Massachusetts actual property transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Aug. 22, 2021



Amina Ibrahim to Ashley Roman, 142 Autumn St., Unit J, $139,900.

Brandon M. Tessier to Luis Lizardi, 56 North West St., $300,000.

Cindy A. Houle to Rebecca A. Leithoff, 73 Meadow St., $305,000.

Janice M. Parisi to Joseph A. Farrell and Lynn A. Farrell, 223 Regency Park Drive, $120,900.

Joseph A. Bergeron Jr., to Eric Rooney, 76 Pheasant Run Circle, $332,000.

Mark E. Cole to Douglas Vye, 70 Carr Ave., $268,000.

Nancy A. Baker to Nicholas Blais, 618-620 Springfield St., $238,000.

Richard A. Sisk and Sandra G. Sisk to Tammy L. Martin, 37 Maynard St., $237,500.

Thomas M. Roberts III, and Lindsey Roberts to Bridget A. Dionne and Gilberto Reyes, 29 Briarcliff Drive, $250,000.

Walter C. Kos Jr., and Cynthia C. Kos to Daniel C. Eutiquio and Nicole E. Eutiquio, 104 Broz Terrace, $400,000.


Roy A. Johnson to David M. Brody and Rowena Yuen Wah-Tse, 87 East Pleasant St., $390,000.

Pavel Machala to Pavel Machala, Laura B. Machala and Wade R. Elmore, 31 Foxglove Lane, $100.

Michael J. Visniewski and Ashley Ocana to Su Lu, 41 Tamarack Drive, $260,000.

Daniel J. Garnett to Erin Jane Salvador and Douglas Salvador, 23 Greenleaves Drive, $169,500.

John T. O’Dwyer to Eason Chau and Siu Wong, 75 Amity Place, $323,800.

David H. Arnold and Elizabeth A. Harvey to Jeffrey Woodard, 170 East Hadley Road, $231,500.

Lynne Chase, James A. Maloney Jr., Blake E. Harris Jr., and Caitlin E. Dunn to Jaime T. Knox, 44 Potwine Lane, $293,000.

85 South East St LLC, to Jessica Jay and Jessica C. Jay, 85 South East St., $315,000.


Dianna L. Preston and Gary L. Preston to David R. Bulissa and Gale A. Bulissa, John Ford Road. $40,000.


Morgan H. Lavalle and Kelsey M. Lavalle to Christopher Michael Gordon and Melissa Gordon, 73 Turkey Hill Road, $278,000.

Sean F. Macrae to Sean F. Macrae and Colette Marie Morin, 78 Metacomet St., $100.

John E. Hawley and Katherine Hawley to Peter Van Buren, 9 Brenda Lane, $351,000.

Janet M. Jourdain and Christine M. Walker to Anna E. Jacke and Peter V. Jacke, 170 Old Enfield Road, $354,300.

Property Group Inc., to Kelsey Basak, 171 Boardman St., $267,000.

Michael Burstein, Michael C. Burstein and Michele Burstein to Tyler A. Miller, 632 Warren Wright Road, $310,000.

Marc S. Dugre, trustee, and Roger L. Archambault Trust to Richard A. Dobrowski, Ludlow Road, $35,000.

William A. Panto and Jill M. Panto to Jill M. Panto, 32 Everett Ave., $100.


Joseph M. Podlesny, trustee of, Joseph M. Podlesny Investment Trust and Kathleen M. Sylvester, trustee of, Kathleen M. Sylvester Investment Trust to Michael J. Bachini III, and Samantha A. Tavares, 18 Merrifield Road, “nka” 18 N. Merrifield Road, $260,000.


Brian D. DelNegro to Emily J. Eshleman and Jorind Beqari, 44 Warren Road, $385,000.

Margery J. Wilburn, James E. Stanton, Charles L. Stanton and Jacqueline A. Stanton to Jewel Real Estate Inc., 153 Haynes Hill Road, $216,500.


Scott L. Gagnon and Doris A. Mecure-Gagnon to Jesse Posl-Rhinehart, Conway Road, $45,000.


Chester Hill Farm LLC, to Michael B. Cronin, Skyline Trail, $36,000.


David A. Hewes to Jon T. Garcia and Helena E. Garcia, 105 South St., $569,000.

Spencer L. Timm and Ruth L. Timm to Conan R. Deady and Cynthia Berliner, 371 Ireland St., and Ireland Street Off, $1,200,000.

Alex L. Kassell and Cynthia E. Kassell to Ronald P. Altimari, 109 East St., $354,500.


Amanda Bonci to Alex Franco and Elsa Alvarez, 68 Nonotuck Ave., $225,000.

Ashley L. Barnish, Ashley L. Maximova and Artemiy Maximov to Luz Herrera, 89 Collins St., Unit E3, $165,000.

David A. Velthouse, representative, and Ann Elizabeth Velthouse, estate, to Kenric D. Gallano and Ann T. Gallano, 33 Oakhill Circle, $255,000.

Eleanor T. Sullivan and Eleanor T. Appleton to Bethany T. Sullivan, 167 Crestwood St., $150,000.

Faten Wael Alothmin and Faten Ahmad to Wael Ahmad Alothmin and Majeda Faisal Alsadun, 188 Springfield St., $21,600.

Jo A. Hastings-Bineault to Janery M. Negron, 6 Connecticut Ave., $225,000.

Keith Rattell to Victor Alonso, 242-244 East Main St., $175,000.

LeClerc Holdings LLC, to Becken Realty LLC, 79 Springfield St., $425,000.

Mathieu A. Toczek to Luz E. Sanchez, 820 Pendleton Ave., $288,000.

Michael A. Judkins and Robin Judkins to Tito Demond Lewis, 32 Bemis St., $208,625.

Michael Parnell and Meghan M. Parnell to Amanda Jean Weinberg and Amanda Jacques, 30 Mary St., $220,000.

Robert Clary to Louis R. Monfette, 22 Horseshoe Drive, Unit D15, $157,000.

Ryan Henderson and Rachel E. Henderson to Melissa Suarez, 61 Abbey Memorial Drive, Apt 187, $182,000.

Sodi Inc., to Luz E. Marcano and Pedro Rodriguez, 7 Ralph Circle, $350,000.

Stephen J. Badura Jr., and Tammie G. Badura to Maryangelie Jimenez, 73 Hilton St., $220,000.

Valerie A. Bourdon and Thierry D. Longworth to Karen A. Mulligan and Neal T. Mullligan, 37 Richmond Way, Unit 29, $275,000.

Wesley Gumlaw and Shannon Gumlaw to Stephen Badura Jr., and Tammie Badura, 18 Fanwood Ave., $265,000.


Jessica Dampier to Eric A. Hamilton and Dianne L. Marchand, 76 Pleasant St., $260,000.


WEB Ventures Inc., to William E. Burleigh, French Road, $100.


Christopher D. Davenport and Melissa J. Butler, “aka” Melissa J. Butler-Davenport, to Brian Zamojski, 797 River Road, $229,000.

East Longmeadow

Allan B. Sonoda Jr., Allan B. Sonodoa Jr., Maureen R. Sonoda and Charlotte T. Reed to Fabian Gusovsky and Marilyn Gosse, 33 Taylor St., $320,000.

Gail B. Gwozdz to Alicia Nancy Chakrabarti, 149 Porter Road, $175,000.

Jean A. Towle to Justin Fernandes and Alison Fernandes, 167 Fernwood Drive, $385,000.

Jeffrey A. Deliefde, Carolyn Crane Deliefde and Carolyn L. Crane to Timothy A. Bates, 20-22 Granby St., $289,900.

JLR Realty LLC, to 200 North Main St. Partners LLC, 200 North Main St., Unit 1203, $210,000.

Joseph A. Ford and Lori D. Ford to Kathrina Hardy, 53 Ridge Road, $510,000.

Marie L. Chaban, Susan M. McGrath, James S. Chaban, Joseph S. Chaban and Steven C. Chaban to Joshua A. Montes Rodriguez and Amber L. Cichowski, 256 Westwood Drive, $295,000.

Mei Nuan Li to Nicholas Lanci and Danielle Lanci, 9 Linden Ave., $399,700.

Michael L. Baxter, representative, and Donna L. Baxter, estate, to Cameron M. Champigny and Meghan A. Bouchard, 184 Somers Road, $255,000.

Ronald A. Griffith to Ilsa Yolanda Cintron-Madera, 54 Schuyler Drive, $372,000.

Tyde R. Richards and Denise W. Richards to Linda Coughlin, trustee, and Kingdom Home Living Trust, trustee of, 566 Prospect St., $1,250,000.


Plata O. Plomo Inc., to Blythewood Property Management LLC, 145 Holyoke St., $192,500.

Laura T. Varney to Magdalena A. Zapedowska, 41 South St., $186,000.

Bonnie M. Press to Kerry F. Meehan and Donna L. Meehan, 359 Main St., $345,500.

Phebe B. Sessions to Richard Connell and Melissa Connell, 33 Treehouse Circle, $467,500.

Carl S. Growhoski and Esther M. Growhoski to Gershon Rosen, 22 Drury Lane, $376,500.

Charles John Mills, personal representative, and Jean K. Mills, estate, to James A. Mills, 185 Park St., $280,000.

Michael J. Falcetti and Michael Falcetti to Lusmari Roman-Martinez, 62 Campbell Drive, $290,000.


Brooke A. Doleva and John P. Doleva to Debra L. Selicious and Michael C. Selicious, 31 Pisgah Mountain Road, $445,000.


Ralph S. Whitelock, trustee, Louise H. Whitelock, trustee, and Whitelock Family Trust to Jody Kinner, Aberdeen Road, $6,000.


MBL Management LLC, to Frank Santos, 284 East State St., $329,000.

Katie Elizabeth LaPlante to Paul T. Lucier, 55 Pleasant St., $224,500.

Lisa Ann Courchesne to Bennett O. Fields, 144 School St., $330,000.

Refined Design Homes Inc., to Tenzin Jamyang and Tenzin Dekey, 12 Greenmeadow Lane, $353,000.

Fabio Alves Cardoso and Sara Depetrini to Jorge L. Perez and Jorge L. Perez-Perez, 80 Pleasant St., $259,900.

Alan Shaw to James Roy, 23 Carver St., $200,000.

Heather R. Labonte and Candice L. Reynolds to Robert M. Jurkowski, 149 Harris St., $320,000.

Scott W. Wilson and Virginia S. Wilson to Virginia S. Wilson, trustee, Scott W. Wilson, trustee, and Virginia S. Wilson Living Trust, 74 Burnett St., $100.


Craig White and Amy White, personal representatives of, Estate of Raymond L. Jones, “aka” Raymond Leonard Jones, to Kimberly H. Lindner and Daniel E. Wojtowicz, 10 Hall Ave., $50,000.

Patricia A. Graves and Ronald H. Graves to Christopher J. Edes, 94 River St., $228,900.

David J. Larue and Kate C. Woodmansee to Timothy Brady, 18 Pleasant St., $277,000.

Evelyn Ruth Wulfkuhle, trustee of, Caroline A. Whitbeck Trust to Liam T. McFarland and Sue K. McFarland, 150-152 Conway St., $230,000.

Fumi Realty Inc., to Knox Wilder, 71 Washington St., $170,000.


Wanczyk LLC, to Marianne Wanczyk, East Street Off, $55,000.


Stephanie A. Skowron, representative, and Richard F. Skowron, estate, to Christina N. Brodeur and Cody J. Brodeur, 60 Old Orchard Road, $276,000.

William Daniel Dubois and Jennifer Lorene Dubois to Robert M. Dennis and Rachel A. Dennis, 153 Chapin Road, $330,000.


Barry Moser to Robert Michael McKittrick and Megan E. Barry, 155 Pantry Road, $850,000.


Elizabeth A. Sigaty to Hannah R. Guertin, 3 Old County Way, $250,000.

Gianna M. Allentuck to Lee Ann Celko, 6 Sioux Lane, $61,000.

Leah M. Palmer and Lee Palmer to Fredrick Gehring III, and Ashley Marchetta, 171 Sturbridge Road, $376,500.

Rachel E. Palmer to Leah M. Palmer, 179 Sturbridge Road, $525,000.


Alfaville LLC, to Amanda R. Walak, 24f Maple Crest Circle, $159,900.

Alfaville LLC, to Ashley M. Lantz, Maple Crest Circle, Unit 32J, $159,900.

Alfaville LLC, to Cecilia Morgan, Maple Crest Drive, Unit 32I, $160,000.

Alfaville LLC, to Dmitriy Y. Dyachkov, Maple Crest Drive, Unit 20G, $159,900.

Alfaville LLC, to Scott D. Nims, Maple Crest Circle, Unit 16I, $159,900.

Bolivar Espinal, representative, and Miguel Ferreira, estate, to Jahjan LLC, 1412 Dwight St., $105,000.

Domingos Verissimo, Francelina Carvalho and Francelina Verissimo to Vincent Michael Ortiz, 417-419 S Elm St., $313,000.

Erika N. Reyes and Dalkys De La Cruz to Johnny Calderon, 21-23 Brown Ave., $230,000.

Juan A. Pedrosa to Manuel E. Rivera, 35 North Summer St., $105,000.

Juan Pedrosa to Manuel E. Rivera, 41 North Summer St., $125,000.

Martin J. Finn, estate, Martin J. Finn Jr., estate, and John Finn, representative, to KNC Home Renovations LLC, 9 Charles St., $130,000.

Ovila J. Gadbois to Stephen F. Field, 14 Alderman St., $175,000.

Robert J. Orsucci and Jane A. Orsucci to Dib Realty LLC, 1635 Northampton St., $800,000.


Mary J. Rawls to Linda J. Jablonski and Robert R. Jablonski, 256 Long Plain Road, $60,000.


Brian J. Grayboff to Christopher McKillop, 77 Fairhill Drive, $600,000.

Gary Brian Mantolesky and Jane Lee Mantolesky to Mathieu A. Toczek, 88 Meadowlark Drive, $332,100.

Joel A. Pava to Quercus Properties LLC, 50 Oak Road, $250,000.

John Perenick to Jennifer L. Atkin and Christopher Michael Atkin, 73 Allen Road, $370,000.


Ann L. Irvine to Home Rehabit LLC, 59 Tower Road, $272,500.

Betty B. Moutinho to Nicholas T. Moutinho and Xiaoyu Y. Moutinho, 24 Lehigh St., $375,000.

Francis W. Smolkowicz Jr., to Fernanda Gomes, 25 Pond St., $73,900.

Jack C. Mendes and Fatima Afonso-Mendes to Timothy J. Goodchild and Jessica A. Goodchild, 351 Chapin St., $225,000.

Jeffrey A. Lambert and Linda P. Lambert to Hoyt Forbes, 354 Chapin St., $339,500.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, to Nicole Anderson and Kevin Garabedian, 22 Carol St., $106,000.

Marsha Cote and Robert G. Cote to Kathleen Margaret Nevins, 31 Harlan St., $311,000.

Ryan Christopher O’Neil and Tiffany O’Neil to Emily DeWolf and Josh Scott, 31 Acorn Lane, $320,000.


Craig E. Aparo and Valerie A. Aparo to Louronne Hartley, 85 North Road, $192,500.


Charles L. Secrease to Lyndsay M. Vickers and Amanda S. Kites, 57 Lakeshore Drive, $343,500.

Keith Beaulieu and Keith D. Beaulieu to Phillip Arnold, Philip Arnold and Donna Arnold, 33 Thompson St., $238,000.


Kathleen A. Flynn and William N. Flynn to Donald W. Miller, 58 West Mineral Road, $100,000.

James D. Jurek and Angela Young to Gabriel W. Scherm-Martin, 36 Hatchery Road, $349,900.


Anna M. Dolan to Rondina Acquisitions Corp., 67 Water St., $275,000.

Avital Nathman and Marc Nathman to Amy C. Haedt and Leslie M. Perlman, 5-7 Kingsley Ave., $600,000.

Munska Family Trust, David J. Munska, trustee, Camilla J. Munska, trustee, James K. Munska, trustee, Barbara A. Munska, trustee, and James K. Munska & Barbara A. Munska Revocable Trust, to Scott D. Edmands and Debra J. Junnila, 46 Woodbine Ave., $471,000.

Nu-Way Homes Inc., to Kathryn Kothe, 25 Baker Hill Road, $749,900.

Kathleen B. O’Neil, trustee, John F. & Kathleen B. O’Neil Family Trust and Kathleen B. O’Neil to Lauren E. Bullis, 12 Munroe St., $564,000.

Olufemi Aina and Olatomide Ogunfeibo to Teddy Pacheco, 212 Damon Road, $277,000.

Kerry F. Meehan, trustee, Donna L. Meehan, trustee, and Meehan Family Trust to Arthur Barry Moser, 30 Ladyslipper Lane, $600,000.

Joyce Allen and David Archambeault to Hyman G. Darling, 12 Nutting Ave., $100.

Hyman G. Darling to Joyce Allen, David Archambeault and Carol Blaha, 12 Nutting Ave., $100.

Katharine Dawn Walker and Meghan S. Carroll to Joseph J. Centeno, 21A Lyman Road and 19-31 Lyman Road, $228,000.

Barry Lawson and Lynne N. Lawson to Kristina L. Schoen and Steven R. Schoen, 310 Fairway Village, $305,000.

Samantha A. McVay and Wesley Allen Barrows to Steven Archibald and Sarah Archibald, 43 Ice Pond Drive, $685,000.

Lindsey L. Jacobsen and Tyler A. Hansen to Annika L. Yokum, 20 Graves Ave., $223,900.

Chris Figge and Melody Figge to Heather F. Diaz and Donald B. Winter, 63 Bradford St., $265,000.

Ecovisual LLC, to Janet L. Kelly and Patrick A. Fleming, 7 Rust Ave., $422,500.

Columns at Rockwell Place LLC, to Vikash Saunders, 30 Village Hill Road, $315,000.


Joseph John Daley to Olivia R. Sanderson and Dylan J. Walker, 239 West River St., $281,500.

Zbylut Realty LLC, to JAR&ZB Realty LLC, 104 Governor Dukakis Drive, $235,000.

David W. Royal and Leanne Royal to Michael Mathurin, 40 Wheeler Ave., $230,000.

Austin J. Deveneau to Leonard V. Forziati, 419 East Main St., $155,000.

Nereida Colon to David Bergeron, 31 Benham St., $60,000.


413RSCS2 LLC, to Joao A. Dias and Julia E. Dias, 1500 North Main St., $225,000.

Charles W. Smith to Samantha Kimberly Cardin, 6 Norbell St., $250,000.

Constance M. Kos and Frederick J. Kos to John Sullivan Jr., and Shannon M. Sullivan, 3001 Maple St., $185,000.

Karnavati Express Inc., to Bharat Kumar Patel, trustee, and Trust 1469 North Main Street Realty, trustee of, 1469 North Main St., $245,000.

Marek Dybacki to Jazmin Rubet, 3117-3119 Main St., $293,500.

Whitney Kusy to Timothy Romeo and Tess Froio, 5-7 Beech St., $300,000.


Kristen Lynn Rhodes and Scott Robert Rhodes to Julianna Richardson Stevens and Jonathan Richard Tosch, 312 Amherst Road, $350,000.


Nicole L. Meehan and James Meehan to Ronald Marcus Benedict and Sara Marie Benedict, 116 South Central St., and Cummington Road, $250,000.


Tia M. Doherty and Ryan S. Doherty to Yehor Kovaliuk and Vasyl Kovaliuk, 78 Patriots Path, $289,000.


Henry J. Allan and Kelley A. Allan to Christopher Roy, 14 Beechwood Lane, $240,000.

South Hadley

Janice Flynn Beaulieu and Lorriann M. Flynn to Athena Marie Fleury and Judd Austin Allen, 10 Lloyd St., $230,000.

Nicholas P. Vaselacopoulos and Irene J. Vaselacopoulos to Stephen J. Wyzga and Brunilda Wyzga, 97 Bardwell St., $410,000.

Samuel Isaac McArthur Jr., to Dina M. Bevivino and James M. Horniak, 7 Overlook Drive, $375,000.

Cynthia H. Magrath, trustee, and Adrian G. Magrath Trust to 6 Industrial Drive LLC, 6 Industrial Drive, $900,000.

AAD LLC, to David A. Higgins, 1 Canal St., $279,900.

Gary E. Werbiskis to Joseph Dean Whalen and Chloe Jaye Connery, 65 Westbrook Road, $150,000.

PCI Construction Inc., to David Laliberte, 15 Fulton St., $236,900.

101 College LLC, to PSJS LLC, 101 College St., $280,000.

Elissa K. Dingman and David Miner Jr., to James Woolley, 5 Linden Drive, $348,000.

Natasha Z. Matos, Natasha Z. Anderson and Jennifer M. Matos to Anne Rachel Stackhouse Browning and Marc Sanford Browning, 42 Stanton Ave., $425,000.

Mary Anne Myers, trustee, and Susan E. Craig Revocable Trust to Karol Makusiewicz, 121 Pine Grove Drive, $395,000.

Michael S. Powers to Michael T. Keane and Kathleen M. Keane, 43 West Summit St., $100.


Brenda Sue Spath, trustee, Glenn T. Spath, trustee, and Brenda S. Spath Living Trust to Elizabeth A. Moulton and Greg Moulton, 115 Pleasant St., $100.

Pawel Misniakiewicz and Malgorzata Misniakiewicz to Lisa M. Bartlett and Seth D. Nuttelman, 27 Gilbert Road, $569,500.


David A. Wall to Michael Monti and Nancy Monti, 32 Davis Road, $331,000.

Hamelin Framing Inc., to Joseph J. Romito-Carey and Hannah E. Placzek, Honey Bird Run, $557,000.

Jesse Rizzo and Suzanne E. Rizzo to Brooke L. Matranga and Michael C. Matranga, 35 South Longyard Road, $275,000.

Martin Gorenc Jr., to Tara Gorenc and Keith Long, 109 Bungalow St., $200,000.

Peter M. Coppa Jr., to Michael F. Sullivan and Doris M. Sullivan, 14 Davis Road, $315,000.

Sodom Mountain Campground Inc., to 233 South Loomis LLC, 233 South Loomis St., $750,000.

Wesley D. Kupchunos Sr., and Donna M. Kupchunos to Christopher J. Collins and Sarah M. Ryzewski, 139 College Highway, $530,000.


Albert R. Breton and Mary Breton to Marco Scibeli, 72 Pheland St., $167,500.

Alpha Homes LLC, to Edgar Omar Nieves, 70-72 East Alvord St., $275,000.

Andreas Aigner and Maria J. C. Aigner to Ashley Melania Brickhouse Fitzemeyer and Timothy Fitzemeyer, 35 Shefford St., $415,000.

Bassam Mawla to Manal Alluhaibi, 37 Cherrelyn St., $150,000.

Bruce Wright Group LLC, to Denise Soriano, 45 Magnolia Terrace, #47, $296,000.

Caleb J. Gomez, Alba Gomez, Jose A. Gomez and Lillian A. Gomez to Christopher P. Ferreira and Cailin M. Kuhn, 62-64 Bither St., $335,000.

Carlos M. Alves and Susan A. Alves to Om Sai Property Investment LLC, 41-43 Beaudry St., $260,000.

Carol A. Ouellette to Jose L. Weber Pena, 67 Fort Pleasant Ave., $190,000.

Daniel Chagnon to Round Two LLC, 85 Montrose St., $50,000.

Daniel Lozada and Sara Lozada to Deirdre Alton and William Cherry, 4 Virginia St., $211,000.

Deanna M. Autry and Deanna M. Ubidia to Jonathan Gomez and Zuleyka Gomez, 1340 Berkshire Ave., $350,000.

Edwin Ortiz-Gonzalez and Cynthia Ortiz to Nicholas A. Webley, 47-49 Ashley St., $215,000.

U S A Housing & Urban Development to Jesus Alicea, 133 Brandon Ave., $125,000.

FP Realty LLC, to Denis Ryzhikov and Olga Ryzhikova, 73 Acushnet Ave., $230,000.

Jenna L. Hayden to Adam Curtis and Sarah Christine Adams, 27 Woodcliff St., $221,000.

Jerry A. Gonzalez to Dominga Dominguez Diaz, 152 Oakland St., $290,000.

Jose E. Martinez and Adelina Martinez to Matthew Martinez, 170 Springfield St., $240,000.

Joshua M. Glicksman to David D. Mixon and Laura E. Elliott-Mixon, 38 Westford Ave., $260,000.

Karl A. Haywood, Katie L. Haywood and Katie L. Hogan to James Schmidt, 407-409 Sumner Ave., $225,000.

Karl S. Exantus to Duane Victory, 97 Bristol St., $215,000.

Katie E. Byrne to George C. Carter, 16 Harkness Ave., $230,000.

Laura L. Bergstrom, representative, John M. Mcnally, estate, Mary Paier Powers, trustee, Judith A. McNally Trust, trustee of, and Judith A McNally to Alex Nathaniel Wright, 144 Pasco Road, $249,900.

Manuel D. Silva, Joaquim Alves and Jackmann Properties to Catalino Maldonado and Dinayra Fernandez, 134 Devens St., $180,000.

Marlo McCants to Biji George Joseph and Sunitha Ninan, 38 Barrington Drive, $390,000.

Martyn Berliner to James B. Morrissey Jr., trustee, John Swift, trustee, and Springfield Ventures Realty Trust, trustee of, 128 Marion St., $200,000.

Micheline A. Martin and Micheline A. Terry to Tamara Barbee and Kanea Salaam, 90 Jenness St., $280,000.

Minh Lam and Kha Lam to Andre M. Walker and Tamara T. Walker, 519 Gifford St., $371,000.

MPower Capital LLC, to Holly Lynn Fredericks, 9-11 Ellsworth Ave., $249,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, to Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust Series 2007-1, trustee of, and Y&M Home Solutions LLC, 31-33 Hunt St., $149,000.

Ontour Properties Inc., to Cornerstone Homebuying LLC, 19 Brandon Ave., $100,000.

Parker Point Properties LLC, to Alexander Perez and Jose M. Coiscou, 19 Woodrow St., $355,000.

Rene A. Bernier and David W Ostrander, trustee, to Lamont Clemons and India Clemons, 115 Pasadena St., $130,000.

Riccardo R. Carroll to Richard Mark Johnson, 36-38 Lakeside St., $200,000.

Richard A. Quinn to Revampit LLC, 67 Bowles Park, $100,000.

Richard Negrin and Gricelda Negrin to Fallah Razzak, 158 Chapin Terrace, $140,000.

Round Two LLC, to Jony Hidalgo, 143-145 Oak Grove Ave., $307,000.

Elite Real Estate Investment Group Inc., to Juvil Medina, 60-62 Edendale St., $100.

Samuel Vazquez to Jennifer Cordero, 124 Abbe Ave., $210,000.

Sapana Sinchury and Bhakta Rasaily to Guy Meyitang, 132 Alderman St., $298,000.

Shirely Lu to Veteran Stan LLC, 620 Roosevelt Ave., $145,009.

Stephen R. Perry to Jessica E. Majkowski, Adam Majkowski and Jessica Majkowski, 32 Wellfleet Drive, $144,000.

Tascon Homes LLC, to Llajaira Maldonado, Carlos H. Resto and Carlos J. Resto, 78 Sherbrooke St., $245,000.

Verba S. Fanolis and Harry C. Fanolis to Michael P. Rodgers, 313-315 Dorset St., $182,500.

Wahid Uddin and Irfan Ud Din to Fahad LLC, 1542-1458 Carew St., $285,000.


Barbara D. Densmore, trustee of, BDD Trust to Debi Prasad Mohapatra and Piya Mohapatra, 172 Russell St., $535,000.


Paul G. Deslongchamp and Jacqueline L. Deslongchamp to Sadie R. Turner, 17 Willow St., $235,000.

Harold R. Swift III, and Laurie A. Swift to David Miner Jr., and Elissa K. Dingman, 69 Babcock Tavern Road, $425,000.


Margaret D. McGowan and Richard H. McGowan to Daniel G. Farley and Gwen E. Farley, 45 South Holden Road, $165,000.

West Springfield

Debra Whiting to Marc Mamoun Dulaimy, 36 Bliss St., $275,000.

Kathleen A. Weiss and John P. Weiss to Kathryn Gelonese and Christopher Gelonese, 45 Heritage Lane, $450,000.

Kenneth A. Whiting and Debra A. Whiting to Choubert Saint Florant, 73 Elmdale St., $280,000.

Linda J. Callahan, representative, and Samuel D. Armstrong, estate, to Larkspur LLC, 42 Houston Road, $155,000.

Lori A. Assad to Vladislav A. Shapkin, 12 Colony Road, Unit 12, $112,500.

Ludmila V, Mietolkin to Kevin Navarro, 32 Park Ave., Unit 9, $90,000.

Nico Paolucci and Nicole Paolucci to Nancy H. G. Weld, 29 Robinson Road, $287,500.

Richard A. Silvano to Katharina Neumann and David Beiser, 25 Chestnut St., $280,000.


Derrit Investments LLC, to T Yellowstone LLC, 549 Russell Road, Unit 15B, $125,000.

Double D. Investments LLC, to Phillip M. Gildersleeve and Kaila M. Gildersleeve, 11-13 King Ave., $380,000.

Douglas J. Fuller to Nicholas A. Ventura and Deanna L. Mackay, 35 Carpenter St., $335,000.

Douglas L. Puza and Deborah L. Elliott to Ryan Karolides and Elizabeth Wojciechowska, 666 Montgomery Road, $320,000.

Jeffrey A. Neece and Theresa K. Neece to Michael Joseph Falcetti, 52 Ridge Trail Road, $320,000.

Mitchell S. Chambers and Kathleen M. Chambers to Michael Parnell and Meghan Parnell, 19 Zephyr Drive, $335,000.

Robert Pitts and Roger M. Merithew to Lori Assad, 159 Sunset Drive, $348,000.

Roberta J. Belanger to Margaret Ferraro, 99 Holyoke Road, $290,000.

Tonya L. Plante to Amber Rose Plante, 41 Dickens Drive, $275,000.


Richard M. Foley and Robin G. Gurdak-Foley, trustees of, Foley Family Trust to Lisa Woods and Walter L. Woods IV, 78 Long Plain Road, $367,000.


2301 Boston Road LLC, to Marianne Swenson and Paul R. Swenson, 41 Lodge Lane, $459,000.

AC Homebuilding LLC, to Alexandria L. Biela, 12 Oaks Farm Lane, Unit 12, $424,900.

Angela M. Mancinone to Lori A. Stoddard and Richard W. Stoddard, 2205 Boston Road, Unit P-156, $280,000.

Carla M. Verducci, Stephen Verducci and Stephen Edward Verducci to Campagnari Construction LLC, 44 Weston St., $145,000.

Elisa M. Baird O’Brien, Elisa M. Baird and Daniel W. O’Brien Jr., to Corey A. Diaz and Amy L. Diaz, 8 Karen Drive, $320,000.

Felipe O. Goncalves, Philip O. Goncalves and Cindy M. Goncalves to Shannon Gumlaw and Wesley Gumlaw, 16 Primrose Lane, $410,000.

Jessika Arcouette and Jessika Pecoy to Lisandra Figueroa and Thomas Patrick Tully, 26 Merrill Road, $345,000.

John Lewis and Cheryl Lewis to Tyler S. Anderson and Brittany Anderson, 799 Stony Hill Road, $420,000.

Joseph J. Gubala to Charles W. Coscore, 2205 Boston Road, Unit H-72, $215,000.

Katie Edgett to Giavanna M. Colaccino and Daniel Rodrigues, 2205 Boston Road, Unit J-93, $200,000.

Michael J. Pluta and Preciosa B. Pluta to Hazel Zebian and Joseph Zebian, 29-31 Stony Hill Road, $290,000.

Nicole Gray to Karly Cordova, 3 Burt Lane, $260,000.

ZF-2021-1 LLC, to Ryan Dufour and Kathleen Dufour, 3 Horseshoe Lane, $350,000.