Fort Worth Increases Entertainment District Safety with $49K Study and

Fort Worth Increases Entertainment District Safety with $49K Study and

To bolster safety measures, Fort Worth city leaders have greenlit two major initiatives targeting the popular entertainment districts known as hubs for both locals and tourists.

A significant portion of the change – $49,100 from the Crime Control & Prevention District Capital Fund – was approved by Council and was specifically earmarked for evaluating public safety strategies in these busy nightlife districts; This move complements a previous decision to invest $148,200 over a year in Safe Night LLC’s expertise. According to the City of Fort Worth, it will not only assess current security conditions, but also help implement its proposed improvements in all four boroughs.

Also making headlines is council’s approval of a $140,524 contract with Mitchell Time and Parking. This partnership aims to introduce retractable bollards designed to regulate crowds and traffic in the popular West 7th Street area. These bollards, which are sturdier than traditional “sawhorse” barricades, are part of a broader police plan to improve crowd management.

The western 7th district, which turns into a sprawling pedestrian zone during peak times thanks to strategic road closures by law enforcement, is expected to gain additional security through these facilities; Forty-one retractable bollards will stand guard and prevent accidents and incidents at seven key intersections – effective barriers that can be easily manipulated by police and firefighters if necessary, maintaining order amid crowds that can swell to numbers between 10,000 and 15,000 in a particular night.