Eating places on the rebound


We cannot think of any industry that would benefit more from the state’s full reopening than the hospitality sector.

This is confirmed by the latest data from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

According to Wednesday’s Beige Book update, restaurant sales in Massachusetts have risen sharply since early April, beating the comparable levels of 2019.

It did so before the state lifted most of its COVID-19 restrictions.

April also coincided with the reopening of the majority of the state’s roughly 500-700 restaurants that had temporarily closed over the winter.

The return of widespread al fresco dining spurred the initial surge in sales, but dining room sales have also increased recently, according to the central bank’s summary.

Like seemingly any other industry, restaurants have seen post-pandemic inflation, largely due to rising food and labor costs.

This staff shortage could reduce hours or days of operation, affecting the bottom line of these restaurants.

However, we tend to highlight the positives – and praise the resilience of these myriad restaurateurs.

We can all show our appreciation by returning to our favorite spots for a personal meal, whether indoors or out.

Many restaurants have survived by offering generous take-away service, but neither owners nor staff can make it with just that one option.