Legislative committee to listen to payments associated to actual property


BOSTON (AP) – A bill that would crack down on anyone who installs a camera to record activity in a neighbor’s backyard is just one of dozen of laws to be heard at a virtual public hearing at the Massachusetts Statehouse on Tuesday.

The bill would give a residential property owner or tenant the right to sue anyone who installs a video display device on property adjacent to the home to record activities that take place in the home’s backyard with the intent of harassment, without written consent harassing or threatening someone of the owner or tenant.

Other bills heard by the Legislative Judiciary Committee include bills that repeal racially restrictive agreements in real estate documents, prevent the use of “abusive” high-level domain revenue, guarantee the universal right to eviction lawyer and protect buyers from unknowingly real estate in a floodplain.

The hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Tuesday. The public can attend the virtual hearing, which will be streamed live on the legislature’s website.