HYPER Corporation Affiliate Fingerlabs and Mantle Form Strategic Alliance, Pioneering Future IP Content Business with ‘Begins Youth’ By Investing.com

HYPER Corporation Affiliate Fingerlabs and Mantle Form Strategic Alliance, Pioneering Future IP Content Business with ‘Begins Youth’ By Investing.com
  • Mantle Network’s Blockchain Mass Adoption Goals Meet Fingerlabs’ Web 3.0 Expansion Efforts
  • First Korean Firm to Secure Mantle EcoFund Investment: Xclusive Advances Next-Gen Content Initiatives

SEOUL, South Korea, April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Fingerlabs, an affiliate of KOSDAQ-listed HYPER Corporation (065650, formerly Medifron) announced today a strategic alliance with Mantle Network, targeting next-generation IP content initiatives via Xclusive. Fingerlabs sets a precedent as the first South Korean firm to receive investment from Mantle’s EcoFund, aiming to enhance the global distribution of K-Culture content.

Mantle Network is an Layer 2 network backed by a $3.8 billion on-chain treasury, one of the largest in the world, and the single largest when discounting native tokens. Its stated goal is to drive the mass adoption of decentralized and token-governed technologies. It is continuously improving scalability and security through a modular chain design and an innovative data availability (DA) approach through a partnership with Ethereum restaking protocol EigenLayer and the utilization of the technology of its DA solution EigenDA. Recently, it has been expanding its overall ecosystem, introducing an Ether (ETH) liquid staking protocol (LSP) on the Ethereum mainnet that is already the fourth largest LSP in the world three months after launch.

With this groundbreaking partnership, both organizations plan to join forces in the fan-based content distribution business. A key component of this collaboration involves leveraging Xclusive, a platform developed by Fingerlabs, to innovate the content distribution landscape. This initiative aims to facilitate the global dissemination of K-Culture content with significant potential, marking a major step forward in tapping into international markets.

Xclusive operates as a fandom-based content distribution platform, distinguished by its world-first application of Web 3.0 technology. It aims to redefine content ownership and distribution utilizing blockchain technology, to create an innovative content platform that prioritizes the rights of both creators and consumers.

Xclusive’s inaugural content, ‘Begins Youth’ is an original drama jointly produced by Chorokbaem Media and HYBE. It’s a derivative drama that reimagines the fictional story of “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa” presented by BTS through albums and music videos. It is expected to attract significant attention from global K-pop fans. Recently, Xclusive released a trailer video for ‘Begins Youth’ and launched a pre-sale, underscoring a significant step in its fandom-based content distribution efforts.

David Sang-Seok Lee, CEO of Fingerlabs said: “There are numerous opportunities for collaboration with Mantle Network, as it continues to exponentially grow its presence in the web3 and blockchain space. Content that sets itself apart from existing offerings will be exclusively distributed through Xclusive starting with Begins Youthand we will begin making our mark in the next-generation content market.”

Igneus Terrenus, Public Liaison of Mantle Network said: “We’re extremely excited to collaborate with Fingerlabs, one of Korea’s leading blockchain firms that is enhancing web3 access for all. Fingerlabs’ cutting-edge platform aligns with our vision to power the next stage of growth and innovation across the web3 ecosystem, and we remain committed to empowering promising projects and unlocking their fullest potential.”

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