Hilaria Baldwin is culturally ‘fluid’ | Leisure


Hilaria Baldwin is culturally “fluent”.

The 37-year-old yoga teacher was accused late last year of misrepresenting her background after it was discovered she was born in Boston, Massachusetts, not the Spanish island of Spain, and she’s now wondering how difficult it is can feel like “belonging” when tied to more than one culture.

She said she recently had a “very special experience” of catching up with her family after “almost two years,” she wrote on Instagram: “We talked about how we grew up, our languages, our cultures – multi- and We talked about belonging and how there are people who want to deny others their right to belong.

“When you’re multi, it can feel difficult to belong. You keep going back and forth trying to be more of this or more.

“You feel like you have to explain why you are who you are and try to fit into a world of labels when maybe there isn’t one that perfectly defines you. You will never fully fit in because the other parts of you shape and influence all of your parts. “

Hilaria, who has six children with husband Alec Baldwin, urged people to “normalize” the fact that everyone is different and more acceptable.

She wrote: “We need to normalize the fact that we are all unique – our culture, languages, sexual orientations, religions and political beliefs MUST BE FLUID.

“What I had to learn from a very painful experience is that many people relate to it. So if you are suffering, please know that a loving group will recognize your validity and belonging. We love and accept you as you are. (Sic) “

And the fitness influencer insisted that people don’t have to change in order to adapt.

She continued, “You don’t have to be this and that, switch, dance to the rhythm of someone else’s drum. You can be 100% you all the time. Ebb and flow, in your brilliant fluidity, as your very legitimate I (sic) “