Massachusetts actual property transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Could 30, 2021



Christopher M. Chechile to Monique Alaine Simon, 57 Hastings St., $215,000.

Frank A. Cavallo to Amy M. Kelly, 16 Forest Road, $380,300.

Karla L. Camacho Rivera to Uziel Soto, 70 Faymore Drive, $301,000.

Michael Paul Hebert and Iwona Poniat Hebert to Karina Lo, 418 Meadow St., Unit D-15, $202,000.

Rachael E. Wilson, representative, and Carole A. Wilson, estate, to Bernard R. Tatro Jr., 12B Castle Hills Road, $275,000.

Robert J. Parent and Mary G. Parent to Dmytro Pylypenko, 312 Regency Park Drive, Unit 312, $125,000.

Susan Mansi to Luis E. Moya and Jonaury N. Estevez Cruz, 163 Florida Drive, $300,000.


Robin A. Morris and Peter H. Kibbler to Dan Bevacqua and Hannah Brooks-Motl, 115 Sand Hill Road, $457,000.

Kathryn E. Carlson, personal representative, and David R. Carlson, estate, to Yair Zick and Jolene S. Costa, 34 Spaulding St., $450,000.

Joan E. Langley to Elizabeth B. Perkins, trustee, and Elizabeth P. Perkins Irrevocable Trust, 28 Mcintosh Drive, $310,000.

Francis X. Bock and Jessica B. Dockendorff to Alexander M. Gontar and Casey P. Maloney, 632 South Pleasant St., $453,500.

Katharine J. Waggoner, trustee, and Katharine J. Waggoner Living Trust to Brian R. Stoffer, 4 Autumn Lane, $225,000.

Kathleen R. Decker and Thomas A. Decker to John S. Edmund and Kathleen M. Edmund, 24 Greenleaves Drive, $205,000.

Pari Riahi and Yahya Modarres-Sadeghi to Larissa R. Chernock and Matthew S. Goldberg, 52 Blue Hills Road, $351,000.

Paul Schneider, trustee, Rebecca Schneider, trustee, and Patricia C. & Peter F. Schneider Irrevocable Declaration of TR to Jayant Taneja and Emily Kumpel, 77 McClellan St., $455,000.

Joanne T. Swanson and John S. Swanson to Erica A. Reisig and Jiri A. Jacknowitz, 772 North East St., $815,000.


Matthew A. Shippee and Rhonda L. Shippee to Eric R. Burrington and Margaret J. Burrington, Old Stage Road, $215,000.

Joan Arsenault, “aka” Joan B. Arsenault, to Tristian L. Arsenault, 314 Norton Hill Road, and Steady Lane, $16,420.

Todd T. McKenna to Kelly Erickson and Eliot W. Greenwald, 284 John Ford Road, $372, 500.


Mary L. Davis to Cynthia A. Davis, 1 Chauncey Walker St., and Turkey Hill Road, $100.

Marcel A. Nunes to Tang Properties LLC, Oasis Drive, $90,000.

Marcel A. Nunes to Grace M. Drost, Oasis Drive, $90,000.

Marcel A. Nunes to Nicholas T. Drost, Oasis Drive, $90,000.

Chevalier Family Irrevocable Trust and Renee Rae, trustee, to Jacob N. Smith, 47 Edelcy Drive, $330,000.

M & G Land Development LLC, to Thomas E. Smith and Linda H. Smith, 370 Bay Road, $400,000.

Lizbeth L. Paddy to Linda Coffey, 23 Everett Ave., $215,000.


Marie F. Dugay to Joseph E. Kozyra, St. Clair Road, $40,000.


United Land of America LLC, to Craig Rice and Dana Rice, Maxwell Road, $16,000.


Beverly A. Garceau to Jacob Sanders Leis, 116 Route 20, $120,000.

Chester Hill Farm LLC, to Jesse J. Babcock, Skyline Trail, $36,000.


Lauren Baldwin to Elizabeth A. Morrow, trustee, and Grant Morrow III Family Trust, Ireland Street, $200,000.

James F. Fortini and Sallyann B. Fortini to Daniel Andrew Blair and Erica Catherine Hewes, 40 Bisbee Road, $320,000.


Anthony Dominguez and Jacqueline Dominguez to Jonathan Solivan Reyes, 214 Dayton St., $290,000.

Chicopee City to J&N Salema Family LP, Front Street, $4,500.

Daniel Maslowski and Kseniya Maslowski to Michael Leonidovich Dipon, 63 Homer Ave., $235,000.

George Landry, Deborah Senecal-Landry and Deborah Senecal to Jessica Welsh, 88 Vadnais St., $286,000.

James P. Demers, Christopher G. Demers and Charlotte L. Demers to Katelyn Plasse, 50 Chapel St., $214,200.

Jeannette M. Sterniak, Jeannette M. Monette and Robert Monette to Elizabeth M. Roy and Elizabeth Roy, 134 College St., $291,000.

Jeffrey Lareau to Luz M. De La Paz-Cartagena, 1035 Burnett Road, $328,000.

Kari L. Trombley to William Ishler and Ashley Marie Rivest, 614 Britton St., $335,000.

Laura L. Dugre to Waldemar Moreno, 64 Maplewood Ave., $340,000.

Mary T. Lacroix to Pierre A Monast and Kathleen S. Monast, 251 McCarthy Ave., $319,900.

Matthew Yacubek, Brianna L. Yacubeck and Matthew Yacubeck to Vanessa Rodriguez and Christopher Gonzalez, 108 New York Ave., $250,000.

Rosemary R. Minor, representative, and Ruth I. Corridan, estate, to Jennifer L. Bixby, 61 Abbey Memorial Drive, Unit 153, $174,000.

Timothy D. Raymond Jr., to Charles Cordova and Lisa Kennedy, 202 Rolf Ave., $85,000.

Tyler J. Chick to Zachary R. Beaulieu and Caitlin E Beaulieu, 786 McKinstry Ave., $225,000.

Victor E. Mikalunas and Karen L. Cuthbert-Mikalunas to Nefy Isai Campos and Rachael Elliott Campos, 14 Harrington Road, $151,000.


Ragus LLC, to Jean Schwartz, 36A Snowberry Circle, Unit 24A, Sugarloaf Condominium, $435,000.

East Longmeadow

Dorinne A. Rodriguez to Nicole A. Rodriguez, 58 North Circle Drive, $240,000.

Jonathan Guinipero and Leah M. Grant to Jeffrey J. Corless, 14 La Salle St., $275,000.

Mark D. Templeman and Briseida Templeman to Paulette Wright, 53 Tufts St., $355,000.

Shahid Ghuman to Kristen Jade Russo, 118 Patterson Ave., $310,000.


W. Marek Inc., to Dylan S. Wells and Rebecca Rose Willard, 108 Line St., $350,000.

Amy E. Quinlan and Melissa E. Quinlan to Karen Ann Johnson and Bonnie Jean Asselin, 47 Bryan Ave., $372,500.

Francis P. Lepine to John Joseph Sefton and Melenie Freedom Flynn, 14 Garfield Ave., $422,000.

Alan R. Harris, personal representative, and Therese A. Harris, estate, to Kyle Taylor and Kate Seaman, 289 Main St., $401,000.

Tara A. Blondin to Jessie Warner, 34 Rabideau Drive, $292,000.


Robert L. Ward, personal representative, and Donald J. Lovern, estate, to Shane A. Clark, 7 Darrel Ave., $200,000.


Ernest R. Sandman to Marc Pereira, McCarthy Road, $90,000.


William D. Aldrich to Mach 1 Properties LLC, 603 Leyden Road, $105,500.

Greenfield LL Corridor, Greenfield Manager Corridor LLC, and Ventures Corridor Inc., to Bema Properties LLC, CCM Properties Group LLC, Eat-CCM LLC, and Mat-Cor Properties LLC, 19 Bradford Drive, $12,750,000.

John Delabruere, by attorney, power of attorney, Paul Delabruere, attorney, to Justin M. Lapointe, 155 Hope St., $122,000.

Matthew W. Goglin to Jesse Gexler, 25 Keegan Lane, Unit 5C, College Park Condominium, $135,000.

Peter J. Didonato and Philomena Didonato to OV Properties LLC, 20 Silver Crest Circle, Unit 11, Silver Crest Condominium, $349,900.

Gary W. Rosenberg and Jennifer L. Rosenberg to Alexander F. Barisano and Brittany M. Barisano, Log Plain Road, $40,000.

Michael C. Stempel to Brooke M. Steinhauser, 110 Beech St., $260,000.

Mark A. Sirum and Tracy L. Sirum to Sheriann Ahearn and Carol Hamel, 23 Eastern Ave., $272,200.

David Howe and Joann Howe to Danny Mason and Jody Sieben, 37 Mary Potter Lane, $380,000.

Donald M. MacLeod to Tanya Bryant, 152 Petty Plain Road, $172,000.

Mitchell E. Clark to Maegan Boutot and Michael Andrew Mullin, 316 Chapman St., $250,000.

James A. Burgess, Jeffrey M. Burgess and Jerry C. Burgess to Lindsay M. Comeau and William A. Harron III, 54 Ferrante Ave., $270,000.


Marjory H. Spencer and Barbara J. Spencer to Marc A. Mailhott and Sarah J. Mailhott, Hockanum Road, $40,000.

Lynne P. Dziok and Theodore E. Dziok to Timothy E. Dziok, Kristen S. Dziok and Linda C. Paroline, 4 Bayberry Lane, $100.

Bethany L. Jacques and Daniel J. Jacques to Joseph R. Polino and Maria T. Polino, 2 High Meadow Road, $559,000.

Denise A. Clark, trustee, Denise W. Clark, trustee, Joseph T. & Adele J. Westort Joint Living Trust, Stewart F. Clark Jr., Denise A. Clark and Denise W. Clark to Marshall Steinbeck, trustee, and MMS Revocable Trust, North Branch Road, $18,000.

Jeffrey T. Reynolds Jr., and Nichole R. Reynolds to 26 Mt. Warner Realty Trust and Jack Daniel Davis, trustee, 26 Mount Warner Road, $542,000.


Patricia A. Pastoreck to Erica Teles, 517 Glendale Road, $515,000.

Steven H. Sheldon and Rebecca Sheldon to Dygo Leo Tosa and Janette Marie Myette, 88 Scantic Road, $339,000.


David R. Langlais to Brent Michael Braman, Mohawk Estates, $5,000.

David R. Langlais to Hope L. Bussiere and Shaun P. Bussiere, Mohawk Estates, $5,000.


Bradley S. Sherrod to Craig W. Babcock II, 25 Stony Hill Road, $205,000.

George J. Carling and Janice M. Carling to Megan G. Lyons and Benjamin R. Lyons, 169 Brimfield Road, $387,900.


Alan D. Hogan and Jessica Usher to Samantha Taylor and Emmett Dupont, 157 Norwood Terrace, $220,000.

Amy B. Taylor and Amy B. Beaudry to Ashley A. Brackett and Christopher Brackett, 65 Mountain Road, $328,000.

Ashley A. Brackett and Christopher Brackett to Alan D. Hogan and Jessica Usher, 7 Park Slope, $289,900.

Carlos A. Cirino to Gandara Mental Health Center Inc., 82-84 Davis St., $310,000.

David M. Hampson, representative, Frederick J. Hampson Jr., representative, and Frederick J. Hampson, estate, to Thomas Wilson, trustee, and 188 Madison Avenue Realty Trust, trustee of, 188 Madison Ave., $180,000.

Earl K. Dandy III, to Wendy Weiss, 903 Hampden St., $75,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Rebecca J. Foltasz, 328 Linden St., $131,000.

Ivy J. MccCaflin to Sofia Carrascal, 12A Maplecrest Circle, $102,500.

Merrill C. Desrosiers to Eileen Kos and Peter Kos, 141 Oxford Road, $300,000.

Mildred A. Brennan, Laura Lee Brennan, Kathleen A. Brennan, John P. Brennan and James T. Brennan Jr., to Michelle J. Kyser, 196 Sargeant St., $201,000.

Nancy L. Marshall to NJRE Property Group LLC, Lower Westfield Road, $20,000.

Raymond Welch, Samantha Welch, representative, and Edward Welch, estate, to Kristy M. Reillo Rosado, 32 Clinton Ave., $149,000.

Richard C. Page to Joseph K. Prattico and Breeann M. Flanagan, 105 Sheehan Drive, $235,000.

Scott Kosak and Shauna Kosak to Amanda D. Tebo, 419 Hillside Ave., $256,500.

U S Bank Trust, trustee, and LSF9 Master Participation Trust, trustee of, to Wilfredo Rodriguez Gonzalez and Maria De Los Angeles Guzman Velazquez, 5 Washington Ave., $195,000.

William A. Callan and Joan M. Callan to Robert A. Gentile Jr., 717 Northampton St., Unit 11, $365,000.


Merritt H. Rennyson III, estate, Janet S. Taft, personal representative and individually, to Jonathan S. Klate and Narayan H. Liebenson, 10 Hannabrooke Drive, $149,000.

Ann K. Zimmerman Declaration of Trust, Ann K. Zimmerman, trustee, to Jacob Park and Eliza Strickland, 83 Juggler Meadow Road, $582,582.


Andrea S. Martin to Christopher K. Curtis and Stephanie E. Curtis, 6 Meadow Road, $275,000.

Janet K. Dawson and Janet D. Hamilton to Kimberly Nicole Hickson-Torres, 118 Field Road, $243,000.


David G. Lamotte, Kim M. Batista, Cynthia J. Bobowiec and Deborah A. Venne to Daniel A. Hill and Amanda M. Hill, 82 Edison Drive, $223,000.

Nuno G. Costa and Eugenia R. Costa to Fabio X. Conceicao and Cristina D. Ribeiro, 143 Erin Lane, $365,000.

Rosemary Jorge and Toniann Glaser to Moutinho Real Estate LLC, 98 Chapin Greene Drive, Unit 98, $200,000.


Andrew M. Nania and Brendan J. Nania to Christa L. Emerson, trustee, and Chester Road-2 Nominee Trust, Chester Road, $4,500.

Christa L. Emerson, trustee, and Chester Road 2-Nominee Trust to Ronald Young and Solomon Cicero Jr., Chester Road, $17,000.


Bao Jun Hang to Matheau J. Hohn and Brie Messier, 269 Hovey Road, $358,000.

Jeffrey P. Spillane and Ann M. Spillane to George R. Landry and Deborah Ann Landry, 248 Hovey Road, $300,000.

Martha M. Rickson, Jacquelyn J. Rickson and Michael A. Rickson to Andrea J. Frykenberg and Kevin R. Frykenberg, 4 Main St., $325,000.


Rachel Kristin Ainsworth and Seth Robert Ainsworth to Travis Charles Whittle, 7 Bridge St., $230,000.


G & H Homes LLC, to David York, 509 Main Road, $232,000.


Jordy Rosenberg, Jordana Rosenberg, Andrea Lawlor, Bernadine A. Mellis and Bernardine A. Mellis to Andrea Lawlor and Bernadine A. Mellis, 25 Lincoln Ave., $43,717.

Sheridan Real Estate LLC, to Nancy Deschene, trustee, and 2 Main Street Realty Trust, 2 Main St., $440,000.

Norita R. Reynolds, trustee, and Norita R. Reynolds Living Trust to Harlee Strauss, 605 Fairway Village and Spring Street, $301,000.

Equinox Partners LLC, to Eric Properties LLC, River Road, 120 River Road and 118 River Road, $2,200,000.

Steven P. Jones to Dey Summer, 63 Florence Road, $239,300.

Ruddeforth Family Trust and William J. Ruddeforth, trustee, to Kellyanne Ruth Mahoney, 16 Butler Place, $670,000.

Jeffrey M. Gnatek and Catherine McNally to Jordy Rosenberg, 628 Westhampton Road, $530,000.

Deborah R. Donahue, Rebecca M. Cockfield and Jeffrey W. Cockfield to Linda Patterson, 73 Blackberry Lane, $400,000.

Brooke E. Vassar and Brooke E. Corbett to Denise Tougas, 48 Evergreen Road, $181,000.

Chenyeh Huang and Lena Huang to Lia Yanis and Christopher E. Tourloukis, 23 Fair St., $442,000.


Christopher E. Weir to Luzmin Fernandez-Saldana, 87 Hinsdale Road, $258,700.

Jo Ann M. Coutu, “aka” Joann M. Coutu, Albert P. Krejmas, Joseph J. Krejmas, “aka” Joseph J. Krejmas Jr., and Elaine Tyler to AGnesa Marin and Viorel Marin, 1058 Millers Falls Road, $295,000.


Warren A. Jenks Jr., to Moses S. Ajunwa, 414 East River St., $110,000.

Kurt C. Enko and Susan M. Enko to Carline L. Lemoine, 120 Fountain St., $294,900.

Stephanie C. Cross to Denise MacAllister, 10 Second St., $117,000.

Frances D. Hadsel to Stephanie C. Cross, 100 Adams St., $219,000.

Rabbit Run Properties LLC, to Barry Thomas Davilli and Debra N. Graham-Davilli Revocable Trust, Barry Thomas Davilli and Debra N. Graham-Davilli, trustees, 197 Oxbow Road, Unit 2, Oxbow Road Condominium, $146,000.

Aaryn J. Aiken to Barry Thomas Davilli and Debra N. Graham-Davilli Revocable Trust, Barry Thomas Davilli and Debra N. Graham-Davilli, trustees, 197 Oxbow Road, Unit 1, Oxbow Road Condominium, $146,000.


Christopher D. Valenta and Agnieszka Valenta to Bretner Raphael and Nancy G. Raphael, 3 Beauregard Drive, $374,900.

JNB Property Investment Inc., to Michelle M. Rame, 2-4 State St., $318,300.

Marc A. Bessette to Sabrina M. Cruz, Kshantal Colon and Rose M. Lebron, 4129-4131 Church St., $280,000.

Nichodemus A. Tetteh and Kikelomo Oluwabukola Tetteh to Derick Jackson, 1673 North Main St., $300,000.


Ruby Realty LLC, to Luke Paull, 25 Blandford Stage Road, $189,900.


Janice R. Cress Revocable Trust, Leah D. Cress, “aka” Leah D. Wills, trustee and individually, and Lauren M. Cress to Casey Cusson and Jeremy LaJoie, Anderson Road, and Mercy Anderson Road, $5,000.


Ayesha Lateef to Kell N. Julliard and Harold Norris, 67 Baker Road, $272,000.

South Hadley

Sheryl-Ann Blais and Mark R. Blais to James W. Gelinas, 7 Alvord Place, $100.

James W. Gelinas to Mark R. Blais and Sheryl-Ann M. Blais, 7 Alvord Place, $100.

Kimberly A. Dylewicz and David P. Dylewicz to Annalise Sarfo and Eric Sarfo Amponsah, 41 West Summit St., $155,000.

Maureen Broughan, personal representative, and Pauline Talbot, estate, to Jennifer K. Loftus-Rooney and Scott S. Loomis, 41 West Summit St., $152,000.

Susan E. Labonte to Genevieve Sarnak and Maria Janelli, 105 Pitroff Ave., $340,600.

Kathleen S. Monast and Pierre A. Monast to Susan D. Sachs and Linda Sachs, 193 Woodbridge St., $333,573.

Wolfpack Realty Corp., to Susan E. Labonte, 114 Alvord Place, $265,000.

Brital 1987 LLC, to Mark J. Burton, 5 Enterprise St., $300,000.

Thomas A. Heim and Jennifer D. Heim to Chad Andrew Furman, 19 Cornell St., $265,000.

AAD LLC, to Kathryn A. Krug, 1 Canal St., $244,900.


Mark A. Frary to Peter C. Frary, Wolcott Road Rear, $500.


Christopher R. Parrow and Michele L. Parrow to Michele L. Parrow, 11 Liquori Drive, $138,000.

Donna Kuralt, Daniel Seymour, Dale Seymour, Diane Santaniello and Nancy Meehan to Nicole Argiro, 47 Fernwood Road, $265,000.

James Hannon to Kathleen M. Veronesi and John M. Veronesi, 29R Charles Johnson Road, $120,000.

Mark E. Cressotti, Matthew S. Cressotti and Faylene Cressotti to Jian Rong Wang, 286 Granville Road, $250,000.


Alexander Perez and Yolanda Coiscou-Amparo to Carlos D. Vasquez, 791-793 Carew St., $282,500.

Alexey Shishkov and Lidia Tolparova to Marjorie Moise and Marcus Maurice Greene, 25 Oxford St., $328,000.

Angelika G. Rodriguez and Luis Rosa Martinez to Serena Sheffield, 68 Davenport St., $190,000.

Barbara J. Nero to Cassandra L. Fett, 71 Endicott St., $220,000.

Becky J. Guyette and Aaron L. Guyette to Becky J. Guyette, 116 Prouty St., $100.

BJBear Inc., to Stephen A. Ruff, 235 State St., Unit 418, $127,500.

Bryan B. Bergeron to Xavier Diaz and Alba J. Morales, 125 Sunrise Terrace, $219,000.

Christina Williams, representative, Paul Edward Williams, estate, and Paul E. Williams, estate, to Alycar Investments LLC, 1417 Worcester St., $105,000.

Christopher Welz and Tara Welz to Shakenna Kawana Williams, 113 Kerry Drive, $140,000.

Emerald City Rentals LLC, to Paris Burton, 93 Wolcott St., $255,000.

Fay C. Maylor and Marva M. Peynado to Melissa Arroyo, 15 Porter St., $230,000.

Fumi Realty Inc., to Isidalia Serrano, 102 Arcadia Boulevard, $215,000.

Garken Realty LLC, to Queen LLC, and The Queen LLC, 308 Belmont Ave., $340,000.

Gary R. Cutler to Veronica Garcia, 247 Merrimac Ave., $200,000.

Geraldine Mitchell, Brenda J. Perry, representative, and Wallace Perry, estate, to David Givans, Nelson Avenue, $23,000.

Glen Todd Kaplan to Nikolas Morissette and Rachel L. Gilbert, 52 Pheland Ave., $215,000.

Harvey Bryson to Eridania Arias, 8-10 Stebbins St., $405,000.

Jack R. Rodrigues and Paula E. Rodrigues to Brendaliz Adorno Santiago and Julio A. Oquendo, 31-33 Florida St., $225,000.

Jason R. Chapdelaine and Amy Kukahiko to Jesus Pereira, 25 Wells Ave., $261,000.

Jerine Blissett Sr., and Claire Blissett to Whitney Shayla Blissett, 94-96 Mooreland St., $240,000.

JJS Capital Investments LLC, to Shylee Hook, 29 Marble St., $202,000.

John E. Dempsey Jr., to Kyle Yang and Amanda E. Rooke, 234 Shawmut St., $200,000.

Jose Ortiz and Lisandra Ortiz to Michael Ace Ponce, 5 Randall Place, $225,000.

Jose Santos to Deven M. Decoste, 88 Dimmick St., $250,000.

Joseph Abdow to Jeremy E. Barnett and Dorys D. Zelaya, 31-33 Langdon St., $249,500.

Lam H. Nguyen to Jonathan Medina, 62-64 Draper St., $292,000.

Louis Fiore to Richard DiBonaventura, 76 Marble St., $65,000.

Luis Sierra and Sarah Mann to Myrta I. Sierra, 58 Drexel St., $200,000.

Marisa L. Garib and James R. Lovotti to Danielle M. Monet, 42 Macomber Ave., $227,000.

Mark Holmes to JoeJoe Properties LLC, 36 Oak Grove Ave., $136,000.

Mary T. Popko to Hector Edwin Lorenzo, 851 Boston Road, $90,000.

Melinda Sue Russo and Christopher Hyman to Manuela Carolina Casey, 663 Allen St., $215,000.

Michael T. Merrill to Bonus Thopuathu and Reena B. Thopurathu, 95 Abbott St., $233,000.

Miguel Rafael and Selsa Maria to Amy Pagan, 47 Vermont St., $242,000.

Mpower Capital LLC, to Birch Properties LLC, 15 Leete St., $172,000.

Oleg Kogan to Ruslan Goldman, 120a Lamplighter Lane, $100,000.

RBT Enterprise LLC, to Candice Person and Jenell Smith, 158-160 Oak Grove Ave., $310,000.

SRV Properties LLC, to Colleen Elizabeth Burkhart, 30 Mazarin St., $185,000.

Stanley J. Bys Jr., and Karen Bys to Angelica Cruz, 96 Rhinebeck Ave., $250,000.

Susan Greco to Richard Weige Yen and Christine Chen, 19-21 Lawe St., $389,900.

Tat Holdings LLC, to Maribel Galinato-Wills, 248-250 Orange St., $226,000.

Thomas H. Hofstetter to Jenna Esoo, 332 Holcomb Road, $275,500.

Timothy Nguyen to MS Home LLC, 226 Allen St., $170,000.

Vip Homes & Associates LLC, to Jose L. Rodriguez, 270-272 Main St., $160,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Thanh V. Nguyen, 108 Shawmut St., $95,437.


Gerald R. Harrington Jr., Nathan J. Harrington, Dale C. Harrington, Carolyn Harrington and Gerald R. Harrington, power-of-attorney, to Colton Rier, 44 Warebrook Drive, $125,000.

Anne L. Brown, personal representative, and Patrick J. Brown, estate, to Shawn Cantwell and Heather Landry, 61 Hardwick Pond Road, $227,300.

Daniel S. Saletnik to Daniel S. Saletnik and Ashley Merritt, 5 Desmond Ave., $100.

Diane M. Frazier, Judith A. Pariseau, Judith A. Pariseau, trustee, Susan J. Witt, Jean E. Tapke, Joseph J. Wnek Sr., and Joseph J. Wnek to Jeff Bousquet and Jeffrey Bousquet, 70 West St., $164,000.

Jacob J. Perron and Emily N. Perron to Tyler Chick and Samantha Tefft, 261 Greenwich Road, $312,000.

CEP Real Estate LLC, to GDS Realty LLC, 3-9 East St., $305,000.

New England Equities LLC, to Alexis Lane, 40-42 West Main St., $255,000.

West Springfield

Andrew Christopher, Victoria Christopher and Victoria Jarosz to Rachel Pike and Michael Murray, 216 Farmer Brown Lane, $281,000.

Grant J. Young and Patricia S. Young to Megan Young, 57 Meadowbrook Ave., $260,000.

Kenneth P. Wolff, Robert P. Wolff and Catherine P. Reidy to Ronald Zemtsov, 732 Piper Road, $245,000.

Matthew M. Paige and Deborah J. Paige to Anne Hutchinson, 1110 Amostown Road, $329,500.

Susan M. Arsenault to Ozakan Yagan, 18 Colony Road, $92,000.


Alex Bublik and Aurika Bublik to Andrew Christopher and Victoria Christopher, 954 Russell Road, $362,000.

Alyssa K. Walts, representative, Mitchell Leal, representative, Edward Mark Leal, estate, and Edward M. Leal, estate, to Kelly A. Coyle, 968 Russell Road, $77,550.

Carlos Urbano Bermejo Arcentales to William P. Bermejo Arcentales and William Bermejo, 6 Christopher Drive, $280,000.

Charles T. Monnier and Geraldine P. Monnier to Richard C. Hasko and Jacquelyn L. Hasko, 12 Kelly Drive, $448,000.

Elizabeth C. Wundt and Kyle Wundt to Elizabeth M. Widun, 82 South Maple St., Unit 36, $100,000.

L&S Memorials Inc., to Sardinhas Constante Realty LLC, 212 Southampton Road, $215,000.

Nico Paolucci to Michele C. Forgey and Donald Forgey, 2 Ascutney Ave., $127,900.

Ronald R. St. Jean, representative, Robert J. St. Jean, estate, and John F. S.t Jean to Deps LLC, 7 Hampden St., $69,000.

Samantha Lynne Brousseau, Samantha Lynne Kenney and Patrick William Kenney to Kyle R Wundt and Elizabeth C Wundt, 24 Russell Rd, $215,000.

William D. Dansereau and Kelley A. Dansereau to Benjamin Joseph Duga and Kayla Marie Duga, 3 Mill St., $310,000.


Brian L. Holley and Sharon L. Holley to Ariane Elizabeth Hopkinson and Natalie Elizabeth McMillan, 9 Deer Run Drive, $552,700.

Brian M. Kibbe to Karen L. Kubaska, 680 Main St., $250,000.

Elaine J. Gernux, Carol A. Rettig and Diane L. Levesque to Darrell Raoul Levesque, 47 Brainard Road, $350,000.

Jason A. Mancuso, Renee E. Mancuso and Renee E. Manusco to Kyle Short and Tara Walsh Short, 24 Longview Drive, $455,000.

Patricia Smith to Teresa Harvey, 8 Stirling Drive, $347,000.

Pierre E. Beauchamp to Daniel Gaouette and Kerri Gaouette, 8 Herrick Place, $460,000.

Robert J. Sousa Jr., estate, and Sharon A. Sousa, representative, to Matthew Yacubeck and Brianna L. Yacubeck, 1182 Glendale Road, $368,000.

Timothy S. Scully and Maureen Scully to Brian M. Kibbe, 9 Old Carriage Drive, $359,900.