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What are you looking for in an ideal city? Proximity to hiking trails, lakes and beaches? How about some first class schools for your children? Would you like a professional or university sports team nearby, or do you prefer museums and art walks?

Stacker has compiled a list of the best places to live in each state based on the 2020 Niche Ranking. Niche ranks places of residence based on many factors, including cost of living, level of education, housing, and public schools.

Many cities on the list are suburbs that are growing thanks to rapid improvements in their metropolitan areas, be it the creation of new rail systems or the arrival of a mega-corporation. Further entries are planned municipalities or older cities that have been redesigned with basic efforts to make the way of life more environmentally friendly, new businesses or more dedication to art. Cities with large colleges appear regularly, as renowned universities employ thousands of workers and offer a variety of leisure and educational opportunities for families.

Each slide includes the city’s population, median home value, median rent, and median household income. More details on Niche’s methodology can be found here. Whether you’re thinking of moving or proud of your hometown, click your way through to find the best place to live in each state.

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