Golf Leisure Heart Goals To Open In Marlborough


MARLBOROUGH, MA – A Southborough-based entertainment company is trying to bring a new golf recreational facility to Marlborough that would be the third in the area.

Developer Edgewood Entertainment has asked for permission to open an X-Golf facility on the 229 Boston Post Road West shopping mall, which is opposite the Apex Entertainment Center. There are two other X-Golf locations nearby in Wayland and Auburn.

According to plans, the Marlborough X-Golf will offer around 100 seats, five golf simulators and a bar area. The facility would be next to Sullivan Tire in a former mattress shop.

X-Golf is based in Los Angeles and specializes in the manufacture of golf virtual reality simulators. The company also offers franchise agreements and claims 25 X-Golf locations in the US

“Our research and development department has spent over 15 years developing a sophisticated combination of laser, light, impact and camera sensors to collect raw data on and around the impact zone,” the company says of its golf simulators. “In combination with incredible computing power and specially designed 3D graphics software, the X-Golf is the smartest kid in its class.”

Marlborough City Council has yet to approve special zoning permits for the complex. The proposal was forwarded to the city council committee at the meeting on Monday.