Albert F. Lepore to Domenick R. Pisano and Susan Pisano, 13 Princeton Ave., $250,000.

Brian L. David and Louise R. C. David to Maria L. Yacovone, 21 Regency Park Drive, $125,000.

Clarence N. Messenger III to Sergey V Panchenko, 391 Poplar St, $276,000.

Daniel J Searles to Kathleen Searles, 297 Cooper St, $250,000.

Derenik Vartanyan to Muradbek Usmonov, 14 Walnut St., $237,500.

Fumi Realty Inc., to Angel Suarez, 316 North St., $275,000.

James M. Votzakis to Jeffrey A. Roberts and Marlene M. Roberts, 50 Tracy Drive, $290,000.

Jeffrey A. Roberts, Marlene M. Roberts and Marlene M. Feeney Turner to Tuncay Karaarslan and Rukiye Kilic, 25 Robin Ridge Drive, $410,000.

Kathleen B. Searles to Yelena Legkodukh, 157 Corey Colonial, Unit 157, $210,000.

Kimberly Grivner, Carrie Woodford and Carrie A. Gobeille to Kathleen M. Neilsen and John R. Tisdell, 190 Colemore St., $307,500.

Nancy Bennett to Sara J. Matt, 235 School St., $250,000.

Peter P. Nowak and Marilyn A. Nowak to Robert Bigus, 21 Corey Colonial, Unit 21, $153,500.

Pine Crossing Construction Inc., to Michael S. Murphy, 46 Villa Drive, Unit 15, $359,900.

S & H Goodies Realty LLC, to Adiyogi LLC, 300 Springfield St., $250,000.

William B. Gabel and Edna Gabel to Frank L. Ferrentino, 105 Edward St., $202,000.

Yekaterina Y. Kovalevich and Vadim Kovalevich to Kevin Wright and Janice B. Johnson, 39 Losito Lane, $405,000.


Lynn R. Dole and Jane M. Shaney to Jamie B. Pottern, 2201 Conway Road, $325,000.

Ipek S. Kursat and Sabino L. Pagano to Lynn R. Dole and Jane M. Shaney, 1450 West Road, $355,000


Mary L. Davis to Cynthia A. Davis, 1 Chauncey Walker St., and Turkey Hill Road, $100.

Marcel A. Nunes to Tang Properties LLC, Oasis Drive, $90,000.

Marcel A. Nunes to Grace M. Drost, Oasis Drive, $90,000.

Marcel A. Nunes to Nicholas T. Drost, Oasis Drive, $90,000.


Carla M. Gelinas to Megan Caron, 20 Paige Hill Road, $379,000.


Karen M. Mosher and Richard B. Mosher to Carolyn Ravenscroft, 15 Walker Road, $390,000.


Linda P. Campanelli, Linda P. Carbone and Christopher Campanelli to Gregory Whitlock and Kelly Whitlock, 12 Campbell Road, $38,000.

Aguasvivas Realty LLC, and Inspired Living Solutions LLC, to Danielle Benoit and Anibal Cuello, 42 Forest St., $229,700.

BMS LLC, to Guidewire Inc., 9 Juliette St., $331,000.

Daniel R. Boutin and Carla Boutin to Daniel Santos, 26-28 Charbonneau Terrace, $255,000.

Donald F. Gladu and Vickie A. Gladu to Gandara Mental Health Center Inc., 119 Shepard St., $327,000.

Donna M. Wiley and Linda A. Martin to Ahmad Sawan and Mohamad Sawan, 73 Mathieu Drive, $285,000.

Glenn R. Depot and Nancy R. Depot to Karen Hoffman, 75 Sampson St., $210,000.

Heather Khan to Juan Merced, 37 Donlyn Drive, $250,000.

James D. Hawkes, James B. Hawkes, Mark A. Hawkes and Becky H. Medina to Kristen Chapdelaine and Andrew Chapdelaine, 73 Parenteau Drive, $290,600.

JBD Empire LLC, to Mark Kristev, Empire Street, $40,000.

JBD Empire LLC, to Stephanie A. Peabody, 37 Eldridge St., $230,000.

Julie M. Leonard, estate, and Deborah A. Bloom, representative, to Joseph O. Garcia and Lizbeth Tirado, 140 Newbury St., $305,000.

Lucien B. Roy and Madeleine L. Roy to Efrain Perez-Maldonado and Miguel A. Dejesus-Rivera, 36 Russell Terrace, $350,000.

Malia Homebuyers LLC, to Karen D. Paulk and Ariana T. Malone, 24 Moreau Court, $340,000.

Margaret Bascom Groff, Margaret Bascom and Charles Groff to Agent Shoppe Inc., 22 Armanella St., $150,000.

N. Riley Development Inc., to Nicholas J. Riley, 73 Fredette St., $25,000.

Nancy McCormack to Jade Wilson, 53B Colonial Circle, $123,000.

Norberto Gonzalez and Eneida Gonzalez to Robert Jennings and Judith A. Jennings, 470 New Ludlow Road, $250,000.

Petro Smirnov and Marina Smirnova to Mohamed Afraz Liawoo deen Saleem and Aska Fathima Madeen, 51 Clarendon Ave., $375,000.

Plata O. Plomo Inc to Joel M. Coelho, 385-387 Springfield St., $306,500.

Richard F. Bienvenue to Pah Properties LLC, 89 Wilson Ave., $145,000.

Seweryn Wiktor Grabowski and Magdelena Grabowska to Michael T. Beecher, 25 Ruth Ave., $255,000.

Thomas J. Kruzel to Christopher Bruno, 264-266 East Main St., $350,000.


Mark W. Corley and Noreen T. Corley to Aaron R. Grinstein and Lynsey Grinstein, 543 Williamsburg Road, $485,000.

Northeast Enterprises Realty Partnership, by Donna C. Bowles, partner, to Christen B. Herland, 468 Williamsburg Road, $172,500.


Ragus LLC, to Denise H. Hobbie, 48B Snowberry Circle, Unit 18B, Sugarloaf Condominium, $389,900.

East Longmeadow

D R Chestnut LLC, to Richard McDonald and Elaine McDonald, 10 Clover Lane, Unit V-24, $590,000.

Jean E. Graziani to Nicola Polimeni, 65 Ridge Road, $415,900.

Jennifer L. Therrien, Jennifer L. Langone and Jeffrey A. Langone to Viet Pham and Mylinh Tran, 11 Baymor Drive, $380,000.

KRM Real Estate LLC, to Jason Roger Chapdelaine, 32 Parker St., $409,900.

Patrick J. Butler and Sandra L. Butler to Maria Gorecki, 94 Braeburn Road, $220,000.


W. Marek Inc., to Dylan S. Wells and Rebecca Rose Willard, 108 Line St., $350,000.

Gill Greene Family Trust, Richard M. Greene, trustee, to April C. Greene and Corey M. Greene, 19 Main Road, $300,000.


Robert L. Ward, personal representative, and Donald J. Lovern, estate, to Shane A. Clark, 7 Darrel Ave., $200,000.


Charles A. Sheets and Gail S. White to Sally Lesik, West Hartland Road, $35,000.


Jamie B. Pottern and Bethany E. Webster to Adam J. Chamberlain and Eliza Silverman, 83 Crescent St., $415,000

Eric Christopher Dumas to Elizabeth N. Peck and James J. Peck, 220 High St., $370,000.

Jason P. Wegiel and Wendy F. Wegiel to Scott J. Lemoine, 8 Webster Ave., $180,000.

Thomas H. Carmean to Kendra Sarvadi and Darren S. Stroupe, 65 Beech St., $251,850.

David L. Bliss and Donna A. Bliss to Jacob Farrington and Lana Farrington, 47 Haywood St., $297,000.

Nancy E. Hawkins and Robert E. Hawkins to OV Properties LLC, Princeton Terrace, Unit 34B, Meadowview Manor Condominium, $127,000


Aaron R. Palko and William A. Palko to Gunther N. Cox and Bethany P. Crocker, 18 Crestwood Lane, $310,000.

Donald B. Kostanski and Regina M. Kostanski to Dennis E. Norton, 237 Allen St., $450,000.

Edward C. Kennedy to Jonathan Guinipero and Stateline Property Management LLC, Glendale Road, $255,000.

GHS Realty Inc., to Jonathan Guinipero and Stateline Property Management LLC, 530 Glendale Road, $395,000.


Bruce M. Mahan to Bryce Hamelin Mahan, 50 Cherokee Road, $100,000.

Linda J. Sellig Slap to Justin Beehler and Georgia Beehler, 23 Bernie Road, $340,000.


Alfaville LLC, to Meredith Coleman-Tobias, 34 I Maple Crest Drive, $159,700.

Daniel Bouquillon to Makensy Nicolas Sr., 1137 Dwight St., Unit C, $111,000.

Daniel W. Sullivan to Justin D. Beneitone, 22 Orchard St., $220,500.

Hilda M. Schwartwald, representative, Hilda M. Schwartzwald, representative, and Maria F. Colon, estate, to Revampit LLC, 888 Main St., $102,000.

Iris Ortiz to Victor DeJesus Cruz, 98 Pine St., $196,000.

Kevin Jay Lucey to Giovanna R. Tolda, 41 Davis St., $170,000.

Louise Christ, Richard T. Beaulieu Jr., Joseph Beaulieu and Sandra Parrotta to John J. Ferriter, 223 Sargeant St., $139,500.

Luis M. Rodriguez, Angel L. Rodriguez and Dominga Rodriguez to Aimet Rodriguez and Raul Rodriguez, 285 Walnut St., $35,000.

Matthew S. Ernst and Allison M. Ernst to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Erudite Realty Trust, trustee of, 83 Westfield Road, $118,755.

Modern Mail International Inc., Vallerie Brennan, Laura Ferro and Laura Talbot to Alvin Thang, 34 Martin St., $209,000.

Patrick J. O’Connor to James Elkins and Lynda Elkins, 47-49 Belvidere Ave., $305,000.

Stephen R. Tremblay to Nicole Soto, 20 Springdale Ave., $200,000.

Susan L. Cooper and Scott R. Cooper to David Miner and Sharon R. Miner, 264 Southampton Road, $675,000.


Redbrook Farm LLC, to Chestnut Loop Realty LLC, 82 Chestnut Hill Loop, $1,750,000. (includes property in Montague and Wendell)

Anna Maria Scheffey, Elizabeth W. Scheffey and Heston C. Scheffey to Andrew K. McCallum and Donna K. McCallum, Pratt Corner Road, $108,000


Chantal M. Coogan to Conny H. Brannstrom and Susanne A. Brannstrom, 86 Hopkins Place, $295,000.

David Allan Watkins and Irina Kaarina Watkins to Stephen Thomas George DiGiacomo and Jessica DiGiacomo, 72 Converse St., $330,000.

Lauretta R. Ford to Joseph Ford and Lori D. Ford, 1087 Longmeadow St., $260,000.

Pamela J. Williams to Bradley L. Benkle and Alexandra L. Pichette, 124 Barbara Lane, $415,000.

Patrick R. Morton and Alyssa N. Sweeney to Elizabeth V. Vaughan and Katie L. Miranda, 132 Massachusetts Ave., $278,000.

Robert M. Mack to Margaret B. Mack and Michael J. Grossane, 27 Fairfield Terrace, $305,000.

Susan Y. Valania and Gregory E. Valania to Christy Lee Dickman and Edward Leonard Dickman III, 115 Wenonah Road, $370,000.

Terry Ditmar to Anthony Curzio and Roberta Curzio, 28 Canterbury Lane, $543,000.


Ana A. Goncalves to Juan Martin Kim-Rojas, 70 Oak St., $210,000.

Antonio N. Dias and Cecilia R. Dias to Xiaoqin Zhou, 25-27 Hampshire St., $251,000.

Beverly J. Peabody to Renee J. Dias and Timothy R. Dias, 85 John St., $160,000.

Edwin Torres and Linda B. Torres to Joshua Thomson Hansen, 1623 Center St., $410,000.

Matthew J. Antunes and Justine Antunes to Ilyas Elghazi, 137 Kendall St., $280,000.

Platinum Homes LLC, to Turan Gokcek and Sunay Gokcek, 17 Focosi Lane, $380,000.


AMTD LLC, to Melissa L. Wurm and Melissa Wurm, 148 Palmer Road, $202,500.

Howard M. Tuber and Joan A. Tuber to Eric S. Belisle and Lauren A. Belisle, Beebe Road, $69,900.

Leo J. Boudreau and Barbara A. S. Boudreau to Miranda Von Salis and Zachary B. Northrup, 26 Lower Hampden Road, $300,000.


Dorena V. Breor to Christina Marie Tyler Jette, 87 L Street, $190,000


Michelle A. Milton and Scott D. Milton to Hannah M. Adams and Caileb M. Milton, 72 Pine St., $240,000.


Linda M. Davis to Darlene L. Rowe and William R. Rowe, Wheeler Ave., $10,000.

C&C Real Estate Trust, Cara N. Cutter, “fka”, Cara N. Cleveland, trustee, and Ralph E. Cutter, trustee, to Jason Arsenault. 22 South Main St., $82,000.

Speedwagon Investors LLC, to Brien McGlaughlin, 28 Wheeler Ave., $92,000.


David D. Reim to Brital 1987 LLC, 2014 Quaboag St., $185,000.

Donna T. Stovall to Church Hawk Property LLC, 4018-4024 Church St., $377,000.

Kathryn M. King, Mary T. Grasso, Matthew Lech, Heather Lech, John Lech, Brack T. Anderson, Particia Lech-Ross and Mark H. Lech to Citadel Projects LLC, 4042-4044 Pine St., $180,000.

Leontino Piecuch to Anna Cieszkowska and Damian S. Cieszkowski, 6 Deborah St., $322,000.

Nichelle Denise Cabot-Nadeau, Nichelle Nadeau-Emler and Nichelle D. Nadeau to JBD Empire LLC, 1010-1012 Pine St., $118,000.

Pride Limited Partnership and Marsha Medina to Fiskdale Investments LLC, 1033-1059 Thorndike St., $3,550,000.


Heather E. Dekarski and Anthony J. Dekarski to Joshua Staples and Anna M. Misischia, 85 Raymur Drive, $210,000.


James F. Abels and Jeanne M. Abels to Asha G. Letendre-Cahillane and Justin R. Norman., 97 Smead Hill Road and Smead Hill Road, $205,000.


Timothy J. Hunting to WD Cowls Inc., Leverett Road.,$7,215.

Walter Otten and Barbara Jeanne Tomlinson to Alissa C. Rothchild and Stuart K. Watson, 38 Schoolhouse Road, $580,716.


Mark A. Frary to Peter C. Frary, Wolcott Road, Rear, $500.


James E. Wesloski Jr., and Helen M. Wesloski to Emund A. Wild II, and Teresa B. Wild, 4 Pondview Lane, $600,000.

LKQ Northeast Inc., to Mass Used Auto Parts LLC, 58 Sam West Road, $700,000.

Pari Hoxha and Tatyana Hoxha to David C. Prifti, trustee, Melissa A. Prifti, trustee, and Prifti Realty Trust, trustee of, Kline Road, $100,000.

Susan J. Turrini to Derek Samble, 163 South Longyard Road, $531,000.


33-35 Genesee LLC, to Brenda Rivera, 33-35 Genesee St., $250,000.

Amat Victoria Curam LLC, to Esteban Pacheco and Jessica Diaz, 39-41 Knox St., $270,000.

Belle Rita Novak to Rebecca Rene, 112 Manchester Terrace, $260,400.

Bissley Realty Inc to Fifty 50 Realty Llc, Spectra S2 Llc, Sui Chang Li and Wade Lee, 228-230 Eastern Ave, $300,000.

Bissley Realty Inc., to Fifty 50 Realty LLC, Sui Chang Li, Spectra S2 LLC, and Wade Lee, 28 Randall Place, $303,500.

Charlene A. Dupuis to Franklin Appiah and Susanna Addo, 33 Santa Maria St., $220,000.

Charlene Kocot and Charlene A. Ward to Michael Chu and Michael Chakming Chu, 76 Willowbrook Drive, $220,000.

Cruz Rosario and Barbara P. Rodriguez to Randy E. Starks and Gigi Fiskey, 60 Patterson Ave., $250,000.

Damian M. Lamm to Angeljoy Co. LLC, 42 Florence St., $140,000.

Denise M. Wood to 53 Corona Street LLC, 53 Corona St., $58,388.

Dina P. Lam to Kim Thu Nguyen and Aykut G. Uner, 104-106 Noel St., $150,000.

Global Homes Properties LLC, to Pierre Baiyee, 17 Wilmington Ave., $333,000.

Grant P. Newman and Kathryn Newman to Jason S. Donaldson, trustee, and Etabav Realty Trust, trustee of, 457 Plumtree Road, $160,000.

Gregory D. Frigo and Stacey L. Coleman to David Ehrlich and Sharon Ehrlich, 109 Jamestown Drive, Unit G66, $251,000.

Jacob A. Cayford to Lilliam A. Vazquez-Roman, 33 Mazarin St., $200,000.

Janet E. Hall and Wayne E. Hall to Wayne E. Hall, life estate, Janet E. Hall, life estate, and Julie A. Lebeau, 42 Helberg Road, $100.

JJJ17 LLC, to John Melendez and Christy Resto, 192 Marsden St., $240,000.

Joanne Meara, representative, Margaret Ellen Meara, estate, and Margaret E. Meara, estate, to Evan C. Battey, 75 Knollwood St., $180,000.

John A. Teague and Carolyn A. Teague to Nadia Batal and Nasser N. Harb, 64 Senator St., $325,000.

Jose C. Aponte and Kayleen E. Aponte to Carlos Rivera, 64 Kenway Drive, $275,000.

Jose Pagan to David Cotto and Lydia E. Barbosa, 28 Glencoe St., $241,000.

Joshua Z. Betancourt to Pedro Cosme and Luz Cosme, 16 Sunrise Terrace, $214,000.

Julio Fernandez and Aurora Fernandez to Iris Ortiz, 57 Murray Hill Ave., $163,000.

Kent B. Goodchild to Revocable Indenture of Trust of Kent B. Goodchild, trustee of, and Kent B. Goodchild, trustee, 344 Forest Hill Road, $100.

Kevin E. Mullen to Adam Mullen, 35 Yale St., $131,000.

Lavar Click and Renee Click to Paige Bradley and Alex Hersey, 51 East Canton Circle, $215,000.

Lee D. Turner III, to Lavar Click and Renee Click, 13 Annies Way, $345,000.

Leila M. Morassi and Leila M. Place to Carmen Milagros Velez and Elisai Gonzalez, 105 Corona St., $220,000.

Leslie J. Rivers to Russell Broome and Nicole Broome, 36 Belvidere St., $295,000.

Luis Lezcano to Catrina Decker, Steven M. Decker and Gabriella Ann Decker, 48 Audubon St., $210,000.

Marc A. Fisher to Michelle Mercier Vargo, 155 Maple St., Unit 206, $72,500.

Maria T. Lavigne to Edwin Emilio Simmons Matos, 48 Bexhill St., $220,000.

Marianne P. Stenta and Marianne P. Gibbings to Kelly Gagner, 32 North Brook Road, $185,000.

Marta M. Cosme to Dadmarie Maldonado and Jose Camacho, 285 Redlands St., $230,000.

Miguel De Jesus and Efrain Perez Maldonado to Sharon Marie Brathwaite, 277 Edendale St., $240,000.

Modesto Abel Montero to Kimberly Ann Robillard, 34 Powell Ave., $251,000.

Nicola Polimeni and Rachel Voci to Jiwan Sunam and Chabi Darjee, 58 Bangor St., $270,000.

Posiadlosc LLC, to Myia Murphy, 29-31 Bloomfield St., $340,000.

Roveco LLC, to Guidewire Inc., 129 Rhinebeck Ave., $264,000.

Ruby Roach to Josephine Nduta Thuo and Josephine N. Thuo, 229-231 College St., $190,000.

Sandra M. Collins to Kevin T. Morrow and Jennifer L. Morrow, 395 Plumtree Road, $110,000.

Sara Omartian to Grahams Construction Inc., Allen Street, $620,000.

Sullane LLC, to Marcus A. Wilson and Patricia Williams, 132 Grover St., $280,000.

Susan Elaine Mach and Quinton Wayne Mach to Tonya Marie Fletcher and Sarah Nicole Penikas, 51 Elaine Circle, $439,900.

Thi Tai to Matthew Garcia Sr., and Karritsa Garcia, 321 Oakland St., $187,000.

Thomas Alexopoulos to 716 Spring Valley LLC, 884-886 St. James Ave., $500,000.

Tok Chang and Flora Tung to Stephanie Albaladejo Hernandez, 19-21 Batavia St., $230,000.

Virginia E. Giaquinto, Carol A. Giaquinto, Carol A. Wojnarowski, Virginia M. Lebel and Robert M. Giaquinto to Lee Turner III, 56 Birchland Ave., $270,000.

Walter W. Kupis to Phantom Holdings LLC, 319 El Paso St., $132,500.

William Boyington Watkins IV to Pedro J. Gonzalez, 54 Haller St., $267,000.

William P. Glenn and Elizabeth Glenn to Gladysh Capital LLC, 51-53 Hayden Ave., $20,000.

Yolanda Delacruz to Andrew C. Sheehan, Andrew Conor Sheehan and Ted Ramdass, 48 Angelica Drive, $396,000.


Brian K. Falcetti and Deborah C. Falcetti to Kristine M. Seney, 331 Hartland Road, $260,000.


Alexander C. Hubbard and Christine T. Hubbard to Jinsu Chen, 98 Main St., $418,000.

West Springfield

Anthony Valentino to Michele Freeman, Brookline Avenue, $225,000.

Cold Spring Clean Trade LLC, to 224 Cold Spring LLC, 222-230 Cold Spring Ave., $550,000.

Gioscia Group LLP, and Nicola E. Gioscia to Suzanne F. Murphy, trustee, and Utca Realty Trust, trustee of, 82 Main St., $352,500.

Heather A. Herbert to Alison L. Herbert, 14 Craiwell Ave., $216,000.

Jason Sutter to Milton Diaz and Rosaliz Ramos, 29 Worthy Ave., $238,000.

Joseph Kot and Valentina Kot to Duane Suliveres, 55 Fox St., $245,000.

Nealkanth Corp to Jeeya & Shruti Corp., 560 Riverdale St., $1,245,000.

Sonya Roberts and Sonya Kay to Dream Realty Group LLC, 15 Colony Road, Unit 15-4, $75,000.


Christian C. Carey and Andrea L. Carey to Weymouth Condo Renovators LLC, 549 Russell Road, Unit 17A, $105,000.

Crav LLC, to Guidewire Inc., 129 Steiger Drive, $355,000.

Double D Investments LLC, to Kelly Leckie, 27 Leonard Ave., $290,000.

Elizabeth Harris and Maureen A. Shea to Nicole E. Gagnon, 14 Fairview Ave., $275,750.

Karen M. Lanouette and Philippe Lanouette to Trevi Robinson and Rachel Robinson, 39 Robinson Drive, $307,000.

Kyle S. Marcoux and Nicole Marie Marcoux to Nancy Jimenez Zigler and Jacob Zigler, 59 Yeoman Ave., $235,000.

Matthew S. Imbriglio and Jessica L. Imbriglio to Grasp Realty LLC, 10 Washington St., $415,000.

Paula K. Cimma, representative, and Todd B. Cimma, estate, to Vladimir Gorozhankin, 3 Norton St., $287,500.

Robert A. Paul Jr., to Jennifer Levesque, 42 Blueberry Ridge, $440,000.

Suzanne Pezzini Tracy, Nancy R. Pezzini-Pasquini, Linda Pezzini and Deborah Anne Duarte Defeo to Principle Property Management LLC, 975 North Road, $370,000.

Tania Nivar, representative, Tania Frink, representative, and Mark S. Frink, estate, to Dylan Willey and Casey Willey, 145 Prospect St. Extn., $219,900.


Daniel D. Roy and Karen K. Roy to Matthew J. Antunes, 6 Blueberry Hill Road, $420,000.

Janelle A. Gaffer and Matthew S. Gaffer to Shannon A. Chagnon and Kyle J. Chagnon, 9 Brentwood Drive, $430,000.

Jing Zhang to Jason Daniel Wegiel and Meagan Ann McCarthy, 2205 Boston Road, Unit M122, $250,000.

John David Costello Jr., to Daniel L Smith and Frederick A. Senay, 745 Monson Road, $555,000.

Joseph D. Ziemba to Zachary J. Ziemba, 5 Sunnyside Terrace, $66,411.

Kathleen M. Pion and Thomas P. Sweeney to Matthew M. Bailey and Andrea L. Bailey, 185 Manchonis Road, $2,650.

Kimberly A. N. Jones to Daniel D. Roy and Karen K. Roy, 13 Longview Drive, $260,000.

Patricia T. Keiser, Abby K. Berry and Peter B. Keiser to Kevin J. Czaplicki Jr., 717 Main St., $327,500.

Thomas W. Johnson to Stephen T. Pitrowski and Meghan E. Pitrowski, 3 Bungalow Point, $510,000.