How 9 Eating places are Overcoming the Labor Scarcity


Founder Cameron Mitchell originally wanted to start a restaurant business that its employees would build for its employees, said Group President and COO David Miller. The concept kept that promise during the COVID pandemic. For six weeks during COVID, CMR closed. The company slowly began to reopen, gifting employees with proceeds from gift cards and a $ 600,000 grocery fund. The company continued to pay insurance for employees on leave who had qualified.

Some of the notable incentives for working in a Cameron Mitchell restaurant are referral bonuses, 50 percent off, closed seven major holidays, 401,000, health benefits, moving benefits, competitive wages for untipped employees based on their experience, anywhere between 15 and $ 25 plus / hour each by position and location and $ 500 signing bonus at select locations. Cultural benefits include a president’s round table, cabinet meetings (hourly employee meetings with the general manager), pulse surveys, onboarding surveys and exit interviews, company-wide cultural club events, and year-round executive conferences for all levels of management.

“When you go through a horrible thing like COVID, it does one of two things,” Miller said. “It either brings your team closer together or it pushes you apart, and our culture has brought us closer together.”

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