Massachusetts actual property transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties April 11, 2021



James E. Millot and Deborah A. Millot to Lissette Grimaldi, 135 Edgewater Road, $485,000.

Kevin A. Ritchie and Agatha T. Ritchie to Gary R. Couture, 88 Dogwood Lane, Unit 88, $214,900.

Nurcan Cayan and Ahmet Cayan to Kubra Cayan, 215 Valley Brook Road, $300,000.

Pine Crossing Construction Inc., to Wendy L. Williamson and Daniel E. Williamson, 24 Villa Drive, Unit 5, $359,900.


Amy Brodigan to Rita S. Koenigs, 30 Mcintosh Drive, $284,000.

Eugene S. Schmuter and Beth L. Schmuter to Eugene S. Schmuter, trustee, Beth L. Schmuter, trustee, and Amelia & Barney Nominee Realty Trust, 50 Meadow St., $100.

Allen H. Brainerd and Ann G. Brainerd to Elizabeth Brainerd, Jason Donovan and Jason P. Donovan, 28 Stagecoach Road, $410,000.

Ruby Realty LLC, to Eric A. Braxton and Heather M. Braxton, 456 Flat Hills Road, $570,000.

Reva A. Rudman to Laurence Starn and Karen Miller, 83 Stony Hill Road, $385,000.

John J. Gizienski Jr., and David Gizienski to W.D. Cowls Inc., North East Street, $33,313.

Rondina Acquisitions Corp., to Fousseni D. Chabiyo and Bignon Bio Yerima, 40 High Point Drive, $375,000.


Devon L. Kelting and Devon Kelting-Dias to Devon L. Kelting-Dias and Jacqueline C. Kelting-Dias, 79 Orchard St., $100.

Mary L. Beaulieu and Paul L. Beaulieu to Trevor Joseph Sims, 73 North Main St., $330,000.

Henry R. Martin Jr., Elizabeth Martin and Robert M. Mileski to Kimberly Lodi and Laura Lodi, 296 Federal St., $425,150.

Alan Douglas Slessler, Donna Maya LaFleur, Lori Anne LeClerc, Marla Lynne Hess and Mark Patrick Slessler to Rachel Telushkin and Catherine Durie, 241 East St., $325,000.


McCusker Anderson LLC, to Hanna Investment Group LLC, 1-5 State St., $750,000.

Gaffigan Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, Thomas P. Gaffigan, trustee, to Augustino David Gamelli III, 7 South St., $269,000.


Jeffrey M. Defeo and Susan L. Defeo to Timothy Hoffmann and Christy Hoffmann, 313 Abbott Hill Road, $550,000.


Albert E. Thouin, Leslie H. Thouin and Leslie L. Thouin to Michael Cianfaglione, Main Road, $15,000.

Caron L. Goyette, personal representative, Gary G. Goyette, estate, and Caron L. Goyette to Marie Kirk, 46 Bray Road, $150,000.


Allen M. Caron and Christine L. Caron to Carlton L. Thompson, 19 Fisher St., $265,000.

Beatriz Agosto to Joel Maldonado, 90 Quartus St., $220,000.

Celestino Montes to Kelly Van Buren, 34 Maple St., $157,000.

Christopher Michael Stortz and Maura E. Feeney to Raymond Turgeon and Jeanne Turgeon, 59 Watson St., $150,000.

Cory J. Rodgers to Hanna Newberg and Ian Ogilvie, 46 Leary Ave., $240,000.

Diane T. Duval to Christopher M. Stortz and Maura E. Feeney, 19 Sherwood St., $280,000.

Dnepro Properties LLC, to Lymarie Rodriguez, 283 Fuller Road, Unit N, $185,000.

James Sabourin, Beverly Morley and Richard Sabourin to Paul J. Leblanc, 44 McCarthy Ave., $210,000.

Karol Makusiewicz to Joseph Garchali, 63 Applewood Drive, Unit 6075D, $145,000.

L. A. Conner Inc., to Israel Estrada, 463-465 Springfield St., $227,190.

Olivia Curto to Beatriz Agosto, 68 Partridge Lane, Unit 6236C, $145,000.

Renee A. Ashey to Raymond Orlando Rodriguez and Beatriz A. Vazquez, 211 East St., $220,000.

Roxanne L. Bean-Riley and Roxanne L. Bean to Abdulmaged T. Aljashaami and Amenah Aljashaami, 690 East Main St., $190,000.

Scott E. Downie, representative, and Katherine Delia Downie, estate, to Steven Cole, 45 Chapel St., $155,000.

Suzanne M. Hemby and Terry E. Hemby to Matthew T. Hewes and Brenna R. Matyseck, 28 Douglas Circle, $256,000.

Tamer Mahdy to Enam Aly, 126 Amherst St., $25,000.

Wai Ping Cheng to Agape Real Estate LLC, 690 Grattan St., $250,000.


Jon Sonntag to Cody Strakose-Griffin and Kennedy Strakose-Griffin, 411 Jacksonville Road, $236,000.


Carlos E. Allen Estate, Jacobus G. Molenar and Tracy Alen, personal representatives, and Carlos R. Allen, Todd Allen and Tracy Allen, individually, to Kathleen Belanger, Wapping Road, $12,000.

East Longmeadow

Jaime E. Cabezas and Isabel Saavedra to April S. Mills, 35 Westernview Circle, $339,000.

Jeffrey J. Mraz to Stacy R. Mraz, 188 Elm St., $65,000.

Katherine Doherty, representative, Katherine E. Doherty, representative, and Constance M. Marr, estate, to Kathryn A. Groffman, 40 Speight Arden, $50,000.

Nathan Joseph Martin and Glorianne Carrillo to Bethany Lynn Charis-Molling and Erica Gwedolyn Charis-Molling, 5 Redin Lane, $347,000.

Patricia F. Kennedy to Kathryn A. Groffman, 40 Speight Arden, $50,000.

Southern Ne Real Estate Development Inc., to Andrei Mashkou and Kristina Filozova, Jeffrey Lane, $157,000.


Pamela J. McCarthy, personal representative, and Janice Fisher, estate, to New England Remodeling General Contractors, 10 Hannum Brook Drive, $170,000.

Diane S. Scott to Michael W. Buehrle Sr., 2 Admiral St., $230,000.

Naresh K. Patel to Shawn E. Kirchner, 41 South St., $202,750.

Lisa A. Yamilkoski to Easthampton Housing Authority, Holyoke Street, $15,000.

Michelle Blouin Burelle and Michelle Blouin to Ye Zheng and Yanling Lin, 14 Fairfield Ave., $186,000.


Stuart Heinrich to Edgewater Construction Inc., French King Highway/Route 2 and Route 2A, $26,500.

Martin Family Trust, Charles D. Martin, trustees, to James Francis Bangrazi Sr., Route 2 and Route 2A, $5,000.


Jack Clark Estate, Peter Clark, personal representative, to Benegan 2 LLC, 129 French King Highway, $120,000.


Keith M. Holmes to Gladysh Capital LLC, 84 West St., $69,400.

Brian S. King and Jennifer Gunter King to Timothy Healey and Dlynn A. Healey, Amherst Street, $100.


Ronald Bercume and Irene Bercume to Bliss R. Scriber-Dubrow, 9 Indian Pipe Drive, $640,000.

Valley Construction Co Inc., to Feng Qiu and Guanjun Xie, 4 Colony Drive, $170,500.


Lee M. Callan and Syliva M. Callan to Joshua Sprague and Cassandra Sprague, 89 Depot Road, $339,900.


A & A Shell LLC, to OM Holyoke Real Estate LLC, 820 High St., $700,000.

EPB Real Estate Services and EPB Real Estate Services LLC, to Shianne Padilla and Daniel Padilla, 197 Locust St., $155,000.

Holyoke One LLC, to Blackrock SHM Group LLC, 598 Hampden St., $410,000.

Jennie M. Padua, David F. Jackson and Joan M. Jackson to Janet Glenn, 17 1/2 Clark St., $209,000.

Lawrence W. Preston to Donald Stone, 177 Bemis Road, $302,500.

Ruby Realty LLC, to DTA LLC, 1033-R Hampden St., $159,900.


Garrett T. Barsalou to Isabel E. Barsalou, 70 Goss Hill Road, $22,500.

James K. Patenaude to Chad LaFrance, 9 Birchwood Drive, $850,000.

Arthur D. Medeiros and Linda L. Medeiros to Sean James Pringle and Sarah Jean Pringle, County Road, $75,000.


Ellen E. Edge, “aka” Ellen E. Edge, attorney, Sofia S. Elsberg, by attorney, and Frank J. Edge, individually, to Ryan Castine and Sandi Castine, 4 Hemenway Road, $78,000.


Ernest R. Stafford and Robert T. Stafford to Robert Penfield, Hunt Hill Road, $40,000.


Andrew Ferrier to Prestin James Torchia, 339 Chapin St., $279,900.

Ann Marie Sweeney to Francisco Javier Najer, trustee, and Francisco Javier Najera Trust, trustee of, Piney Lane, $15,000.

Daniel J. Hague and Susan C. Hague to Michael Paul Ferzoco and Lindsay Nicole Ferzoco, 74 Chapin St., $311,000.

Donna G. Tarullo and Kim A. Kania to David Summers and Maria Summers, 83 Hubbard St., $146,000.

Kenneth A. Butts to Nancy Gesauldi, 38 Lyon St., $610,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, and Freemont Home Loan Trust Series 2006-3, trustee of, to Roberto V. Ciccarelli, 52 Napoleon Ave., $191,000.


Amy G. St. Germain to Donato F. Del Bene and Maura L. Del Bene, 151 Upper Hampden Road, $659,000.

Frank W. Hull to Cheryl A. Lofland and Dennis R. Whittemore, 177 Stafford Hollow Road, $265,500.

New Salem

Lisa K. Zephyr and Patrick P. Zephyr to Charly Alvarez and Kelsey Alvarez, East Main St., $58,500.


Shannon M. Trzcienski to Andrew Cronyn and Richard Poyner, 303 Fairway Village, $245,000.

Thomas E. Kostek to Steven R. Ferry and Kimberly M. Anderson, 250 Jackson St., and Hinckley Street, $281,000.

Constance D. Harvard, personal representative, and Christine C. Douglass, estate, to Elizabeth Roberts, 36 Ridgewood Terrace, $454,000.

Sturbridge Development LLC, to Sunwood Development Corp., 23 Higgins Way and 43 Higgins Way, $905,000.

Holly H. Young to Holly H. Young and Joseph Bialek, 20 Marc Circle, $100.

Holly H. Young to Holly H. Young and Joseph Bialek, 22 Claire Ave., $100.

Megan E. Handwerk and Robert R. Oehmke to Perry Friedman, 25 New South St., $409,500.

Daniel A. Perzan and Florianne Jimenez to Yayoi Kushida, 167 South St., $172,000.


Richard E. Barnes & Judy A. Barnes Revocable Trust of 2006 and Judy A. Barnes, trustee, to Timothy K. O’Shea, Gerrish Road, $35,000.

Richard E. Barnes & Judy A. Barnes Revocable Trust of 2006 and Judy A. Barnes, trustee, to Mitchell J. Turner, Mount Hermon Station Road, $363.44.


Ranlyn Property Investments LLC, to Jarad Jake May, 156 East Main St., $220,900.

Donna Dubour to Belinda E. Desreuisseau and Brian Desreuisseau, 53 Hamilton Ave., $311,000.

Mignonne D. Davis to Michael Burch, 23 Cottage St., $159,575.

Dennis C. Hallett to Dennis C. Hallett and Elizabeth Hallett, 15 Combs Ave., $100.

Donald W. Knapp II, and Pamela Knapp to John E. Bellar, 75 Daniel Shays Highway, $192,900.


Anne Marie Tippett, estate, and Beth Zelazo, representative, to Wendi Gross and Alden Morse, 26 East Palmer Park Drive, $185,000.


Jacob Bole Morrow and Emma Jane Morrow to Adrian Almquist and Dalila Madison Almquist, 197 Summit St., $405,500.


James Pearce Carse Estate, “aka” James P. Carse Estate, and Donna Gerard Marder, personal representative, to Simon J. Zelazo,

South Hadley

Scott A. Lynch, Andrea R. Lynch and Andrea R. Cadieux to Andrea R. Lynch and Scott A. Lynch, 9 Spring Meadows, $100.

AAD LLC, to Cheryl Guilbault, 1 Canal St., $244,900.

Michael V. Yonika to Jacqueline Rosario, 435 East St., $299,000.

Deborah C. Quinn, personal representative, Helen Kensick-Black, estate, and Helen Kensick, estate, to Michael E. Murphy, 4 Promenade Way, $415,000.


Panagiotis C. Sierros and Panagiotis Sierros to Jose A. Figueroa Jr., 9 Coolidge Drive and Madison Avenue, $280,000.

Melissa E. Herrera, M. Herrera and Antonio Herrera to Bryan J. Luszczki and Aubrey Luszczki, 30 Mountain View Circle, $250,000.


Wendy L. Williamson, Wendy L. Mohr and Daniel E. Williamson to Patrick E. Adamson and Nicole H. Adamson, 9 Pondview Lane, $625,000.


Ameri-Trin LTD LLC, and Ameri-Trin LTD, to Bear Rock Properties LLC, 247-249 Union St., $385,000.

Angeljoy Co. LLC, to Mint Western MA Group LLC, 101 Kensington Ave., $285,000.

Angeljoy Co. LLC, to Mint Western MA Group LLC, 107 Kensington Ave., $510,000.

Angeljoy Co. LLC, to Mint Western MA Group LLC, 120 Orchard St., $360,000.

Angeljoy Co. LLC, to Mint Western MA Group LLC, 276-278 Centre St., $465,000.

Anne M. Specht to Alice P. Toms, 131 Nassau Drive, Unit 131, $129,900.

Brian L. Stasiak, Collen J. Alves and Colleen J. Alves to Celestino Montes, 90 Elijah St., $166,400.

Bruce L. Tetrault to Edras O. Ramos, 28 Juniper Drive, $399,000.

Caroline Torres and Abraham Torres to Maleke M. Cunningham, 46-48 Acorn St., $250,000.

Christopher M. Rancitelli, Ginnette Rancitelli and Ginnette Lopez to Laura Iris Gonzalez Colon, 139 Rosemary Drive, $230,000.

Clifton Ave. LLC, to Colin William Hodgson Smith, 86-88 Clifton Ave., $199,900.

Daniel Paquette, representative, and Carmen E. Paquette, estate, to Leslie Brunelle and Meghan A. Lynch, 73 Carew Terrace, $110,000.

Denis R. Picard, Lise M. Petit and Lisa M. Petit to Adrian Morales Villalobos, 45 Greaney St., $180,700.

Diane R. Dos Santos, representative, and Custodia Dos Santos, estate, to Jason Larocque and Carmelina Larocque, 123 Putnam Circle, $38,000.

Erica M. Jackson and Jordyn M. Jackson to Larry Lewis, 50 East Alvord St., $198,000.

Erin L. O’Neill to Michael Pacheco, 124 Wait St., $130,000.

Hillary E. Smith and Jacob R. Miner to Euripides Peter Piatti-Rios, 358 Dickinson St., $213,500.

Janessa Acquaro to Joseph Michael Anderson, 57 Superior Ave, $220,000.

Jesus Alicea to Daniel J. Garvey, 49 Mohegan Ave., $212,500.

John W. Drummond and Elizabeth E. Drummond to Home Staging & Realty LLC, 75 Morningside Park, $150,000.

Latonya Jerry to Richard Santiago, 99 Littleton St., $190,000.

Marcelino Vazquez to AK & M Properties & Estates LLC, 68 Forest Park Ave., $215,000.

Mario B. Cruz-Garcia to Jailyne Torres-Figueroa, 129 Florence St., $250,000.

Mary Ayala, representative, Donald G. Ashey Sr., estate, Donald G. Ashey, estate, Gill A. Ashey, estate, and Gill Ashey, estate, to Lydia Esther Torres, 119 Tavistock St., $147,000.

Naida Irizarry to Oscar Barquin, 18 Norfolk St., $180,000.

Norman Roldan to Felix J. Figueroa, 536-538 Chestnut St., $285,000.

R. L. Thomas LLC, to Heriberto E. Valasquez-Hernandez, 575-577 Armory St., $230,000.

Richard T. Pelchar, Maria Pelchar and Maria V. Pelchar to Kirsten Helmer, 63-65 Los Angeles St., $267,000.

Robert S. McCarroll to Brandon J. Ward and Catherine Pn Ward, 44-46 Dale St., $239,900.

Roman J. Boiko to Christian Cherisclair and Wilnide Mauricin Cherisclair, 39-41 Dearborn St., $310,000.

Springfield City to Christine E. Barber, Newhall Street, $660.

SRV Properties LLC, to Nicole M. Patterson, 25 Eton St., $242,000.

TJM Portfolio LLC, to Eric Cassidy, 29 Lancashire Road, $45,000.

Truong Nguyen to Shayvonne Plummer, 25-27 Virginia St., $264,000.

Victor Martinez and Juana Rivera to Rosa Dorsey, 192 Maynard St., $170,000.

Vidal Cardona to Hawo Ali, 12-14 Longview St., $236,000.

William W. Babcock Jr., and Shirley A. Babcock to Richard Ringer, 41 Hillside Drive, $260,000.

Yevgeniy Rudenko to Nathaniel Pace, 127 Newland St., $185,000.


Allen Silva and Michele J. Silva to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Abednego Realty Trust, trustee of, 87 McBride Road, $110,000.


Alycia M. Davies to Alycia M. Davies and Adam E. Beer, 19 Old Poor Farm Road, $100.

West Springfield

Brian D. Seibold to Christopher Rancitelli and Ginnette Rancitelli, 811 Piper Road, $350,000.

Bridget L. Nelson to John Molinary, 35 Worthy Ave., $235,000.

Cig4 LLC, to Jaime Rodriguez and Zuleika Mateo, 53 Bacon Ave., $215,000.

Country Club Partners LLC, to William Weltlich and Darlene Ingram, 12 St. Andrews Way, Unit 12, $349,900.

Deli Dong to 946 Elm Street LLC, 946 Elm St., $226,687.

Kevin Conroy and Angie S. Conroy to Harka Neopaney and Ranjana Neopaney, 187 Monastery Ave., $309,000.

Maksim Loboda and Yekaterina Loboda to Eric Mancini and Christina Mancini, 88 Partridge Lane, $410,000.

Mark S. Rolandini, Debra L. Irish, Linda S. Aldo, John J. Rolandini Sr., and John J. Rolandini to Peter E. Strniste Jr., 162 Front St., $163,312.

Patrick Michael Hogan to Zhong Chen and Yun Li, 28 Warren St., $280,000.

Steven Haddad to Koch Real Estate Corp., Agawam Avenue, $430,000.

William J. Allard to Charles Joyal Jr., and Charles Dwyer Joyal, 53 Wilder Terrace, $226,000.


Brian W. Hoskin to Paul Rubera, 15 Casimir St, $560,500.

David P. Twining to Kenneth R. Twining, 338 Loomis St., $28,570.

Elite Contracting Services LLC, to Marky Marc LLC, 480 Southampton Road, $880,000.

Jean M. Trader to Jeffrey C. Guarnieri and Monica N. Guarnieri, 160 Munger Hill Road, $450,000.

Jeffrey C. Guarnieri, Monica Guarnieri and Monica Hannoush to Michael Seklecki and Jacqueline Seklecki, 123 Old Farm Road, $340,000.

Martha A. Mastroberti to Anthony Matos, 26 Lozier Ave., $270,000.

Matthew P. Farnsworth and Pamela Farnsworth to Heather A. Prouty, 366 Loomis St., $342,000.

Mechanic Man LLC, to Samuel Rivera, 14 Clark St., $247,000.

Viktor Lezhnyak to Adam Paul Gauthier, 232 Russellville Road, $186,375.

William C. Donovan to Sandra Panchenko, 549 Russell Road, Unit 4C, $98,000.


Charles H. Dauchy Jr., and Judith A. Weinthaler to Kestrel Land Trust Inc., Chestnut Plain Road, $170,000.


Frederick R. Miller and Ernestine A. Miller to Kenneth A. Wall and Sonja K. Wall, 4 Balsam Drive, $402,000.

Jean M. Dirico to Luke Langelier and Jessica L. King, 575 Main St., $265,000.

Mark Edward Loos, Mark E. Loos, Tara Carney Loos and Tara C. Loos to John M. Biela and Eileen M. Biela, 7 Squire Drive, $670,000.

Thelma E. Emery to Jean M. Dirico, 2205 Boston Road, Unit D30, $210,000.


Anne M. Dickinson to Jack Flynn and Jannessa Newburgh, 152 Witt Hill Road, $146,000.

Judith A. Lyon Trust, Judith A. Lyon, trustee, and William E. Lyon, trustee, to Maureen Defalco and Francis H. Defalco Jr., 26 Witt Hill Road, $315,000.