It’s going to be sizzling in Cape Cod this summer, and it’s not just the weather.

Some restaurant owners who have relied on students from other countries this year are out of luck because the coronavirus offers limited travel, while some unemployed Americans who have worked in restaurants in Cape Town in the past are trying to overcome the pandemic with one To wait and see any increase in their unemployment.

All of this has resulted in competition for workers, and one Cape inn in particular has piqued some restaurants by going to their facilities and their servers recruiting cards that promise bonuses that smaller restaurants cannot afford.

“I have no problem with people who have two jobs, but I don’t come into my restaurant with cards like that and try to lure my staff away,” said Jeffrey Gomes, co-owner of Brax Landing in Harwich Port. “It’s our place that has invested time and resources in training them. And the restaurants here help each other. It’s not a cutthroat here. “

Gomes said two of his servers came to him with cards that said, “I’m impressed! Join our team at the Chatham Bars Inn. $ 250 starting bonus, $ 250 end-of-season bonus “with a phone number where you can conduct an interview.

“I think it’s an absolutely classless move and I think the impact will be bigger than expected,” said Ed Kelley, owner of Sundancers Cape Cod in West Dennis. “I think people have no respect for the Chatham Bars Inn. They’re one of the biggest companies on Cape Cod, and they go to smaller places and try to accommodate their employees. Almost every company in the Cape has a help sign. “

This year, Sundancer’s will be closed one day a week during the summer – usually during the busiest time of year – just because of a lack of help, Kelly said.

On a phone message, Simon Rodrigues, director of sales and marketing at Chatham Bars Inn said, “As we all know, many Cape Cod residents have more than one job, especially during the summer. And as part of our recruiting efforts, we encourage everyone in the area to apply for a second job with us to increase their income. “

“We have noticed that the message on our recruitment cards may have been misinterpreted,” he continued. “Ultimately, we are grateful to be part of the vibrant Cape Cod hospitality industry and we will continue to support the local community and other businesses as we have in the past.”

Rodrigues did not return calls asking if the inn would like to continue distributing recruitment cards at other restaurants.

“It’s awful. It’s piracy,” said Gerry Manning of Captain Parker’s Pub in West Yarmouth. “It’s America and people can work where they want. But I think someone got the idea and didn’t well thought out and how it would affect other companies. “

“We can’t keep up with that,” said Janet “Blanche” McInerney of Longfellow’s Pub in South Yarmouth. “We find it hard enough to help ourselves. We have just opened again. We don’t have buckets of money to throw at them. We just want to treat our employees well and hope they stay loyal. “