Massachusetts actual property transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Aug. 1, 2021



Cynthia A. Rickard to Sharline Gonzalez, 379 North Westfield St., $266,000.

Diane J. Labbe, Helene L. Piquette and Paul R. Piquette to Wilson C. Fuller Jr., 309-311 North St., $284,000.

Domenick R. Pisano and Susan Pisano to Sharleen Diaz, 78 Sylvan Lane, $359,900.

Erin Bridges to John D. MacIntyre, 3 Maple View Lane, Unit D, $275,000.

Guglielma Fazio to Vashon Robinson and Sherrie Robinson, 205 South St., $290,000.

James Russell to James Russell, life estate, James Bruce Russell Jr., Scott Raymond Russell and Timothy David Russell, 719 Northwest St., $100.

Nicolas Vassel to Patrick M. Hogan, 29 Central St., $307,000.

Nicole M. Karam, Brendan M. Guidi and Nicole M. Guidi to Pierre J. Saintilus and Annemarie Saintilus, 35 Valley Brook Road, $372,500.

Richard W. Kresock to Kathleen Marie Kraas and Adam Michael Ciborowski, 175 Parkedge Drive, $365,000.

Rita C. Trumbull to Carol Popovich, 4 Mansion Woods Drive, Unit 4-A, $222,000.

Ruby Realty LLC, to John F. Amatruda, 87 Country Road, $339,900.

Ruth H. Cosgrove, estate, Ruth Jarvis, estate, and James E. Baurle, representative, to Kimberly Wyckoff and Matthew Gagne, 31 Greenock St., $280,000.


Debra Joyce LaMonica and James E. LaMonica to Tammy L. Wilson and Alan Joshua Leffler, 88 High Point Drive, $450,000.

Eric C. Desbien and Bethany H. Desbien to Kelly Buttrick and Robert Buttrick, 86 Leverett Road, $285,000.

Carol Bloom and Carol B. Friedman to Vincent M. Scaramella, trustee, and Vincent M. Scaramella Trust, 33 Woodlot Road, $598,000.

Abida Adnan and Awaisi Muhammad Shakeel to Juan A. Pizzorno, trustee, and Juan A. Pizzorno 2019 Revocable Trust, 910 South East St., $1,085,000.

Peter Smerdon and Katherine M. Arms to Denis McDonald, Brian McDonald and Lauren T. McDonald, 26 Webster Court, $240,000.

Chung-Huei Hsu and Min-Mi Hsu to Chung Jung Hsu and Chih-Lun Shu, 7 Willow Lane, $280,000.

Mary Ellen Shaughan and Mary Ellen Knight to Wei Zhang, 52 Blackberry Lane, $429,900.

Phil Potts Roaring Bluff Idaho LLC, to Susan L. Cohen and Matthew Ferrell, Kingman Road, $135,000.

Jennifer E. Siddall and Jennifer E.S. Jones to Alivia-Anne Novak Zappas, William Bailey Rosenbaum, Nicholas P. Zappas, and Patricia L. Novak, 65 Mount Pleasant St., $577,000.

Nicholas J. Dufresne and Maya J. Marx to Nicole M. Hendrix and Christian S. Olmsted, 30 Hillcrest Place, $240,000.


Alexander D. Adams and Cynthia L. Holley to 366 West Road LLC, 366 West Road, $772,000.

Janet I. Clark and Norbert J. Salz to Anne Elizabeth Porter and Joshua H. Porter, 144 Steady Lane Road, $470,000.


Robert J. Vanzandt and Elizabeth A. Vanzandt to Todd A. Sussman and Zohar Gal, 148 South Washington St., $435,000.

Kimberly B. Longridge and Bill Longridge to Theodore Groves and Jane Cuthbertson, 390 Springfield Road, $486,000.

Girard Homes Inc., to Kristy Stallman Reese and Owen Donald Reese, 381 State St., $429,900.

Michael J. O’Brien and Vicki L. O’Brien to Expedio Group LLC, Aldrich Street, $60,000.

Michael J. O’Brien and Vicki L. O’Brien to Michael Dalkas and Michelle Dalkas, Aldrich Street, $60,000.

Devon L. Kelting-Dias and Jacqueline C. Kelting-Dias to Justin Clarke and Stephanie Clarke, 79 Orchard St., $470,000.

James N. Adampoulos, personal representative, James Adampoulos, personal representative, and Helen Stefanyszyn, estate, to Peter Stefanyszyn, Green Avenue, $90,000.


James Peter Sutherland, estate, Pete Sutherland, estate, James P. Sutherland, estate, and Donald H. Sutherland, representative, to David Perez, 3 Crooks Road, $150,000.

Kathleen M. Deviny and Cynthia P. Hartdegen to George Steven Hultay, Herrick Road, $24,000.


Herbert F. Seymour III, and Kristi L. Seymour to Katherine E. Poirier and Kelly V. Giebel, 44 Little Alum Road, $364,000.

Raymond F. Labonte and Phattiya Labonte to Shaina Rae Labonte and Timothy Newton, 29 Prospect Hill Road, $190,000.


Charles Unaitis Jr., to Carmen F. Donelson and Russell E. Donelson, 121 Ashfield Road, $120,000.


133 Warfield Realty LLC, to Jonathan J. Flaherty and Timothy Flaherty, Warfield Road, $100,000.

Jonathan J. Flaherty and Timothy Flaherty to Berkshire East Ski Resort LLC, South River Road, $14,500.


Cassandra L. Kendall to Kristina L. Colby, 8 William St., $232,000.

Harry E. Sanner and Janis L. Sanner to Brian McPheron, 35 Ingell Road, $455,000.


William H. Guterl to Megan E. Turchetti and Scott J. Turchetti, Mount Road, $64,000.


Block Capital LLC, receiver, Chicopee City and Elaine Del Monte, estate, to Lycaste LLC, 187 Prospect St., $200,000.

Blue Sky Investment Group LLC, to Yomaris Ramos, 106-108 Muzzy St., $270,000.

Catina Fitzell and Catina L. Lebreton to Jared Maleko, 1058 James St., Unit A4, $175,000.

David O. Brodeur, Thomas A. Brodeur and Anne Marie Whelihan to Christopher Norbert Acevedo and Dori Ann Acevedo, 131 Beauregard Terrace, $280,000.

Elizabeth L. Strange and Elizabeth L. White to Elizabeth L. Strange and Roger W. Strange, 57 Boucher Circle, $100.

Erin A. Slott to Julia Ross and Fred Kohlhepp, 269 Britton St., $255,000.

James Meenaghan, representative, and Gail A. Boucher, estate, to DGL Properties LLC, 136 Blanchard St., $222,000.

James Meenaghan, representative, and Gail A. Boucher, estate, to DGL Properties LLC, Blanchard Street, $81,500.

Joyce Hanousek, representative, and Christine Johnston, estate, to Valerie Peters, 23 Moore St., $245,000.

Krystyna Kane and Izabela M. Stewart to Brian J. Kennedy, 78 Boucher Circle, $262,262.

MCN New Wave LLC, to Zunaira Butt, 3 Naomi St., $261,000.

Wendy Morera, Jose Morera and Wendy Burgos to Aimee Richards Correa, 416 New Ludlow Road, $260,000.


Delmer Truesdell, “aka” Delmar Truesdell, to Victor Covalenco, 44 Wilson Hill Road, $25,000.


Kathryn R. Eiseman to Corydon S. Woodard, 17 Packard Road, $95,000.


Deane Michael Dray, power of attorney for, Alfred Joseph Dray, “aka”Alfred J. Dray, and Deane Michael Dray, power of attorney for, Elaine Regan Dray, “aka” Elaine Dray, to Brandon Hale and Amber Holbrook, 408 Greenfield Road, and Greenfield Road, $229,900.

Annette R. Docimo and Janet M. Kelley to John Bysiewski, 144 North Main St., $490,000.

Janet M. Kelley, individually and as personal representative of, the Estate of Walter John Yazwinski Jr., Annette R. Docimo and Elaine L. Anderson to John Bysiewski, North Main Street, $200,000.

East Longmeadow

Ben Roncarati to Ashley Marie Heeb-Schnell and Richard Wise, 5 Savoy Ave., $260,000.

Geoffrey R. Frost and Makenzie L. O’Donnell to Aneta M. Sucharski, 74 Kibbe Road, $305,000.

Martin P. Miner, representative, and Raymond E. Miner, estate, to Drew C. Trebbe and Kendall E. Trebbe, 11 Voyer Ave., $337,000.

Steven C. Wheeler and Nancy Wheeler to Walter August, 466 Porter Road, $262,000.

Vashon B. Robinson and Sherrie L. Robinson to Charles J. Hoffman Intervivos Trust, trustee of, and Charles J. Hoffman, trustee, 3 Niagara St., $285,000.


John F. Edwards to Debra Ann Dombrowski, 2 Mechanic St., $180,000.

Mary Estey Ticknor, trustee, M. Estey Ticknor, trustee, Mary Estey Ticknor Declaration of Trust, M. Estey Ticknor Declaration of Trust, Tara C. Lagu, Mary Estey Ticknor and M. Estey Ticknor to Janivette Alsina, 26 Spring St., $566,500.

Andrew Gaylord and Emily Gaylord to James W. Hill, trustee, Martha Elizabeth Ture, trustee, and Hill-Ture Trust, 233 Park St., $360,000.


Rich Young Property Management Inc., receiver, to Rich Young Property Management Inc., 38 Old State Road, $197,000.


Daniel J. Desnoyers to Jonathan R. Sass, Christine S. Sass, Susan E. Garrett and John E. Wright, Beaver Lane, $4,500.


Robert S. Killin and Larry Vila to Owen B. Murray and Annapurna A. Ghosh, 87 Ferry Hill Road, $556,000.

Michael N. Gagnon, Joanne C. Gagnon and Joanne C. Gagon to Michelle Snow, 79 South St., $530,000.

Douglas M. Keller, personal representative, and Ruby L. Keller, estate, to Robert C. LaFreniere, 23 High St., $285,000.

Stephen W. Slapski and Julie A. Slapski to Ridvan Turan, 58 Amherst St., $495,000.


Robert M. O’Connor and Kristin L. O’Connor to Brendan M. Guidi and Nicole M. Guidi, 54 Granby Road, $455,000.


Douglas Sky Wight, “fka” Douglas E. Wight, to Colrain Bunker Group LLC, 237 Conway St., $140,000.

Barry J. Gilman, Lee Beth Gilman, Scott M. Gilman and Stephen R. Gilman to Debra Arch, 40 Cooke St., $342,000.

Jessica E. Greene and Todd Richard Wiles to Paul D. Viens, 28 Vernon St., $162,500.


Marianne A. Filkoski to Daniel Navarro and Kimberly Navarro, 18 Maple Ave., $499,500.

Jeremy D. Ober to Exotic Auto Service & Sales LLC, 10-12 Russell St., $500,000.

Irene M. Rule to Irene M. Rule, Michael A. Forget and Damien P. Rule, 85 Bay Road, $100.


Richard J. Bertheaud and Andrea K. Bertheaud to Michael Farrell and Carolen Zarlengo, 17 South Ridge Road, $575,000.

Sandra M. Preston, representative, and James D. McDarby, estate, to Steven V. Haldeman and Amanda L. Haldeman, 59 North Road, $435,000.


Gerome Andre Miklau and Johanna C. Callard to Matthew S. Hunt and Shannon McFarland, 6 Bridge St., $475,000.

Ellen Miller to Kyra Sanborn and Joshua R. Abrams, 1 Prospect Court, $350,000.


Maple Ledge Associates Inc., to Mollie O’Hara and Joshua Rathburn, 23 Cherokee Road, $260,000.

Patrick R. Doyle, Shawn Barker and Shawna Barker to Hannah M. Prescott, 122 Old County Road, $205,000.


Ale Ventures LLC, to Haddad Capital LLC, South East St., $485,000.

Alfaville LLC, to Yovannie Felix-Cordero, 2 Maple Crest C, $135,000.

Anthony Leahy Tallman to Jillian M. Tallman, 26 Clinton Ave., $102,500.

Barbara M. Brooksbank to Maureen P. Dooley Lawrence, 50 Lindbergh Ave., $289,900.

Caitlin E. O’Hare to Ferreira Holding LLC, 60 Chapin St., Unit I, $100,105.

Riverview Development Associates LLC, to Gary S. Olszewski, trustee, and Gary O Family Trust , trustee of, 717 Northampton St., Unit 65, $403,200.

Holyoke Machine Co. Inc., and Holyoke Machine Co., to Antonio Albericci, Clemente Street, $1,000,000.

Idali Rodriguez and Idali Rodrigues Munoz to Kendall Dunn Lasane and Devin Ashley Lasane, 63 Franklin St., $238,000.

Katherine R. Washburn to Alisha R. Seney, 2097-2099 Northampton St., $310,600.

133-135 Beech Street Associates LLC, to Haseena Sibdhanny and Hibbatun Noor Singh, 133-135 Beech St., $292,000.

Saundra B. Reilly to Waah Realty LLC, 1785 Northampton St., $485,000.

William C. Koczocik to David Moonan, 29-31 Gilman St., $284,000.


Julie A. Cowles to Roger D. Booth Jr., and Michelle Fieldstad-Booth, Lowell Lane, $26,000.

Rosalind J. Fouli, James R. Lepage, Maurice D. Lepage, Janice A. Wellspeak and Yvette M. Ingraham to Steven T. Slowey and Melinda A. Slowey, 18 Basket St., $125,000.


Danielle F. Wehrli and Danielle Fortier to Diana Vuong-Thomas and Nicholas C. Thomas, 67 Dover Road, $520,000.

Kathleen G. Boehm to Michael Abrams and Barbara Abrams, 965 Frank Smith Road, $455,000.

Leland S. Fallon and Margaret R. H. Fallon to Christopher N. Allen and Tracey L. Forbes, 63 Hawthorne St., $355,000.

Melvin P. French and Zuraimei French to James Dorschner and Sonya Tsiros, 19 Chatham Road, $565,000.

Peter Olesen and Melissa Olesen to Benjamin R. Baraldi, Benjamin Baraldi, Sara M. Baraldi and Sara Baraldi, 29 Dartmouth Road, $595,000.

Peter Tran and Lily Bui to Alfred Azar, 120 Homestead Boulevard, $220,000.

Ryan E. Watson and Andrea M. Watson to Wesley T. Fernandes and Elizabeth A. Fernandes, 152 Belleclaire Ave., $459,000.

Todd C. Ratner to Amy Grodsky Ratner, 70 Green Willow Drive, $160,000.

William Jordan Linville and Erin Lyn Linville to Gary B. Mantolesky and Jane L. Mantolesky, 80 Mill Road, $524,900.


Jose Manuel Dias and Maria Alice Dias to Nestor Osorio, 148 King St., $377,000.

Kathryn A. Galuszewski, Katrhyn A. Clark and Kathryn A. Clark to Jennifer L. Duncan, 63 Power Ave., $165,000.

Pierre J. Grenier and Michelle L. Grenier to Kyle Richard, 106 Prospect St., $308,000.

Victor L. Rodrigues and Victor Rodrigues to Andrew Durand, 59 Lockland Ave., $235,000.

Yvonne C. DaCruz to Jose Manuel Dias and Maria Alice Dias, 25 Norwood St., $290,500.


Christopher Glista and Leslie A. Glista to Heather Chaiffre, 8 Palmer Road, $275,000.

John G. LaPointe and Christine N. LaPointe to Corey D. Paul and Emily Meehan, 10 Carriage House Lane, $590,000.

Robert S. Thibodeau and Donna R. Thibodeau to Matthew Weldon Thibodeau and Lissa F. Thibodeau, 255 Main St., $250,000.

Wesley T. Fernandes and Elizabeth A. Fernandes to Gabriel Paul Johnson and Jennifer Marie Johnson, 9 Stebbins Road, $465,000.


Jonathan T. Rawls and Sara D. Scannell to Alaina M. Stamatis and Nicholas L. Williams, 108 Rear South Prospect St., $305,000.

Kimberlee A. Gilhuly to Solomon Goldstein-Rose and Sophia Normark, 70 Old Sunderland Road, $365,000.

Suellynn Ann Stark, trustee of, Stark Nominee Trust to Matthew Carl Duncan and Nicole Lea Nemec, 28 Taylor Heights, “fka” 28 Taylor Hill Road, $390,000.

Jane E. Stein to Frederick A. Grossberg and Laurie A. Smith, 154 East Chestnut Hill Road, $410,000.

Barry M. Elbaum, Trustee of Barry M. Elbaum Revocable Trust to Kevin B. Gendreau and Susanna H. Gendreau, 86-88 Fourth St., $415,000.


Shannon M. Finnessey to Adam L. Larson, 26 Carolyn St., $492,000.

Philip K. Peake to Lila Mereschuk, 48 Evergreen Road, $179,000.

Shawn Willey and Sandra Willey to Edward D. Melillo, 48 Chestnut Avenue Extension, $499,000.

Paul H. Kolbjornsen, Kimberly C. Kolbjornsen and Kimberly Kolbjornsen to Camille Washington-Ottombre and Garrett Washington, 42 Rustlewood Ridge, $322,500.

Debra A. Dombrowski to Julie P. Meyer and Adam J. Marks, 35 Hinckley St., and 35 Hinclley St., $390,000.

Sarah Barnett and Elizabeth Y. Barnett to Barbara Raeder-Tracy, 26 Crescent St., $319,000.

Sarah Barnett and Elizabeth Y. Barnett to Helen Seidler and Owen Mitz, 26 Crescent St., $15,000.

Nu-Way Homes Inc., to Martha F. Hoopes, 12 Warner St., $609,000.

Birch Hill LLC, to Eliezer Hutton, 4-6 Lawn Ave., $662,500.

Robert H. Wilson, trustee, Linda E. Sopp, trustee, and Wilson Family Trust to Jeffrey M. Mast and Bonnie E. Mast, 42 Harrison Ave., $875,000.

Llama Maynard, Lori Marie Agan and Adin Maynard to Jaime Levy and Simone Masson, 12 Perkins Ave., $496,000.

An J. Hoeyberghs to Chloe Weaver Vilain, 98 Brierwood Drive, $363,000.

Maureen Sturman to Devon L. Kelting-Dias, Jacqueline Candida Kelting-Dias and Jacqueline C. Kelting-Dias, 11 Greenleaf Drive, $625,000.

Thomas Barnes to Wendy Forbush, 956 Ryan Road, $240,000.

Sharon C. Switzer, Angeline C. Hynes and Robert D. Costello to Jeremy D. Ober, 38 Orchard St., $575,000.


Maida D. Goodwin to Mary Emma Searles, 181 Millers Falls Road, $225,000.

Jeremy H. Kendrick and Karen L. Kendrick to Holly M. Anderson, 461 Mount Hermon Station Road, $285,000.


Richard P. Sheridan, trustee of, Peach Realty Trust to Rodney J. Cofske Sr., and Sarah T. Forsythe, 23 Eagleville Road, $200,000.

Kelsie M. Bardsley and Hugh Gamache to Kaitlyn M. Chuba-Kraner and Benjamin D. Kraner, 310 Walnut Hill Road, $265,000.

Marcia M. Conkey to Tyler D. Chaplin, 39 Dewey Conrad Ave., $130,000.

Ryan F. Curtis, Steven B. Curtis, Sr., and Steven A. LaPierre to Denise Noel and Richard Noel Jr., 166 East Road, $380,000.

Wayne D. Whitmore to Mizuta Corp., 552-554 East Main St., $100,000.


Amanda M. Babinski to Randy Auclair, 1133 Thorndike St., $224,000.

Christine A. Bachand, Christine A. Hill and Christopher Welsh to Thaddeus A. Razdow and Sydney Am Pratt, 16 Knox St., $250,000.

Cody J. Brodeur, Christina N. Brodeur and Christina N. Muscaro to Edmund Traub and Tiana Traub, 1008 Oak St., $250,000.

Jobern Housing LLC, to Linda A. Beasley, 1016-1018 Pleasant St., $329,000.

Robert E. Williams Jr., and Sarah Ann Williams to Johanna A. Castro, 3025 South Main St., $242,000.

Roger W. Barnes to SZF Properties LLC, 992 Ware Road, $65,000.


Michael Sullivan to Adam T. Grabowiec, 490 Westfield Road, $325,000.


John Rathbun to Jonathan Bennis Roberts and Anne Arnold Sussman, 453 Pratt Corner Road, $410,000.

Rory Valentine, personal representative of, the Estate of John Valentine to Zebediah Smith, 268 West Pelham Road, $370,000.

South Hadley

Nefertiti A. Walker and Kellie N. Olson-Walker to David Mernoff and Karen Mernoff, 2 Rivercrest Way, $412,500.

James A. Buckley and Nancy Buckley to Cassidy F. Kosior, 41 West Summit St., $155,000.

Scott Family Properties LLC, to Jennifer Consedine, 6 Bardwell St., $140,000.

Elizabeth E. Berard to Joshua McKinley and Amy McKinley, 29-31 Woodbridge St., $576,000.

Dustin Blair and Chantal Blair to James R. Barron and Meghan D. Aucoin, 41 Judd Ave., $325,000.

Jason Hollway to Melissa Taylor Dresler, 4 Grant St., $95,000.


Paul E. Truehart and Richard L. Truehart Jr., to John E. Tobiason and Leslie E. Johnson, 6 Parc Place, $210,000.

Veasna Pok to Tasha M. Virgilio, 110 Valley Road, $100.

Gregory L. Bennett and Rosemary K. Bennett to Ryan Harris Hodder, 307 College Highway, $350,000.


Fiore Realty Holdings LLC, to Hamelin Framing Inc., Silvergrass Lane, $115,000.

Fiore Realty Holdings LLC, to Hamelin Framing Inc., Silvergrass Lane, $115,000.

Hamelin Framing Inc., to Denise Faircloth and William Faircloth, 5 Honey Bird Run, $675,000.

Janice S. LaFrance to Michael W. Hadley, 29 Lakemont St., $140,000.

Joshua A. Lightcap and Meghan Lightcap to Megan Harder, 314 Granville Road, $350,000.

Saltmarsh Brothers Construction Inc., to Giberson Construction Inc., 24 Noble Steed Crossing, $95,000.

Pari Hoxha and Tatyana Hoxha to Vito M. Demarinis and Carolyn Hodges, 5 Kline Road, $560,000.


Alexander Mejia to Katherine Ramos-Moreta, 77-79 Grenada Terrace, $191,000.

Anthony Daniele to Luigi DiBenedetto Jr., trustee, and 970 Chicopee Street Realty Trust, trustee of, 705 Sumner Ave., $185,000.

Anthony Perez and Brittany M. Perez to Angel Manuel Mercado, 35 Verge St., $205,000.

Brital1987 LLC, to Nicole Kynard and Yogi Kynard Sr., 8 Putnam St., $270,500.

Bruce M. Hadley to Adam Bryan Baskin, 142 West Canton Circle, $232,000.

Christopher Nascembeni to Omid Djavi and Nelia Rivera Djavi, 75 Rochford Circle, $365,000.

Daisy Gomez to Carmen R. Melendez Rodriguez and Felix Vega De Jesus, 265 Pheland Ave., $237,000.

DJD Real Estate LLC, to Shawna M. Willoughby, 620 Bradley Road, $237,660.

Donna L. Conlogue and Jon A. Conlogue to Jnaye Wise, 105 Bellevue Ave., $280,000.

Eric Fraser and Sophia Prendergast to Samantha S. Hamilton, 178 Gillette Ave., $295,000.

Evan R. Tardy and Jennifer L. Tardy to Aida Bonilla, 1150 Saint James Ave., $242,000.

Faruma S. Williams to Ahmed Al Jashaam, 112 Princeton St., $130,000.

Gloria J. Salemi, David J. Garatti, Victor J. Garatti, Elaine McMahon Blazejowski, Elaine Blazejowski and Linda Fidalgo to Dominga Cintron Torres and Angel J. Sanchez, 50 Upton St., $239,000.

Hassan Mourad and Hanan Mazloum to Vanessa DeJesus, 49 Bartels St., $258,000.

J. K. Harbey Co. LLC, to W. Paul Lemieux, Jamaica Street, $40,000.

Janice M. Drootin and Sonny R. Drootin to Maxine Weisgrau, 51 Oregon St., $205,000.

Jeffrey A. Herbele, Jeffery A. Herbele and Jeffry A. Herbele to Springhouse Properties LLC, 133 Winton St., $120,000.

Jose A. Rodriguez and Mirian Rodriguez to Zenaida Rodriguez, 18-20 Belvidere Ave., $200,000.

Joseph Santaniello and Anthony Santaniello to Candice Haynes, 483 Dickinson St., $315,000.

Julius E. Kenney Jr., to Tara M. Johnson, 16 Pearson Drive, $363,100.

Kelly J. Keenan to Kimberly Joy Ammons and William James Guida, 245 Fair Oak Road, $240,000.

Mara Bapa LLC, to Keshu Realty LLC, 823 Belmont Ave., $200,000.

Margo G. Jergensen and Chad Jergensen to Olivia May Morales and Sarah Morales, 45 Bacon Road, $260,000.

Michael J. Lyon and Cristin L. Lyon to Tammi S. Bailey, 68 Old Brook Road, $315,000.

Michael King and Amanda King to Nathan Joseph Madeira, 1455 Wilbraham Road, $248,900.

Michael Molinari and Paul Boutot to Spectra S2 LLC, and Fifty 50 Realty LLC, 89 Kensington Ave., $375,000.

Natha Lee Brown to Tanisha L. Daniels and Nathan Daniels, 23 Dawes St., $175,000.

Nicholas C. Milionis to Elbert Scott, 81 White Oak Road, $240,000.

Nolava LLC, to Onstar Properties AA LLC, 14 Medford St., $415,000.

NRES LLC, to Jose Pietter, 39 Lafayette St., $280,000.

Qiong Wang, Oiong Wang, Qi Wang, Qiong Wang Perron and Qiong W Perron to Damian Bialonczyk, 253-255 Belmont Ave., $235,000.

Robert Frazier to Tamika Hoo-Fah, 130 Benz St., $350,000.

Ronald S. Pollender to Equity Trust Co., custodian, Robert Lareau and Robert Lareau Ira, 55 Edendale St., $140,000.

Rosemary F. Collamore to Cameron G. Lovett and Shelby Telmosse, 80 Bennington St., $270,000.

Scriven L. King and Shanna M. King to Muryah D. Torres and Giovanni N. Cortes, 86 Caseland St., $250,000.

Timothy J. Kingston and Patricia Q. Kingston to Giovanna Maria Bacile, 29 Williamsburg Drive, $199,000.

Tm Properties Inc., to Sergio Arroyo, 103 Thompson St., $280,000.

Victor L. Rodrigues to Kristen Stephanie Ramirez, 105 Lyons St., $251,000.

Xiuyu Ma to Richard Carl Ferullo Jr., and Ken Luong, 529-531 Armory St., $273,000.


Raymond M. Skibski and Ann E. Skibski to Robert Houle and Kim Houle, 54 Thicket Road, $100,000.


Breton Realty LLC, to Nallett Family Realty Trust and James Nallett, trustee, 59-69 Pleasant St., $150,000.

Daniel W. Long to Jordin L. Corriveau and Brandon A. Ouimette, 40 Moriarty Road, $375,000.

Ware Housing Cooperative Inc., to Thomas Abel, 13-15 Cherry St., $150,000.

Scudder Bay Capital LLC, to Eurides Batista, 19-21 Aspen St., $240,000.

Aaron J. Desantis to Deno Harold, 21 Lovewell St., $155,000.

Michael J. Boisvert to Veloz & Associates LLC, 89 West Main St., $53,000.

Mark A. Andrews and Joyce A. Andrews to Eurides Batista and Damaris M. Frias, 48 Pleasant St., $242,000.

Western Mass Realty LLC, to Eurides Batista and Damaris M. Frias, 8 Cherry St., $165,000.

Patrick M. Howe to Patrick M. Howe and Ashley J. Howe, 157 Upper Church St., $100.

Luis A. Mejias to Peter A. Millet Jr., and Samantha R. Millet, 121 Bacon Road, $259,000.

Paul A. Moryl, trustee, Gail F. Moryl, trustee, and Moryl Family Trust to Ali Bulut, 17 Westbrook Ave., $395,000.

West Springfield

Donna D. Cauley and Michael J. Cauley to Bakhtiyer Kasimov, 45 Christine Drive, $553,500.

George J. Cmiel Jr., to Kerri Cmiel and Jason Cmiel, 245 Greystone Ave., $280,000.

Guild Mortgage Co., LLC, to William C. O’Neill and Ellen A. O’Neill, 45 Oakland St., $155,000.

Julianne Crum and Julianne M. Spafford to Stephen C. Edelman and Claire Belden, 29 Sheridan Ave., $236,000.

Keith B. Lee and Winnifred C. Lee to Eva Nabifwo Simiyu and Ruth Nafula Simiyu, 190 Lower Beverly Hills, $253,000.

Kimberly M. Rosa and Jay A. Rosa to Donna D. Cauley, 87 Valley View Circle, $376,000.

Sheryl Jonah, representative, and Muriel N. Ardizoni, estate, to Eric H. Balslov and Kenna M. Balslov, 14 Albert St., $312,000.


Christine J. Bennett, representative, and Stanley M. Snow, estate, to Anthony Deven and Natalya Deven, 504 Holyoke Road, $350,000.

Foster M. Leavitt, Julie A. Leavitt and Julie A. Austin to April Esposito, 13 Allen Ave., $250,000.

Ivan A. Guzman and Jennifer R. Guzman to Nathan Miles Hogan, 109 Ridgeway St., $295,000.

Jeffrey Goncalves to Amanda Provost and Joshua Provost, 28 Darby Drive, $350,000.

Keith A. Taylor, representatiave, James Kenneth Taylor, estate, and Sherry Emery to Jeffrey C. Keating, 8 Greylock St., $164,000.

Marcie L. Arona and Marcie L. Cotto to Nicholas Capalbo and Jaime Hoppock, 257 Holyoke Road, $296,000.

Megan M. Harder, Jacqueline J. Harder and Raymond J. Harder to Kyle Richard Duquette, 8 Howard St., $295,000.

Nancy Laumbach Lois to Frank L. Fay, 126 City View Boulevard, $326,000.

Niles R. Lavalley and Sara Raymaakers to Freedom Spire Holdings LLC, 18 Dubois St., $150,000.

Peter J. Ryan and Julie A. Ryan to Matthew J. Olson and Alyssa M. Carson, 10 Sterling St., $269,000.

Saris Resources LLC, to Eduard Loboda and Sulamita Loboda, 92 Pequot Point Road, $85,000.

Victor G. Gomes and Jennifer J. Gomes to Ira Gaudette and Kelly Kraft, 42 Kittredge Drive, $289,000.


Stacy L. Morgan to Patricia Hand and Victor Hand, Laurel Hill Road, $52,500.


Antonio Patullo, representative, and Nancy Patullo, estate, to James Nowakowski and Shari L. Lokey, 660 Ridge Road, $404,500.

Give Them Sanctuary Inc., to Thomas Abel, 3281 Boston Road, $165,000.

Heather Wrisley and Shawn Wrisley to Michael D. Powers and Amy F. Powers, 3 Park Drive, $449,900.

Kathleen C. McLaughlin to Tony L. Desousa and Laura P. Desousa, 5 Drumlin Circle, $530,900.

Peter J. Lavelle, Lynn F. Lavelle, Lynn M. Ferri and Lynn M. Lavelle to Michael E. King and Amanda C. King, 4 Cliffside Drive, $410,000.


Steven H. St. Clair and Steven St. Clair to Margo E. Welch, 16 Old Goshen Road and 18 Old Goshen Road, $100.

Margo E. Welch to Steven H. St. Clair, 16 Old Goshen Road and 18 Old Goshen Road, $100.

Michael D. Gudejko and Heather R. Love to Adin Shadur Maynard and Llama Maynard, 57R Adams Road, $565,000.