Hottest locations to reside for alumni of 25 schools | Leisure Information


– 1st place for graduates: Greater New York City Area (37,647 alumni, 27.6% of graduates)

– 2nd place: Hartford, Connecticut Area (37,393 alumni, 27.5% of alumni)

– 3rd place: Greater Boston Area (11,874 alumni, 8.7% of graduates)

– 4th place: New London / Norwich, Connecticut Area (4,592 alumni, 3.4% of graduates)

– 5th place: Washington DC Metro Area (2,682 alumni, 2.0% of graduates)

– University location: Storrs, Connecticut

– Alumni on LinkedIn: 136,173

While Storrs, Connecticut is a quaint New England town, it doesn’t offer too many job opportunities or cultural experiences. However, there are plenty of options in nearby New York City, which attracts many business students to the school, and Hartford, with its booming insurance industry. A look at the list suggests that many UConn alumni learn to love the New England way of life during their school days and do not leave it after graduation.