Massachusetts actual property transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties June 13, 2021

Massachusetts actual property transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties June 13, 2021
Massachusetts actual property transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties June 13, 2021


Bobbi G. Coletta to Dumitru Marcu, 149 Corey Colonial, Unit 149, $173,000.

Bonnie S. Hart to Steven D. Pope and Evelyn Mikuszewski, 14 Plantation Drive, Unit 14, $202,000.

Christina M. Cournoyer, Christina M. Ronchi and Eric Cournoyer to Greg G. Landry, 99 Corey Colonial, $177,000.

Kyle Dietrichsen to Scott V. Campion, 49 Broz Terrace, $248,245.

Pine Crossing Construction Inc., to Roland M. Gelineau and Lynn A. Gelineau, 28 Villa Drive, Unit 7, $339,900.

Randal W. Shrader and Judith M. Shrader to Brital1987 LLC, 21 Edgewater Road, $182,500.

Roland M. Gelineau and Lynn A. Gelineau to Jennifer E. Bonavita and Ellen C. Bonavita, 25 Castle Hill Road, Unit D, $275,000.


Eleanor M. Fraser, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of Eleanor M. Fraser to Kevin W. O’Connor and Judith A. O’Connor, 9 Mcintosh Drive, $430,000.

Joseph Aimua to Dugubrown Construction LLC, East Leverett Road, $38,000.

Joyce Merriam and Laurie Lloyd, attorney-in-fact, to Ann P. Hudson, 42 Webster Court, $240,000.

Monica W. Gichuhi to Matthew Given, 198 Alpine Drive, $399,900.

Rahul Chokhawala and Florence Chokhawala to John R. Beatty and Rosanne F. Beatty, 27 Greenleaves Drive, $250,000.

Richard L. Tedeschi, personal representative, and John Ratti Hugo Jr., estate, to Donghyun Kim and Euddeum Choi, 11 Chadwick Court, $240,000.

Peter Blumberg, trustee, Joyce Ann Thatcher, trustee, and Peter Blumberg & Joyce Ann Thatcher Asset Protection Trust to Viet T. Le, 139 Sunset Ave., $490,000.

Alice M. MacDonald, Barbara Stewart, James Gnatek Jr., and James Gnetek Jr., to 7740NorthEastCollege LLC, 142 North East St., $300,000.

Mary Anne Antonellis and Christopher J. Bonak to Erin T. Poulin, 100 Leverett Road, $333,600.

Zachary M. Kaufman to Daniel Cook, 167 Glendale Road, $275,000.


LaFleur & Son Inc., to Jeremy Burns, 170 Aldrich St., $399,900.

Mary G. Barnum to Theresa J. Gallagher, 33 Maple St., $320,000.

Shirley A. Kirby to Steven T. Ciesones, 55 Jackson St., $100.

Jeffrey A. Bessette to Kerri Lyn Bolow, Allen Street, $60,000.

James Longobardo and Ewa Longobardo to Steven Baer, 272 Franklin St., $430,000.

Hickory Hills Realty LLC, to Patrick Pica, trustee, Barry Solomon, trustee, Carole Rege, trustee, Pam Leckie, trustee, Hickory Hills Trust and Hickory Hills Homeowners Association, $100.


Adam P. Harrington and Kearstin Harrington to Charles J. Spofford and Jane E. Spofford, 51 Hillcrest Drive, $252,500.

Schimelpfenig 2019 Revocable Trust, Cindy Lee Schimelpfenig, trustee, to Megan K. Lena and Eric T. Schimelpfenig, 264 Martindale Road, $380,000.


Cody Ashton Patch to Katherine Yamashita McDonough, 2 Sanderson Brook Road, $245,000.


Brimfield Acres North Inc., to Treasure Hunter 1810 LLC, 74 Palmer Road, $695,000.

Jose Gonzalez and Yetzaly Gonzalez to Jason R. Richard and Kyra S. Zehelski, 281 Warren Road, $210,000.


Marcia Smith to Jill E. Selleck and Victoria G. R. Selleck, Avery Road, $84,900.

Gregory F. D. Horrocks to Clinton W. Phillips and Leah M. Phillips, Crittenden Hill Road, $312,500.


Guerri Family Irrevocable Trust, Carl M. Perella, trustee, to Country Development Corp., 225 Main St., $250,000.


Robert Downer to Christa L. Emerson, trustee, and LSBINV Trust, trustee of, Abbott Hill Road, $35,000.


Catherine F. Simard, Janet M. Trehey and Janet M. Simard to Gary L. Culver and Michelle M. Culver, Fuller Road, $38,000.


Chicopee City to C & C Realty Trust, Munger Road, $3,100.

Chicopee City to DDM Property Group LLC, 81 Chestnut St., $102,000.

Chicopee City to Vitaliy Volkov, Richard Street, $3,500.

Cindy S. Kwajewski to Brittany Diane Canterbury-Diaz, 285 Montgomery St., $164,500.

Clark Manor Properties LLC, to RM Blerman LLC, 45 Dale St., $470,400.

David G. Chapdelaine and Bruce J. Chapdelaine to Maria L. Ferraro Beardsley and Neil A. Beardsley, 654 Pendleton Ave., $213,800.

Donna O’Shea and Donna O. Koestner to Lauren A. LaPointe, 69 Lord Terrace North, $385,000.

Lifepoint Baptist Church of Chicopee Inc., to Lenviv LLP, New Ludlow Road, $29,000.

Kenneth J. Brown and Kenneth John Brown to Edwin Guzman, 91 Laclede Ave., $249,900.

Lombardz LLC, to JLL Real Estate LLC, Shawinigan Drive, $275,000.

Matadormus LLC, to Ricky Arroyo, 23-25 Alvord Ave., $275,000.

Monica Rosskothen to Kendall G. Mcclintock and Ann M. McClintock, 127 Acrebrook Drive, $297,000.

Patrick J. Hurst and Kaitlyn Hurst to David Fraska, 98 Neill Ave., $345,000.

Robert E. Jorgensen, Jason R. Jorgensen and Jennifer L. Jorgensen to James Rosemond III, 167-169 East St., $270,000.

Timothy D. Raymond Jr., to Shawn Antunes, 196 Rolf Ave., $120,000.

Yasmin M. Forbes to Li Qui Gao and Mun Ying K. Cheng, 10 Providence St., $207,000.


Cynthia D. McCahon and David J. McCahon to Jonathan M. Friz and Cassiani Friz, 51 Upper Road, $350,000.

East Longmeadow

D. R. Chestnut LLC, to Denise M. Kelly, trustee, Frederick C. Kelly, trustee, and Denise M. Kelly Revocable Trust, trustee of, 7 Clover Lane, Unit V-15, $622,000.

John H. Bammann and Kristie A. Bammann to Jonathan L. Jordan and Kaela K. Jordan, 37 Colony Drive, $350,000.

Joseph E. Townshend to Robert Salas, 85 Allen St., $268,000.

Michael Carabetta to Nicholas C. Catjakis and Renee C. Catjakis, 11 Fairway Lane, $480,000.

Monica Barna to Gregory Riberdy and Mary Beth Riberdy, 73 Redin Drive, $260,000.

Nancy R. Cameron to Sandra Carlson, 216 Pinehurst Drive, $430,000.


John F. Edwards to Judith M. Derouin, 2 Mechanic St., $176,000.

Daniel A. Poulin, Deborah A. Richerson, Deborah A. Poulin, Karen A. Banks, and Deborah Richerson to Benjamin J. Leedy and Hillary Leedy, 7 Pomeroy Ct., $262,000.

Richard J. King and Jessica L. King to Nicholas D. Duprey and Betty Lou Duprey, 62 Northampton St., $275,000.

William Damato and Theresa Damato to Christopher B. Norton and Kathleen M. Neville, 35 Strong St., $452,000.

Jessica L. Keefe and Michael R. Keefe to Richard King and Jessica King, 20 Torrey St., $325,000.

Oliver D. Beltran to Jessica Lynne Keefe and Michael R. Keefe, 18 Willow Circle, $400,000.

Ronald J. Stolarik and Anne Stolarik to Katelyn Hurley, William Hurley and Frances Hurley, 37 Campbell Drive, $264,000.

Kevin C. Netto Construction Inc., to Matthew Winnick, 11 Davis St., $390,000.


Janette E. Culver and Douglas E. Culver to Julian Hartmann-Russell and Mary Mekarnom, Hyde Hill Road, $19,500.

Rudzik Nominee Trust, Thomas R. Rudzik, trustee, Barbara A. Rudzik, trustee, Thomas R. Rudzik Jr., trustee, Diane M. Morisi, trustee, and Terri L. Hewes, trustee, to Ann Lord Schmitt and Stephen Roxby Morley, 21 Fuller Road, $460,000.


Ernest A. Gazda to Ernest A. Gazda and Deborah L. Gazda, 563 East State St., $100.

Lobsang Dolma to Brigitte Ruhe, 59 Granby Heights, $186,000.

Robert T. Mann and Sarah A. Mann to Hollie Lehouillier, 29 Kellogg St., $250,000.

Kotowicz Custom Homes LLC, to Jason Robert Lariviere and Cynthia Louise Lariviere, 335 Chicopee St., $458,500.

Edward C. Shyloski & Sons Inc., to Kevin Miller and Shannon Miller, School Street, $150,000.

Timothy Healey, Dlynn A. Healey and Dlynn Healey to Jonathan Szymonik, Amherst Street, $79,500.


Brian P. Murphy to James R. Murphy, 14 Beech Hill Road, $147,500.


Robert Charles Janvrin to Rebekah Patnode and Elizabeth Ashley Pease, 194 High St., $279,900.

Amy B. Patt to Tad J. Bassingthwaite, 178 Fairview St. West, $251,000.

Robert B. Liebenow and Linda A. Liebenow to 163 Wells Street LLC, 163 Wells St., $229,000.

Sacred Heartwhite Eagle Society of Greenfield MA Inc., to Edward S. Kaczenski Jr., and Karen R. Kaczenski, 249 Plain Road, $200,000.

Seneca Realty LLC, to Althea Levin Rieff Keaton and Amanda Lynn Menier, 271 Log Plain Road, $235,000.

Dimitriy D. Darmanchev to OV Properties LLC, 107 Fairview St., $165,000.


Stanley G. Kostek to Jason A. Galvin, 89 Rocky Hill Road, $75,000.


Frank L. Gentile Jr., and Elaine P. Gentile to Anthony Geary, 155 Raymond Drive, $297,000.

John T. Gilmartin and Lori J. Gilmartin to Jesse Theophilopoulos and Trisha Theophilopoulos, 89 Main St., $326,000.

Nancy A. Sams and Douglas C. Broom to Thomas M. Rosati and Donna L. Rosati, 175 Scantic Road, $560,000.

Sean M. Hrycay and Erin J. Hrycay to Shawn G. Kelley and Ashley Kelley, 74 Bayberry Road, $385,000.

William M. Heenan to Steven E. Guzzo and Kathy C. Guzzo, Glendale Road, $140,000.


Katherine V. Harris to Lisa M. Ibrahim, 230 Straits Road, $340,000.


Cody Langlitz to Jenna Soper and Brandan Gregoire, Old Acres Road, $257,353.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Property Advantage Inc., 3 Ridge Road, $45,000.

John P. Wallick to Tyler Hutton and Willard J. Hutton, 188 Brimfield Road, $185,000.

Steven J. Grimaldi and Debra B. Grimaldi to Jarret Tanner Sumwalt and Stephanie Sumwalt, Vinton Road, $75,000.

Wilhelmina F. Conerly and Douglas Fogleman to Christian Torres and Suzanne Marie Torres, 7 Bennett Lane, $213,000.

William E. Fournier to David E. Demers, 2 Knollwood Drive, $145,000.


Agency Massachusetts Housing Finance to Jordan Doucette, 18-20 Greenwood Ave., $229,900.

Alfaville LLC, to Kenneth J. Brown, Maple Crest Drive, Unit 8D, $130,000.

Blue Summit Realty LLC, to Servicenet Inc., 1232-1236 Main St., $1,500,000.

Brian G. Stebbins, Linda Portno-Sebbins and Linda Portno-Stebbins to James M. Meara, 10 Labrie Lane, $620,000.

Coakley Corp., to Daryn Michael Sampson, 60 Lower Westfield Road, $245,000.

Craig E. O’Brien and Mandi L. O’Brien to Alexandra L. Puffer and Andrew M. Rees, 80 Pleasant St., $400,000.

Dicky Matos to Arlene I. Oquendo, 123 Oak St., $300,000.

Frank Salas to Estrella M. Jusino, 248 Lyman St., $300,000.

Irene M. Doyle to Aaron J. Palmer, 166 Ontario Ave., $213,000.

Jared J. Mendoza, Katherine A. Mendoza and Katherine A. Cummings to Joel Nisly and Sarah Nisly, 1175 Hampden St., $205,000.

Jose A. Cartagena-Colon and Yaritza Baez-Torres to Francisco M. Ramos, 317-319 Linden St., $300,000.

Kimberly Q. Parlengas and Karen M. Flaro to Conor Bevan and Katherine Bevan, 55 Harvard St., $329,000.

Louis R. Soria Jr., and Mark Rush to Jennifer Dohrmann, 33 Dartmouth St., $435,000.

Margaret A. Yarmesky to Elizabeth Perez, 933 Homestead Ave., $285,000.

Timothy Noonan and Kelly A. Noonan to Kelly Buettner and Lizeth Martinez, 7 Longfellow Road, $500,000.


Myra R. Hoey to Barbara E. Prickett, Norwich Lake, $100.

Robert Holmes to Justin Holmes, 16 Crescent St., $160,000.

Matthew A. Still and Meghan R. Still to Benjamin Yarra and Taylor Fenyves, 79 Searle Road, $260,000.

Douglas Twarosch and Dalene Twarosch to Casey Anne McKittrick and Brett Robert Erelli, 22 Nagler Cross Road, $294,000.


Susan C. Powers and Thomas R. Powers to Julie F. Hemingway and Seth C. Hemingway, 29 Old Long Plain Road, $710,000.


Carol L. Abizaid to Russell J. Fontaine and Jeanne E. Fontaine, 183 Meadowbrook Road, $350,000.

David T. Wright and Lynn M. Wright to Mario Parente, 126 Nevins Ave., $341,000.

Ellen F. Albano to Daniel Joshua Triplett and Cassandra Wood-Triplett, 78 Nevins Ave., $275,000.

Jeanne V. Wheeler to Arianna Bonzagni and Paul Temple, 143 Viscount Road, $408,000.

Joan I. Narmontas and Steven Narmontas to Piotr Strek and Brooke Norvish, 132 Meadowlark Drive, $348,000.

Lena Rosen to William J. Marganti, 373 Williams St., $316,000.

Leslie D. Gist to William Shube and Sarah Shube, 116 Normandy Road, $795,000.

Patricia E. Connor, estate, and Linda Pilvelis, representative, to Taylor Cole Jones, Taylor Jones and Lindsey Jones, 144 Brookwood Drive, $305,000.


Baystate Developers Inc., to Giovanni Cirillo and Tiziana Cirillo, Sunset Ridge, $130,000.

Dustin Gray and Alison Gray to Philip Gallo and Samantha Gallo, 135 Guertin Ave., $251,000.

Jose M. Goncalves and Christine A. Goncalves to Xiaoli Li, 62 Isabel Lane, $488,000.

Kenneth Massey and Susan Martins-Massey to Michael Vincent Cortina and Sarah Chadbourne, 170 Ridgeview Circle, $265,000.

Michael P. Amaral, Jennifer L. Luszcz and Jennifer L. Amaral to Raul G. Fraga and Maria J. Fraga, 33 Marion Circle, $310,000.

Nicholas D. Dusza and Jerilyn A. Dusza to Jessica Leroux, 795 Chapin St., $280,000.

Nolpaq Properties LLC, to John B. Murphy and James P. Murphy, 51-57 Howard St., $365,000.

Phillip J. Rodrigues and Phillip I. Rodrigues to Joseph Burns, 11-13 Williams St., $230,000.

Theodore E. Metayer, Linda A. Metayer, Theodore E. Metayer Jr., Michelle L. Golinski and Gregory A. Metayer to Mayra I. Hervieux, 708 Chapin St., $256,000.


Vincent Jockimo, trustee, and Bernice A. Jockimo Irrevocable Trust to Kelsy Oberkoetter, 45 Chipman Road, $33,000.

Charles H. Winn and Julie A. Marcoulier, attorney-in-fact, to Denise Michaud Lucas, 153 Skyline Trail, $218,000.


Gregory Randell and Barbra Randell to Community LD LLC, Turner Hill Road, $7,500.


H & L Builders & Developers Inc., to Aaron P. Charette and Mia E. Charette, 102 Bogan Road, $80,000.

Cheri L. Johnson to Lauren Tauer and Samuel Nelson, 13 Stebbins Road, $321,000.

Edith S. Wurster, estate, and Edith Julia Baker, representative, to Gary Marcoullier and Kathleen Marcoullier, 168 Town Farm Road, $500,000.

Gennie M. Bailey, Gennie M. Brothers and Justin G. Bailey to Brandyn J. Pelissier and Allison J. Pelissier, 257 Wilbraham Road, $255,000.

Joseph H. Gagne and Brenda J. Gagne to David A. Reinstein and Elsbeth Geldhof, 21 Highland Ave., $275,000.

Meghan E. Dasco and Joseph D. Dasco to Sarah Thomas and Michael Dwyer, 351 Lower Hampden Road, $480,000.

Rose M. Donnell and Richard E. Donnell to Stephanie Lacerda Alves, 10 Flynt Ave., $349,900.


Timothy B. Batchelder and Kensey S. Batchelder to Sandra Vanesa Navarro and Dominique Daniel Tremblay, 26 Randall Wood Drive, $353,000.


Bruce M. Kriviskey and Alison F. Kriviskey to Kimberly A. Mahoney, 23 Ice Pond Drive, $627,000.

Joanne Marqusee to Isabel L. Wells and David K. Meininger, 226 Prospect St., $1,000,000.

Devon L. Greyson and Beth A. Clark to Jodi M. Miller, 167 Chestnut St., $493,000.

Lori L. Paporello to Lori L. Paporello, trustee, and Lori L. Paporello Trust, 85 Woodlawn Ave., $100.

Monica F. Giganti, trustee, and Turomsha 2014 Irrevocable Trust to Turomsha 2014 Revocable Trust and William J. Turomsha, trustee, 11 Williams St., $100.

Declan O’Connor-St. Pierre, Colleen M. O’Connor and Michele D. O’Connor-St. Pierre to Ingrid Margaret Hohmann, 17 Trumbull Road, $407,339.

William J. Corwin and Jennifer Amy Rosner to Benjamin Church and Deepali Maheshwari, 93 Washington Ave., $770,000.

Ingrid Hohmann to Laura Quigg and Bjorn Flesaker, 17 Trumbull Road, $310,000.

Bermor LP, and Bermor Inc., general partner, to Ralph R. Realty LLC, 84 Main St., 90 Main St., 19 Armory St., and 25 Kirkland Ave., $3,900,000.

Stephen G. Sireci and Chloe Torres to David Kates and Katie Temes, 125 North St., $439,000.

Barbara Slemmer to Judith Hyde, 16 Mountain Laurel Path, $290,000.

Emerson Way LLC, to Miranda S. Lutyens, 131 Emerson Way, $250,000.

Sunwood Development Corp., to Amanda L. Nash, 117 Olander Drive, $366,300.

Sunwood Development Corp., to Joseph M. Holmes and Elizabeth G.C. Dyer, 117 Olander Drive, $585,900.


Thomas R. Shearer Investment Trust, Thomas R. Shearer, trustee, Patricia E. Shearer Investment Trust, Patricia E. Shearer, trustee, Ruth S. Godfrey, Martha L. Johnson, Edward D. Shearer, James R. Shearer and Jeanne S. West, individually, to Sixty Three Northfield LLC, Millers Falls Road, $175,000.

Babak Sadri-Azarbayejani and Flora F. Sadri-Azarbayejani, to Xiuyu Liang, 427 S. Mountain Road, $480,000.


GRH Trust of February 19, 1992, Gregory R. Haughton, trustee, to Lori A. Kaltner and Patrick A. Kaltner, 47 Daniel Shays Highway, $63,600.


Abbie M. Muche, Abbie M. Valadares and Sergio Valadares to Brett A. Toney, 181 State St., $485,000.

Brandon Fiske to Vadym Denysyuk, 25 Elizabeth St., $40,000.

Christine M. Miarecki and Joseph J. Miarecki to HRQ Global LLC, Fuller Road, $55,000.

Jacob Ritter to Aubrey Rugani and Daniel Wilson, 2144 Palmer St., $240,000.

Joseph Kennedy and Kimberly A. Hoy-Kennedy to Connor Kennedy, 29 Arnold St., $185,000.


Almond Property Management LLC, to Farmhouse Properties LLC, 27 Broom St., $700,000.


Giard Family Trust, Sharon M. Rogalski, trustee, James R. Giard and Jane H. Giard, individually, to Nina Reyes, 266 Colrain Shelburne Road, $170,000.


Scott P. Ardizzone and Jacqueline M. Ardizzone to Gregory Day and Afsana B. Afzal, 10 Hawks View Road, $952,900.

Sylvia Hankin to Mark Lipman and Paul Lipman, 27 Weatherwood Road, $345,000.

South Hadley

James Rippa and Karen Bradley Rippa to Daniel R. Sharp. 41 Red Bridge Lane, $630,000.

Raymond Manniello to Francis Real Estate Holdings LLC, 488 Newton St., $160,000.

J.N. Duquette & Son Construction Inc., to Loree A. Carver, 32 Lyon Green, $492,000.

Robert J. Suprenant, trustee, and Suprenant-Page Children Trust to Thai Chan Kim, 133 Lathrop St., $260,000.

Michael D. Hilton, personal representative, and David Hilton, estate, to April Doroski, 27 Judd Ave., $205,000.

Joseph L. Couture to Jared J. Mendoza and Katherine A. Mendoza, 99 Granby Road, $307,500.

Amy C. Irwin and David B. Sudyka to Thomas F. Bernard, 29 Westbrook Road, $235,000.

Bruce E. Lukasik, Ann Lukasik and Bruce Lukasik to Randy Manseau and Patricia B. Hay, 30 Highland Ave., $388,500.

Barry M. Sponder and Angmaya Sponder to Shanti Devi Sponder, 23 Waite Ave., $160,000.

Veronica Gajownik and Andrea Rae Jones to Steven J. Cohen, 124 College St., $183,750.


John Gwosch and Donna Gwosch to William P. Koetsch and Frederyque L. Koetsch, 59 Pomeroy Meadow Road, $349,900.


Eric W. Woodruff to Christopher S. Bushee, 27 Crescent Circle, $65,000.

Sharon Cournoyer to Donna M. O’Shea, 35 South View Drive, Unit 35, $266,000.


2G Properties LLC, to Rehana A. Pereira, 12 Alderman St., $250,000.

AAD LLC, to Samuel Braverman and Katie Braverman, 104-106 Pasadena St., $315,000.

Angel O. Alban and Maria F. Alban to Ana Dela Rosa, 870 Wilbraham Road, $315,000.

Aquarius Real Estate LLC, to Britenee Perrier and Britenee D. Perrier, 36 Keith St., $270,000.

Bank of New York Mellon, trustee, and CWABS Inc., Series 2006-25, trustee of, to Joel Antoine, 52 Stockman St. 54, $105,007.

Bhuwan Gautam and Hemanta Gautam to Matthew Dean, 83-85 Granby St., $300,000.

Bjbear Inc., to Stephen A. Ruff, 235 State St., Unit 418, $127,500.

Blake Collier, Bronis Etheridge Collier and Bronis Etheridge-Collier to Richard J. Decusati, 36 Bentley St., $113,800.

Bretta Construction LLC, to Jessica Margaret Taylor and Francis Taylor, 298 Gilbert Ave., $420,000.

Bukowski Construction LLC, to Jimmy Ninh, 56 Juliet St., $350,000.

Cantalini Holdings Inc., to Camilla J. Miller, Gresham Street, $30,000.

Cantalini Holdings Inc., to Camilla J. Miller, Gresham Street, $30,000.

Carl A. Nelson, estate, and Abbe W. McLane, representative, to Philip J. Shea and Karen R. Shea, 39 Atwater Place, $352,000.

Carmelo A. Scuderi and Gary J. Bachorz to Gennie B. Rucks and Monica Hunter, 854 Berkshire Ave., $229,000.

Christopher Lo to Grace Marie Melendez Rivera, 199 Eastern Ave., $206,609.

Clinton R. Stonacek and Kristen L. Stonacek to Travis M. Orszulak and John Barron, 114 Leatherleaf Drive, $195,000.

Cole Alves to 9 York Street Family LP, 246 Slater Ave., $200,000.

Cornerstone Homebuying LLC, to Lludis Santana and Felix Santana, 39 Davenport St., $210,000.

David P. Fontaine and Debra M. Fontaine to Phantom Holdings LLC, 50 Newland St., $126,000.

Deluca Development Corp., to Kristy Lee Hawkins, 137 Marion St., $176,500.

Diane Medina to Helena Denise Romero, 78 Bexhill St., $125,000.

Disha Realty LLC, to Shaheer LLC, 191 Berkshire Ave., $120,000.

District Capital LLC, to Armando M. Mora Fernandez, 53 Warrenton St., $236,000.

Dominic Jones to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Papaoutai Realty Trust, trustee of, 166 Laurelton St., $95,000.

Donald J. Chabot to Gregory J. Stevens and Ellen P. Donnelly, 119 Bridle Path Road, $250,000.

Elisa Marie Alvaro to Robert E. Dancy and Michael C. Stanish, 110 Abbott St., $304,000.

Gary A. Daula to Julian Torres, 198-200 Middle St., $324,900.

Gary Comstock, representative, Barbara Ann Comstock, estate, and Barbara A. Comstock, estate, to Helena Walker, 34 Geneva St., $225,000.

Gary J. Sperlonga and Angela M. Padur to Tracey L. Larock, 61 Old Brook Road, $230,000.

HB3 Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust to Ryan Deland, 49 Rimmon Ave., $140,000.

Home Equity Assets Realty LLC, to Sarah E. Jackson, 243-245 Wilbraham Road, $245,000.

Hyacinthe Fallings to Pedro F. Vasquez and Jose G. Vasquez, 44 Marble St., $150,000.

Jacqueline Cintron Arce to Ramon Arce and Rosa Arce, 621 Plumtree Road, $220,000.

Jessica Lopez to Rafael O. Collazo Cardona and Natalie Cruz, 138 Fiberloid St., $210,000.

JJJ17 LLC, to Angela M. Claudio Medina and Richard Perez, 175 St James Ave., $280,000.

Juan Cardona to Parrish Frost Mercado, 30 Hunter Place, $200,000.

K & S Holdings LLC, to John R. Griffin, 41-43 Maryland St., $260,500.

Kelly A. Schafer, Jennifer Schafer and Kelly A. Schabot to Lionel Jardine III, 132 Hartford Terrace, $215,000.

Liberty Onyx LLC, to Dennis C. Burroughs and Barbara A. Burroughs, 615 Sumner Ave., $275,000.

Lilliam Morales and Jonathan Cruz to Harold Rivera, Katherine Vazquez and Adrian Arriaga, 417 Parker St., $207,000.

Madeleine P. Wozniak and Thomas P. Wozniak to Shobana Kausar, 90 Woodcrest Road, $262,000.

Manuel Angel Cardona to Latysha M. Ortiz Coles, 139-141 Moxon St., $253,000.

Maria Z. Arce, Santos Lopez and Felix Perez to B9 Industries Inc., 98 Santa Barbara St., $75,000.

Mars Real Properties Inc., to Solimari Sierra, 105 Joan St., $245,000.

Mauricio Ayala to Pedro Salazar Najera, 1179 Bay St., $100.

Monica Thomas to Rosemary M. Mudachi, 38 Ford St., $254,000.

MTGLQ Investors LP, to Damian Cieszkowski and Michal Czerwinski, 202 Davis St., $150,000.

Onota Rental LLC, to Matthew Duplessis, 3 Morison Terrace, $230,000.

Picton Capital LLC, to Plata O. Plomo Inc, 268 Shawmut St., $135,000.

Ramon Arce and Rosa Arce to Joan Wairagu, 35 Morton St., $250,000.

Rayan Abdulbaki to Hamror Shikheldin Gabriel, Phoenix St., $375,000.

Richard A. Ducharme and Traci L. Ducharme to Jose Gonzalez, 69 Seymour Ave., $220,000.

Richard A. Gibbons to Javier Flores-Baez, 47-49 Whittier St., $253,000.

Robert Dancy and Michael Stanish to Samantha Haefner and Jacob Haefner, 33 Gillette Ave., $286,500.

Rose Shufelt-Scott to Brian A. Florence and Kimberly S. Florence, 119 Bacon Road, $205,000.

Samilys Rodriguez to Cig4 LLC, 43 Leyfred Terrace, $6,000.

Samuel R. Hanmer to Charles E. Thomas and Randi L. Thomas, 203 Porter Lake Drive, $369,900.

Shayne D. Garrow, Brooke S. Garrow and Brooke S. Foss to Kasey M. Acevedo, 178 Dorset St., $215,500.

Shobana Kausar and Atif Haneef to Tamiekia Hall, 89 Chauncey Drive, $215,000.

Stephen Hagstrom to Nelson Garcia, 312 Bay St., $90,000.

Todd Illingsworth and Lucrezia Illingsworth to Gilian Washington, 64 Whiting St., $388,000.

Vanyeline M. Carrasquillo, Vanyeline M. Claudio and Jean L. Carrasquillo to Rose D. Roman and Noel Vazquez Martinez, 47 Laurel St., $238,000.

Vincenzo R. M. Amore and Margaret M. Amore to Brandon Parrelli, trustee, and 497 Belmont Avenue Realty Trust, trustee of, 497 Belmont Ave., $315,000.

Walter L. Starzyk to Jennifer L. Rehbein, 29-31 Wilmont St., $272,800.

William Raleigh to Brendan C. Allen, 16 Wexford St., $278,000.

Yesenia Toribio to Zorylee Torres and Alexander Torres, 25 Tiffany St., $230,000.


Brenda L. Dessert to Nadine Delisle, 8 Reed Hill Road, $230,000.

U S A Housing & Urban Development to Tim Marquis, 10 Polly Road, $80,000.

William J. Matchett Jr., to William J. Matchett III, and Corinne R. Matchett, 41 Union Road, $20,000.


John E. Ryan Jr., and Mary D. Ryan to Kevin B. Gendreau and Susanna H. Gendreau, 480 Belchertown Road, $380,000.

Jay H. Hurlbrink, Kimberly Hurlbrink and Kimberly M. Letendre to Heather Mancuso and Christopher Joseph Mancuso, 143 Eagle St., $316,000.

Jennifer R. Pitts, Jennifer R. Hullihen and Jeffery Pitts to Gordon Duke, 5 Towne St., $183,500.

Damian S. Cieszkowski and Michal S. Czerwinski to Cedrik E. Wright, 41 Pine St., $358,000.

Jennifer Lee Gilbert, Erica Gilbert and Kimberly L. Gilbert, estate, to Richard John Boles and Cheryl A. Connolly-Boles, 7 Berkshire Circle, $300,000.

Coffey Hill Road LLC, to Charles R. Ferrero, trustee, Claire E. Ferrero, trustee, TCC Realty Trust, 40 Coffey Hill Road, $8,000.

Gusto Enterprises LLC, to Charles R. Ferrero, trustee, Claire E. Ferrero, trustee, and TCC Realty Trust, 48 Coffey Hill Road, $15,000.

West Springfield

Christopher D. Marini to Dhan Rai, 103 Bonair Ave., $378,000.

David N. Gervais to Maa Property LLC, 42 Ely Road, $120,000.

Debra M. Schmidt and Ronald G. Schmidt to Brandon Decoteau, 71 Humphrey Lane, $299,900.

Donna M. McCaul to Cig4 LLC, 19 Lowell Ave., $227,000.

John R. Drisdelle and Terri A. Drisdelle to Erich A. Nabua and Daphne Pearl B. Nabua, 115 Morton St., $285,000.

Nicholas Walch, Erin Sweeney and Erin Walch to Brian A. Pomeroy, 147 Albert St., $315,000.

Paul R. Boucher, Barbara B. Boucher and Barbara A. Boucher to Mark J. Gaspari and Denise L. Gaspari, 112 Overlook Drive, $335,000.

Robert E. Nazzaro to Cory Swett, 40 North Boulevard, $237,500.

William J. Sepaniak, Susan L. Sepaniak and Steven P. Sepaniak to Steven P. Sepaniak, 1304 Elm St., Unit 1304-C6, $100.

William LaFreniere and Delia R. LaFreniere to Stefan J. Machowski and Joi Machowski, 80 Forris St., $340,000.

Yellowbrick Property LLC, to Sandra Panchenko, 1550 Memorial Ave., Unit 2, $86,000.


110 Lockhouse LLC, to Megan McAdams, 110 Lockhouse Road, Unit 6K, $299,900.

Armand A. Aliotta and Gaetana M. Aliotta to Northwest Realty LLC, 48 East Silver St., Suite 2, $85,000.

Bent Tree Development LLC, to Marc Gendron and Tara Blondin, 17 Day Lily Lane, $555,000.

Deborah S. Scalise, Talia Scalise and Talia M. Scalise to Talia Scalise and Talia M. Scalise, 57 Crane Ave., $100.

Earl C. Denney and Lauren C. Denney to Joshua C. Eller, 4b Sunflower Lane, $196,750.

Gary W. Boisseau, Rachel A. St Onge-Bousseau, Rachel A. St. Onge-Boisseau and Rachael A. St, Onge-Boisseau to David E. Tester Jr., 101 North Road, $110,000.

JJS Capital Investment LLC, receiver, Westfield City and Barbara Z. Nikiel to Raeshawn Wilson, 8 Conner Ave., $450,000.

John S. Wysocki Jr., and Patricia M. H. Wysocki to Kristen Keane and Vincent J. Baker, 77 Overlook Drive, $416,500.

Kenn E. Sinclair and Katherine M. Sinclair to Nicholas Cardaropoli and Amanda Cardaropoli, 111 Devon Terrace, $492,000.

Kevin J. Irujo and Jordyn Brown Irujo to Kevin M. Fogarty, 57 Bristol St., $210,000.

Leighton J. King and Richelle M. King to William Barna, 18 Malone Ave., $245,000.

Marion E. McCarthy to Christina L. Medina and Abimael Benitez, 78 Western Circle, $236,000.

Mark J. Gaspari and Denise L. Gaspari to Angel Nieves, 43 Colony Circle, $341,000.

Meredith Morgan and Michael Sweat to Nataliia Dukach and Andrii Dukach, 20 Linden Ave., $300,000.

Molly K. Genovese and Daniel L. Genovese to Vianchi D. Tulloch and Sabrena J. Thivierge, 35 Hubbard St., Unit A, $250,000.

Richard A. Corbert, representative, and Christos A. Tapases, estate, to Evonne Tapases, 138 Main St., Unit 15, $165,000.

Salim Abdoo to Alexander Snyder and Ceara McLaughlin, 161 Highland Ave., $340,000.

Westex LLX, to Brookview Townhomes LLC, and Brookview Townhomes Am LLC, 140 Union St., $8,500,000.

William Brule, Alison Brule and Alison L. Brule to Samuel H. Booher and Jacquelyn A. Booher, 78 Granville Road, Unit 39, $345,000.


Adrienne M. Hornby to Chenoa Charpentier and Michael G. Charpentier, 50 Burt Road, $435,000.


2301 Boston Road LLC, to Richard L. Goldman and Roberta Goldman, 28 Lodge Lane, $457,442.

Antonio Carvalho and Maria Carvalho to Laura Blaze, 2 Brainard Road, $300,000.

Camsad Builders LLC, to Joseph A. Cordi and Sharon Cordi, 29 Glen Drive, $389,000.

Chris E. Mensing and Martha T. Mensing to Timothy R. Hebert, 12 Echo Hill Road, $755,000.

Eric D. Johnson to Denise M. LaFountain, 255V Ridge Road, $102,000.

Joanne Sowa to Gina M. Ferreira, 60 Weston St., $255,000.

Joseph Cordi and Sharon Cordi to Christine H. Strauss, 23 Oaks Farm Lane, $440,000.

Kevin J. O’Rourke and Jennifer Badalamenti to Michael Culhane, 20 Old Orchard Road, $345,000.

Pamela Budlong to Andrew Baron, 331 Stony Hill Road, $333,000.

Vincent A. Trimboli Jr., and Michael James T. Trimboli to Michael James T. Trimboli, 29 Wright Place, $100.


Michael A. Henson and Jennifer M. Dohrmann to Michael A. Stamm and Patricia A. Stamm, 25 ½ Hyde Hill Road, $718,620.

PABA Associates LLC, to William H. Hooper and Eugena K. Hooper, 121 Petticoat Hill Road, $425,000.


Rita S. Koenigs to Amber McFee and Wendy Brandhorst, 266 Old North Road, $415,000.