anson St., $285,000.

Kyle Rosa to Luis Gonzalez, 335-337 Hampden St., $240,000.

LE & Associates LLC, to Epifanio Diaz, 24 Jefferson Ave., $240,000.

Leah G. Cook and Joseph C. Noyes to Alex Fenderson and Madeline Fenderson, 61 Abbey Memorial Drive, Unit 104, $178,000.

Ross Elmer and Pamela Elmer to Dylan Edward Robinovitz, 439 East Main St., $249,000.

Thomas A. Conroy and Linda M. Conroy to Patrick M. Conroy and Casey S. Conroy, 7 Loveland Terrace, $125,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, trustee, and Upland Mortgage Loan Trust A, trustee of, to Aguasvivas Realty LLC, and Inspired Living Solutions LLC, 23 Dixie Terrace, $175,100.


Megan N. Weller to John J. Shivock Jr., 1 Church St. and 37 Church St.,


Belle Isle Properties LLC, to Nancy Jamison, 482 Stage Road, $145,000.

East Longmeadow

AC Homebuilding LLC, to Benjamin S. Sullivan, Benjamin Sullivan, Jennifer L. G. Sullivan and Jennifer Sullivan, 1 Bella Vista Drive, $590,000.

Joseph A. Mastrangelo, Margaret A. Mastrangelo and April C. Mastrangelo to Patrick C. Lee and Megan E. Lee, 69 Bayne St., $294,900.

Kathleen A. Pappas to Brent F. Miklavic and Karen L. Miklavic, 222 Pinehurst Drive, Unit 222, $435,000.

Matthew B. Reed to 21st Mortgage Corp., 169 Allen St., $127,748.


Michael L. Bittman, Holly C. Bittman and Holly Crooker to Michael L. Bittman, trustee, Holly C. Bittman, trustee, and Michael L. Bittman & Holly C. Bittman Living Trust, 14 Gross Lane, $100.

New England House LLC, to Lauren E. Bullis, 363 Main St., $366,500.


Michael E. Doyle to Lisa Holst and Robert Holst, 26 Ridge Road, $342,500.


Danielle J. Tweed and Patrick J. Tweed to Kim Beaudry and Mark E. Beaudry, 51 Ben Hale Road, $52,500.


Philip T. Braese to Shane A. De Leon and Kirsten C. De Leon, 193 Taylor St., $460,000.

Stephen J. Polchlopek and Stephen Polchlopek to James W. Morrione, personal representative, and Margaret J. Beauchemin, estate, 541 East State St., $100.

James W. Morrione, personal representative, and Margaret J. Beauchemin, estate, to Christian Paul Beauchemin and Kristina E. Beauchemin, 75 Forge Pond Road, $125,000.


Wendy Gaunt and Scott Szela to Anthony M. Danek and Janet J. Danek, 310 Main Road, $349,900.


Anna E. Ripley Living Trust, Patricia Ann Gonet, trustee, to Fiodor Tahij and Tatiana Tahij, 61 Smith St., $160,000.

Bruce G. Thomas and Margaret A. Thomas to David M. Steiner and Helena Jooyun Kim Steiner, 68 Cheapside St., $300,000.

Douglas Francis Pratt Estate, “aka” Douglas F. Pratt Estate, Christopher Pratt, personal representative, to Dianne Novotny and Abigail M. Stankowski, 99 School St., $102,000.

Lenore H. Gaudet to Found on the Fringe LLC, Mohawk Trail, $10,500.

Jessica Culver and Lewis Zoey Culver to Jeffrey Thomas Diteman and Virginia Grace Nowakoski, 40 Summer St., $251,000.

Susan A. Bagnell Trust, Ann F. Bagnell, trustee, to Francis L. Lemay Jr., 11A Huntington Circle, Unit 4A, Huntington Green Condominium, $185,000.


Christine Kokoski to Andrew J. Black, 358 River Drive, $350,000.

Luis O. Hernandez-Munez and Sean W. Conkin to Heidi K. Kuester, 104 Rocky Hill Road, $389,000.

Kenneth P. Vincunas, trustee, Lynn Travers, trustee, Raymond M. Vincunas 1995 Trust, Robert L. Shumway, trustee, and Shumway Nominee Trust I to OCH Realty LLC, 455 Russell St., $525,000.

Norwottuck Inn Holding Co. LLC, to Roger A. Fuller, trustee, George F. Hinton, trustee, and F & H Properties Funding Trust, 206 Russell St., $485,000.


David J. Turcotte and Heather E. Turcotte to Kyle M. Jourdain and Kimberly M. Jourdain, 358 Somers Road, $430,000.

Marcia E. Buckley to Community LD LLC, Fernwood Drive, $30,000.

Tania Airoldi to Jennifer J. Maloni, 179 Allen St., $215,000.


David R. Desmarais to Chinloo Lama and Salvatore F. Lama, 214 West Hawley Road, $40,000.


F. Walter Gleason to Olivia Dubrule and Brendan J. Gerry, 405 Route 8A and Jacksonville Stage Road, $25,000.

F. Walter Gleason to Todd M. Gerry Jr., and Katelyn M. Choiniere, Sumner Stetson Road and Jacksonville Stage Road, $32,000.

Edward Forlie, Maria Huffman, “aka” Marie Huffman, to Cory Mason, 14 Knott Road, $67,000.


David R. Markey to Community LD LLC, and Jonathan Yunatanov, 18 Apple Tree Lane, $1,500.

Denton R. Hutchens and Stefanie A. Hutchens to Kelvin J. Zayas, 73 Stafford Road, $310,000.


Alfaville LLC, to Melissa Michelle McCarthy-Bates, Maple Crest Drive, Unit 224C, $154,900.

Amanda L. Tourigny to Luz M. Valdes Ortiz and Doel Alvarado Diaz, 356 MacKenzie Ave., $215,000.

Amelia Mosley to Edmund J. Gorman, 324 West Franklin St., $285,000.

Ashley Galvez to Luis A. Perez and Tania Caraballo, 87 North East St., $167,500.

Derek M. Sicotte and Jennifer Lee Sicotte to Kayleigh Fischietto, 159 St Jerome Ave., $240,900.

Edward M. Antil to Amy B. Taylor, 155 Cross Road, $240,000.

Gene A. Choquette to Miguel A. Rivera, 133 Sky View Terrace, $215,000.

Jairo Aguilar and Rita Aguilar to Jose F. Rebollar, 2 Meggison Lane, $260,000.

Kimberly M. Jourdain and Kyle M. Jourdain to Rhonda Dow, 19 Knollwood Circle, $230,000.

Michelle M. Hernandez, Michelle M. Miller and Alberto Hernandez to Craig L. King Jr., and Kia N. Burton-King, 70 Pearl St., $230,000.

Ronald Poirier to JVR LLC, 150 Suffolk St., $285,000.

Zbigniew Fabin and Mary E. Fabin to Waseem Mudasar, 3 Humeston Slope, $293,000.


Anthony S. Guardione to Leslie Picard LLC, and Linda Butler, 115 Quinnehtuk Road, $525,000.

Kenneth E. Brill and Catherine Uroff Brill to Thomas Yager and Julia Yager, 30 Pleasantview Ave., $417,000.

Marcia G. Albert to Hilary Ann Considine and Matthew Ryan Bouthilette, 30 Plymouth Road, $389,900.

Timothy L. Plankey and Tassie J. Plankey to Nathan Jahliyl Hogan and Angelica Hogan, 27 S Park Ave., $375,000.


Elaine R. Bernardo to Cornerstone Homebuying LLC, 860 East St., $130,000.

Emtay Inc., to Harrison J. Piper and Margaret R. Drennan, 48 Letendre Ave., $295,000.

Judith Anne Evaristo to Muharrem Gunaydin, 35-37 Joy St., $350,000.


Peter D. Martins and Lori S. Martins to Kenneth F. Michelson and Michele C. Michelson, Lakeshore Drive, $84,000.

Sharon E. Johnson to Milad Afdasta, 9 King St., $555,000.


St. Kazimierz Society Group 1625 PNA, St. Kazimierz Society Inc., and SW Kazimierza Society to 108 Properties LLC, 197 Avenue A, $280,000.

Sandra B. Mayo to Mattie Hamer and Elizabeth Walber, 26 Grove St., $266,000.

Marcia D. Norwood and Gary N. Stone Sr., to Jessica M. Felix, Deborah A. Prentice, Robert J. Prentice and Terry L. Prentice, 478 Federal St., $36,000.

Ernest L. Brown and Carole A. Brown to Diane M. Grube and John W. Grube, 12 Marshall St., $285,000.


Georganne Sexton and Martin Sexton to Rosie Alig and Peter S. Lynch, 31 Murphy Terrace, $415,000.

Aquadro Family LLLP, and Daniel J. Gleason, general partner, to Daniel Gleason and Alison Gleason, Kennedy Road, $2,070.

Brett R. Barry to John Lee and Ga Yee Park, 212-214 South St., $450,000.

Aquadro Family LLLP, and Daniel J. Gleason, general partner, to Carly Everhart and Madeleine Hubbell, 640 Kennedy Road, $680,000.

Bais Pinchos to 737 Northampton LLC, 737 Bridge Road, $1,935,370.

Peter Frothingham to Richard J. Ranti and Andrea F. Bonsignore, 196 Round Hill Road, $655,000.

Joanne Bousquet and Jamie Bousquet to Catherine A. Eaton, 266 Grove St., $197,000.

Randall K. Bartlett and Catherine E. Bartlett to Douglas F. Leigh and Linda J. Krebs, Pilgrim Drive, $12,826.

John J. Stanisewski Jr., Jonathan J. Stanisewski and Sandra A. Stanisewski to Luke Browne and Graziella Direnzo, 114 Williams St., $335,000.

Xiaoxue Gao to Janeen Costa, 90 Musante Drive, $549,900.

Sik Kim Ang and Yin Ping Liew to Seth A. Cable and Summer S. Cable, 541 Riverside Drive, $510,000.

Susan Kohler Gray and Susan Kohler-Gray to Edward A. Klepacki Jr., 107 Baker Hill Road, $10,690.


Abby L. Brockelbank to Sandra L. Mayo and Nathan D. Tibbetts, 73 Main St., $398,998

Donald L. Tefft and Cheryl L. Tefft to Jared R. Gibson and Tammy J. Gibson, West Road, $500.


Robert H. Robinson to Brenda Brier and Neill Sleeper, Tully Road, $155,000.

Robert H. Robinson to Carolyn A. Redner, Joseph E. Redner and Joseph H. Redner, Tully Road, $60,000.

Beremco Inc., to Pamela Moynahan, Daniel Shays Highway, $45,000.

Tammi-Lynn Marie Bowles, “aka” Tammi-Lynn Marie LaBier, Roger Edmund LaBier Jr., Terri Jean LaBier, Troy Robert LaBier and Steven Dahl to Kristina Dorn, Hans Rickheit and Joan Cater Steele, 79 Fountain St., $150,000.

Donald F. McHugh and Claire B. McHugh to Theodis Colon Williams, 454 East River St., $231,000.


Blake E. Lamothe and Robin M. Lamothe to Stephen Anthony Chobot and Shendel Chobot, 4192 Main St., $265,000.

Carlos Fragoso Serrazina to Joshua Howe and Alexandria Jean Howe, 123 Boston Road, $427,000.


Diane Poland to Andrew E. Smith and Nancy A. Smith, 2 South Maple St., $215,000.


Stephen C. Westerling and Angela L. Westerling to Gus Sideris, 430 Montague Road, $235,000.

Nathalie A. Kissel to Robert I. Brown and Joan R. Green, 91 West Pelham Road, $354,000.

South Hadley

Jeffrey T. Borowski and Lori K. Borowski to Jeffrey T. Borowski, 48 Michael Drive, $40,000.

Jessica Poser to Compton Bissell Hazen and Tammy Kay England, 100 East St., $287,000.

Deborah A. Tetrault and Thomas B. Taylor to Nicholas J. Rojas and Emily A. Rojas, 22 Queen Circle, $215,000.

Lucille V. Dachos and Deborah S. Dachos, attorney-in-fact, to Timothy J. Dachos, 10 Normandy Road, $240,000.


Charles M. Fisher, trustee, and Charles M. Fisher Living Trust to Daviau & Robert Properties LLC, Fomer Road, $194,800.

Teresa M. Adams to Stephen Thor Johnson and Laura Stookey Johnson, 20 Wolcott Road, $369,543.


Fiore Realty Holdings LLC, to Hamelin Framing Inc., Silvergrass Lane, $120,000.

Fiore Realty Holdings LLC, to Hamelin Framing Inc., Silvergrass Lane, $120,000.

Frederick H. Bohn to Thomas R. McCabe, 78 Point Grove Road, $255,000.

Lisa B. Hart, Lisa J. Tower and Lisa B. Tower to Jean R. Parisi, 3 4th St., $295,000.

Saltmarsh Brothers Construction Inc., to Giberson Construction Inc., 22 Noble Steed Crossing, $95,000.


Alex T. Boyd and Morena Boyd to Victor M. Aguirre Jr., 39 Crestmont St., $200,300.

Allspring Equities LLC, to Miles Morgan LLC, 36 Dover St., $1,025,000.

Andres Dominguez to Margarita Nunez Ferrand and Ysrael De Jesus Reyn oso Casado, 22 Loring St., $231,500.

Arthur Walsh and Tricia Walsh to Prime Partners LLC, 178 Thompson St., $114,000.

Bertram Williamson, Marta Williamson, Ian B. Williamson and Romayne Williamson to Ogarth Peters, 23-25 Daniel St., $225,000.

Bruce F. Hambro to DDM Property Group LLC, 1635 Page Boulevard, $597,000.

Bruce L. Tetrault to Angel Rodriguez Jr., 115 North Branch Parkway, $245,000.

Mariners Atlantic Portfolio LLC, to Emtay Inc., 196 Oak Grove Ave., $131,000.

Cam-Huyen Truong to Khai D Do and Oanh Thi Tu Nguyen, 631-633 Dickinson St., $205,000.

Union Street Springfield Massachusetts LLC, to Miles Morgan LLC, Union Street, $5,450,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Nancy Almodovar Gartman and Anthony A. Gartman, 82 Birchland Ave., $205,000.

Donna M. Panuccio to Cleiton Da Silva Tavares, 85 Acushnet Ave., $255,000.

Ellen Sambrook to DiRico Property & Management LLC, 206 El Paso St., $85,000.

Equity Trust Co., custodian, Robert Lareau IRA, and Robert Lareau to Juan Guzman and Zoraida Guzman, 186 Davis St., $290,000.

Evelio Velez Garcia and Ramona Santiago to Kidany J. Valentin Gonzalez, 28 Wilmont St., $238,000.

Frank J. Delvalle and Jody L. Delvalle to Alex S. Krake and Meredith L. Krake, 138 Wilber St., $223,000.

Iesha M. Ramos to Adam Lataille and Jackie Lataille, 102 Pembroke St., $210,000.

James C. Lee to Ale Moultrie III, 62 Pear St., $215,000.

Jorge Santana to Genaro Vargas, 540-542 White St., $297,000.

Jose P. Ferreira and Jose F. Ferreira to Siomara Vega, 1031 Worcester St., $245,000.

Juan J. Guzman and Zoraida Guzman to Isaias Garcia Medina, 35 Brookline Ave., $245,000.

Keith E. Tatlock, Christina D. Tatlock and Cristina D. Tatlock to 9 York Street Family LP, 78-80 Beverly Lane, $266,500.

Keith R. Sheppard and Karolynn U. Sheppard to Tatiana L. Myrick, 169 Westminster St., $230,000.

Keith W. Fowler and Marie C. Fowler to Szu-Ming Li, 94-96 Byers St., $212,000.

Leonardo Toro and Luz B. Toro to Brandon Gonzalez, 92-94 Melha Ave., $345,000.

Leticia Guzman and Leticia Guzman-llera to Karl W. Rehbein and Jason Michael Rehbein, 34 Sumner Ave., Unit G PB 9, $125,000.

Lloyd A. Cameron and Flora Cameron to Lourdes M. Gomez, 100 Northampton Ave., $240,000.

Lucille R. Lomascolo and Lucille Lomascolo to Jorge Luis Martin, 41 Fitzgerald Road, $230,000.

Luis A. Perez and Yashira Soto-Perez to Nikita Chauhan, 20 Revere St., $215,000.

Maria I. Aponte, Maria I. Ortiz and Hector L. Aponte to Aykut G. Uner and Kim Nguyen, 148 Euclid Ave., $126,600.

Maria Manuela Silva to Nadalya Rivera, 109 Lyons St., $230,000.

Maria Velez to Raul Medina and Ana M. Medina, 20 Margerie St., $130,000.

Matthew R. Benito to Ellen M. Randle, trustee, and Ellen M. Randle 2015 Trust, trustee of, 561 Nassau Drive, $138,000.

Naples Property Group LLC, to Waclaw Hojnoski, 166 Oak St., $229,650.

Oussama Awkal to Crystal Everett, 81-83 Prospect St., $203,000.

R M Blerman LLC, to Jessica A. Ritchie, 85 Alden St., $230,000.

Raheem D. Ovalles, Carleen M. Olivo-Ovalles and Carleen M. Olivo to 9 York Street Family LP, 103 Barre St., $205,000.

Robert G. Ferron and Pearline A. Ferron to Shawn Summers, 104 Wilmont St., $270,000.

Round Two LLC, to Paige Landry and Timothy Glover, 65 Mapledell St., $230,000.

Ryan Charles Thomas to Meghan Boesch and Andrew Coble, 14 Benz St., $255,000.

Sergey Dikan to Victor M. Medina Bernal, 52-54 Calhoun St., $340,000.

Sultan Mourad to Pioneer Housing LLC, 95-97 Genesee St., $225,000.

Susan Ortiz and Jose A. Santiago to Jorge Lopez and Marilu Perez, 736 St James Ave., $190,000.

Susan R. Scott, Finn Scott, Mark D. Stambovsky, Phillip A. Stambovsky and Linda Stambovsky to Erik G. Scott, 16 Kenwood Terrace, $60,000.

Tina M. Goff and Tina M. Cimino to Jose Blanco, 85-87 Ardmore St., $260,000.

U S Bank, trustee, and Ajax Mortgage Loan Trust 2015-B , trustee of, to James W. Fiore, 139 Berkshire Ave., $125,000.

WVSpringfield LLC, to Miles Morgan LLC, Lincoln Street, $850,000.


Dianna E. Sokol, Diana E. Sokol and Dianna E. Teed to Anderson Builders & Son LLC, 135 Walker Road, $140,000.

Frederyque L. Koetsch and William P. Koetsch to Isis Anadon, 89 Church St., $205,000.

Michael Davis and Lauren F. Davis to Anthony L. Wallace and Leslie L. Wallace, 118 Glendale Circle, $241,000.

Steven J. Alonso and Beth Ellen Alonso to Joshua D. Orton and Martha A. Orton, 232 West St., $290,000.

Foley Capital LLC, to M & G Land Development LLC, Highland Street, $25,000.

John Michael Skutnik, William S. Skutnik, Ruth P. Skutnik and William S. Skutnik, attorney-in-fact, to William S. Skutnik and Ruth P. Skutnik, 8 Oak Ridge Circle, $100.


David A. Richard and Bette A. Richard to Robert L. Koonz and Jennifer M. Koonz, Jennison Road, $100.

West Springfield

Dennis P. Powers and Mary Paier Powers to Derek Lee Ferguson and Christine Marie Ferguson, 25 Appaloosa Lane, $500,000.

Douglas J. Martin and Melissa J. Martin to Adam L. Dasso, 56 Lennys Way, $560,000.

Ivelis Fernandez-Almodovar and Jorangel Marrero to Juan A. Nunez, 146 Overlook Drive, $350,000.

John E. Schutt and Patricia A. Schutt to Israfil Afrailov, 79 Lowell St., $65,000.

Rosa Leo, Amelia Leo, Felix Graziano, Fiore Graziano, Tony Graziano and Anthony Graziano to Hem Raj Rai and Suk Maya Rai, 111 East Gooseberry Road, $313,000.

Shirley J. Brathwaite to John J. Sawyer, 170 Meadowbrook Ave., $250,500.

Thomas M. Pirnie to Christina R. Duross and Brianna Pirnie, 20 Lowell Ave., $190,000.

Vladimir Shandrin to Mariia Leiderman, 41-43 Sprague St., $270,000.


Allyn J. Gieryk and Allyn J. Mulanouskus to Stanley W. Sawa and Janice C. Sawa, 238 Dox Road, $319,500.

Angel R. Santiago and Kimberly Santiago to Sarah I. Phipps and Daniel S. Letteriello, 28 Laro Road, $285,000.

Brian Sabonis and Roxanne Sabonis to Susan D. Soucy, Paul-John Soucy, Paul Soucy and Zachary Soucy, 50 Union St., $262,900.

Carmen T. Cross to Victor Marcu and Nadejda Marcu, 114 Northridge Road, $303,000.

Kristine M. Seney to Christopher Eck and Regan Lenane, 74 Ridgeway St., $245,000.

Marilyn A. McNeil to Thomas Valentine II, 6 William St., $165,000.

Robert Browning and Paula Browning to Adam P. Simmons, 29 Joseph Ave., $230,000.

Sherry L. Hoagland, representative, and Donald B. Hoagland, estate, to Maria Providencia Seddon, 5 Conner Ave., $226,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to K&R Real-Estate Solutions LLC, 2 Linden Ave., $128,000.


Andrew F. Gianino Jr., Janice R. Gianino and Roger W. Shattuck to Tight Line Properties LLC, 83 State Road, $160,000.


Janice F. Kozub to Bretta Construction LLC, 18 Forest Glade Drive, $159,900.