Massachusetts actual property transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties April 18, 2021



Alfred J. Longhi Jr., representative, Alfred Joseph Longhi, estate, Linda Dsilva, Linda Longhi and Marlene M. Longhi, estate, to Hillside Development Corp., 173 Southwick St., $750,000.

Edward P. Borgatti to Zachary Lebreton and Sheyanne A. Ferrara, 135 Franklin St., $260,000.

Jessica L. Iacolino, Jessica L. Breton and Kevin Iacolino to Nicholas L. Damours, 521 South West St., $279,000.

Louis Bonavita to Lora Feeley, 198 Walnut St., $202,000.

Michelle L. Reynolds and Jeffrey N. Reynolds to Zachary Curtin and Nadine Curtin, 114 Wagon Wheel Drive, $565,000.

Paul J. Traska to JMac Realty Corp., 981 River Road, $340,000.

Robert A. Fagin to Igloo Cellulose Realties Inc., 700 Silver St., $2,350,000.

Ronald G. Carr, representative, and Ronald A. Carr, estate, to Fumi Realty Inc., 74 Federal St. Extension, $170,000.

Sharon A. Conte to Shirley Weinrich, Cortney Weinrich and Jacob Weinrich, 90 Corey Colonial, Unit 90, $156,500.

Vadim Nazarets and Katerina Nazarets to Margarita Malyshevski, 62 Center St., $257,000.

Work Opportunity Center Inc., to Tiernanoge Properties LLC, 1094 Suffield St., $1,150,000.


John P. Lloyd to John P. Lloyd, trustee, John P. Lloyd III, trustee, and John P. Lloyd Revocable Trust, 627 South East St., $100.

Jesse McCoomb to Jarrett Man and Kathryn Richardson, 86 Larkspur Drive, $477,000.

Peng Wang and Yuanyuan Chen to Randy Karl Rethemeyer and Jodi Beth Kerper, 26 Linden Ridge Road, $600,000.


Suzanne Reece to Heather Rae Woodworth, 279 Granby Road, $120,000.

Peter R. Harbison and Deborah A. Harbison to Kellye Barton Lupica, 10 Cottage St., $228,000.

Stanley E. Jacobs and Rhonda R. Jacobs to Abigail E. Weeks and Sara G. Weeks, 11 Catherine Drive, $442,000.

Marc S. Dugre, trustee, and Roger L. Archambault Trust to Sergey Kaletin, Granby Road, $100.

Patricia R. Marsh to James Austin and Alicia Austin, 15 Autumn Lane, $172,500.

Richard R. Delvalle and Theresa E. Delvalle to Deborah Melendez-Otero and Hector Melendez, 19 Brandywine Drive, $379,000.

Billy Leung, Man Ning Leung and Yong Xian Liu to Michael F. DeMarco, 109 Federal St., $196,000.


River Maple Farm Inc., to Paul C. Skiathitis, South Street, $5,000.


Ryan C. Hurt and Leila Hurt to Peter McQueen and Sandra Ortega, 50 Dix Hill Road, $420,000.


Melissa J. Butler and Christopher D. Davenport to Laurie L. Laffond, 4 Old State St., $198,000.


Henry J. Niemiec to Dennis Lee Nolt II, 26 Taft Road, $200,000.

Thomas Baldauf, Gerard Baldauf, Mona Baldauf and Joan Baldauf to Ethan B. Prihar, E River Road, $25,000.


Charles L. Valencik III, and Erin M. Valencik to Matthew Biron, Bissell Road, $7,000.


Allan J. White and Violet J. White to Kent L. Taylor, 200 Lambert Terrace, Unit 3, $209,500.

Carl S. Williams and Cynthia Williams to Jade Elsamahy, 1 Clifton St., $260,900.

Charmaine Gazda to Paul Modelski, 25 Honey Lane, $261,000.

Christopher Przybyl, Kate E. Przybyl and Kate E. Patterson to Kevin E. Baker, 24 Henry Harris St., $226,000.

Debra Friedrich, representative, and Charles C. Bowers, estate, to Victor G. Burgos and Marilyne Burgos, 14 Alfred St., $170,000.

E&R Realty LLC., to ARG NCD5PCK001 LLC, 1045 Sheridan St., $5,623,438.

E&R Realty LLC., to ARG NCD5PCK001 LLC, 285 Mckinstry Ave, $6,553,108.

E&R Realty LLC., to ARG NCD5PCK001 LLC, 725 Meadow St, $2,575,799.

E&R Realty LLC., to ARG NCD5PCK001 LLC, 739-751 Meadow St, $4,503,910.

E&R Realty LLC., to ARG NCD5PCK001 LLC, Meadow Street, $15,110,096.

Frances S. Taborowski and Frances Taborowski to Henry J. Niemiec, 70 Amherst St., $132,000.

Heap Pen to Jenna Roeum, 16 Kendall St., $15,000.

Holly I. Riendeau to Winchell Fleurmond, 50 Yorktown Court, $180,000.

Kristal Hollimon and Kristal Douglas to Jainis J. Colon Vazquez and Daisy J. Vazquez Flores, 23 Jackson St., $203,000.

Lisa M. O’Sullivan to Amanda Alison Long, 245 Rolf Ave., $287,000.

Lisa Silva to Mario Rivera and Jennefer Alexandra Rivera, 405-407 Springfield St., $313,000.

Lyubov Belykh to Anthony M. Roberts and Megan J. Gillette, 84 Beverly St., $181,000.

Mario Tedeschi to Kaelyn M. Aponte, 42 Bemis St., $225,000.

Nadine N. Curtin, Nadine N. Cote and Zachary Curtin to Jose Rodriguez Marrero, 971 McKinstry Ave., $275,000.

Nathan R. Alexander and Jennifer L. Alexander to Louis C. Correa and Eunice Lopez, 30 Mount Royal St., $250,000.

Ramon Alvarez and Ruth Alvarez to Harshman Singh, 18-20 Nash St., $230,625.

Riverbound Investments Inc., to Abigail Graffam, 69 Olea St., $275,000.

Victor J. Monsalve and Shirely E. Mejia to Marta Liliana Zuluaga Alvarez and Jorge Monsalve, 26-28 Thaddeus St., $246,000.

Wendel A. Ridley to Brian A. Lapite, 944 Granby Road, $100,000.


Ragus LLC, to Warren A. Llundin & June A. Llundin Irrevocable Trust, Janice E. Warner and Laurie A. Artruc, trustees, 43A Snowberry Circle, Unit 16A, Sugarloaf Condominium, $389,900.

Ragus LLC, to Jeanne E. Rees Investment Trust, Jeanne E. Rees, trustee, and John W. Rees Investment Trust, John W. Rees, trustee, 43B Snowberry Circle, Unit 16B, Sugarloaf Condominiums, $324,900.

Cindy L. Dzieclolowski, “aka” Cindy L. Murphy, to Theresa M. Avery, 10 Ridge Road, $25,000.

East Longmeadow

Emtay Inc., to Jaime R. Gonzalez, 98 Colony Drive, $369,150.

Katie A. Miller-Murphy and John E. Murphy to Michael White, 48 Moore St., $261,500.

Kevin J. Aliengena and Lisa M. Aliengena to Robert Joseph Seer and Suzanne Seer, 29 Wellington Drive, $719,000.

Michael L. Cohen, representative, Michael J. Cohen, representative, and Joan M. Noonan, estate, to Timothy Leahy and Jenna Lebowitz, 7 Dearborn St., $250,000.

Patricia M. Rhodes, Daniel B. Rhodes, Jamie E. Blaxland and Rebekah A. Russell to Jonathan D. Maciorowski, 34 Holland Drive, $215,000.

Terry Peckham to Sydney Slattery, 38 Garland Ave., $228,700.

Therese LaPierre to John G. Piponidis and Georgette M. Piponidis, 47 Bluegrass Drive, Unit II-8, $475,000.

Thomas F. Connors to Michael Ostrander and Kiamesha Dolson-Ostrander, 14 Oak Bluff Circle, $271,000.


Hayley Marie Singleton and Hayley Marie Singleton Hyde to Barra Lynn Cohen, 325 Main St., $379,000.

Jason P. Graham and Janelle M. Graham to Jeffrey L. Lebeau, 114 Line St., $242,000.

Bruce Harrison Jr., Viktoriia Harrison and V. Harrison to Tyler Mackenzie Rocco-Chaffee and Kelsi Marie Sleet, 30 Pleasant St., $362,250.

Amelia Stiles to Mathew Richard Gilbert, 16 Maine Ave., and 18-26 Maine Ave., $220,000.


Peter F. LaFogg and Joan C. LaFogg to George D. Judd & Sons LLC, Loomis Road, $175,000.


U.S. Bank Trust NA, trustee, and LSF10 Master Participation Trust to John Brian Guldbrandsen, 16 Parish Hill Road, $157,507.

James Raymond Dufresne to Brian Fournier and Lorin Fournier, 16 High St., $235,000.


Parody Builders & Sons LLC, to Denise Devlin and Scott Devlin, 27 Champney Road, $60,000.

Goodwin Investment Trust, Christopher M. Goodwin and Cheryl D. Goodwin, trustees, to Stotz Realty Trust, Frances K. Stotz, trustee, 301 Country-Side, Unit 301, Country-Side Condominiums, $217,200.

Kristin Knoll, “aka” Kristin Knoll Neal, and Heather Neal to Dylan T. Neal and Taylor E. Neal, 342 Log Plain Road, $225,000.

Wayne Garfinkel to Camillo Archuleta and Sofia Archuleta, 82 James St., $180,000.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc., attorney, US Bank NA, trustee, by attorney, to EDS Enterprises LLC, 37 Elm St., $89,000.


Roger Chapdela0,0ine to Donna M. Connolly and Roger E. Chapdelaine, 60 North Maple St., $100.

Maureen A. Porter to Thomas E. Nasiatka and Daniel J. Albert Jr., 171 Rocky Hill Road, $375,000.

Mickey Long and Cora Long to Donald R. Dion, 70 Russell St., $350,000.


Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Daniel P. Kirschner and Lauren P. Hand, 187 Brimfield Road, $110,000.

Alan Elman, Christina M. Elman and Christina M. Buehrle to Christopher Vaughn Karney, 334 Linden St., $172,000.

Ayten Bannish, Ayten Mesecher and Michael W. Bannish Jr., to Victor F. Montanez Jr., 47 Saint Kolbe Drive, Unit D, $135,000.

Cig4 LLC, to Anthony Michael Stanfield and Alexandra Nora Stanfield, 25 Portland St., $263,000.

David Bergeron to Kevin E. MacDonald, 296 Linden St., $69,000.

David M. Cowan Jr., and Amber L. Tanudjaja to Shaheen Sutterwala and Kimberly Tanudjaja-Smith, 213 Locust St., $190,000.

Erica L. Pelletier to Sarah A. De Araujo and Sonia B. De Aguiar, 1021 Dwight St., $170,000.

Julie A. Arsenault to Joao Manuel Ribeiro, 92 Brook St., $55,000.

Kori Wilson to Heather Messer, 1020 Dwight St., $177,500.

Marietta Shattelroe and Deidre Hall to Margaret A. Kelly, Arbor Way Unit 12D, $76,500.

Nueva Esperanza Inc., to Donovan Parker, 523-525 South Bridge St., $230,000.

Ryan Hamel and Deborah A. Menard to Noel Serene Sherman and Candice J. Michaelsen, 17 Holly Meadow Road, $415,000.

Sharon Basile, representative, Eleanor Hepburn, estate, Sally Barnett, Marylyn Reppert, Frederick James Hepburn, representative, Frederick J. Hepburn, estate, and Eleanor A. Hepburn, estate, to Zachary Goodwin-Boyd, 2 River Terrace, $235,000.


Marjorie P. Herbert Estate, Steven E. Herbert, personal representative, to Elsbeth L. Walker, 246 Long Plain Road, $250,000.


Christopher Evans and Melissa K. Evans to Kings Enterprise LLC, 144 Lincoln Road, $237,700.

Dennis M. O’Connor to Danielle Hegarty and Gage Azeez, 43 Burbank Road, $365,000.

James O. Humphries and Ann M. Humphries to Christopher R. Fogelstrom and Jessica P. Fogelstrom, 1399 Longmeadow St., $400,000.

Mark W. Grimaldi to Timothy M. Paltz and Karen E. Paltz, 23 Chestnut Road, $185,000.

Michael P. Fritz and Kerry M. Ferrero to Michael Agen and Darlene Athas, 435 Converse St., $417,000.

Ronald F. Conway and Stefanie V. Conway to Scott R. Hanson and Jere W. Dittrich, 34 Primrose Drive, $452,000.

Truong Vuong to Alena Maple and Jonathan Maple, 533 Laurel St., $437,000.


Albert A. Matthess and Steven R. Matthess to Nicholas A. Matthess, 64 Moody St., $100,000.

Charles R. Summers III, to Steffanie Marie Rodrigues, 41 Berkshire St., $138,550.

Elizabeth M. Sedelow, Ann-Marie Sarkis, Michael A. Reid and William E. Reid to William E. Reid and Julie A. Reid, 17 Sunset Drive, $135,000.

Marion R. Scully to RRC LLC, East Street, $15,000.

Mary T. Popko, representative, and Julian S. Popko, estate, to RRC LLC, East Street, $45,000.

Michael Bennett, representative, and Judith C. Bennett, estate, to Michael J. Bennett, 677 Chapin St., $204,500.

Noel S. Sherman and Earl T. Sherman to Randy J. Hevey, 296 Fuller St., $272,000.

Noemia Kania to William Davis and Dorothy Davis, 51 Morse St., Unit 5, $155,000.

Stephen Ecrement and Mariamar Gutierrez Ramirez to Melissa A. Archer, 603 Alden St., $175,000.


Leslie A. Walker to Steven F. Giebutowski and Jill A. Giebutowski, Lakeside Drive, $9,000.

Timothy J. Pascale and Elizabeth A. Evon to Sharon E. Johnson, 46 Palmer Road, Unit 25, $333,500.


Edward E. Marion Estate, Christopher J. Marion, “aka” Christopher J. Marion Sr., personal representative, to Jake Curry, 450 Turners Falls Road, $221,000.

Marcia D. Norwood, Gary N. Stone Sr., individually and personal representative, Richard K. Stone Jr., “aka” Richard Keith Stone Jr., to Andrei Taraburca, 472-476 Federal St., $175,000.

New Salem

David A. Pariseau to Rae Lanoue and Todd Lanoue, 377 Petersham Road, $320,000.


Wayne J. Blair and Martha S. Blair to Kathleen M. Palmer, 16 Chesterfield Road, $404,000.

Daniel A. Blair and Jonathan J. Blair to Martha Senser Blair and Wayne Joseph Blair, 147 North Main St., $285,000.

John J. Ferriter and Eileen M. Ferriter to Katharine J. Waggoner and Pam Hannah, 274 Bridge St., $344,900.

Robert E. Racicot, estate, and Amy Georgie-Ann Filepas, personal representative, to Amy Georgie-Ann Filepas, 1 Pine Valley Road, $100.

Raymond F. Conway and R.F. Conway to Sara T. Salem and Matthew Coes, 18A Graves Ave., $200,000.

Kate Bagley and Jane Higgins to Christopher Adams, 101 Woodland Drive, $505,900.

Ann M. Burger to Ann Moss Burger, trustee, Henry Robert Burger III, trustee, and Ann Moss Burger Trust, 214 Warner St., and Riverdale Drive, $100.

William M. Welch II, and Paula L. Welch to Margaret Treloar and Nathan Treloar, 118-120 North St., Woodmont Road, Mill Yard Road, $550,000.

Daniel R. Crouss and Kathryn S. Crouss to Lesley-Ann Giddings, 696 Florence Road, $430,000.

Laura A. Battles to Laura A. Battles, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of Laura A. Battles, 88 Straw Ave., $100.


DR Realty Trust, Daniel J. McHugh and Roger H. McHugh, trustees, to Timothy F. McHugh, 103 Enfield Drive, $15,000.

WM Realty Holdings NHLLC, to WU Yan and Yunxiang Zhong, 167 East Main St., $75,000.


Dennis J, Breton to Dennis J, Breton, life estate, and Jonathan A. Breton, 46 Nipmuck St., $100.

G. M. Garabedian Inc., to NLCP 25 Ware St MA LLC, 25 Ware St., $1,600,000.

Jayne G. Heede and Jayne G. Heede-Crimmins to Antone J. Motta and Amanda Motta, 125 Shearer St., $251,000.

Kevin Cruz to Hanan E. Mohamad, 46 Kelley St., $250,000.

Mary Jane Banas, John A. Banas and Pamela Outhuse to Joseph Milillo, 260 Peterson Road, $292,475.

Michael A. LaValley and Linda J. LaValley to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Overseer Realty Trust, trustee of, 2062 Palmer Road, $55,000.

Nelson A. Azevedo and Joan M. Azevedo to Hugh C. Scott IV, and Nicole R. Scott, 3003 Prospect St., $307,450.


Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity Inc., to Kestral Land Trust Inc., Amherst Road, $100.


Alice L. Hageman to John E. Cupples and L. Adrienne Cupples, 15 Kings Highway, $100.


Anthony L. Switzer, Raeh M. Switzer and Raeh M. Best to Ryan A. Fisk, 20 Blandford Stage Road, $152,500.


Anne Marie Kittredge to Nora L. Gurley, 196 Montague Road, $340,000.

South Hadley

Joni E. Fleming to Richard M. Fleming, 35 Park Ave., $100.

Jessica L. Falade and Geoffrey P. Falade to Michael J. Gwynn, 5 Stewart St., $312,500.

Ronald N. Gendron, Nancy M. Gendron, Paul R. Gendron and Catherine R. Smith to Julian Jocque and Cara Peterhansel, 47 Susan Ave., $270,000.

Tony Thornton to Cheryl Houston, 124 College St., $282,500.

Michael R. Daniele to Dylan Graveline and Nikki L. Graveline, 4 Hartford St., $195,000.

A. Kenneth Root, Thomas M. Root, Michael P. Root and Mary C. Root McCaffrey to Kellen T. McCaffrey, 80 Mountain View St., and 80 Mountainview St., $250,000.

RGS Realty LLC, to Vadim Popovichenko, 8 Bardwell St., $345,000.

Ethan L. Bagg to Luis Builders Inc., Ethan Circle, $95,000.


Charles Snyder and Carla Snyder to Shawn S. Baker and Sylvia Ferreira, 11 Secluded Ridge, $445,000.

Robert T. Clayton and Lisa E. Clayton to Francis M. Potts and Charlene C. Potts, 21 Gableview Lane, $874,700.

Thurston Properties LLC, to Brandon M. Huckins and Kristen M. Bonneau, 19 Powder Mill Road, $235,000.


30 Belmont LLC, to Renaissance Springfield LLC, 21 Fort Pleasant Ave., $1,200,000.

Aaron O. Butler to Nicholas E. Holland, 41 Birch Glen Drive, $218,600.

All Nation Church of God, All Nation Church of God (Pentecostal) and All Nation Church of God Inc., to Deeper Life Bible Church Springfield, 63 Kenyon St., $71,000.

Ana Zunilda Jerez to Evangelio Gonzalez, 86 Pendleton Ave., $187,000.

Andrea P. Richards to Julian T. Kyndy, 90 Revere St., $195,000.

Ashley N. Gogal, representative, and Daniel J. Boisjoli, estate, to Jose A. Oyola, 38 Leitch St., $223,000.

B S C Realty Inc., and BSC Realty Inc., to Clinical & Support Options Inc., 775 Worthington St., $336,345.

Beris F. Gouldbourne to Gladysh Capital LLC, 30 Clark St., $20,000.

Bukowski Construction LLC, to Jeremy Moore, 47 Juliet St., $298,000.

Carlo J. Dilizia to Shaina Curran, 167 Thompson St., $285,000.

Carlos A. Morales and Odettsy M. Morales Solis to Wadenise Mezil, 58 Grover St., $170,000.

Chad T. Lynch to Daniel S. Paris, 20 Gerald St., $220,000.

Charise Gonzalez to Lewen Cotte, 44 Pascal Drive, $287,000.

Della Ripa Real Estate LLC, to Angelica Cotto, 221 Eddy St., $150,000.

Dollymae Carnegie and Creigton Carnegie to William R. Nickerson, 62 Barrington Drive, $380,000.

Donna S. Martelle to Juan Rios, 29 Parkin St., $150,000.

Dubs Capital LLC, to Josue Matos and Bianca J. Matos, 98 Bowles St., $334,000.

East Coast Contracting LLC, to Melanie Massiah Gordon and Christopher Diyaolu, 42 Kerry Drive, $410,000.

Eladio Pagan Jr., and Eladio Pagan to Zenaida Figueroa and Geraldo J. Cuevas, 172 Davis St., $197,000.

Eliezer Garcia and Cindy M. Garcia to Nathan Crocco and Kamileh Crocco, 24 Mountainview St., $289,900.

Felecia Yager to Elijah Saez, 177 Jasper St., $191,000.

Genaro Medina Jr., representative, Genaro Medina-Rivera Sr., estate, Genaro Medina Sr., estate, and Genaro Medina, estate, to Edwin Medina, 174 Drexel St., $157,000.

Geraldine B. Calento, representative, Jane V. Chmura, estate, Jane B. Chmura, estate, and Jane Veronica Chmura, estate, to Hedge Hog Industries Corp., 47 Felicia St., $130,000.

Heather Chaiffre to Rene Santiago and Elizabeth Morales, 52 Kerry Drive, $223,000.

Helen Al-Mahrwuth to Detric Watkins, 17-19 Crown St., $255,000.

Hilda Martinez to Caty Rosario, 219 Pendleton Ave., $145,000.

Jersey Shore Properties LLC, to Rachel Barr, Yorktown Drive, #99, $12,500.

John David Slavick to Sanu Rai and Bibash Mangmu, 238 Winterset Drive, $295,000.

Julio Ayala to Rafael Perez, 51 Pine Grove St., $240,000.

Lise Petit-Dondi, representative, and Marcellin J. Petit, estate, to Kyeesha L. Weaver, 414 Dwight Road, $280,000.

Luis O. Tarraza and Moyra Tarraza to Omar Tuitt, 174-176 Northampton Ave., $217,000.

Marcella Ann Pagliaro and Frank Edward Majka to Justin B. Richardson and Madelyn E. Metzler, 295 Draper St., $207,000.

Mariano Bulted and Magna Roman to Jet Investments LLC, 51-53 Leyfred Terrace, $148,374.

MBC Properties LLC, to Hilda M. Santa, 50 Commonwealth Ave., $260,000.

Misael Rodriguez-Cruz to Nicholas Ayala, 34 Newhouse St., $180,000.

Nelson Perez to Handyflippers Inc., 41-43 Fresno St., $152,000.

Olmsted Realty LLC, to Hanati Lubega, 18-20 Lombard St., $191,820.

Rodolfo V. Espinosa to Abraham E. Torres Jr., and Caroline Torres, 227 Denver St., $168,000.

Sara L. Deiters, representative, Richard Goodreau, estate, and Sara L. Dieters, representative, to Ileana Garcia and Raul Eliezer Torres Jr., 55 Westbrook Drive, $245,000.

Springfield City to 90 Termar Property LLC, St. James Boulevard, $2,000.

Springfield City to Cindy Caride, Greene Street, $1,123.

Stefanie Erickson and Maria Bella Castro to Joejoe Properties LLC, 31 Acrebrook Road, $275,000.

Tanisha Cabezudo and Javier Vazquez to Dshawn O. Telfaire and Leancy M. Diaz, 215 Dorset St., $245,000.

Techia L. Francis to Emmanuel Tete-Donkor, 31 Pheland St., $175,000.

Thomas W. Gallagher and Jennifer Gallagher to Sudan Curiel and Natalie Vargas, 140 Chestnut St., Unit 605, $46,000.

Value Properties LLC, to Jazmin Montes, 202 Dunmoreland St., $210,000.

William J. Britt to Wayne Corse and Marie Corse, 43 Caseland St., $380,000.

William R. Nickerson and Felicia Nickerson to Richard P. Gaviorno, 293 Abbott St., $215,000.

WN Management LLC, to Hunter Property Group LLC, 82-84 College St., $160,000.

Xiomary Reyes, Xiomary De La Cruz and Xiomary De La Cruz to Oniel Ogando Mejia, 112-114 Revere St., $197,000.


Lori M. Whitman to Good Times Property Services LLC, 216 Union Road, $25,000.

Randy Pascale to Randy Paul Pascale Jr., and Alexandria Yanka, 157 Monson Road, $112,000.


Delia J. Butler and Jason A. Toppin to Corey Ingalls, 347 Monson Turnpike Road, $255,000.

Carol A. Desantis and Daniel C. Ziemba to Cassidy D. Caravella, 1 Fisherdick Road, $236,000.

Elaine A. Masse to Denise A. Chasse, Celeste J. Masse and Nicole M. Schoenfeldt, 28 Oak Ridge Circle, $100.

Ralph W. Slate, Virginia M. Slate and Virginia A. Slate to HRQ Global LLC, Horseshoe Circle, $30,000.

Raymond C. Green Investments LP, and Raymond C. Green Investments Inc., general partner, to JCV Realty LLC, 48 North St., and 54 Pleasant St., $269,500.

Scott L. Walulak, personal representative, and Genevieve C. Walulak, estate, to Fumi Realty Inc., 9 Old Belchertown Road, $80,000.

Timothy J. Wrobel to FJ Property LLC, 54 North St., $150,000.


Mary E. Flynn, Jaron Lyons and Adam Sutton, “aka” Adam M. Sutton, to Margaret A. Heinle Trust, Margaret A. Heinle, trustee, Bullard Pasture Road, $44,000.

West Springfield

Archgate Townhouses LLC, to Silktree Properties LLC, 758 Westfield St., $1,105,265.

Bing Hou and April Hou to April Hou, 38 Shady Brook, $100.

Carol A. Newman, Eric A. Newman, Paul Daniele, trustee, and Heather E .Daniele Revocable Trust, trustee of, to Richard M. Carnevale and Jeanne M. Carnevale, 286 Woodmont St., $350,000.

Emtay Inc., to Christopher Rivera-Sierra, 16-18 Southworth St., $280,000.

Frank E. Charbonneau and Linda J. Brown to Michele A. Dandy, 78 Brookline Ave., $135,000.

Lizbeth A. Scholpp to G & C Real Estate Investments LLC, 97 Ashley St., $180,000.

Marc T. Bergeron and Suzanne Bergeron to Colin Moll, 29 York St., $297,000.

Marian L. Giannetti to Custom Homes Development Group LLC, 52 Meadowbrook Ave., $135,000.

Matthew D. Rivest, Adair V. Rivest and Adair V. Webb to Elizabeth A. Olinger, 42 Plateau Ave., $225,000.

Regina R. Perry, Regina Rose Ranstrom, Regina Rose Ranstorm and Devin M. Perry to Matthew D. Rivest and Adair V. Rivest, 125 Craiwell Ave., $341,000.

Richard C. Lovely and Olivia J. Lovely to Elizabeth Battey and John Battey, 33 Old Westfield Road, $400,000.

Ronald G. Batchelor and Dawn M. Batchelor to Jason Donaldson, trustee, and Etabav Realty Trust, trustee of, 35 Duke St., $201,000.

Steven J. Hieronymus to Karl W. Rehbein and Jason Michael Rehbein, 1304 Elm St., Unit A6, $79,900.

Thomas J. Nault to Alex Geas, 22 West St., $220,000.


Angela M. Southwick and Angela M. Barber to Brittany J. Taylor, 30 Sunset Drive, $230,000.

Bank of America to Debbie Smith, 248 Birch Road, $83,500.

David A. Kowalski and Diane T. Kowalski to Chad H. Nelson and Viorika Nelson, 7 Harvest Moon Lane, $635,000.

Harold T. Beattie Jr., Harold T. Beattie, Sharon D. Pepek, trustee, and Sharon D. Pepek Revocable Indenture of Trust of, trustee of, to Keenan Real Estate LLC, 77-79 Elm St., $167,500.

Hugh J. Lannon Jr., and Verna A. Lannon to Brian Callahan, 100 Dana St., $268,000.

Kimberley D. Gepfert, Ross Gepfert, Kimberly D. Cross and Kimberley D. Cross to Patricia M. Richard, 25 Tannery Road, Unit A-4, $151,000.

Laurie Despard and Laurie Webster to Alexandra Marie Webster and Jeremy Paul Tanguay, 25 Pearl St., $238,341.

Mercer Island Realty Inc., to Sardinhas & Constante Realty LLC, 230 Southampton Road, $400,000.

Robert G. Herrick and Josephine M. Herrick to Michael Patrick Carley and Jennifer Michelle Carley, 70 Pineridge Drive, $520,000.

Shawn Baker and Sylvia Ferreira to Kimberley Gepfert and Ross Gepfert, 10 Maria Drive, $262,500.

Sunlight Properties LLC, to Vitaliy Dubovoy, 31 A St., $140,000.

Veronica M. Wojcik, representative, Anna M. Bannish, estate, and Ann M. Bannish, estate, to Thomas Louis Bannish Jr., 210 Pontoosic Road, $125,000.


Patrick Properties LLC, to Maura L. McCarthy, Blueberry Hills Road, $125,000.

Patrick Properties LLC, to Rebecca Carriere and Brian Sorkin, Blueberry Hills Road, $150,000.

Patrick Properties LLC, to Megan Leigh Dragon and Robert Lynn Dragon, Blueberry Hills Road, $105,000.

Wendy P. Blow to Berkshire Classics LLC, 134 Kings Highway, $298,400.


Anthony J. Tranghese to Joseph D. Tranghese, 80 Main St., $245,000.

Ariel O. Bogoff to John D. Slavick, 196 Springfield St., $425,000.

Atlantic Holdings Group Inc., to Vital Days LLC, 2555 Boston Road, $325,000.

Charles W. Coscore, Connie MacLeod Coscore and Connie MacLead Coscore to Ana C. Castellanos-Gomez, 20 Maplewood Drive, $446,500.

Custom Homes Development Group LLC, to Laura M. Quink, 479 Springfield St., $302,500.

Phillip Brousseau, Philip Brousseau and Jessica Brousseau to Christopher J. Harley and Irina Gabriela Rosales-Harley, 23 Carla Lane, $465,000.

William H. Kemple to Ali Javaid, 427 Soule Road, $280,000.


Glen K. Van Peski, trustee, Jeffrey K. Van Peski, trustee, Kathrin Woodlyn Bateman, trustee, and Claire L. Bateman 1991 Trust to Lawrence C. Childs, trustee, Alice Lahm Heller, trustee, Alice Lahm Heller 1999 Trust and Lawrence C. Childs 1999 Trust, 152 Ashfield Road, $1,250,000.

William C. McAvoy Jr., and Anthony J. McAvoy to Robert F. Sherlock, trustee, and Robert F. Sherlock Living Trust, 44 Village Hill Road, $200,500.


Evlyn H. Newell to Erica M. Salling and Spencer Icasiano, 22 Harvey Road, $397,500.

Robert K. Reinke, Margaret A. Reinke and Margret A. Camerlin to Stephen M. Waterhouse, trustee, Victoria L. Waterhouse, trustee, and Hundred Acres Woods Realty Trust, 1108 Old North Road, $575,000.