Lee Bianco is featured artist on the Enterprise Museum | Arts & Leisure


The Enterprise Museum is proud to announce that Lee White The featured artist will be in the museum from May 1st to June 26th.

Bianco has a long and rich history and graduated from the Paier College of Art in Hamden, Connecticut, where he studied with many well-known artists, including Ken Davis, Dean Keller and Rudolph Zallinger.

Bianco began displaying and selling his art while he was still in art school, and previously owned Studio Bianco in the Boston suburb of Brookline, Massachusetts, where he exhibited and sold commissioned portraits, still lifes, pen drawings, charcoals, and pastels. His pictures graced catalog covers, art exhibition publications, and Christmas cards.

Bianco decided to move south and end up in South Florida for the remainder of his career so far. He taught privately at the Coral Springs Museum of Art.

On October 4, 1989, Bianco was featured in a four-page color article by Sun Sentinel Art critic Paul Heidelberg. His art has been exhibited and exhibited in many prestigious art galleries throughout the state of Florida and has won numerous awards including “Best in Show” from the famous Hollywood Arts Association and first place on a Norton Artist Guild.

Bianco has a diverse collection and works in many media including oils, charcoals, watercolors, and pastels.

How can you describe Lee Bianco’s work? Perhaps it is best for the artist to explain it to you himself:

“Creating a visual interpretation of an idea that the viewer can relate to, mentally expand, or provoke an emotion is paramount to my work.

“Everyday objects, people or situations can be magical when they are placed on a canvas without distraction. I hope the simplicity of my job does just that. The joy and excitement that comes from creating something out of nowhere is personal and self-fulfilling. I hope these images are both inspiring and thought-provoking as you look at them. “

Art lover! Please join us in welcoming Lee Bianco to the Enterprise Museum Artist reception Saturday, May 1st, 10 am-2pm and visiting his works in May and June. You will not regret it!

No entry is required; However, a donation to the Enterprise Museum is welcome.

The museum is located at 360 Main St. in Enterprise and is open Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.