Massachusetts actual property transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties July 25, 2021

Massachusetts actual property transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties July 25, 2021


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Constance K. Marini to Barbara J. Cofer, 39 Dogwood Lane, #39, $245,000.

David D. Sanschagrin and Meredith E. Sanschagrin to Alycar Investments LLC, 70 Elm St., $275,000.

Frank J. Bond Jr., and Jennifer A. Bouley to Zachary Harley Avery-Kondrat and Katie E. Clark, 22 Ralph St., $190,000.

Gregory M. Daniels to Ruth Noemi Vasquez, 22 Cooley St., $263,000.

Judith M. Uzell and Judith C. Uzell to Joan S .Morey, trustee, and Joan S. Morey Living Trust, trustee of, 13B Castle Hills, $237,500.

Michael S. Bilodeau to Kara M. Pulley, 448 Main St., $229,600.

Michael Sapelli and Rachel Sapelli to Thomas Burgess and Ann Schoff Burgess, 1013 Main St., $325,000.


Laurel Goodhind, Peter Goodhind and Laurel Sheerman to Karen Li Ching, 10 Hitching Post Road, $420,000.

Ralph P. Hill and Edith S. Howe to Edith Sawyer Howe, trustee, and Howe Family Trust, 33 Sheerman Lane, $100.

Edith S. Howe to Edith Sawyer Howe, trustee, and Howe Family Trust, 25 Hedgerow Lane, $100.

Edith S. Howe to Howe Family Trust and Edith Sawyer Howe, trustee, 44 McClure St., $100.

Ralph P. Hill and Edith S. Howe to Edith Sawyer Howe, trustee, and Howe Family Trust, 71 Eames Ave., $100.

Ralph Hill and Edith Howe to Edith Sawyer Howe, trustee, and Howe Family Trust, 535 South Pleasant St., $100.

Edith S. Howe to Edith Sawyer Howe, trustee, and Howe Family Trust, 543 South Pleasant St., $100.

Timothy A. Lang and Lisa J. Lieberman to Angela L. McCubbin and Christopher B. McCubbin, 257 Shutesbury Road, $655,000.

Thomas B. Baker III, trustee, Katherine Healan Gaston, trustee, Lynne Rudder Baker 2013 Trust, Thomas B. Baker III, personal representative, Lynne Rudder Baker, estate, and Marital Trust to Egbert Bakker and Melissa Y. Mueller, 137 Shutesbury Road, $910,000.


Cornerstone Homebuying LLC, to Lun Huan Zhang, 103 Turkey Hill Road, $345,000.

Charles A. Curley and Patricia Curley to Coleen C. Curley and Joshua P. Cullen, 50 Center St., $100.


Lorene A. Johnson as Personal Representative of the Estate of Agnes H. Lenois to Amanda M. Hickey and Ryan P. Hickey, Turners Falls Road, $45,000

Herta Muller and Ludwig Muller to Thomas Wyman, Couch Brook Road, $15,000.


A&B Automotive Properties LLC, to Spring Mountain LLC, 285 Webber Road, $435,000.

Colleen Thompson, Colleen Burque and Colleen O’Sullivan to Eric J. Poirier, 45 Dean Pond Road, $267,350.

James C. Stearns Jr., and Kenneth Stearns to Bhuvana Woodland LLC, Washington Road, $68,000.


Ashley R. Drake to Levi Janssen and Wesley Janssen, 145 Main St., $222,000

Janet T. Callahan, Trustee of Janet T. Callahan Revocable Trust of 1999 and Terry Stopera, Trustee of Terry Stopera 2014 Revocable Trust to Virginia Brown and David Weiland, Main Street, $65,000.


Gary J. Dipietro to Amy Sewell, 23 Maple St., $185,000.

Linda C. Piergiovanni and Linda Piergiovanni to Marcella J. Phelps, 317 Huntington St., $15,000.


Andrew J. Segarra and Nisa N. Segarra to Jose J. Diaz, 29 Silvin Road, $263,000.

Carol M. Croteau, representative, and Donald B. Croteau, estate, to Katherine E. Smith and Bruce P. Smith, 36 Northwood St., $248,000.

J. Michael Muldoon to Drew Nalewanski, 118-120 Fairview Ave., $314,000.

Jeffrey A. Pickett to Carol Maldonado and Jose A. Maldonado, 56 Auburn St., $217,800.

Joseph Garchali to William Lewicki, 63 Applewood Drive, Unit 6075D, $156,500.

Marc N. Turgeon and Wendy A. Turgeon to Wahab A. Mohammed and Heather Zapponi, 61 Moreau Drive, $375,000.

Richard G. Maciolek and Dawn M. Fernandes to William Richard Anderson Jr., 61 Fletcher Circle, $270,000.

Timothy F. Ryan to Christopher Staples and Megan C. Staples, 176 Vadnais St., $280,000.

Timothy M. Pittman to Amy Mercer and Jordan Mullen-Mercer, 90 Rochester St., $240,000.

U S Bank Trust, trustee, and Master Participation Trust LSF9, trustee of, to Robert F. Danczak, 166 College St., $150,000.

William C. Roach to Maryanne Chmura, 118 Park Place, Unit 18, $168,273.


Merlyn Property LLC, to J2K Realty LLC, 4-6 Sugarloaf Street, $875,000.

Stanley Romanowski to Hai Van Nguyen, Stillwater Road, $13,000.

East Longmeadow

Barry Fitzgerald to Phil Milstein, 117 Pleasant St., $325,000.

Girard L. Elliott and Clara M. Elliott to Joan I. Annexy Lopez and Gabriel Rodriguez, 45 Oak Brook Drive, $375,000.

June R. Cleary to U S A Housing & Urban Development, 21 Channing Road, $139,425.


Lisa Jaffe, Rebekah Jaffe and Rebekah Steininger to Mary Elizabeth Gowins and Jennie Elizabeth Brown, 5 Boylston St., $355,000.

John Knybel, Melissa Knybel, John A. Knybel and Melissa M. Knybel to Felicia A. Jadczak and Steven Collicelli, 21-23 Federal St., $460,000.

Robert J. Tilbe and Sharon Tilbe to Gerald David Hanford and Janet Therese Hanford, 2 Mechanic St., $178,000.


Duncan James Elliott, “aka” Duncan J. Elliott Jr., and Jacquelene Michelle Elliott to Stuart B. Marsh and Noreen M. Marsh, 22 Hickory Hill Road, “aka” 20 Hickory Hill Road, $870,000.


Shawn Lamoureux to Shawn Lamoureux and Annemarie Lamoureux, 174 Porter St., $100.

Shawn Lamoureux and Sean Lamoureux to L Lands LLC, West State Street, $100.

Granby DG Series LLC, to 176 W State St LLC, 176 West State St., $2,250,000.

Richard Landry to Alexander Goldberg, 6 Dian St., $220,000.

Veda L. Andrus, trustee, Marie M. Shanahan, trustee, Veda L. Andrus Revocable Trust and Marie M. Shanahan Revocable Trust, to C. Bruce Taylor, trustee, Judith H. Taylor, trustee, and Taylor Family 2017 Revocable Trust, 53 Barton St., $616,000.

Barbara M. Szaban to Robert A. LaPointe and Denise V. LaPointe, East State Street, $70,000.


Jeffrey D. Jackman and Mariah L. Jackman to Eduardo I. Monzon Perez, 3 Earl Ave., $253,000.

Daniel Y. Khan to Astrid M. Burke and Trey D. Jones, 79 Hope St., $212,500.

Sophia Underwood Koblinski and Fotini Ninos to Annmarie Hannon, 33 Holly Ave., $195,000.

Janice A. Adam and Steven E. Adam to Mary A. Westervelt, 252 Davis St., $320,500.

Kimball & Kimball LLC, to Daniela Jacobson and Samuel Plotkin, 19-21 Haywood St., $349,000.

Lea Wulfkuhle, “fka” Lea Monte. and Evelyn Wulfkuhle, “fka” Evelyn R. Whitbeck-Poorbaugh, to Ann Marie Dobosz and Susan Maiorana, 10 Vernon St., $235,000.

Celeste Chickering to Akilah M. Scharff and Choon Keat Teoh, 119 Montague City Road, $318,500.

Janice Sparko Frey, “aka” Janice Sparko, to Coreen R. Demers, 183 Fairview St., $205,000.

Jeffrey M. Lively and Rachel I. Lively to Sara J. Allred and Andrew Petitdemange, 32 Cleveland St., $270,000.

Tigran Ayrapetyan and Vera Ayrapetyan to Edin Barone Thompson, 31 Forest Ave., $275,000.


Rosemund LLC, to Saul Kuhr, 45 Old Mountain Road, $510,000.

Josephine B. Keeley to Ronald Keith, 61 East St., $150,000.

Henry J. Malek Jr., Karen P. Standafer, Susan A. Desmond and Susan A. Lovett to Danu Farm LLC, 121 Middle St., $320,000.


Donna T. Haskins to Jason P. Catarino and Stephanie Prairie, 91 Mill Road, $372,000.


Andrew J. Black and Amanda Black to Timothy J. Menz and Tania Menz, 96 Bridge St., $850,000.

Peoples United Bank, trustee, Bank of Western Massachusetts, trustee, and Kenneth J. Banas Trust to Kenneth J. Banas, Lee W. Goss and Leslie Gould-Barkman, 21 Pantry Road, $369,000.


Boccio Capital Group LLC, to Maurice Anthony Jason, 33 Maple Crest Circle, Unit D, $130,000.

Joan I. Annexy Lopez, Joan I. Annexy-Lopez and Gabriel Rodriguez to Kyle Renzulli, 30 Sheehan Drive, $237,000.

Kyle Sodano, Kyle J. Sodano and Nicholina M. Sodano to Maria Estelle Camacho, 302 Homestead Ave., $230,000.

Valley View Apartments LLC, to Valley Ventures LLC, 507-517 Whitney Ave., $7,092,000.


Mark A. Rehbein and Deborah J. Rehbein to Mei Su Situ, 16 Park Ridge Drive, $490,000.


Emily M. Lange and Molly S. Caplan to Sarah Kenney, 1183 Longmeadow St., $375,000.

Mary L. Wilson to Courtney C. Marquardt, 37 Meadow Road, $199,000.

Ravi K. Narasimhan and Meera Ravikumar to Alexander Torpey and Angela Caputo, 90 Brookside Drive, $470,000.

Stewart E. Creelman to Steven Creelman and Jennifer Creelman, 158 Wenonah Road, $375,000.


Antonio Maximino Salvador, Maximino Machado Salvador, Fernando Machado Salvador, Yvette Conceicao Anselmo, Maria Palmira Zina, Horacio Machado Salvador, Armando Salvador and Lisa Marie Santos to Tracy Lanou, 88 Roy St., $255,000.

Dwight Manganaro, Dwight Maganaro, Leeann M Manganaro and Leeann M Maganaro to Richard A Nadeau, Kathleen F. Nadeau, Robert Nadeau and Efrain Gonzalez, 193 Jerad Drive, $650,000.

Maria R. Santos and Benvinda Santos to Robert J. Schroeter, 90 Haviland St., $148,000.


Dorothy R. Fisher and Julie Johnson to Aaron J. Carpenter and Rachel A. Berthiaume, 50 Childs Road, $581,000.

Robert D. Zeiler and Pamela A. Zeiler to Ryan J. Harriman and Emily M. Harriman, 5 Old Stafford Road, $325,629.


Ragus LLC, to Aidan C. Connelly, 36 Green Pond Road, $265,000.

Anna M. Lampron and David B. Lampron, Jr., to Mariah I. Shore, 77 Swamp Road, $676,000.

Cheryl Demers, Eric D. Tuttle and Raymond R. Tuttle to Chad Demers, 15 Chester St., $276,000.


Robert T. Doyle Jr., trustee, R. Joseph DeFlorio, estate, to David P. Wicinas, Pamela W. Wicinas and Pamela Wyn Wicinas, 44 Sheffield Lane, $219,000.

Charles L. Robertson and Denise Rochat to Denise Rochat, 31 Langworthy Road, $100.

Sunwood Development Corp., to Mary Ann Lanier and Nancy Slocum, 117 Olander Drive, $408,659.

Stephen M. Rogers, Harriet Rogers and Steven M. Rogers to Baishakhi Taylor and Kevin Taylor, 11 Lincoln Ave., $510,000.

Lisa M. McCray to Eric Boggio Conz and Nancy Anne Rothenberg, 369 Florence Road, $300,000.

Jeffrey Robertson and Rebecca Robertson to Jeffrey E. Robertson, trustee, Rebecca S. Robertson, trustee, Jeffrey E. Robertson Revocable Trust and Rebecca S. Robertson Revocable Trust, 93 Bridge Road, $100.

Ann M. Borawski and Robert A. Borawski to Sheryl Fappiano and Michael Henderson, 141 Kennedy Road, $25,000.

Christopher A. Bryant and Dawn Brickell-Bryant to Zachary Charren-Diehl, 575 Bridge Road, $265,000.

Joan Ruddy Palermo, Joan Leonard, Elaine Ruddy Parsons and Elaine Parsons to William Michael Ryan and Judith A. Ryan, North Elm Street, $500.

Robert Ferris, attorney-in-fact, and Margaret R. Ferris to Jordan I. Thomas and Callie A. Avis, 24 Chesterfield Road, $453,000.


Northfield Mount Hermon School to Thomas Aquinas College, 7 Bolton Road and 13 Bolton Road, $355,274.

Northfield Mount Hermon School to Thomas Aquinas College, 148 Winchester Road, $182,404.

Northfield Mount Hermon School to Thomas Aquinas College. 75 Highland Ave., $176,186.

Northfield Mount Hermon School to Thomas Aquinas College, 14 Pine St., $203,547.

Northfield Mount Hermon School to Thomas Aquinas College, 291 Birnam Road. $152,557.

Northfield Mount Hermon School to Thomas Aquinas College, 12 North Lane and North Lane. $181,990.

Northfield Mount Hermon School to Thomas Aquinas College, 44 Highland Ave, $186,550.

Northfield Mount Hermon School to Thomas Aquinas College, 292 Birnam Road, $176,186.

Northfield Mount Hermon School to Thomas Aquinas College, 81 Highland Ave., $185,306.

Laurie J. Shaw, personal representative, of the Estate of James C. Allen to Alison Mary Bridgman and Ian David Bridgman, trustees of, Bridgman Homestead Realty Trust, 53 Birnam Road, $301,000.


Francis J. Barszcz, Jr. to Elizabeth A. Hume and Scott E. Hume, 344 Mayo Road, $397,500.

Community Action of Pioneer Valley Inc., “fka” Community Action of Franklin Hampshire & North Quabbin Regions Inc., to Scott A. Barden, 167 South Main St., $196,500.

Olivia A. Kimball to Sydney M. Caron and Brian A. Patnaude, 174 Pleasant St., $235,000.


Brandon F. Kilbane to Richard Joseph Brown and Allison M. Smith, 232 Breckenridge St., $305,000.

Frederick LaFortune III, and Lisa Marie LaFortune to Sheena Slota, Stanislawa Slota and James M. Carlson II, 23 East Palmer Park Drive, $267,000.

Michael C. Lannie and Joanna A. Lannie to Jesse Pereira and Magdalena Pereira, 127 Boston Road, $340,000.

Stephen E. Noga to Wenwei Ma, 23 Riverside St., $278,800.


Dylan Schoelzel, “aka” Dylan V. D. Schoelzel, and Emily M. Schoelzel to Eric A. Vassar and Stephanie L. Vassar., 323 Shelburne Center Road, “aka” 891 Mohawk Trail, $550,000.

Emily Meehan and Corey D. Paul to Bart Gottesdiener, 88 Old Greenfield Road, $357,000.

Jillian R. Ellis, trustee of, Ellis Investment Trust to Nicole Durant, 652 Patten Hill Road, $371,000.


Denise Boyd and Paul M. Danielovich to John E. Coffin, 27 Ames Haven Road, $518,000.

South Hadley

Judith Picknelly to Judith Picknelly, trustee, and Judith Picknelly Revocable Living Trust, 79 Shadowbrook Estate, $100.

Normand R. Girardin and Jean C. Girardin to Jeffrey Collett and Marta Sabariego, 35 Highland Ave., $425,000.

AAD LLC, to Benjamin E. Burns, 1 Canal St., $244,900.

Krystal Morace and William Robinson to Rachel Moloshok, 15 Richview Ave., $355,000.

Dante Francis Vacca and Therese Ann Vacca to David M. DeBartolo, 124 College St., $320,000.

Toni M. Kelly to Brian S. Garcia Jr., and Nicole V. Kelly, 11 Fulton St., $235,000.

Megan A. Shibley and Thomas R. Butova to Janet Bordwin, 19 Rivercrest Way, $464,019.


Cheri A. York-Whiteley to Cheri A. York-Whiteley, trustee, and Cheri A. York-Whiteley Living Trust, 69 Maple St., $100.


Lucas M. Cimmino to Robert R. Delaire and Jacqueline M. Delaire, 87 Powder Mill Road, $285,000.


Albert Williams and Donna L. Williams to Keila Nieves Guadalupe, 211 Merrimac Ave., $201,000.

Angela M. Blanchard to Virginia L. Colon and Eliseo Colon Jr., 21 Jean Drive, $219,000.

Angelo Deguglielmo Jr., and Giuseppe Deguglielmo to Marco Luigi Basile, 35-37 Moulton St., $200,000.

Anthony Fabiane Almodovar to Hodaliz Borrayes and Lisbet Borrayez, 160 Pasco Road, $240,000.

Barbara A. Holubecki to Kyle Gautheir and Elizabeth Gautheir, 125 Victoria St., $65,000.

Barbara Spear to Tyler J. Calhoun, 212-214 Fort Pleasant Ave., $267,000.

Bonnie J. Leamy, representative, and Marie M. Dussault, estate, to Elena G. Aguirre, 104 Ontario St., $209,000.

Christopher A. Spagnoli to AJN Rentals LLC, 6 Sorrento St., $35,000.

Craig S. Little to Henry A. Caldwell and Dianne McCoy Caldwell, 221 Old Farm Road, $175,000.

Israel A. Hernandez to 3Queens LLC, 174-176 Massasoit St., $160,000.

Jack J. Barnes and Norma E. Barnes to Zachary A. VanDyke, 338 Parkerview St., $106,431.

James P. Wright to Matthew Dooney and Katie Dooney, 23 Georgetown St., $140,000.

Janine Hernandez to Danielle Mesa, 60 Monmouth St., $190,000.

Joey Acevedo to Julio Angel Rivera and Marisol Rivera, 125 Catalina Drive, $295,000.

Junior Properties LLC, to Kelnate Realty LLC, 228 Belmont Ave., $375,000.

Keith A. Headley to Celia J. Oyler, 120 Lamplighter Lane, Unit G, $118,000.

Keith Wilson to Igor F. Santos, 38 Drexel St., $190,000.

Krysia L. Villon to Abdulazeez Aljashaam, 70 Freeman Terrace, $122,000.

Lauren Pomponio and Peter A. Pomponio to Cathyann Turner Foster and John W. Foster, 73 Nassau Drive, Unit 73, $130,000.

Lisa S. Kane and Jared Kane to Kelly Ann Dillon, 37 Chilson St., $230,000.

Luis Irizarry to Nirmala Mizer, 99-101 Euclid Ave., $295,000.

Lynda M. Green, Judith Green Hershel and Arthur Singleton to Ontour Properties Inc., 19 Brandon Ave., $70,500.

Maria T. Sanchez to Salina B. Lee, 7 Denver St., $231,000.

Genevieve Construction Development Group Inc., to Beverly Bromfield, 56-58 Dunmoreland St., $235,000.

Mervina O. Sobers to Pelham Springfield LLC, 82 Pelham St., $100,000.

Nery A. Bernal to Ana Bernardo, 26-28 Massasoit Place, $280,000.

Nery A. Bernal to Michael S. Maxwell, 106 Massasoit St., $231,000.

Nicholas Dyber to Yazan Haddad, 418 Longhill St., $569,900.

Pamela M. Christian to Radhames Cespedes, 22 Jeffrey Road, $255,000.

Pauline A. Reynolds, representative, Shelley I. Green, estate, and Shelley Iris Green, estate, to Emtay Inc., 216-218 Fort Pleasant Ave., $155,000.

Roman A. Aseyev and Marina V. Aseyev to Aida Correa, 48 Palmer Ave., $220,000.

SA Holding 2 LLC, to 164 Leyfred Realty Trust, trustee of, and Bruce A. Arnold Sr., trustee, 164 Leyfred Terrace, $120,000.

Stacey L. Coleman to College Rentals LLC, 115 Jamestown Drive, Units 115, G37, $237,000.

STV Realty LLC, to Son Vo, 346 Dickinson St., $260,000.

Timothy M. McKeever and Bryan E. McKeever to Timothy M. McKeever, 1183 Dickinson St., $100.

Todd Blais to Molly L. Blais, 83 East Canton Circle, $204,200.

U S A Veterans Affairs to Buong V Le, 84 Lamont St., $132,079.

Vicky Jo Ortiz and Vicky J. Rosario to Prime Partners LLC, 215 Oak Grove Ave., $175,500.

Wei Qiang Ni to Hunter Property Group LLC, 87-89 Bowles St., $160,000.

Xiuyu Ma to Alonzo Williams, 101 Mulberry St., Unit 311, $75,000.

Xiuyu Ma to Alonzo Williams, 40 Glendell Terrace, $235,000.

Xiuyu Ma to Alonzo Williams, 79-81 Leyfred Terrace, $226,000.

Zamiah Restaurant Corp., to Aura Ramirez, 45 Pidgeon Drive, $270,000.


Elaine Goodhind, Trustee of Klemyk Family Trust to Eli Z. Berk and Lauren Elizabeth Potter, South Plain Road, $279,000.

Benjamin M. Barr and Tara L. Barr to Steven Bobbitt and Deena Bobbitt, 35 North Plain Road, $527,000.


April Lynn Collins, Aadam Kenneth Bellfield Glenn and Hanna Mu-Nazza Glenn to Dina Dumezil, 2000 New Boston Road, $132,000.


Kelvin R. Boisvert, estate, and Kelly J. Youngberg, representative, to Steve James Youngberg and Kelly Jessica Youngberg, 43 Stafford Road, $250,000.


Spencer S. Hogan and Mackenna C. Hogan to Spencer S. Hogan, 179 Upper Church St., $100.

Scudder Bay Capital LLC, to Blackwell Properties LLC, 116-118 North St., $275,000.

Robert Nompleggi and April Nompleggi to David M. Martel, 25 Monson Turnpike Road, $310,000.

Micromont Holdings 23 LLC, and Palmer Road 1031 Exchange LLC, to Alpine Income Property OP LP, 355 Palmer Road, $1,395,750.

SE Homes LLC, and New England Home Buyers LLC, to Angelina Roman, 72 Eagle St., $115,000.

Lisa Judkins, conservator, and Patricia S. Gallant to Daniel J. Barrett, 279 Palmer Road, $62,500.

Ronald E. Ellithorpe to Kaitlyn M. Buckley and Dylan J. Routhier, 81 Coffey Hill Road, $250,000.


Susan English to Holly W. McKinney and Robert J. McKinney, 146 Montague Road, $400,000.

West Springfield

Edward N. Henry and Mary E. Henry to Jason Boulanger, 102 Warren St., $260,000.

Edward W. Shea to Michelle Moon-Smart, 449 Cold Spring Ave., $95,000.

Elizabeth A. Harlow-Harris, Lynn Chase and Sandra Glazier to Jessie M. Thompson, 180 Wolcott Ave., $251,000.

Jason A. Minich and Trisha Minich-Warger to Kamali Miller, 14 Mosher St., $192,000.

Joseph R. Leo to Joseph R. Leo and Amelia M. Leo, 43 Belmont Ave., $100.

Custom Homes Development Group LLC, to Deana Kiczek, 52 Meadowbrook Ave., $250,000.

Nello J. Grimaldi, Nello G. Grimaldi, Carmela A. Auclair, Carmela A. Grimaldi and Italia Grimaldi to Casey K. Mcbride, 279 Morgan Road, $232,500.

Sandra J. Kieltyka to Jamie Mitchell, 172 Farmer Brown Lane, $265,000.

Scott M. Skorupski and Natasha Parchinskaya-Skorupski to Vincenzo L. Calabrese, 67-69 Lathrop St., $311,000.

Westwood Court Apartments LLC, to Westwood Court Ventures LLC, 1583 Riverdale St., $6,092,000.


John Carl Kiefer IV, and Tricia J. Kiefer to Timothy Pittman, 6 Lisa Lane, $421,000.

John J. McCormack and Jennifer McCormack to Kenneth E. Frisbie, 1063 East Mountain Road, $322,000.

John W. Pignatare, Amy Lynn Damour, Amy Lynn Pignatare and Adina Apolonia Pignatare to Lee T .Mulligan, 27 Dewey Ave., Unit 5, $185,000.

Kevin W. Harraghy, estate, and James M. Kane, representative, to Nathaniel Arkoette and Candace A. Francis, 92 Crane Ave., $216,000.

Maryanne Chmura to Juan Humberto Guamanrrigra Ayavaca, 34 Wilson Ave., $165,000.

Michael Gagnon, representative, and Richard E. Gagnon, estate, to Malia Homebuyers LLC, 929 Shaker Road, Unit #8, $175,000.

Roger E. Morin and David P. LaChapelle to John McCoy, 549 Russell St., Unit 14A, $105,000.

Salim Abdoo and Zaide Soufane to Joshua T. Rivard, 16 Frederick St., $375,000.


George Hollywood and Karen Hollywood to Julian E. Rose and Stephen W. Brady, 262 North Road, $76,000.


J2K Realty LLC, to Anastasia L. Ezequelle and Stephen P. Ezequelle, 336 Haydenville Road, $399,000.


Gail B. Higgins and Arthur W. Orlosk to Robert W. Borecki and Debra A. Borecki, 122 Cherry Drive, $358,000.

Jennifer C. Kinder and Jeffrey Kinder to Xiuyi Liang, 512 Mountain Road, $550,000.

Nick V. Hastain and Susan Hastain to Cabot M. Nunlist and Eva H. Nunlist, 17 Danforth Farm Road, $801,000.