Kayak for Business Launches Premium Offering for SMEs

Kayak for Business Launches Premium Offering for SMEs

Kayak for Business has added a premium option to its travel management offering for small and midsized businesses, which includes such features as group bookings, around-the-clock agency support and corporate rate access, Kayak announced.

The new offering comes with a flat fee of $20 per trip, with no minimum spend or subscription required, according to Kayak. For that fee, Kayak has added a number of features not available in the free version, which includes basic travel management and reporting capabilities. Those features are “designed to address the specific challenges SMBs encounter, streamlining the planning process and saving time for both employees and travel coordinators,” according to Kayak for Business SVP Eva Fouquet.

On the booking side, the premium offering enables users to book directly on the Kayak platform rather being directed to different travel sites, and users can book on behalf of colleagues and guest travelers as well, according to Kayak. The platform also can manage group hotel bookings and unused ticket vouchers.

Premium program users get access to special corporate rates on select hotels and car rental supplies and can add corporate rates or enroll in special corporate programs within the platform, according to Kayak.

In terms of service, travelers using the premium version have access to agent support at any time, and companies also get support with account management, change management and team training, Kayak said. Companies receive reporting that can track and analyze monthly expenses.

The offering has integration capabilities, including with Emburse and duty-of-care providers, in addition to the Expensify and Slack integrations offered in the free version, Kayak said. With payment, premium users can pay by shared company cards and set up direct billing for rental cars.

Kayak for Business, which launched in 2019, currently reports 30,000 customers. Besides the SME offering, it has developed an enterprise offering for large companies, powered by BlockSkye’s blockchain technology, that it developed through close collaboration with its first enterprise client, PwC US.

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