Crumpley departs LA Business Journal

Crumpley departs LA Business Journal

Charles Crumpley

Los Angeles Business Journal editor-in-chief Charles Crumpley has left after 18 years with the organization and managing editor Hannah Welk has been promoted to interim editor.

He had also been publisher and editor of the San Fernando Valley Business Journal, a sister publication.

A story in this week’s issue states, “Crumpley began his career as a reporter and eventually became a senior writer for the Kansas City Star, where he won several national honors including an Overall First Place Award, a kind of grand prize, from the National Press Club in 1987. He was the second reporter in the country to be embedded with the FDIC as it planned and executed the closing of an insolvent bank.

“Also, in 1990-91 he was a Fulbright scholar to Japan, and for years afterward Fulbright appointed him to selection committees, and he chaired several, to choose the next generation of foreign scholars.

“Crumpley went on to be the business news editor at two metro daily newspapers, also working as a local television news commentator at one. He left his last post as business editor at the New Orleans Times-Picayune in late 2005 to be the editor of the Los Angeles Business Journal.

“In his first stint as editor, which lasted 10 years, the Business Journal won the Best Newspaper award for large tabloids six times from the Alliance of Area Business Publishers, the main organization of business journals and other local and state-based business news publications.”

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