Even Texas Eating places Are Struggling With Having To Pay Extra


When it comes to groceries, you’re not alone in the sticker shock. Even restaurants have to struggle with additional costs.

Some restaurants are closing

It’s true. Prices have come to the point that some companies have closed and hopefully the higher prices get out. The idea is that prices will eventually go down and settle down.

Hopefully once that happens they can reopen.

I had the pleasure of dining at Fry Daddy J’s twice. Both times I was very happy with my order. It’s a shame to see you make that decision and I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully I get a third time.

Some restaurants raise their prices to compensate for this

Other restaurants raise prices to offset their higher prices. Usually this is no more than a dollar or two. My wife and I have seen increases in some of our favorite spots. It’s not a massive increase, but it’s palpable.

“Restructuring” others

We have seen posts from other restaurants on the subject of “restructuring”. Not only are food costs rising, but there is also the problem of hiring more employees.

Hiring new or additional employees is not always the easiest task. I’m not sure the last time you filled out an application and went through the application process, but it’s not as easy as it used to be.

This stuff takes a lot of time these days.

Who is the culprit?

Simple answer? You could say two words; Supply chain. This is what we see most often in headlines and reports. The scarcity of products to the number of people who can supply them has driven prices up.

Is it getting better soon? I wish, but the outlook for the holidays is not exactly good. We already hear reports of turkey shortages and higher prices.

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