Golden Corral Reopens four New York Eating places, Close to Hudson Valley


Four Golden Corral locations in New York have reopened, most not far from the Hudson Valley.

In 2017, Golden Corral opened a new location on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie after many delayed openings.

Sad for excited customers, the new restaurant was dealing with a number of issues. The eatery addressed management issues, workers claimed unpaid wages, customers complained that the food was not good or popular items were not available, and a bathroom overdose was reported.

All of these reasons likely led to the Poughkeepsie facility’s closure just months after it opened in 2017.

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In autumn 2018, the Poughkeepsie Golden Corral reopened under new ownership.

The COVID pandemic struck in March 2020 and closed all restaurants in New York state. When restaurants were allowed to reopen in New York, the Poughkeepsie Golden Corral did not, despite the reopening of the Middletown Golden Corral.

In January, the Hudson Valley Post reported that a large sign was posted outside the Poughkeepsie location saying the property was for sale.

Through July 30th, Golden Corral is still listing the Poughkeepsie location on its website as “Temporarily Closed”.

The good news for fans of Golden Corral in the Hudson Valley. The Middletown location is still open and four other locations not far from the region are reopening.

Niral Patel, who had to close seven of its Golden Corral locations in March 2020, will reopen four, according to the Albany Business Review.

Patel plans to reopen locations in Colonie, Queensbury and Syracuse while hoping to reopen the Golden Corral in Wilton, Saratoga County.

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